The National Pain Foundation


The National Pain Foundation is the proud global sponsor of the National Pain Report. Our partnership reflects our shared values in helping transform the way pain is fundamentally understood, assessed and treated.

The National Pain Foundation is a 501(c)(3), not-for-profit organization that is addressing the critical public health challenges attributed to pain on a global basis. These include:

  • Pain affects more people than cancer, diabetes and heart disease combined.
  • Pain costs up to $635 billion in medical treatment and lost productivity.
  • There is an increased vulnerability to pain that is associated with race and ethnicity, income and education, cancer patients, military, age and gender.

The Foundation will create the largest global digital community of people with pain in order to listen to those in pain, understand their behaviors and hear their needs.  In short, the Foundation’s objective is to create the world’s largest observational database of people with pain.  By thoroughly knowing the needs of people in pain, we can:

  • Educate the public and bring about better understanding of people with pain.
  • Uncover reasons for increased vulnerability to pain based on income, education, gender, race and more.
  • Provide intelligence to industry on what products and treatments people in pain want and need.
  • Reveal best practices for healthcare providers to deliver better care.
  • Enable researchers to advance pain treatments.

The National Pain Foundation and the National Pain Report together strive to fundamentally change how pain is understood, assessed and treated.

If you would like to support The National Pain Foundation and the National Pain Report, please consider donating even the smallest amount.


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