National Pain Report Columnist Wins a Major Award

National Pain Report Columnist Wins a Major Award

By Geoff Sims

One of The National Pain Report’s columnists has won the Joselynn Badmann Pain Ambassador of the Year Award.

We’re thrilled.


Suzanne Burnett Stewart

Suzanne Burnett Stewart was named the winner by the U.S. Pain Foundation this week.

“We are happy that Suzanne has been given this honor. She is a true advocate for the chronic pain survivor,” said Ed Coghlan, founder and contributing editor of the National Pain Report. “She is clearly deserving of the award.”

The National Pain Report believes the U.S. Pain Foundation deserves thanks for creating a platform for recognizing pain ambassadors, as it is a tireless and selfless effort, most often accomplished by those living with chronic pain.

This is some of how the U.S. Pain Foundation described Suzanne and her work:

For her tireless work to improve the lives of chronic pain patients, Suzanne Stewart, a pain ambassador and advocate for the state of Michigan, has been selected as the Joselynn Badmann Pain Ambassador of the Year. The award, now in its second year, honors an ambassador who has excelled in making a positive difference by supporting U.S. Pain’s mission and by advocating on behalf of the pain community as a whole. Although Stewart only recently became an ambassador and advocate in November 2015, already her impact has been felt throughout the organization.

 “It is an awesome honor to receive this award and to follow in the footsteps of Joselynn Badman,” says Stewart. “After reading about her tenaciousness and her power of positive attitude, I will always strive to be like her.”

Stewart suffers from reflex sympathetic dystrophy/complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), among other conditions. But that doesn’t stop her from being a tireless advocate on behalf of chronic pain patients. From participating in Beautify in Blue in her hometown of Canton, Michigan, to hosting information tables, Stewart has provided knowledge, guidance and hope to the pain community.

Stewart has already been recognized twice for her work in 2016, once by her hometown for raising awareness for chronic pain patients throughout Pain Awareness Month, and, most recently, when she received a special recognition from Gov. Rick Snyder, highlighting her willingness to advocate despite her own health challenges.

 “We are delighted to honor Suzanne with our highest award for volunteers,” says Paul Gileno, U.S. Pain’s president and founder. “We are so grateful for ambassadors and advocates like her, who are always willing to help out, no matter how big or small the task.”

 For more information about the award, visit

 Congratulations Suzanne, we look forward to your next column.

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Authored by: Geoff Sims

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Sandy M.

Congratulations, way to go, Suzanne! I apologize for the delay in expressing my best wishes, thoughts and thank you’s for winning this most prestigious, as well as appreciative award for those of us who suffer quietly (sometimes) 24/7 every day with this never-ending pain. You certainly deserve this Award while achieving a very important purpose for all you do for those of us fighting to survive this unbearable, horrific, constant pain on our behalf, while battling and suffering with pain of your own. I know it isn’t easy: but I do admire how those of you have the cognition to do so. You simply amaze me. Special thanks again to Ed and other most understanding Doctors, Nurses and P.A.’s who keep us going and assisting with the NPF!

Cheri Furr

Many congratulations! Well deserved!

Lorre Leon Mendelson

I’m so happy for you. Thank you for all of your hard work, Sincerely, Lorre

Great work Suzanne !

John S


Congratulations…empathic reporting benefit us all.

Matthew J. Smith

Congratulations Suzanne, and thank you for your gracious efforts, writing, and tenacity, especially as you suffer as one of us in this fight for survival with dignity.