National Pain Report Editor to be Interviewed

The U.S. Pain Foundation will feature National Pain Report CEO and Editor Ed Coghlan for an interview on Thursday September 5 at 1pm Eastern Daylight Time.

The interview will be part of U.S. Pain Foundation’s Pain Awareness Month #LetsTalkAboutPain campaign.

The month of September has been declared Pain Awareness Month. Pain Awareness Month is a time when various organizations work to raise public awareness of issues in the area of pain and pain management.

To learn more and register for the Coghlan interview, click here.

“I look forward to an hour-long conversation with members of the pain community,” said Coghlan. “I learn more from these interactions and it helps inform the type of stories that people want to read. Some of our columnists have been suggesting topic areas we can cover.”

In honor of Pain Awareness Month, U.S. Pain is hosting free, weekly events centered around the theme #LetsTalkAboutPain. Most events are online webinars, which means everyone can participate–and from the comfort of home.

“One area we are going to be discussing at some length is how people can advocate by telling their own story,” said Coghlan. “I think the patient stories that we publish are the strongest content we have and I’m looking forward to adding to those stories.”

These are very dynamic times in the treatment of chronic pain, the opioid controversy, the recently passed HHS plan, and activity within state legislatures. People talking more about advocacy and how they can participate can benefit the entire community.

U.S. Pain Foundation is the largest consumer pain advocacy organization that deals with issues facing the 50 million people who have chronic pain.

Chronic pain can be caused by a musculoskeletal injury (involving the bones, muscles, or joints), nervous system dysfunction, chronic diseases, and autoimmune disorders.

“We want to cover a large range of issues in the interview with U.S. Pain next week,” said Coghlan. “We are encouraging our readers to contact us with topics they’d like to cover.”

If you’d like to suggest some topic areas, let us know by email ([email protected]) or leave it in our commentary section in this story.