National Pain Strategy–Is It Focused On The Right Things?

National Pain Strategy-Is It Focused On The Right Things?

bigstock-Young-Blond-Woman-With-Medicin-12068330It has been about a week since the release of the draft of the long awaited National Pain Strategy by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

One of the main areas of emphasis is to identify and educate those sectors of our population that suffer from chronic pain but are often under diagnosed and undertreated.

One group-the largest group actually- is women.

“The National Pain Strategy is proof positive chronic pain is finally being taken seriously by U.S. health leadership. That’s great news especially for women as they are disproportionately prone to persistent pain and represent the largest pain population. Once this strategy is fully implemented, the days of women in pain being marginalized and dismissed will be over forever.”


Those words from Cynthia Toussaint, who is found of For Grace, an organization dedicated to promoting better care and wellness for women in pain

“This report is long overdue.” said Dan Bennett M.D., the chair of the National Pain Foundation. “The acknowledgement that pain is unique, real and can be a disease, itself, is not new.  The report, however, is public document acknowledging information that has been ignored, by public agencies, for too long.”

Is the US Gov. Focused on the Right Public Education Issues About Pain?

The National Pain Strategy has identified a list of high order objectives for public awareness about pain. It appears below.

To increase public awareness about pain and people with pain, the committee recommends developing a campaign that will cover the following learning objectives (listed in order of priority):

  1. Chronic pain is a disease.
  2. Chronic pain is manageable.
  3. Chronic pain is more prevalent than cancer, diabetes, and heart disease combined.
  4. Chronic pain is real.
  5. Most Americans will experience chronic pain or care for someone with chronic pain.
  6. People in chronic pain deserve respect, compassion, and access to timely treatment.
  7. Many people in chronic pain nevertheless live productive lives.
  8. Chronic pain may cause depression and depression increases the severity of pain.
  9. Chronic pain may require a spectrum of medical treatments and/or non-medical interventions along with the active participation of people with chronic pain in their own pain care management.
  10. Appropriate chronic pain management may involve prescription medications, which require knowledge of risks for adverse effects such as dependency and addiction.
  11. Activity level and mood may vary depending on the intensity of chronic pain (good days and bad days).

Is the government focused on the right things? What would you want the public to understand most, but may be missing here?

Share your comments with National Pain Repot readers below, and then email your opinions to the government:

Time to be heard!





Authored by: Ed Coghlan

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I wish he was in Wisconsin,,or knew a good doctor in Wisconsin,,,I will look at his website,gladly,,


paita said on April 15, 2015 at 6:42 am:

“Louis,,with emmense respect,,the very fact ,like u,I have endured this chronic PHYSICAL pain for most of our lives,,and u have been there done that,,as I have,,but the fact,at our ages we/u are being forced to see a shrink,,or no medicine tells me,,doctors are NOT,, being intelligent,that policy trumps stopping physical pain.”

You are correct that I had to repeat the same therapies over and over but since 2010, upon becoming a patient of Dr. Tenant, I have not been asked to reinvent the wheel - in other words, I was not asked to see a shrink or to redo any therapies of the past. In fact, he immediately titrated my dose of pain meds upward until I was comfortable. I do agree with you that pain relief should be a basic human right. In all of my emails, I use the following signature line:

“It is demeaning to have to beg for pain relief. Withholding pain relief is tantamount to torture; thus, it is un-Constitutional. The Eighth Amendment to the US Constitution is the part of the US Bill of Rights (ratified Dec. 15, 1791) prohibiting the federal government from imposing excessive fines or cruel and unusual punishments, including torture.”

My beef is more with big insurance companies than with doctors or the government. Take the time to read the FDA pamphlet on Oxycontin, for example, and you will find it is quite flexible in leaving decisions to the doctor; however, my insurance co. after paying for my meds for three years with no questions asked, started paying for only half of my meds. As my doctor said, he feels he just makes suggestions then the insurance cos. do what they want. My doc is a well-known pain management doctor, not my family doc, so that made a big difference. He never backs up from opioid use when it is justified.

Please take a look at his immense website at:




Louis,,with emmense respect,,the very fact ,like u,I have endured this chronic PHYSICAL pain for most of our lives,,and u have been there done that,,as I have,,but the fact,at our ages we/u are being forced to see a shrink,,or no medicine tells me,,doctors are NOT,, being intelligent,that policy trumps stopping physical pain ,,,We have been around this block,and jmo pain management is not the same as it was 20 years ago,,20 years ago,,for me after the finding of my tumors,,I got the needed medicine,no problem,,now a days u have to beg, borrow and steal,,which jmo,,in a civilized society,,and the fact that no-one can feel you’re physical pain,,a humane decency/respect is completely missing now a days,,humanity towards all of us,,its gone,,I think there needs to be a law,,that forced endurement of physical pain,is torture,and is not legally allowed in our civilized society,,,,,u give the government an 1inch,,,,they WILL take a mile,,,and have,,,A law,,plain a simple,,,that forced endurement of physical pain,,is not acceptable legally,or humane in a civilized society..That means no-more,,,either u see a shrink or no meds,,thats a forced endurement of physical pain,,,No-more,,weird therapies,,or no medicine,,they are forcing us at every turn to endure our physical pain,and that’s just morally inhumane,a basic human dignity being denied to all of us,,by people who make a lot of money off of us,,,,”they ,” make chronic pain management expensive,,,not us,,,all we want is our physical pain stopped,,thats all,,,,,,their the ones adding this restriction and that restriction,,which every restriction cost money,money we/I don’t have,,,




After giving more thought to the ‘biopsychosocial’ model and reading comment #6 by Mary, submitted on April 9, 2015 at 12:41 pm, I feel I need to soften my stance a little. I do understand Mary’s concern and from my comment of April 7, 2015 at 9:01 am, I have stated a similar concern; however, it occurs to me that some people may be in need of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and/or learning social skills to help cope with chronic pain. With that said, someone such as myself, that has been dealing with chronic PHYSICAL pain for most of my life, (over 50 years in pain out of my 65 years on earth) has already been there and done that. In fact, upon becoming dissatisfied with my treatment and trying a different doctor, I had to start out again with a psychologist for a second time and this is like reinventing the wheel. Not everyone will be in need of the ‘psyhco-social’ part of the model as many people in chronic pain have already learned good coping skills, etc. I also have the fear, mentioned in my comment of April 7, that the so-called ‘biopsychological’ model will cause a return to the “it’s all in your head” treatments of the past. Physicians need to know where a patient is in their journey and not force patients back to something they have already done.


To David,,its quite right what u say about ,”some” Doc’s in the U.S.,,,the movie ,”Sicko” asked a Doc over in England,,who gets paid 1 million a year by his government as a starting wage to be a Doctor in England,,Michael Moore asked this doctor,,,”’was that enough??”,,,and the Doctor in England replied,”If I want 3 ,,,million dollar homes,,3,, Mercedes,,and 3,, jaguars in the garage,,,I’ll go to America to be a Doctor,,but I am fine with 1,, million dollar home,,1 jaguar,,and actually helping people.,,,,,,



Thank you for your comment of April 8, 2015 at 6:59 pm. I feel as if your words have eloquently expressed the way I feel about the entire issue of chronic pain and the use of opioids.

You are SO RIGHT about the ‘individualness’ factor. You said “there is absolutely no-way for anyone to diagnose the pain level of another human being,,but to make that assumption with statement like ,”all chronic pain is at a 4,” that is exactly what is being said,,,I can tell you w/out my medicine my pain is a 10,,or I would not have pain medicine.”

I could not agree more with your thinking and I would like to add that, in the big scheme of things, we are talking about such a subjective thing that it is really impossible for the ‘One through Ten Pain Scale,’ for instance, to be accurate. A seven to me could be a 10 to someone else, etc., and there are just too many variables to count. The even bigger issue that you have touched on is it should be a basic human right to be in the least amount of pain possible.

I am a long time chronic pain patient and I can honestly say that the use of opioids is allowing me to experience a quality of life that is the best I have had yet as an adult and I am 65 and have been in pain 50 of those 65. My only regret is that I did not go on opioid therapy sooner but I intend to enjoy what years I have left to me at the lowest pain level possible.

I agree with you 100% when you said:

“To many just want to toot there on horn,but knoe nothing about chronic pain,We need an advocate that cares about 1 thing,and 1 thing only,,That all Adult Chronic physical pain human beings have access to ALL medicines with- out infringement ever…”

Thank you for your words.

There are some other issues that I would like to express and hope to respond to some other commenters but am very tired right now and need to quit. THANKS AGAIN, Paita.

I’ve tried to read & understand the above articles but find it hard to grasp everything. My pain is so severe that it’s hard to remember 1 min. to the next. Since my MVD, 3/26/14, my TN is 10 times worse. My pain starts every day of my life as soon as I open my eyes, & I pray for bedtime as soon as I awake. Some life I have.Tell me congressmen, FDA, doctors & nurses, how would you work & survive under this disease. When pain is so severe w/o any relief from medication, the ER is my last choice.They do treat me with shots to take some of the edge off but also have to through in the remark that this is just a band aid that I need to seek help from my doctor.That make me fighting mad & they make me feel like I’m a doctor shopper! Well, I have news for them, my neurologist now wants me to see a psychiatrist because they no longer know what to do with me. When is our Gov’t & the FDA going to get together & realize the lack of life that exists within us & get us some help. We can’t make plans, go to a movie or out to eat like all of you. We have to stay near our bed. I can’t even drive! Can’t you people see the pain in our eyes? IT’S TIME FOR CHANGE!!


Paita- doctors often say what is convenient or profitable to say. So when a doctor makes a statement- i say where is your proof? That should be easy enough for evidence should inform practice. I would also go as far as asking does the proof meet evidence pyramid guidelines.
So where is the doctors proof that scaring cant be reversed? My guess is your doctor never heard of neural prolotherapy. But beyond that doctors want to create the lifetime pain patient and profit indefinately from the big lie that all pain conditions are incurable. As 15% of people with reumatoid arthritis and migraine overcome their condition and countless people with low back pain, ms, lupus, lyme, etc overcome their condition- it is clear doctos are prejudiced toward people in pain in falsely believing and claiming that all pain is incurable. What may be incurable is doctors prejudice, ignorance, greed, carelessness, etc.


Davids comment,, I love the statement ,”a zero tolerance policy.,,” I love it because it is what is needed and will work to actual bring about change,,,As far as ,”curing” chronic physical pain,”I truly wish that would happen,,but I was told and accepted that scaring on the spinal cord,the heart muscle,and lungs is forever??Of course if there was a forever cure for chronic physical pain,,I’d take it in a heartbeat,,but just as their should be room to explore a cure,,there should be zero tolerance until that cure is found ,zero tolerance of allowing all of us to suffer in physical pain whilst there are proven medicines that will lessen that physical pain,,jmo,,again there should be a law that states,,We the good people of America who have chronic physical pain have a legal right to Freedom of choice of any medicines including plants that will lessen our physical pain without infringements ,ie Freedom of Medicine and Diet,with-out infringement,,,,If Thomas Jefferson wanted this as law,,,then it should be law,,it would literally solve 80 % of all this forced suffering of physical pain,,,,

mary ,''paita'' wille

This will be long,,seeing as though I am going to address every point listed here..The 1st thing I notice the word PHYSICAL is missing in every step,,they state simply chronic pain,,,not Chronic Physical Pain!!Since all pain that requires medical treatment,meaning physical treatment,,not psychological, the name needs to be changed to Chronic Physical Pain .1]Chronic Pain is a disease..Well,, I don’t know exactly what their purpose is in doing this,,If labeling it a ,”disease,” thus giving others who cannot function because there physical pain does not allow them to, will this label now qualify them for disability,,great,,,but,,knowing the government,,it may also be a control tactic.and again the word Physical is missing2]Chronic Pain is manageable,,,again the word PHYSICAL is missing,and the words manageable with proper medicines is missing,3]Chronic Pain is more prevalent then cancer,diabetes,and heart desease,,well,,I simply don’t know,,but I certainly do not trust the governments data.4]Chronic Pain is real,,,again,,the word Physical is missing..5]Most Americans will experience chronic pain or care for someone with chronic pain,,,-again the word physical is missing,,also,,if there was enough medicine available the need for care would be less,jmo..6]People in chronic pain deserve respect.compassion,and access to timely treatment,,Well again the word Physical is missing,,the word dignity is missing,,the words freedom of medicine is missing,and the words treatment that actually lessen there physical pain are missing.7]Many in chronic pain live productive lifes,,,well,,wow,,where do I start,,,first the word Physical is missing, second the words ,”when chronic physical pain is treated properly w/enough medicines, chronic physical pain patient live productive lives, When the threat of being fired from ”forced” pee tested is gone for chronic physical pain people,they live productive lives w/the use of enough medicines to lessen there physical pain enough to function and be productive..8]Chronic pain may cause depression and depression increases the severity of pain..This one really is sickening ,,This gives the doctors/.staff an ,”out” not to treat out physical pain,and typical of anyone who knows NOTHING about chronic PHYSICAL PAIN,, everyone who is forced to endure physical pain now knows why,,,,,because of this statement and idealogy,,This statement alone shows their complete lack of knowledge, respect and dignity for all of us in chronic physical pain,,This statement alone has allowed Doctors,staff,nurses everywhere to treat us chronic physical pain people w/shear toruture and this is why!!!!!!This statement allows any emregancy room,any nurse any doctors to say our physical pain is emotional,,,not physical,,,it allows any medical personel to say,,”sorry, I personally think you can heal the physical pain from your broken leg with a aspirin or a Tylenol,,,because as a medical personnel I believe your emotions are causing your severe pain,,,this statement alone NEEDS TO BE REMOVED IMMEDIATELY,,, this statement alone,,ALLOWS FOR THE PHYSICAL PAIN AND SUFFEREING IE TORTURE OF 10,000’S OF ANYONE IN CHRONIC PHYSICAL PAIN,,, this statement alone is why Stanford did not include the word MEDICINE in any of thier survey!!!,,9]Chronic pain may require a spectrum of medical treatments and /or non medical interventions along with the active participation of people with chronic pain in their own… Read more »


Edith- there are curative treatments such as stem cell therapy- but very expensive in our country- unlike other countries.
As Pain specialists, pharmaceutical companies and so called pain advocacy organizations promote the notion that pain is a lifetime problem and are unwilling to call for cures for pain- well I guess intention matters. So we need to intend to have cures and call for pain specialists, government, pain advocacy orgs to call for curative(and primary prevention) treatments.
Pain is as much a moral and poltical problem as it is a technical problem. Let us care enough about people in pain to have a vision of curing pain and let us call for an energetic plan to lower the prevalence of all painful conditions- and let us oppose pain specialists and government from continuing to create the lifetime pain patient.

Think because pain can’t be seeing and dos’nt kill U it has’nt got a lot of attention, it is about time it getting de attention it deserves at last. Keep it going Regards


Mr.K.,,I truly do not know the answer to this,,if anyone could answer this ,,much thanks,,,now reclassifying this a disease,,,does that also open the door for disability????I do not take disability or any help yet,,,,but I have heard from others that because chronic physical pain is a symptom,,,it is not authorized under any ,”disability”,,,is that true??

Tim bouder

Pain is a disease, it kills in some cases, injures destroys the mind , and much more. Opioids are not a cure, but make it manageable . we aloud not allow them to suffer. Government needs to help and also the pills and patches, and figure out what more can they can do for help


Miss Edith, I respectfully disagree with your statement,” that ALLL chronic pain suffers pain scale is that of a toothache!!!!!”,,,,I say this often,,,chronic physical pain is never 1 size fits all,as far as the pain scale,,As a humanbeing my jmo,,,,,I have no right to ever tell anyone how much they should suffer,,,thus I never have a right to make a statement like ,”all chronic physical pain is at a 4 for all chronic physical pain people,”it is my jmo,statements like that cause others to suffer,by making this assumption that I know how others physical pain feels,,,,I don’t,,,it is literally impossible,,and it is a self evident truth I believe that no-one can feel my physical pain,,,just like I can never feel Edith’s physical pain,,thus logically,truthfully,,there is absolutely no-way for anyone to diagnose the pain level of another humanbeing,,but to make that assumption with statement like ,”all chronic pain is at a 4,” that is exactly what is being said,,,I can tell you w/out my medicine my pain is a 10,,or I would not have pain medicine.Also the thought of a cure,,never even conceived of that,,,but in the same breath,,I think its just as important to recognize again 1 size does not fit all,,, ..For me it is just respectful human behavior no matter what your physical pain is,no matter what the level is,,,we all have a god given right to not be forced to endure physical pain,,and that is what is going on now a days,,Humanbeings are being forced to endure their physical chronic pain because the medicines that were once available are no longer available because our government has instilled fear by abuse of there ,”just powers,” and when any government agency abuses those powers,,it our job as the governed to replace that government agency with one that actually abides by the people being governed,,you know,,by the people for the people,,, government has destroyed 10,000’s of good chronic physical pain people life,innocent people,,innocent Drs,,demonized our medicine,,everything BAD thats has happened to chronic physical pain people and our lack of treatment has happened because of the governments abusive involvement into our private medical issue’s,,They don’t listen to the actual population these ideations they make into law will hurt.To many just want to toot there on horn,but knoe nothing about chronic pain,We need an advocate that cares about 1 thing,and 1 thing only,,That all Adult Chronic physical pain human beings have access to ALL medicines with- out infringement ever…

People with chronic pain want a cure not pain pills. Right now there is no cure and all we have are pills when the pain becomes too hard to cope with. Most of us have learned to cope with pain that would be equal to a tooth ache or bee sting to us that is a 4 pain level. When you live every day with something your body will adapt to a point, but when something happens and that pain flares up it becomes a obstruction in life and a strong pain medication is needed. Most emergency rooms do see drug seekers and have no way of telling who is in real pain and who just wants drugs. Doctors know what patient is suffering and should be able to give that patient the medication that is needed without the D.E.A. breathing down their backs. The doctors need more freedom to give treatment to their patients that have chronic illnesses that require strong pain medication.

Karl Zetmeir

By reclassifying pain as a disease rather than a symptom …

That opens the door for the FDA to claim exclusive jurisdiction over “pain.”

That mean virtually any NSAID that’s not “approved” by the FDA … think $100 million plus … is guilty of “curing” a disease.

Think it can’t happen? Then think of the restrictions the FDA placed on cherries … yes, cherries … as a “cure” for inflammation and pain.

Lisa M Carswell-Curtid

It is such a relief chronic pain is finally recognized as the for front of a painful disease. Those who suffer hear my/our Pain!

Maybe now we can stop feeling like the person who you are confiding to, how much agony we all go through instead of listening their judging you because they just do not understand!

Thank you, Thank you to All involved in this revelation of The Truth!!! Thank you for your compassion and time for standing up for Me and all the others.

Lisa M Carswell-Curtis


I read the draft of the ‘National Pain Strategy’ yesterday and I am concerned about the approach of dealing with chronic pain as a biopsychosocial condition. To me, this is a ‘chicken or egg’ view that could very easily cause a turning back of the clock to the “It Is All In Your Head” model that has plagued pain patients for years. I am not disagreeing that psychological factors are present in chronic pain patients; however, I believe very strongly that the psychological factors are CAUSED by the presence of excruciating pain, often undertreated or untreated, rather than being A CAUSE for chronic pain. A person that has dealt with chronic pain for years and years is bound to develop depression, or a myriad of other psychological conditions, as a result of the pain – not as a cause. We cannot allow the demeaning treatment of the past to come around a second time. The pain is NOT IN MY HEAD!


Absolutely NOT!!!!!!,,a WOMEN HERE,,,”many people in chronic pain live productive lifes despite their physical pain,”,WRONG!!!!!!!..whats missing is,,they require their medicines in order to function,,hello,,,”Chronic pain may require a spectrum,blahblahblah,,”,WRONG AGAIN”’,,,,Chronic physical pain requires 1 thing,,appropriate amount of medicine to allow us to live a ,”normal ” live…,”Chronic Pain causes depression,,wrong again!!!..The lack of medicine,thus our physical pain is not being lessen’d enough to function will cause someone to not feel useful,,,not depressed,dah!Chronic pain ,MAY,,need medicine,wrong again!!!!!!!Chronic PHYSICAL pain will always require MEDICINE,,,,NOT may!!!!!!!!!!Good days,,bad days,,,,,,huh,,,,,A good day will always be if we have enough of our medicine to lessen our physical pain…Look,,,these people are liars plan and simple,,,,I say this because I know,I have seen it with my own eyes,,the ,”governments,” whole objective in their minds ,,and they have already done this objective,is to reduce our accessibility to our medicines and thee amount of medicines we get,that is their objective!! ,,,because they truly know NOTHING TRUTHFUL about treating us effectively which will always require MEDICINES,, if its physical pain,it will always involve medicines,not drug,,s MEDICINES,, but I have seen w/my own eyes,,,A report in our government that states ,”Drug Demand and Reduction Program,”2012!!! Which is exactly why right now,there are 10,000 of chronic pain humanbeings who use to have their medicines for years,,but have been dropped,cut,,bottom line,,no-more medicines available to them because of the U.S.A,, government program,,of ,”Drug Demand an Reduction,”!!!!Anotherwards not surprising,,this group is talking out of 2 sides of there mouths.!!!Look it up yourself folks,,”Drug Reduction and Demand,,”U.S, government stragedy,,,2012,2003,,,,they have already made 10,000 of people suffer terrible physical pain in the last 5 years,,and now there saying oh its ok we did that,,its all in your heads anyways it just a ,”disorder,” that can be treated ,”non-medically,” with sticking pins ,ie acupuncture or ”talking” about it,,,BULLSHIT!! There plan does not include medicine as the main provider to stop physical pain!They have already gotten into our private medical records,thus are medicines,and used that data against us,,arresting our doctors,are pharmacist and us,,by using are data to make statement like,,’epidemic,or to much drugs,,,when the reality was the opposite,,not enough medicine and Doctors were actually starting to treat chronic pain w/medicines,finally,around 1995-2003!!!!!Then the D.E.A. got there hands on our private medical records and saw our medicines,,,re-named them,”drugs”,,and put them in the publics eye evil ,”drugs” just like heroin and cocaine,,,when to us,,there MEDICINES!!!,They went after all the online pharmacies,shut them down 1 by 1,,,because they veiwed our MEDICINES as terrible drugs,Unless this government funded group states they will allow our MEDICINES to be brought back to the levels of 2000-2003,,,our online pharmacies brought back,,so other can get there medicines cheaper,,,,allow us as Adults,,,the freedom of medicines and diet,,,no-mattter how many hydrocodone’s people need,, and take that MEDICINE back down to a schedule #3,,,,UNLESS THEY DO THAT,,then they are not serious about helping us at all,,,,they just want our data to use it Against us,,like they did w/our private medical records,thus medicines,,,oh and everytime they talk about our medicines,,they call them medicines,not… Read more »


Ed is right to raise the question if NPS is focused on the right thing. For over a year- the mountains were in labor-and this mouse of a plan has been brought forth. The plan is as vague as it is uninspiring. It doesnt call for lowering the prevalence of any pain condition- don’t we all know the 80 on the NPS are prejudiced against curing painful conditions. And so it cant be “patient-centered” for if a patient wants to be cured of pain-theyll likely be labeled a catastrophizer by a doctor and referred for CBT. It doesnt call for expanding access to treatments or better diagnosis- and dont we know how often painful conditions are misdiagnosed- and dont we know how often people in pain are not given access to preferred treatments. Just as the NPS was developed without allowing anyone and everyone in pain to be heard- this is a provider or medicocentric plan- the only treatment mentioned is opioids. The biopsychosocial interdisciplinary model they call for is in conflict with their call for evidence based practices- for their are too few studies on the biopsychosocial or interdisciplinary model to meet evidence pyramid guidelines. Of the few biopsychosocial studies done- only for a few pain conditions is their moderate evidence of efficacy for biopsychosocial model. Moreover, there is lack of evidence as toif the biopsychosocial model is what people in pain want. Shall i also mention that the model they propose may also increase the treatment burden. As to the issue of disparities- their approach is very underpowered and deceiving. A better approach would be a zero tolerance policy with mandatory fines, mandatory coursework and suspension for those professionals that would discriminate against a child, a woman, an elderly person, a black person etc in pain- or someone with Lyme disease or fibromyalgia, etc.No mention is made of whether peope in pain will be notified of their rights in this regard. And so like the rest of the NPS- people in pain are mere passengers -mere pawns in a plan that clearly focuses on what “experts” want. I guess these 80 on the NPS took no notice of the great failures of so called experts to improve pain care. As to the public information campaign- very sketchy and underpowered. God the 80 of the NPS would make great witnesses- their experts at evasion. No mention of health literacy was made with regard to the public information campaign-and so the focuse is not on people in pain making better decisions-but on experts indoctrinating them with simplistic population based information that probably doesnt apply well to any one individual. As to provider education- once again very sketchy and more indoctrination from the “experts”- the same experts that have failed our NAtion in pain care. The NPS is a continuation of neglect, social darwinism and uncaring orientation toward individuals in pain- which one of the 80 wishes to challenge this pain care advocate to a debate? Oh I forgot- the 80… Read more »