Another Fibromyalgia Patient Trying to Make a Difference

Another Fibromyalgia Patient Trying to Make a Difference

100 is our goal! There are 10+ million people living with Fibromyalgia in the USA and we need 100 people to contact me ASAP. I will tell you why later. 

Mildred Velez

Mildred Velez

44-year old Mildred Velez was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2007. The New York woman, like many, is bothered by the fact that fibromyalgia is often not diagnosed correctly. The problem she (and many) believes is that doctors don’t often know what to look for.

Mildred is not a woman who lies around and suffers in silence. In fact, much to the contrary, she has attacked the disease using yoga, massage, walking (lots of walking) and even just trying to slow her life down, as she says “taking a break from the world”.

And oh yes, she also has started a non-profit organization designed to build awareness and encourage more research into the disease.

It’s called the Fibromyalgia Care Society of America. Here’s their Facebook page.

As I mentioned she does lots of walking to help manage her disease, for which by the way she no longer uses any medication to manage. She has a full-time job and is a very busy woman.

Why we asked her, would you start a non-profit?

As she said in an open letter to the Fibromyalgia community:

There are many terrific groups doing different things to help advance our cause. Some are focusing on awareness and/or research.  I am appreciative of all the scientists, doctors and advocates; yet I continue to hear horrible stories of how chronic illness destroys so many lives. I hear stories of people contemplating suicide due to the unbearable pain; I hear stories of people not eating for days because they are bedridden and do not have a support system; I hear stories of people’s dreams and goals coming to a halt because fibro has stolen who they once were; I hear stories of people leaving their doctors office in tears because the science has yet to be discovered and the medical community does not know how to help us.

So Mildred’s answer is to do more. She wants your help. No matter where you live if you want to do something to get involved in the battle against fibromyalgia, Mildred’s organization might be a good place to start.

To read her full letter CLICK HERE

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Authored by: Ed Coghlan

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You said you need 100 people for something, I’m willing to be 1 of those 100 !

maria soldevila

Donde y como Yo podria formar parte de esta asosacion ya que fui diagnosticada y me siento muy desorientada


Thank you for starting this. I am 29 and was diagnosed a year ago. Fibromialgia has taken my job and sense of purpose from me. I am still trying to figure out how to cope. It seems like you have it better figured out. I would like more information please.


Hi, I wanted to ask Krissy, who wrote above, where in the north do you live? I’m in Massachusetts, and I’m also alone, on disability, broke, etc. If you’d like to contact me my e-mail is We should talk! Was hoping you may be nearby.

I do want to contact Mildred to see what is up.

Susan Wade

Sending request for further information please. Thank you.


Yes i was diagnosed w it too and have had no lofe in 7 years due to being undermedicated i have zero support my familyclaims IM WHINING when i try to explaim my pain and let them know this weather makes it worse up north. I HAVE NOBODY AM 41ALMOST AND never been so depressed in my life. My family says since i wanna move back to florida for the weathrr why cant i support myself im a grown up lol they know im om ssdi and it doesnt pay cloee to enough to live on and being up north now the winter makes it i,possible for me to work at all nice family huh im an embarrassment and have nopne and this wonan who started this NONPROFIT IS probably getting rich off it and most likely doesnt even need it like most ppl wyo have a husband or money only care about themselves


I think Mildred is a perfect role model for people with Fibro. She shows how you can go on living with work. I too had all the different doctors, tried all the different pills and after no relief finally found my way to meditation, exercise, healthy eating etc. And I worked full time until I was 60 and had hip replacements and a few complications. It’s the younger people in some of the groups that I worry about. Many I feel don’t even try. Some have switched doctors so many times that no one wants them. Somehow they think doctors are Gods and when they won’t give them the drugs they want, they move on to another doctor. Movement as painful as it can be is the best thing you can do. laying around the absolute worse. I hope many follow Mildred because there is much to be learned about surviving and living from her.