New freelancing websites open for Singapore, Hong Kong and the Philippines

New freelancing websites open for Singapore, Hong Kong and the Philippines., one of the world’s largest outsourcing marketplaces has opened news regional web sites, and bringing affordable outsourcing to the Asian business capitals has more than 2.2 million professionals in its database from around the globe. But now they have added regional outsourcing marketplaces covering Asia, in Singapore, Hong Kong and the Philippines.

“We are very excited to enter the Asian market,” said Matt Barrie, Chief Executive of “When people think of outsourcing, they often think of work going from the west to the east,” he continued “we’ve recognized a need among Asian small businesses for highly skilled, liquid labor and we are providing it at incredibly cost-effective rates.”

Almost any job you can think of can now be outsourced online. Freelancer projects start as low as US$30 (for example designing a logo), and average under US$200 - which makes it extremely cost-effective for small business to get anything done.

The new web sites will have a number of local features over time, together with local support, plus the ability to transact in Singapore Dollars, Hong Kong Dollars and Philippine Pesos.

The new Asian marketplaces will dramatically help the millions of small businesses and entrepreneurs across the region through greatly increasing productivity and cutting costs. Additionally the sites will provide a great resource for freelancers to find jobs online across a diverse range of over 300 different industries. is the largest outsourcing marketplace in the world. It enables businesses to connect with independent service providers and freelancers. already connects more than 2.2 million professionals from all over the world. Through its websites, employers can hire freelancers to do work in areas such as software, writing, data entry and design right through to engineering and the sciences, sales & marketing, and accounting & legal services. The average job costs less than US$200, making very cost-effective for small businesses, which often need a wide variety of jobs to be done, but cannot justify the expense of hiring full-time employees.

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Authored by: Richard Lee

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