New Patent Application for Chronic Pain Therapy

New Patent Application for Chronic Pain Therapy

By Staff.

A company called GB Sciences announced the filing of a patent for the treatment of chronic pain based on myrcene-containing complex mixtures (“MCCM”).

The company states that its chronic pain formulations are substantially free of delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (“THC”), which minimizes their potential for abuse.

It’s a long way from a patent application to clinical trials and any data showing efficacy or safety of treatments for chronic pain.

“Our current drug discovery efforts were accelerated through the combination of proprietary in silico prediction approach, high-throughput screening techniques using cell-based models,” the company stated in a press release. “The current provisional patent application covers myrcene-containing complex mixtures capable of targeting the non-traditional cannabinoid receptor, TRPV1. Our latest patent application complements the issued TRPV1 patent that GB Sciences licensed from Makai Biotechnology in December of 2016,” the release further stated.

“Many cannabis researchers have theorized that the role of terpenes in cannabis-based therapies is to act as so-called ‘Entourage’ components. We show that the TRPV1 receptor is a target for these ‘Entourage’ compounds, a molecular interaction that had previously been demonstrated for several of the cannabinoids,” said Dr. Andrea Small-Howard, Chief Science Officer of GB Sciences, Inc. 

“We have demonstrated that beta-myrcene is the most significant of several terpenes derived from the cannabis plant that are capable of activating the TRPV1 receptor. Myrcene, like capsaicin, causes TRPV1 desensitization after prolonged exposure, and should therefore prove useful in treating chronic pain.  In creating our novel MCCM mixtures for pain, we have also demonstrated that other terpenes and cannabinoids present in the complex mixture, including those that do not demonstrate significant TRPV1 agonist activity on their own, act in combination to increase the efficacy of myrcene.  Unlike other pain medications, we leverage molecular synergies among cannabis-plant compounds to target multiple receptors within pain-sensing neural bundles to increase their combined effectiveness at pain relief.”

“These new chronic pain and heart formulas adhere to GB Science’s strategy of commercializing complex mixtures of cannabis-derived compounds whose pharmaceutical activity does not require THC. Instead, the purified THC is sold as a certified raw ingredient or used in co-branded dispensary products,” said John Poss, Chairman and CEO of the company.

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Authored by: Staff

There are 5 comments for this article
  1. mc at 9:56 am

    Stop schilling dope.

    I have tried it and yes, it gets you high. Maybe you don’t care about pain when you are high.

    Do you really think the BIG PUSH for this and the liberal people behind it are going to react honestly in any questionnaire or group? They will give you any answer to legalize this.

    You can’t quantify it!

  2. Bob Schubring at 11:25 am

    Amazingly, few readers “get it”, as to why so-called “Big Pharma” delayed this research for 30 years.

    2 reasons.

    1. “Big Pharma” is imaginary. There isn’t such a thing. There are many competing pharma firms that have revenue from drugs they sell. There also are many more ultra-high-risk speculative companies like GB Sciences Inc., that people bet money on. Just as you can bet money on wildcat oil wells or on Uber or Lyft or Tesla Motors, you can bet money on cannabis compounds. When you lose one of these bets, you lose 100% of your money. On the rare occasions that you win, you see a profit. The folks who bet their money on this technology, know they are taking a huge risk.

    2. Because America led the world in medical research back in 1974, the DEA attacks on Cannabis, scared away every researcher in the world, from doing Cannabis research. Reagan’s program of Asset Forfeiture meant that a scientist who grew a cannabis plant and separated the molecules in it, looking for therapeutic effects, was likely to have his house, car, and bank accounts seized, on suspicion of “drug dealing”, unless DEA gave him a license to do the research. But the only research licenses DEA ever gave out, licensed “scientists” who agreed in advance, to publish so-called “research findings” purporting to show unknown risks of cannabis use, that DEA can utilize to argue that the billions of dollars it wastes on the Drug War, might mysteriously do some invisible good for some children at risk of addiction.

    Understanding these 2 key facts, is essential to making sense of what happened over the last 30 years.

    Researchers in Spain, where there is no DEA, repeated a US experiment, and found anti-cancer activity in cannabis. The same anti-cancer activity that US researchers found, and DEA suppressed, was still there, 30 years later. The truth is funny like that…it can be ignored, but that doesn’t stop the truth from being true.

    Israeli researchers got serious about the subject and started identifying each molecule that was in a Cannabis plant. And now the patent applications are flying.

    What will attract investors in droves, is another suppressed truth: Nobody ever overdosed on enough cannabis to die. This makes the risk of clinical trials very low.

  3. Ibin at 10:49 am

    Not a patient of cannabis therapy but, if it were legal in my state, I would probably try it. I, personally do not wish to use a “pain reliever” that changes perception, physical affects etc. but, that said I realize that the use of, if it helps crippling pain in a family member or myself can not be condemned.
    Interesting “reading” for future pain management with a cannabis agent or property of the cannabis plant. I will continue to “bark” at the policy makers current misguided agenda for our physicians to observe, examine,evaluate, and sufficiently prescribe, based on what “is” available for now, without condemnation, medication for those afflicted with chronic pain with sufficiently prescribed medication. I hate the cattle approach of medical treatment both for those who can or can not afford pain relief.

  4. Kahty C at 8:08 am

    Here we go with the “Patentable’ Terpenes. The Companies are ready to cash in on the Pot Compounds. There is so much hype around these substances, that even if this stuff is barely better than Placebo, they can still make billions. The Key thing here is the Patent. Once they get the Patent rights to a specific Compound of the many found naturally occurring in these plants, it will be like printing money. Of course it will be years before it is granted, but with a few well placed “Articles” like this, the company can get a lot of investors. Even if this does not prove to be useful, the money will already have been made. We are Post Science, it is all about Marketing and perception.

  5. Denise Bault at 7:28 am

    It’s amazing how Big Pharma now wants to patent and legitimize marijuana…especially if they can synthesize it. What does that tell you? $$$$$$$$$$$

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