Off-duty cop saved London bomb victims’ lives

Off-duty cop saved London bomb victims' lives

Two people whose legs were blown off by a terrorist’s bomb are alive today only because an off-duty police officer saved their lives.

The facts came to light at the inquest into the 2005 London bombings, where survivors of the terrorist attack told their story.

Martine Wiltshire said she was had overslept and had taken a different train because she was late for work.

Andrew Brown was on his way to a meeting at Westminster when muslim bomber Shehzad Tanweer blew himself up at Aldgate underground tube station.

Both survivors were only a few feet away from the bomber, and had been sitting next to each other .

Off-duty police officer, Elizabeth Kenworthy, tied tourniquets around their legs to them bleeding to death, and held their hands and kept talking to the victims as they went into shock and drifted in and out of consciousness.

“People like that don’t come around a lot,” Ms Wilshier told the inquest. “Thank God she was there near me . She saved my life.”

Martine Wiltshire is now a team member in Britain’s sitting volleyball squad, and she wants to compete at the 2012 Paralympics.

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