Ohio AG Sues Pain Pill Makers, Says They Fueled Opioid Epidemic

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has filed a lawsuit against the major prescription opioid manufacturers alleging that the companies engaged in fraudulent marketing around the risks and benefits of the drugs, “which fueled Ohio’s opioid epidemic.”

The companies listed in the lawsuit include:

  • Purdue Pharma, which sold OxyContin, MS Contin, Dilaudid, Butrans, Hyslingla, and Targiniq
  • Endo Health Solutions, which sold Percocet, Percodan, Opana, and Zydone
  • Teva Pharmaceutical Industries and its subsidiary Cephalon, which sold Actiq and Fentora
  • Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiary Janssen Pharmaceuticals, which sold Duragesic and Nucynta
  • Allergan, which sold Kadian, Norco, and several generic opioids

“We believe the evidence will also show that these companies got thousands and thousands of Ohioans — our friends, our family members, our co-workers, our kids — addicted to opioid pain medications, which has all too often led to use of the cheaper alternatives of heroin and synthetic opioids,” said OH AG DeWine.

He went on to say, “These drug manufacturers led prescribers to believe that opioids were not addictive, that addiction was an easy thing to overcome, or that addiction could actually be treated by taking even more opioids. They knew they were wrong, but they did it anyway — and they continue to do it.  Despite all evidence to the contrary about the addictive nature of these pain medications, they are doing precious little to take responsibility for their actions and to tell the public the truth.”

Reuters reported the following responses from the manufacturers:

“Janssen spokesman Jessica Castles Smith said in an emailed statement: “The allegations in this lawsuit are both legally and factually unfounded.”

She said Janssen has acted responsibly regarding its opioid pain medications, which are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and carry FDA-mandated warnings on their labels about the drugs’ known risks.

Allergan and Teva declined to comment. Endo could not immediately be reached.”

Purdue Pharma told ABC News, “OxyContin accounts for less than 2 percent of the opioid analgesic prescription market nationally, but we are an industry leader in the development of abuse-deterrent technology, advocating for the use of prescription drug monitoring programs and supporting access to Naloxone — all important components for combating the opioid crisis.”

In the lawsuit, AG DeWine is seeking the following:

  • “A declaration that the companies’ actions were illegal
  • An injunction to stop their continued deceptions and misrepresentations and to abate the harm they have caused
  • Damages for the money that the State spent on the opioids that these companies sold and marketed in Ohio and for other costs of their deceptive acts
  • Repayment to consumers who, like the State, paid for unnecessary opioid prescriptions for chronic pain.”

The federal government, including the CDC, FDA and DEA, have been coming down hard on opioids, and like with any crisis, they want to point the fingers while kicking the vast, vast, vast majority of people who use these medications for pain to the curb.

Now in Ohio, like West Virginia and California, the state is looking to cash in while not differentiating illegally obtained prescription pain medicines, heroin, and black market fentanyl from the legal opioid prescriptions that treat pain.

Drug companies are a convenient target, as they are faceless and have enormously deep pockets.  They are more convenient of a target then the physicians who prescribe these medicines, who in nearly all circumstances prescribe opioids responsibly.

Government is a powerful beast, and these forces are scaring many physicians into treating patients how the government says they should be treated versus how the individual needs treatment.

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Authored by: Staff

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Belinda Cox

AG Dewine is doing this lawsuit strictly for Political Gain. He is aware that the suit violates the 2007 DOJ Settlement with Purdue Pharma. Settlement also required a Black Box Labeling for Oxycontin, new a mass of other legal restrictions that Purdue had to pay for. Ohio received a large part of Settlement that funded Ohio RX Reporting System, and drug addiction centers. His Brief is an exact copy of the Original Complaint at DOJ from 27 State AG’s. It also reads like a Political Speech rather than a legal brief. The list of Defendants ends with “1-100 Anonymous DOES”. It states that he doesn’t know who those “Does” are but will add them later when he figures it out. So he is suing an additional 1-100 unknown defendants. Only Manufacturers, no Distributors because that case was already lost in Ohio Supreme Court Case. Also he wants the Companies to admit they committed a Criminal Act. Even a first year law school flunk out would laugh at that. Also his use of Ohio Consumer Law does not hold water. That Statute says that a Company must have deceived the “Consumer”. I have never had Medication Prescribed by a Drug Company. I, the “Consumer” went to a medical professional, and then actually purchased the medicine from a licensed Pharmacist. That is two levels of “Informed Intermediary” (legal term). He also is requesting that Ohio be paid back for every “unnecessary” Prescription in Ohio. His Press Releases say its to recoup losses for Ohio Consumers but the Briefs specifically state that no Citizen will receive any compensation (No class action) and no accountability. It also has no documentation on what would be considered an “unnecessary” prescription. If that was a Prescription that I paid for along with my Co Pays and deductibles on Private Insurance why should the “State” be the one who claims it was the”injured party” (another legal problem). I have attended my own fair share of funerals, so YES HEROIN along with Illegally made Fentanyl and CarFentanyl (Only available to Zoos) is horrible. But even the Ohio Health Department Official Statistics Report of Opiod Death for 2014, 2015 specifically state that the numbers of Heroin Overdoses and “Fenatnyl” Overdoses that are listed are from “Illegally Made” fake Fentanyl. That there have been NO overdoses attributed to “Prescribed fentanyl medication”. Its written in tiny print at the bottom of their yearly report. Also the number of unintentional “Poisoning” from any of the listed Drugs in the Lawsuit is less than “5” for both years. The Ohio RX reporting System which tracks amount of scripts written, for whom and by what doctors shows that the actual; number of legal opiod prescriptions written in Ohio since 2012 has decreased substantially by an average of 10 percent per year. Dewine is using the “Boggeyman” of the “Big Pharma is Evil”. As someone who has buried too many people to this issue I am furious that He is using the pain and loss of… Read more »


I agree, sue the Fentanyl Cartels. Don’t speculate and assume. Ohio is a joke. New Jersey is a nightmare. And Virginia is in for one massive rude awakening. Warned them at a board of medicine meeting that “cracking down” on schedule II opioids would result in a the pendulum swinging in the opposite direction. Guess what? It did, and too much sooner than I would have expected. This week we had new deaths from ….(drum-role)…….. acrylfentanyl (and multi-compounded fentanyl)! Surprise, surprise! We now have fentanyl SO POWERFUL, that Narcan/Naloxone WILL NOT SAVE THEM. This is incredibly sad! These people did not stand a chance and this is only the beginning. I lost a friend when I was young and had Narcan been around, it may have saved him. But now these laws have resulted in the demand for a drug so powerful, that Narcan is utterly useless. This is what they have brought down upon their own citizens. And they want to sue the legitimate makers of opioid painkillers. So by that rationale, I could sue Phillip Morris for the death of my grandmother. A friend of the family can sue the Jack Daniels distillery or the Virginia ABC liquor store for the death of her husband. As a chronic pain patient, I’ve never been so scared. I have instructed my family, that should anything happen to me, to NOT go after the manufacturers of my medication, but to go after the state & the government because they will very likely be the catalyst.


How can we all start fighting back together? We need to start taking a stand against this before we have nothing for pain.

Barbara Woolston

The United states government is the Drug Czar this whole thing is pure hypocrisy!! They want the drugs to be scarce so the price tag goes up. They are all on the take. Meanwhile I think all the pain patients should join forces with all the drug companies being sued & Sue them back. What’s the matter arnt the bogus rehab centers getting enough money off of this Propaganda machine. Abusers will all ways exist so what!


The stupidity of this man burns as much as my CRPS. I can think of many reasons drug companies should be more regulated and even sued, but this is not one of them. NSAIDs have a long, long history of causing heart attacks and strokes and this information has been around for a long time. Harvard just did another study, and none of the NSAIDS are safe to take for more than a couple of days. The withdrawal from long term alcohol abuse can be fatal. The use of alcohol can be fatal, it has lethal limits as proven at too many college campuses. It may not be pleasant to withdraw from Morphine, or Percocet, Opana, etc, but a person won’t die like an alcoholic would, going into grand mal seizures and such. The harm from tobacco was covered up due to the money and lobbyists. We have cities with lead in their water, mountain towns with coal slurry holding ponds with nothing but dirt between the huge pond and the small town below, agent orange (Round-up, pretty much the same thing) being sprayed on our food supply, methane gas… my point is certain politicians seem to have no morals when it comes to so many things yet they want to poke their noses between doctor and patient without the knowledge needed to do so.

As I’m sure everyone here knows, when we are in pain our whole body suffers. Our brain tells us the same thing it would if we were trying to get out of a burning building, or someone was coming at us with a knife, and not in a friendly way. We will die from pain because the heart cannot keep up at that kind of stress level. The adrenal gland will give out, if it hasn’t already.
This is so maddening, and the stress of what will happen next, along with the stress of being a Chronic Pain Patient and the stigma that goes with it is certainly wearing me down. I had a “friend” last week tell me I shouldn’t take those drugs, I’d turn into an addict, he said. I asked him if he was willing to stop his blood pressure medicine, his blood thinner, and his insulin. Wasn’t he dependent on those meds and need them every day? And of course he’s also a heavy drinker and smoker so I didn’t think he had a right to criticize me.

Anyway, sorry about being late to this post. We do need to make our voices heard. It’s just so hard when in pain, and exhausted from it. Wonder if the news media would help.

Jean Price

Oh please, we have known since the days of opium dens that narcotics are potentially addictive to those who would ABUSE them! Lots of varieties of drugs are!! Look at diet pills and even steroids! So this is ridiculous! As if we didn’t know!? The problem isn’t the manufacturing in this country…it’s the influx of ILLEGAL drugs coming in from everywhere you can imagine! This is just moronic, and one more step in the witch hunt! And those who will be impacted are the innocent people in daily pain!

Robin Stephan

Your a ASS have you or anyone you know or a family member ever been in horrendise pain that they wanted to kill them selves , read the saitics of how many people have commited sucide because they could not stand living with the Pain. Its been 17 yrs for me, I,ve been in pain With RSD with no cure for !7 yrs, you probably do not even know what it is, Look it up . Or people with many other painful illiness , or the thousand of people that are in serious car accidents..that there is no cure for.Our our vetrains that are not being helped properly Walk in our shoes for 1 day and you will be begging for someone to help you with the pain .its the people that abuse the pain medications and buy it on the streets that ruin it for the people who really are in serious pain.Personaably a family doctor;s should be trained to treat people in pain.But they are afraid, because of the consaquences.there are no pain management doctors out their to help us so they turn to the streets.Im in pain 24/7 have a pain pump and I still cannot be free of some sort of pain.My pain management doctor had 10,000 patients and dedicated his life to helping us out and what happens to him he gets busted on some phony charges, when you have 10.000 patients you are bound to have people that do not follow your doctors advice,Why this compassionate doctor had so many paitents was because their are hardly any doctors to help unfortunenant people like us. The medical system is a joke.My doctor was very strict on giving medication tryed other methoids before prescribing pain medication. I had random urine tests and pill counts for years. God Bless All the People that have to live in this pain day after day. I would do any thing to be able to go back to work, Go to a Family outing, Go out with my sons instead of using our life savings to get help for myself and my husband who had dementia and my son who has schizophernia, that it is also hard to find a phychotrist in the south towns that can help.God help us the medical system and pharmasucial companys are a joke. and are looking out for there own selves for the enormous profit that they make instead of finding natural remendys to help also.

Tim Mason

Lawmakers are getting their pockets lined by lobbyists that support addiction centers for chronic pain patients.
People do not like someone that cannot differentiate between dependence.
If you talk to a politician your conversation must be kept on a 5th grade level when it comes to science and medicine,


Wrong!! Ohio Law Makers fueled the epidemic. They went an regulated pain meds so bad that even those in severe pain have to jump through hoops to get them. I have chronic pain and in order to get my pain meds I have to go to my doctor’s office to pick them up. For one I don’t drive so I have no way to just run on my own to go pick them. up. Now they went and regulated weed the same way. The Law Makers are the problem here. Not the pain companies.


My post may sound stupid to some but I want to suggest a couple of things…
Why don’t OH pain citizens contact this AG and tell him to stop speaking for ALL of you ?
Americans want government out of our Healthcare once and for All !! The Government has zero understanding of pharmacology nor ANY medical education? Clueless to Disease.
This AG isnt a surgeon general! I hope to hell these Pharmaceutical companies start fighting back hard as hell.
Think it’s time for the
The pain community to definitely Search harder for a Group of Attorneys do to a class action lawsuit against these clowns??
It’s high time for huge lawsuits to start flying.
Why can’t the large pain orgs Find any attorney Groups to take our case?
They will have plenty of support from Patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals.
They’re has to be a law group somewhere by now willing to fight back. They have had to read enough articles about all this by now.


What a hero we have here. Ride that bandwagon and beat that drum! Then pray you don’t get
“T-boned” by a drunk that rips your body to shreds, or shot during a stop to wherever this guy shops. Won’t he be surprised to find that Tylenol doesn’t work?
None of us CPP’s thought that destroying our bodies so we could be hooked on drugs was the way to go, but this guy will do anything to get re elected. I wonder if the same rules apply to politicians as they do to Veterans? I usually don’t wish this pain on anyone, but I’m tempted to make an exception… Nah, just kidding.


Wait a minute, I do believe Ohio was a Trump win state in election? Why how odd a dolt with a waste of time make America great lawsuit from Ohio. Does this bozo and his propaganda have family loved ones in chronic pain ?


I agree that we need to file a class action lawsuit! This is a violation in so many ways. If the government & our doctors were refusing medication to their patients & dropping them from care, it would be called an outrage! And what about do no harm? Stopping pain meds can be harmful to the health of the patient. We cannot all be put into a box & told by someone who has no knowledge of our health problems, how much medication we should be taking! It sounds unbelievable, yet it’s happening. Someone has to know a lawyer or firm willing to help! Think people! This cannot continue. Our country also needs to refer to the current crisis as to what it really is, it’s a heroin epidemic!


Oy vey! Really?! What next? Is this yet another hatchet coming down on us that we need to muster up the arm strength to keep from chopping off our heads?!
This country truly has gone to pot..no pun intended!

Robert Ivan

Ohio is strapped for cash and this is yet one more way to keep this phony officiating criminal war on the weakest of us. Lies, Lies and more lies.

The US occupation of Afghanistan is simply to hold the world’s monopoly on the good old poppy plant. The same as we did in Vietnam with regard to the Golden Triangle.

If the Ohio Attorney General wants to sue the opioid drug manufacturers, it will have to start by suing Uncle Sam, Air America, Colonel Oliver North and every CIA operative involved in smuggling drugs into it’s own country.


Not for nothing, but anyone can file a lawsuit against anyone for anything. And the Ohio AG has demonstrated this.

In addition, a lawyer is not necessary to file a lawsuit.

I’m just just sayin.


I too have searched for days on end for some type of advocate w NO avail.

I wil NOT give up but this word has really gotten crazy. NO common sense.

Devolution…in living colour, freekn Crazy sh*t:(


Mike Dewine has been a lifetime politician. He has governed Ohio for many years and just keeps running again and again. He is a hysterical fool and has been since I have first known him which is about 24 years.

I saw him on TV when all of this madness about pain medication started. He stated that all patients having surgery would get 3 months of pain medication and that’s it. What I want to know is, who the hell does he think he is? Politicians are suppose to be public servants not dictators! Obviously he has never had surgery and most likely has never even had a toothache.

I would be willing to bet everything I have that all politicians can get pain medication anytime they choose for as long as they want it. Their healthcare is free. They retire on full salary even if they only serve two years! They are paid that salary until the day they die. I truly cannot believe that there hasn’t been a revolution in this country because of an out-of-control government who only seek to serve themselves.

It’s laughable that he is suing drug makers, with our tax dollars, no doubt, for something that the government does every day they are in office, which is lying! If they win, no patients will see any of that award money you can bet on it.

I have not, to date, heard any politician address the chronic pain community. They know we are here but they don’t care. When Dewine made that post-surgery statement on TV, I called his office and the person I spoke to claimed to know nothing about it. Yeah, right.

We are seriously considering leaving our beloved country because of our inept, corrupt government.

I want a petition started and every single chronic pain patient here and beyond needs to sign it. I will hand deliver it myself if I have to! The Opioids gave me a portion of my life back and I had no side effects. The NSAIDS that I take now will kill me much sooner than the Opioids would have.


Such a fool. The featured picture was that of 2 people overdosed in the front seat of a car, that was an overdose of HEROIN.


I totally agree that we as pain patients need to lawyer up but where do you find lawyers who are willing to help us? IF you find one how do you pay for their services when the majority of us are living on less than enough now? I personally have spent hours searching for a lawyer with NO success. I am certain that Ohio is just the first of many states to take this tack against the legal use of opiates and opioids with NO concern for the harm they are causing! Writing letters to government officials, newspapers etc. is most likely a waste of time but right now it’s all we have so we have to continue!

Bob Schubring

Now is the time for all pain patients to lawyer up and file a Motion to Intervene in this lawsuit.

The legal grounds for intervention in any lawsuit, are that the intervening party’s interest will be harmed, if not considered by the court.

In this case, Ohio and their lawyer, DeWine, assert that they are looking out for pain patients’ interests, which were somehow harmed by the fact that our pain got relieved, and that those of us who were impoverished people living on Medicaid, cost Ohio money it paid out in Medicaid benefits to pay for our pain meds.

The drug companies assert they did nothing wrong.

But the problem with NOT lawyering up and NOT intervening, is that Ohio is attempting to make money by taking away medicines we need, and then blaming the taking-away, on the fact that they drove the medicine companies out of business, rather than putting a gun to our heads and pulling the trigger.

Therefore, it is up to we patients to band together, find a lawyer, and intervene in this court, demanding that it hear US, and not just Mr DeWine’s clients, who claim to be Ohio and in fact are a bunch of politicians who make their money by ruling Ohio, and sometimes govern it badly.

Are we patients really such cowards that we won’t ask a lawyer to help us?

MorMor Rose

I do not have the talent with words as the above commentators do.
I have been a chronic intractable pain patient since 2003. I have tried all the alternative therapies, they have all failed. I could not get out of bed without opioid meds.
Thank you to all the above comments, I agree with all of them
I must admit, I am very concerned what my quality of life will become

Carla Cheshire

Where is the Chronic Pain Patients class action lawsuit against the CDC for the 2016 Guidelines which caused doctors to refuse to prescribe opioids for chronic pain and to drop their patients leaving many with no help at all?

Remember– Do No Harm!

William Dorn

Everyone pick up the phone and call your state reps now.Time is running out before you have no medicines.If you remain silent you are dooming yourself.If we flood there offices with calls they will listen.But it will take everyone.Do it now.


He states that ” thousands and thousands of Ohioans — our friends, our family members, our co-workers, our kids — addicted to opioid pain medications”…..that’s kind of like saying every Ohioan that took pain medications became addicted, that’s a bit of a stretch. However, I do agree that Big Pharma is part of the problem, but they’re not the only ones to blame for this “epidemic”. Perhaps he needs to also sue the CDC, FDA, DEA, and our Federal Government.

scott michaels


William Durstock

I’m sure the fact that the AG is running for governor has nothing to do with his purely political posturing. This looks good on a campaign poster but as the author states “the state is looking to cash in while not differentiating illegally obtained prescription pain medicines, heroin, and black market fentanyl from the legal opioid prescriptions that treat pain.”


Opiods help chronic pain patients have an improved quality of life when taken properly. Doctors should oversee treatment closely. Patients should be educated by doctors on the risks of not taking the medication exactly as prescribed. This is a reckless publicity stunt.

I don’t understand where he got the narrative this is based on. There’s a lot of speculation on how people get addicted, but there doesn’t seem to be research. If there is research, it should be screened for possible bias because bad “research” is worthless and helps nobody.

I grew up with the narrative that people “experiment” with drugs and that people are “looking for a high.” Can someone please do the research so we can stop swinging between the old “Addicts are terrible people” and “Addicts just need help” extremes and focus on the “Why does this occur?” and “How can we help?”

My head is spinning.

Meanwhile, I have a neighbor who has a history of being an alcoholic who now is snorting crack. I’d imagine that if he could get his hands on some pills, he’d use them too. So, when he picks up the pills, is it time to start crying about the “opiod epidemic” or should we have helped him with the alcoholism a long time ago?

I’m curious where alcohol fits in, because… hrm. It’s the most popular drug at parties. It’s legal. It decreases our inhibitions. If someone’s drunk and gets offered street drugs, they would probably go for it and maybe they wouldn’t go for it when they were sober.

Yeah, no, forget it. It’s too complicated. Pick up the pitch-forks and prep your rant about opiods. Because there has to be somewhere we can point fingers without ACTUALLY having to do work to figure out what’s going on.

As a pain patient, I feel persecuted, mistrusted, stigmatized. But hey, I guess I’m terrible because I take a pill that allows me to work. Better to take the pill away so you can criticize me for not being able to work. Maybe I’ll get to that point even despite the pill. I am bitter, because nobody gives a F. Pain itself is isolating enough to cause people to think about suicide. I’m usually a positive, hopeful, problem-solving person but in this political/social environment, it starts to feel hopeless.

Alessio Ventura

Of course this is terrible news. The net effect from these law suits, if successful, will be a sharply decreased supply of opiate-based medicine. The opioid hysteria is spiraling out of control. Although there are serious issues to deal with in terms of treating addiction and preventing deaths, many other medicines and drugs also result in illness and death, at higher numbers, yet there is no national hysteria over these. For some reason, politicians think they are gaining political points by taking action against opioids. They accomplish this by conflating improper and illegal use with proper and legal use of opioid-based medicine. The general public is fooled into believing that these crackdowns are against addicts and improper use, but they don’t realize that they are shooting themselves in the foot; when the time comes for their pain carr, such as after a horrible car crash, a major invasive surgery, and so on, there will not be any available opioid-based medicine avaiilable to reduce their pain. And this is the major accomplishment of government intrusion, that is, pain sufferers will go untreated, yet the addicts will continue to get their fix from the streets. But doesn’t this happen with all “nanny state” intrusions, like gun control, where the bad guy still gets his firearm but the good guy can’t? I have said this befor, but if you are a pain sufferer, you need to make your voice heard NOW. I have already fired off a letter to the Ohio AG and the Ohio Commission on Opiates. If you don’t speak up now, the go ernmemt WILL REMOVE your access to pain management that actually works. Isn’t it funny how there are no commissions on NSAID-related deaths and illnesses, where over 15,000/yr die form their use. Isn’t it funny that you can pick up a six pack in any convenience store, yet there are over 88,000/yr deaths from alcohol use amd nary a word from the nanny state. Isn’t it funny that ober 40,000/yr die from anti-depressants, but we never see the “War on Anti-depressants” headlines. Isn’t it ironic also that the party of “individual liberty”, the Republican Party, is leading the imtrusion into a patient’s pain management rigjt, and in essence taking it away. We sit here in desperate silence, watching these people strip away our right to minimize our pain. They arrogantly tell us that “opioids are not effective against pain”, but they are perfectly willing to let us destroy our livers and kidneys and suffer strokes through the use of NSAIDs, acetametaphine, and alcohol. They arrogantly tell us that tnere are “other modalities” that are better for pain control, as though we have not tried them all and they DID NOT WORK, and as though they can actually feel our pain and somehow know when we achieve pain relief. I am truly scared, folks. If the government can intrude and take over one area of health care, they can in theory take over any area. They will keep doing… Read more »


Blaming pharmaceutical companies for an “opiod epidemic”? There is a DRUG ABUSE situation in this country that can not be changed by a “social consciousness” forced agenda. Blame “laid” upon ALL people whether, the chronic pain patient, or the truly in “trouble” folks with an addiction to many different concoctions of drugs. There are MANY types of illicit, illegal, substances available that ARE inexpensive, made from who knows what, laced with ???? for an extra kick. Value for the money even if it is deadly.and called “oxycontin”, and etc.”on the streets” for those with MANY different situations attempting to escape responsibility to themselves, their family, friends,.monetary issues, or a thousand more perceived or real personal problems or situations. ANYONE that has been through the system of pain relief caused by disease and or injury, seeking chronic pain relief, are not stupid enough to know full well that the last resort for chronic pain relief may well be “for a lifetime” Opioid treatment. Opioid medication CAN be a risky means of treatment but, NOT to all. The success narratives with I am sure, millions of people in chronic pain is NOT being published because these stories are not taken into consideration of the controlling agencies and the “social consciousness reform” agenda being enforced. The “one shoe fits all” ideology, that opioid medication is bad for one and all enforced by the “mis-guided-line” is HARMING millions that could possibly barely manage their own lives before the CDC mis-guide-line was “introduced” to our states medical boards and seemingly unanimously adopted with zero investigation or study by these boards. Maybe the same way our physicians have “adopted” the guideline and accompanying opioid medication conversion chart. Enforcement by those that do not and have never experienced what is called chronic pain. They are knowledgeable of the detrimental effects of medication, well aware of the misuse and abuse of said medication but, will not accept that opioid medication IS beneficial to MILLIONS of people. Their is drug abuse, and their is opioid prescribing to people with chronic pain that can not be CURED.It exists, and their are millions of patients that have been prescribed opioid MEDICATION, for decades and have been able to continue to manage their responsibilities, effectively. In any and all degrees of responsibility whether that is being able to function adequately enough to care for themselves at their homes or, for their responsibility to be able to keep providing, monetarily, without the doctors “due diligence” and freedom to prescribe sufficient medication for true human suffering, more problems are being created, NOT solved.The fact that their INDIVIDUAL patient was not harming their personal health but, benefiting from medication physiologically., monetarily, socially, spiritually, and actually leading the “normal” life that we are entitled to in the United States of America as a citizen is being forcefully denied to solve a totally different issue. Drug abuse. The “social conscience” reform being forced upon both the patient(needlessly) and the drug abuse problem in America will only be… Read more »


Wake up Ohio, this will never go anywhere. This is more government idiots making decisions based on their own propaganda. When will this stupidity come to an end?