Open Letter to Lady Gaga!

Open Letter to Lady Gaga!

Lady Gaga…
I read the article about your fibromyalgia, and I see you suffering and it breaks my heart!
Only those who live this can truly get it, and understand!
I wrote an article and it was published in Pain News Network, “Living with a Beast” about my journey through pain!
Lady Gaga…
I am asking you to bring awareness to the world outside those of us who understand your journey, your limitations and pain! Those of us who suffer from intractable/chronic pain day in and day out, 24/7, 365 days a year!
Because of your celebrity, you can reach a huge sector of the population!
This would be instrumental in changing the misconceptions, and false narrative frenzy of that surrounds this community by this, false “Opioid Hysteria”!
As you know, intractable pain wreaks Havoc on your body, mind, and soul!
Lady Gaga, many are dying due to suicide! Their pain levels are exceeding what is humanly manageable without the proper medications!!! Without these tools, (our medications) that give us a sense of relief from the torturous, agonizing, wrenching, excruciating, aching, burning, never-ending, incessant, stabbing, unbearable pain even if minimally…
Are we not allowed to assemble of quality in our lives? Of functionality?
Which is what these medications provide!
Lady Gaga, since the implementation of the 2016 guidelines my life has declined 98% and I’m not exaggerating!
I used to be vivacious,
I used to work support 4 children being a single parent,
engage in church,
Sports out in the community!
I even did the occasional night out singing karaoke and dancing. I would even sing, “Poker Face”, one of your all-time greatest hits!

Cathy Kean

I used to be a special education advocate, advocating for children with autism!

I helped a lot of children receive services that enriched and bettered their lives!
I made a difference Lady Gaga!
Even if just a small sector of individuals!
I made a difference!
Isn’t that what life is about?
About giving back?
Making a difference?
You can make a big difference!
I’m asking that you do this for thy fellow man, that is broken, hurting, whose rights are being violated stomped on in every sense of the word!
The American with Disabilities Act is not being followed our very own government is breaking the law and Justice needs to be done!
Media is selling this false narrative equating us to drug addicts!
They are not adhering to their preamble their code of ethics which includes but not limited to being the voice for the voiceless!
A journalist is supposed to be seeking truth and must avoid conflicts of interest whether the conflicts of interest are real or simply perceived! Journalist always must strive for accuracy in everything they do!
Deceiving or misinforming the reader, deliberately or accidentally, is one of the worst sins in journalism!
Factual errors and conflicts of interest erode and cripple Publications credibility as a source of news and opinion. Therefore, a journalist needs to follow a code of ethics to preserve and to build their Publications credibly.
The code of ethics is an ever-evolving reference document with which every staff member should be knowledgeable. The editor of the publication retains the final judgment on all ethical questions, and ultimately, the editor shoulders the consequence of unethical practices.
So Lady Gaga we are already so compromised and challenged you are in a different Arena so you have no clue probably how desperate, how lonely how isolated so many of us feel!
Every day, I get calls from individuals who are on the edge of killing themselves! Every single day!
I talk to them and tell them to please hang on justice has to come!
Will you help us get Justice or at least awareness Lady Gaga?
Pay it forward?
Before I have to put another name on my all too overwhelming incredibly extensive suicide due to pain list?
The intractable pain community desperately needs legal representation! Covering the cost of a class action suit will be costly but extremely necessary. We have got to put a stop to all the needless suffering. A benefit concert would not only raise these funds it would bring the much needed awareness/attention the intractable pain Community needs to get the proper/correct information to the public. Educating the public with the correct information is Vital. Knowledge is power! Lady Gaga… I implore you to take a stand with me for #intractablepainpatients everywhere present and future #CPPS. LETS MAKE HISTORY!!!
Pain is relentless, pain is cruel, it doesn’t discriminate, it could happen to you! Anyone out there outside of the chronic pain community is just one car accident away, one surgery, one illness away potentially from living the rest of their days in disabling, torturous pain!
Literally hell on Earth!
We did not ask for this, who would?
Yet this is our walk this is our journey!
Why, are we being violated and shunned disrespected and ignored?
It is getting to be a regular theme here in the chronic pain community to hear of another chronic pain patient killing themselves.
Because they have been abandoned or tapered by their doctors the pain becomes all too overwhelming, all too consuming, depression and the thought of just one more hour, one more day, even one more minute is just too much to bear…
I can speak of this because I have been there! Not just once or twice but on many occasions! What has stopped me from doing it? My belief…
This may sound crazy and I don’t care if it does! For the past 10 years, I’ve been having a reoccurring dream! Where God comes to me and tells me to hang in there!
That you’re going to affect not just a small sector of individuals, but a large sector! Honest to God! Ask my kids, lol! I thought it would be in the special education Realm but, I truly believe this is my calling!
You see Lady Gaga almost now 8 years ago… I was told I only have 3 months left to live! I weighed approximately 87 lbs then and I’m 5′ 7 and 1/2, had a surgically inserted port in my chest receiving intravenous nutrients 12 to 24 hours a day for 8 + years this.
Hearing that news, I was stunned, 3 months, 3 months! Wow, that was hard to absorb! Approximately, a week later I found out that my daughter-in-law was pregnant! My first grandbaby was on his way! I told myself, baby… that I was not going anywhere. I was going to see my first grandchild.
Long story short my beautiful Jeremiah was born. When he was 3 months, I knew he had autism! I told myself I am not going anywhere until I know he receives all the services humanly possible. To make him into the man that God truly intended him to be! Because early intervention is the key! It makes all the difference in the world! That means I have to advocate for him!
Lady Gaga guess what? I can’t do it! My grandson is a statistic of this opioid epidemic/crisis… the collateral damage aspect that no one touches on! Which is going to be exponentially worse than anything that has occurred in recent history. This will be irreversible and this country will never be the same! Broken families! Destroyed lives! Loss of life! Of livelihood, substandard living, due to not being able to work any longer!
Social Services will be overwhelmed with children whose parents can no longer take care of them. The family unit will be destroyed as we know it!
The American dream… that white picket fence will be abolished! And that is just the tip of the iceberg! All because they do not have the medication that once allowed them to work, to raise a family, to engage and interact in society is now gone!
I should rephrase that! Not going it is readily available, just not accessible not prescribed to us!
How can the governing agencies ignore the suicides due to pain in addition to all the suffering and not pay attention? Acknowledge? It is shameful it is inhumane and it is cruel!
Even United Nations policy states that pain management is a fundamental human right, under treatment or not treating it is a crime against humanity…
a form of torture!
Our government is inflicting torture on its weakest sector of citizens including veterans! Where is the humanity?
I’m asking, actually I’m pleading with you to bring awareness! I’d love to help you with this endeavor…
I have already reached out to a couple of celebrities trying to incorporate a message
Of humanity and JUSTICE!
#unitedwestanddividedwefall #suicideDue2Pain
Chronic Illness Awareness and Advocacy Coalition
Suicide due to pain videos I have 7 more plus I have to make so many more to make more.

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Authored by: Cathy Kean

Pain is Pain Page on Facebook Chronic Illness Advocacy and Awareness Coalition Grandmother Fighting For Autism page on Facebook dedicated to my grandson xxoo.

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Thank you for writing this. You are very correct this is cruel and inhumane. The pain is relentless and i feel for Lady G afterall fame isnt all of who she is. She is a person with a fantastic job/career. But she too struggled like so many of us to get where she is today until she was struck with chronic pain disorder. It would be fantastic for her help as yes Lady Gaga does have a very public voice! However she too has a private life. We as the one who struggle the ones who lose those around us to pain should stand up to this garbage! Together as one voice. I feel bad for those families, for the ones who did in fact o.d. on opiates, but honestly those people as harsh as it seems were just trying to get high with whatever they could get their hands on. People o.d. everyday on heroin, meth even household substances. I dont know about you guys but my life isnt about getting high its about control and functionality! Yet they keep pushing medical marijuana i dont know about others but that does not help me function nor do i have control. Dont get me wrong its a miracle for some patients especially cancer patients but some people like me our bodies weren’t equipped to tolerate or process the drug properly. I could go on and on. Lets all stand as one vouce of chronic pain!!! Lets get our “tools” back. Ive declined horribly since they took mine away. Im caring for an older autistic son and my husband dieing of cancer. This pain isnt allowing me to do what i need to do as a mother and a wife! I am sick of it. Im trying hard not to be a statistic lost to pain but its breaking my heart watching those around me not getting their needs met because i have no control over what happened to my body and NOBODY WANTS TO HELP ME ADDRESS MY ISSUES PHYSICALLY!!! Injections no longer work and more surgeries are not an option. Ive already had 4 levels in my cervical spine reconstructed with a custom rod and bone grafts and yet 2 more cervical discs are bulging. Anyways. Thank you again.


CATHY I LOVE YOU FOR DOING THIS!! She has done so much for the LGBTQ community and I hope she can help the cpp community as well. Please Gaga. So many of us have fibro and so many other painful conditions. Please help us keep our medication or in so many other cases get it back. The docs forced so many off their medication and now we can’t function. Politicians are not our doctors. They shouldn’t tell our doctors what to or not to prescribe for us. They have almost ruined the doc patient relationship. Please. We need your help.


Whether Lady Gaga takes up our cause and brings attention to the horrible suffering chronic pain patients endure every day and for no good reason, we have to keep on trying to figure out how to keep moving forward. I still don’t think that anything will change so we had better adjust our lives accordingly, live our lives the best that we can. I personally have already done so. Hang in there everyone, pray, fight and never surrender. God bless.


Oh so.. this is why all these people [edit] with me and dont tell me what the [edit] is going on in my life. Because my rights are being stomped on in every way and if Anyone were to say a peep they would be in big trouble hmmmmmmm wow and noone seems to care enough to understand what the heck I’m going through.


God Bless you Cathy for being so eloquent and brave!

Brenda Becker

I know the pain l live with it also. Sending love, hugges, and prayers to LG.

Antoinette Rosario

Amen. I have been diagnosed with Lupus since 1997. Living with the “wolf” its like the gift that keeps on giving. I have since acquired Fibromyalgia, Vasculitis, Gastroparesis, Esophageal motility issues, Angioedema, Neuropathy, breathing issues, weight gain due to medications, corneal ulceration, blurred vision, Sjogren’s syndrome, and I’m only 48. I’ve had MRSA, Staph infections, PICC lines, chest ports, in a medically induced coma. Had chemo for 3 yrs. Sadly, that’s been the only medication that worked. But u cant be on it forever. My appendix, gall bladder and spleen have been removed. I lost 2 pregnancies, first one was at 5 months and the 2nd at 2 months. Now I have 2 beautiful, healthy children. A boy, 15 and a girl, 14. My husband and family have been a strong support group. My mom, my hero & cheerleader, passed 3 years ago from pancreatic cancer. Life as I knew it feels empty. Sex life is non existent, my poor husband. But my feet still touch the ground and I put on my “smile”, for my kids. So they know u never quit, never let them see ur fragile. Ask for help when u need it. But always give it ur all. Luv u Lady Gaga & thank u Cathy for reaching out to someone who can be the face for the rest of us who suffer in silence and people just dont get it. My personal favorite comment, “at leaast u dont have cancer”. Peace, Love & Happiness

Pam Carrie

Cathy Kean, that was an eloquent letter. I hope that Lady Gaga does see it and does pay it forward!!!

Pam Carrie

Jean, that was an eloquent letter. I hope that Lady Gaga does see it and does pay it forward.

Brenda Pitts Bennett

This is top 10 of articles I’ve read regarding our pain. I pray Lady Gaga will join us.I suffer extremely wth many different disabilities. I lost my 21 yr old & lifetime husband & watching my son suffer so bad wth his pain before he died made me so bitter. My family camped out together routinely & always picked ticks off of us never realizing the danger of Lyme disease infested ticks. Because Texas doctors was illiterate of Lyme we was misdiagnosed & years later got the lyme lesions. Because it was yrs of no treatment my family had lyme eggs traveling & destroying our organs which docs say us 3 left are fatal now. I pray Lady Gaga will join us & help us to be able to get our needed medications etc. How can our govt want our own citizens to be tortured. I never thought my own country wld want to hurt us so.


I suffered from Chronic Back pain for an entire year. Tried medication, physical therapy, accupuncture, nothing worked!
I had two visits with Dr Gephard for Corizon Spinal Injection. I am now more than 90 percent cured for well over a year and going strong.
Robert S.
Las Vegas, NV

I have fibro too and I don’t take pain pills anymore. I take Gabapentin, it’s a nerve pill. I’m on a pretty strong dose. It has taken care of my pain and when I was first diagnosed, I was miserable.


Guys…Please don’t try to guilt Lady Gaga into being a celebrity poster child for Fibromyalgia. She is an incredibly busy woman. We all make the choice on whether or not to publicly expose our pain and disease to the world and when. It’s a personal choice that no one should be guilted for. Her life, her choice.


Ohhh Cathy !!! Excellent Letter !! You go Girl !!! I shall be on my knees Praying STEFANI will respond … what a BOON that would ! She is such a GOOD HEARTED , compassionate gal . And Omg Talented ! I’m trying Really hard to get past the Emotional side of this so I can Effectively write a letter Myself . Till then I’ll be watching closely as this evolves . 🥰❣️❣️👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🙏🏻🙏🏻


I so feel for the author but have some questions.

Do we know that this letter will reach Gaga?

And, aside from her singing career — cutting records, travelling to concerts, all on rigorous schedules, she also made a movie recently — which requires extremely hard work and long days.

I couldn’t do that for all the money in the world, and clearly the author couldn’t do that even to help her grandchild.

So, how bad is Gaga’s pain, really? Can she really understand?

I heard she was hospitalized last year — for exhaustion.

Maybe the exhaustion was due to her fibro, but she wasn’t hospitalized due to uncontrollable pain, screaming and crying and wishing to die due to her pain.

So, again, does she really know our pain ?

Lady Gaga. 1st thank you for your incredible acting and singing skills. You have brought entertainment and joy into the lives of millions including me.
I pray for you and your battle with chronic pain.
I was struck by 2 separate texting drivers 8 years ago while waiting in line for a red light. This left me with multiple injuries, inoperable spinal and nerve damage, several surgeries, and bound to a wheelchair. While in the process of preoperative testing I was diagnosed with cancer. So After having a complete hip replacement, I had to go through cancer treatment.
This said, I am a fighter and never give up. With the new hip and cancer treatments finished I began walking with a cane. I was limited to upper body light exercises, so I developed a routine using the exercise bands physical therapists use. I fought on until my primary physician said could try a light duty part time job. I took a job in a Church. I worked 1 hour 5 days a week, but I wasn’t fast, so I kept moving constantly to get my duties done.
I was proud to be able to contribute and take care of myself. I was also blessed to have the quality time with my adult son, daughter and my grandson. I do appreciate that many are not so fortunate.
However I live in PA and our Governor Tom Wolf is among the toughest against chronic pain patients. I guess he has never been in pain to the extent that you go into shock and fear having a heart attack just from the level of pain.
Sadly he has put government mandates on time restrictions and amount if pain medications patients may receive. Major surgeries like spinal fusions are done and patients given tyloeol or Motrin for pain. These are serious and were treated with medications that enabled patients to heal and go through physical therapy.
I couldn’t have made the progress without closely monitored pain control medications.
Now I am having trouble just getting through the day. I can not go back 8 years and be a burden to my family.
Thank you.
God bless.


Wow! Thank you for writing this!


Dearest Cathy,

We have the same foe within us. Only I call mine The Monster.

My FMS stopped reaccuring and became a permanent fixure in my body, in 1994. Oh! The cruelty.

I experience numerous levels of pain…including full body neuropathy, temporary blindness and paralysis. In 1994, several Drs believed I had MS. I thought…well, at least I had a diagnosis. But a brilliant neurologist declared that my problem wasn’t MS. It was Fibromyalgia.

With a great Internist on board, it would take a year for me to find the right combination of medications, to cut down the pain and other symptoms. The most successful? Methadone and Ativan. With small doses…I have a relative amount of my freedom back. That was 1995. Flash forward to 2019. A much different story.

Over the last six months, a series of events would take away my freedom. Including my long time Dr getting the bright idea that I was due for ” a new season.” And that implied going off of my successful regiment, with an unnecessary stint in detox, and experimenting with first class drugs.

At the time…I had nothing to fight with. I was traumatized because of my circumstances, and this was just a new horror to throw on the pile.

It’s August, and I have decent temporary housing; but The Monster is back. Ruling every minute of the day and night. My only saving grace is my spirit. The Monster can’t kill that. Even making the rounds of anti opiate pain management Drs won’t take away my sense of humor. And hope? I’m better off not holding on for now. But I’m in Los Angeles and my sights are on Mexico. No opiate crisis there.


Lady Gaga showed some fibro pain in the documentary and then did physical activities none of us could do we don’t really know how severe her condition is. She has not stepped up to be a poster girl for fibromyalgia and I do not respect her for not using her star power to further our cause.

Jason George

Good day Kathy, God bless you for being an advocate for us suffering from debilitating pain. Like my Doctor said even though they’ve took away our pain meds the overdose rate is still skyrocketing because their statistics of opioid overdose doesn’t include heroin overdoses where 90+% of overdoses occur. I’m praying God will bless you with the channel to touch the right persons heart so us pain patients don’t have to unnecessarily suffer day in and day out and that you can start advocating for your Grandson again.
Thank you so much and God bless,
Jason George


Great article Kathy… Beautiful .i as well posted In her page as well Don’t PUNISH the pain..few times sent private message s ..i can only wish she would be involved I feel your pain .. I saw her Documentry .. It’s a few years old she seems so sad .. I live w pain everyday .. As I am getting worse .back neck surgeries .. I went to get a card mm .. But I can’t do pot weed THC .i am sorry it gets me nuts .. I can barely walk w ARTHITIS as well I got my card next day Dr. Put me down w FIBROMYALGIA MAYBE I HAVE THAT TO … You are correct the media lies I am proud of that I do hope she responds .i see her on stage broken w pain .. Sad .i feel for all of us .beautiful letter thank you for sharing …Take care and may Gd bless you always


Cathy, well said. The collateral damage is beyond comprehension. For those young people like my daughter who lost her previous life and is living a shell of a life since age 23, now 34, there is NO HOPE left.
I must outlive my only child to help her. Single parent here, trying to work to pay health bills from what undiagnosed Lyme disease did to her. And continues to.
I have no siblings to help. My mother has dementia. My father aging also. Late 80’s both. No help there.
Social services from gov has wrongly not helped my daughter. State of Ohio Medicaid services says she makes 5 dollars too much in SSDI. If it weren’t for my daughter working since age 15, she would not even have a measley 1k a month SSDI.
Lyme treatment is out of pocket.
3 weeks antibiotics does not cure someone whose Lyme was missed by countless doctors, including Cleveland Clinic and top infectious disease doctor in our city.
My daughter wants to work. She wants to be able to take showers, go to grocery, make her own food, on and on.
The pain from Lyme in one’s bones and to see the extreme swelling is beyond comprehension, brings me to heaving crying, desperation, and desolation every time I see this on my daughter. She says it feels like something is gnawing inside her bones and yes that is what Lyme does.
If she could have some quality of life before this kills her, I would be so grateful. That starts with pain management which political figures are enforcing what is a guideline only by CDC for general healthy people.
Ironically, the CDC tracks my daughter health care behind the scenes. She has a case and tracking number the LLMD (500 an hour out of pocket) who diagnosed her with an IGENEX (out of pocket at 3k cost) blood test.
One doesnt see or know the suicides due to CPP. May God hold you.


That is a great letter! Couldnt have said that better myself.As for reaching out to artists…thats even better!

jon doe

Thanks Cathy for all you do.