Opinion: Evil AmeriKan Style: A History of Experimentation without consent

Opinion: Evil AmeriKan Style: A History of Experimentation without consent

Horrendous health care comes easy for our government, which has a mired history of covert experiments with no regard for the population’s health and safety. It amazes me that many people seem to be unaware of the magnitude and frequency of such nefarious behavior.

Pain care in the U.S. is an abomination as we all know. Could all of the current restrictions and injustices be a coordinated attempt at obtaining huge amounts of data and cutting costs? I ague that this is exactly what is happening! When we look backwards, in becomes painfully clear.

It took the U.S. Government almost 30 years to admit using Agent Orange and Paraquat. Even after admitting guilt (notwithstanding ‘plausible deniability’), only a fraction of claimants have been compensated for their injuries. The Tuskegee Experiments knowingly infected a subset of African Americans with syphilis just to study transmission dynamics, spread characteristics, and treatments. Let’s not forget The Narcotics Farm in Lexington Kentucky which was a ‘rite of passage’ for then jazz musicians. “The Farm,” as it was called studied addiction and substance abuse. Addicts, for example, were given all the heroin they wanted for a period of two weeks and subsequently, would be cut off cold turkey. Many died. This is also where immense amounts of money spent to develop buprenorphine as part of a ‘public-private’ partnership between U.S. and Britain.

The Trinity Nuclear Tests in Nevada scrambled DNA like a Denver omelet. Test subjects died, got radiation sickness, and/or sustained chromosomal damage and various cancers. Many subjects unknowingly passed damage genes to their offspring who, in turn, became cancer patients.
The Simian40 cancer virus was given to Americans via the polio and MMR (measles-mumps-rubella) vaccines between the late 50’s and early 60’s. The cancer cells were excised tumors from mice that were injected into Rhesus Monkeys. The resulting ‘super-cancer’ was allegedly ground up and laced into the vaccine supply by a woman who had infiltrated the CDC. Dr. Mary’s Monkeys outlines the story in great detail.

It’s high time for politicians and judges at all levels to reverse course with nonsensical, ham-handed policies. Enough is enough and NO, we do not consent.

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Amen. Way past time. It’s time for everyone who has so graciously practiced Medicine on pain patients too stop playing Dr Or go too jail this includes the DEA and all members who persist with playing medicine I hope these know it alls start doing their jobs and stop blaming us for their failure too do their jobs well. They are all losers I have no respect for these losers and most Government agencies for blaming us for their failures.

Cindy too

ps to Carolyn -

In my letters to state officials, etc, in addition for pleading for telehealth and phone rx’s, I also pleaded for cessation of strict limits on sizes of rx’s and dates of refill due to the virus and probable drug shortages.

So far, these restrictions have not been lifted, bu I’ve read that the AMA is now asking for these things to happen.

In my tele-appt with my PM yesterday, I asked for a few more pills due to fear of shortages which I’ve read about, and he said no. He doesn’t believe there will be shortages, he said,
But, I’ve read much about them from a Canadian pharmacy that I get one very expensive Rx from. There are lots of global supply chain issues, due to lack of flights even. And, most ingredients for most rx’s come from China, of course.

I was also so disappointed by his emphatic no b/c I’m still on a smaller rx than I was before my forced taper that he imposed in fall 2019 solely due to fear of the govt.

Last spring, after the HHS Pain Mgmt Best Practices Task Force final report and after the FDA statement — that each patient should be treated as an individual — I got him to relent on the forced taper, but not completely. I had hoped that now, at least temporarily due to the virus, he would, but he won’t.

But I”m still grateful that he has a growing practice and I know that compared to many other CPP’s, I’m very lucky. If he hadn’t relented from the total forced taper, I dont’ think I’d be here today. It was beyond imagination and at one point I did consider suicide.

When we spoke via computer yesterday, he had on a surgical mask under an N95 mask. So, I think that in spite of the problems we all share, we need to be grateful that every medical person these days is risking their life by simply working.

Cindy too

Reply to Carolyn -

I posted the link in my earlier post, but here it is again:


This is the DEA order for federal exceptions to standard opioid rules.
It allows for tele-appts & phone-in opioid rx’s.

The Order lasts for so long as the national Public Health State of Emergency lasts; this is stated in the Order.

The last sentence says it’s subject to applicable State laws, & so, if your state doesn’t allow for these things, you may be in trouble, but I would check and press hard.

Early on, before I knew of the DEA order & before I knew of my State’s similar Order, I emailed my Governor, state Surgeon General, Bd of Health, Bd of Medicine, Bd of Pharmacy, and state and fed legislators, pointing out, among other things, that people in agony will go to monthly pain appts if forced to, even if sick with virus, which would be terrible for docs, staff and other patients.
I was super concerned b/c in my state of FL, the regular State of Emergency law relaxes rx rules, but expressly excludes Schedule II drugs from that relaxation. Which is immoral and cruel, which I pointed out in my letters to all the above.

Fortunately, FL issued its own Public Health Emergency Order which is similar to the DEA Order - but it’s not as broad and does not last as long.

Which raised the question that if there’s an inconsistency, then does the State Order override the DEA order? The answer seems to be yes, b/c the DEA orders says that it’s subject to state laws, BUT, I asked either US Pain or Practical Pain Mgmt, & they said the DEA Order would govern. But, IMO, even if the DEA order governs, the state law wins since DEA Order says it’s subject to state laws.

cont’d - see part 2


I was forced to sign a no opiate consent form then taper off opiates or be immediately dropped as a patient to go through withdrawals. I have Other horror stories of dealing with new pain management. Now I have none P.M. I signed insurance papers for consent for bladder infection test but unknowingly what kind of test. After urine was collected I was given paper information about that it’s a DNA urine test for infection. Why not tell me their new testing method first instead of after the fact? I asked what does it tell or use my DNA for? Doctor just said they don’t really do anything with DNA. But got home looked test up and it can be use to identify me and my sex like a thumb print. Doctor said it more accurate to cure infections than regular test. But the way they went about it, is I didn’t pee in cup, they catheterization me to get urine. All this for possible bladder infection? I have more unanswered? Like why couldn’t I just pee in cup? Why vague answers to what all does the DNA test do and can they do other things with my DNA? Has anyone else gone through this that’s reading this?
I believe what Mr.Sanford is saying. Every new medicine that comes available when given is experimental and data collected when side effects accrue because FDA side that’s how they find out and warn or intervene on public health.


Cindy too, you mentioned DEA has relaxed opioid crusade? Could you please post a link to that? I went to DEADiversion, don’t see anything….thanks

Thomas Wayne Kidd

The evil policy was deliberately put out. It’s a dress rehearsal for total and complete control of the masses. Mr. Larry F. hide your head in the sand of delusion if you choose, but it’s past time to listen a weigh these things with an open mind and heart. I don’t say these things to be mean. I actually care about everyone ou there.

Thomas Wayne Kidd

Finally a man after my own heart that knows and understands just what has happened and continues to happen. This evil bastardized country has surpassed Hitler and many of his contemporaries in their evil wickedness against humanity. The so-called legalization of the murder of children in the womb is as gross as the Chinese slaughter of their babies. Hypothetical people still talk about the killing of 6 million Jews, while this nation has slaughtered more than 80 million people in the name of liberty. If the Creator was to snuff this whole nation out if would be justified. Judgment is taking place as we speak. The evil government policy of denying chronic pain patients life giving opioid medications has brought about this horrible pestilence and more and much worse things will follow soon. But blind and deft people cannot see nor hear. Man’s wrapped concept of liberty has become a god to millions and millions of doomed peoples around the world. Warning them is futile is almost all cases. Most people are saying “shhhhhhhhhh! quite we might offend someone. Great and Almighty God have mercy upon Your children. Thank you Mr. Sanford. God bless you for you care and insight into the truth of what is going on around us. After reading the comments I see that I nailed it. People are closing their hearts and minds to the truth.

Cindy too

Hooray! I just had my first tele-health pain appt.

My PM used a super easy method where he just sent an email with a link for me to click on.
Nothing to download; no tech skills needed.

(my cardiologist said I had to download Zoom for my tele-appt with him later this week. OTOH, my neurologist just used the plain old landline phone and didn’t require a camera.)

Having a pain appt from my chaise with my heating pad in is so incredibly great compared to driving in each month.

And instead of my PM’s normal paper rx’s which he’s always insisted on (as a means of maintaining control in his large office and to avoid the expense of the software needed for the elecronic rx’s), he sent my rx’s electronically to my pharmacy which is legal under FL law but he never wanted to do it before. I hope he”ll continue with that practice after in-person appts resume.

No paper rx’s are so great; finally I can just pick them up instead of going in and dropping them off and holding my breath to see what’s in stock, and then waiting for the usual hour for them to be filled. Once I had to wait 2 hours! The monthly ritual that makes life so stressful and means missing doing other things.

Walgreens is delivering most rx’s for free these days, but of course not opioids. So, I’ll use the drive-thru window which I normally avoid b/c I hate the waste of gas and emissions. If the line is really long, then sitting in the car will cause me a lot of pain. So maybe I’ll have a friend go who gets up really early and can beat the line.

I’d been stressing about how things will be for this appt due to the virus — like everyone else, I don’t want to go to an office full of people who may be infected, and so this is great. My PM had an N-95 mask on over a surgical mask. So, not exactly comforting.

I hope others get the same treatment.

Remember the DEA has, shockingly, issued federal relief for opioid patients.
See deadiversion.usdoj.gov/coronavirus.html
Sadly, I know this cite by heart.

Maureen M.

Wow, very interesting. Evil lurks…

Cindy too

I googled the monkey-vaccine issue and every article said it was an accident and that no cancers resulted.

Clearly the author believes it was not an accident and apparently also believes that cancer did result.

But an allegation with no proof is just an allegation.

Is there any proof the author would care to cite?

There is enough real corruption in this world and enough real problems w/o creating any fake ones.

People are stressed enough with Covid 19 and other bad world news and our own problems as CPP’s, and dont’ need any fake bad news on top of the real stuff.

So please, either put up or shut up.

As to the other examples cited, I’m a bit familiar with most of them but not all of them, and didn’t google them.

I really find this column to be pointless rhetoric that is hurtful and not at all helpful.

I agree with the person who posted earlier that columns like this which sound crazy give ammunition to those who believe that opioid users are crazy addicts.

We need rationale arguments, like Red Lawhern uses. He is the patient advocate for me.


Good points all. However, you don’t really believe that last paragraph will just happen, do you?

Larry F

The ole too typical. Chronic pain patients, adopting the Social Justice Warrior playbook and crying genocide, proclaiming conspiracy theories, or denouncing any ally that doesn’t agree 100% for all opiods all the time. There are plenty of legitimate studies to back prescription opiods not being PROP’s ‘heroin pills’, and some strong medical advocates fighting to make their prescribing return to judicious & unchallenged use by doctors who find them the best option for their legitimate and responsible patients. The Kolodny types already have the ear of media & politicos, stereotyping pain patients as irrational addicts. These type of articles only support that slander.


You are right, not only that but by the poison they put in our food and drinks!

Richard Dobson

Following the Tuskegee experiments, the US Public Health Service did more human experiments in Guatamala, again without informed consent. Otherwise healthy people were inoculated with syphilis. More than 80 people died. The US formally apologized in 2010 for these “crimes against humanity.”


Claudia Webber

It is blantantly clear to me that the hostile regulation of pain meds suddenly is a government experiment! Further, just yesterday l read trolls were watching twitter and social media and collecting, categorizing and manipulating the information in to subsections and what topics were discussed % wise! This is sick! They absolutely know the harm they are causing this is why all our pleas fall on deaf ears….think about that?