Opinion: Justice Denied – Life with PAIN is cheap!

Opinion: Justice Denied - Life with PAIN is cheap!

By Fila Paragas.

Eagerly waiting for justice since 2011, I recently learned in June 2018 that my precious life and losses, living with CRPS after being hurt “in the line of duty”, was so cheap to the World Health Organization (WHO), and also to the three foreign judges of the International Labor Organization (ILO) Tribunal in Geneva, Switzerland.

I honestly believed that the ILO was a place where one could seek justice for grievances and wrongdoings committed by the WHO, Specialized Agency of the United Nations. But it is not. In fact, this kangaroo court is highly biased and clouded in its views, as judges and staff are on the payroll, funded exclusively by WHO and other organizations. Facts are misconstrued and distorted, cherry picking is routine, and essential evidence is avoided or selected simply to suit the WHO. They claimed CRPS has to do with nervous system! Nothing more. There was never any recognition of the pain and sufferings and incapacity one has to live with.

Fila Paragas

The case is said to be out of time – “Time-barred” and DISMISSED!  Even the case of illegal termination was also DISMISSED!

Judicial Excellence in United Nations has come to a shamelessly prostrated position, kowtowed on the dirty and muddy ground which merely mimicked justice to those who seek fairness.

The defendant, the World Health Organization, was not found guilty and is therefore justified in their actions to not take good care of sick staff.  What a disgrace!

I say, “Fake Justice…”

In Hear My Voice, Living with CRPS, I recounted a brief history and left out the mundane and boring details behind the scenes dealing with everyone at WHO, and everywhere else knocking for help.

Without a doubt, the WHO has failed pain patients everywhere, and I am not exempted.

It goes without saying that “Life is just not fair.”  When someone said that to me after diagnosis with CRPS complication from a foot fracture while on duty travel, from tirelessly working with dedication for who else, but the WHO, the supposed leader in health, I cringed from disbelief but thought that there must be more to it to sustain oneself from lamenting and whining that life has been too harsh.

Oh what an illusion!

“I am so sorry to hear that, you don’t deserve this bad news,” said Dr. Yves Beigbeder, a former WHO HR staff, a lawyer, and a prolific writer.  I felt awful and in shock.  He came to my rescue at home in 2010.  Alas…not knowing yet what was to come, I cried in pain and struggled pathetically with CRPS painful conditions for 18 months in my living room, abandoned and incapacitated, and found myself fighting for my life while drowning in an administrative maze operated by the famous WHO Staff Medical Services, WHO Staff Health Insurance, Human Resources Director, and the WHO Director General and the rest of personnel at the World Health Organization.  To the WHO in Geneva, Switzerland, I was a psychiatric case and had to be put in a mental institution!  Whether it was sheer ignorance or just outright abuse of authority with criminal intent, hurting and torturing another “sick” human being has apparently become part of their job description.  Someone mentioned to me to check out Dr. Josef Mengele!

The expert in health did not recognize CRPS!  The WHO Staff Health Insurance was so cheap and not wanting to put me properly in a care facility to get well. And so, I was left at home alone, with my CRPS condition deteriorating quickly.  I was fired and then unanimously denied any disability by WHO and yes I fought like hell to educate WHO of CRPS/RSD.  The WHO Administration felt that it is justified to inflict more pain and sufferings on sick staff meanwhile with delay after delay. CRPS is not one of the more known illnesses, but surely the WHO should know of its existence. For WHO, CRPS is not serious enough to warrant any care and attention.

No apologies given.

The WHO is held in high regard, unfortunately, by those who look in unknowingly from the outside. But inside, invisible, is a culture of silence and fear. Everyone is afraid and scared, even the doctors in Geneva. One does not upset the presumed world leader in health. The WHO is put ABOVE THE LAW!

How wicked!

How all those who sell their souls have become the willing accomplices and partners in committing crimes! The resulting collusion, in the criminal acts and dramas of hurting others, is undertaken so as to uphold the noble image and preach good principles and values to the health care world.  So, good people are often forced to turn a blind eye. One is constantly called upon to figure out what is right and what is wrong.

Yes at a greedy price!  My life is absolutely not cheap and definitely not for sale!

And how UN leadership and the member countries turn their blind eyes under the façade of immunity and impunity.  Yes, indeed, no one working at the United Nations can be held accountable for wrongdoings and criminal acts, committed time and time again, under any national jurisdiction.

In her 2016 book Unsilenced, Rasna Warah has captured some of the culture of immunity and impunity and silence culture of scandals and cover-ups of atrocities committed that reigns across the UN system. (Link to Amazon book)

Another brave and former WHO staff, Kari Just Laperriere dares to speak out about her own horrendous experience of harassment and abuse in WHO Copenhagen and Geneva in her own 2017 book, WHOligans.  And a Genevanewspaper denounced the harassment and abuses at the WHO.

Another book, Victims of Ineptitude: An insider’s account of injustice within WHO, Firdu Zawide, recounted his own horrible experience with WHO and also the untimely death of his British colleague.

There must be good reasons, I thought.  How wrong I was to assume the goodness in others as human beings until proven otherwise.

“Out of time” these judges said.   The complaint is dismissed.

Does it really mean “out of time” for pain patients everywhere in the world?

Does our pain stop?  Nope!  Certainly not!

Such a mockery of the pain and suffering of pain patients, who have to survive day in and day out. Does this suffering and pain have no meaning to those selfish individuals involved?  Perhaps one day these bullies and their accomplices, or their loved ones will know for themselves of Pain in Our lifetimes.

Retaliations and a run-around to anyone and who dare to speak up can no doubt necessitate the perpetrators to further inflicting more pain and suffering with delight, hoping that the pained person will die and commit suicide and, of course, speak no more. Thus, there will be no more claims.

Another woman in pain, writing in Her Name is Sonia, until now has not had her case resolved by the UN. Instead, Sonia remains in a dire state, harassed and abused, after years of neglect and no income — denied the good care she rightfully deserved and was entitled to. In pain, no more dignity left for her, either.

Now, I am asked often, “Why is the hard-earned tax money of my family and relatives, as we struggle to make ends meet and live month to month, being used to fund this kind of international organization that preaches goodness to serve the world? Are they not accountable to the US taxpayers and taxpayers around the world?”

Astonishingly, not too long ago, the FDA began seeking input from US pain patients and communities so it could report back to the World Health Organization, and then to UN Secretary General so they could decide the best way forward for the pain world. Let me be the “good example” how I was treated by WHO. This is ridiculous and pure nonsense!

How could FDA approve such drugs (opioids…) in the past and now seek to rectify this? Are the pain patients the “guinea pigs”?

How can CDC come out with such thoughtless and no common sense “Guidelines” which are put forth as the perceived “commandment” to be followed, leaving the pain community and legitimate pain patients at risk of everything from suicide to death? Where is former Director of CDC, after leaving a trail of misery behind him? It is obvious that the outcry from pain patients continues to be ignored. Instead, there is only pretending, with these “experts” pretending to listen while donning a façade of compassion. Is it intentional by CDC to hurt pain patients?

Is WHO relevant, competent, and qualified? I just don’t think so. After 70 years, the United Nations is, in my humble opinion, beyond any reforms. No reforms can ever make it right. It is just a pipe dream. How could it ever be, after Mugabe was presented to be the WHO Goodwill Ambassador for Good Health last year, drawing outcries and protests by stunned audiences around the world?

And #MeToo has not left UN and WHO unscathed either.

It is way beyond comical. It is a tragedy. No more United Nations for me.  It has become difficult to swallow knowing the wrongdoings and atrocities committed and with immunity and impunity, the crimes have gone unpunished, at the expenses of those who have had to bear the brunt. And still do.

Let’s ask ourselves as human beings - not as chickens, pigs, dogs, cats and whatever - is there no more decency for the appropriate care and treatments of the “HUMAN pain patients”? I’m afraid not!

No more SILENCE when HUMANS and their RIGHTS are being VIOLATED!


Fila Paragas is a former UN/WHO official.  She wrote her illness memoir after her long suffering from chronic pain conditions from a bone fracture in the foot and her efforts for recognition of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), by her former employer, the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva, Switzerland.  Her memoir recounted her long journey with the medical community and nearly everyone to reflect the poor knowledge of pain by those involved.  Her E-book is on Amazon Kindle in both English and Spanish. For more on the book and the author, click here.

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Authored by: Fila Paragas

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Dear Fila, I read your article several times and was very shocked to see how badly you and your family were mistreated by WHO and the judges of ILO. It’s a great shame for an organization that is supposed to deal about health and knowing about chronic pain and CRPS to treat there own staff so badly.
Unfortunately people managing such organization like WHO think of their personal confort before the people in pain. As they are paid by the organization, they are afraid to lose their job and their opinion is automatically biased.
I am personally suffering of CRPS since many years and was fired of my job after 2 years because I was not able to travel and do my usual job as before. I was first supposed to get disability but the responsible doctor being a director in the company changed up his mind and any benefits were denied. I believe strongly that this doctor did want to loose his job.
Fila, I can just admire you and your family how you were trying to fight for many years for your rights and hope that you will get justice at the end. Many chronic patients are not able to fight because there are too much in pain or because it’s so stressful to even try to do it and may increase the pain level. Knowing these facts WHO or other insurances will try to denial benefits just to increase their profits. It’s a shame but as long as money is more important then human beings it will unfortunately continue in this way …

Fila Paragas

The UN Justice System and Oversight system are corrupt when everyone is on the payroll, and no other ways but to be rid of and eliminated.The judges should be recalled and are to be held accountable too and they are not above the law. Immunity protection should be lifted for all those in UN agencies who commit the crimes and wrongdoings and until proven otherwise.

In a culture with immunity and impunity after 70 years in existence despite good intention, and where there are no morals, and good values have deteriorated to such low, it is obvious the harassment and abuses are rampant and unstoppable.Those who knowingly turned their blind eyes, including the participating staff, the governments, legislators, etc. are very much the willing accomplices in committing the crimes and abuses, and allowing the despicable behaviors and atrocities to continue non-stop.


When judges are paid by one of the parties in a court case, how can there be equal justice under the law? When this situation is allowed to exist, it makes a farce out of that entire system and dangerous to former and current serving staff and to all member governments. Current staff must tow-the-line and acquiesce to those paying the judges. If they don’t, they jeopardize their career and worse, lose their job and must return to the country of their origin since they are on special work permits issued by host governments with the sole purpose of working for that UN agency. Being fired affects the whole family, children must leave school and friends, spouse up-rooted, having to get rid of a purchased home at a loss. All this while the claimant is in a debilitated state of health. It removes the possibility of a staff member from citing irregularities in the agency’s behavior. It is demoralizing to staff having to remain silent knowing that the agency is abusing its power. You have to be very, very, very, very, very brave to stick-up for the injured staff who made the claim against the agency.
How can judges rule that a claim is out of time when it is common knowledge that an illness can show its harmful effects long, sometime years, after an illness was contracted? The answer is that the judges do know, but alas, they are paid by WHO and other UN agencies. Sadly, as Fila Paragas writes, it is a Kangaroo court. The staff working in this system will find no justice in the ILO court. WHO and other UN Agency’s count on this.
The system to address staff claims and concerns against UN agencies at the ILO court must change to protect staff from speaking the truth which, effectively, protects member governments. Although “Life is just not fair” we must do the maximum possible to make it more so in order to protect staff, the UN and its agencies.
My heart goes out to Fila for the pain and suffering she is still going through



Fila Paragas

I am very touched and moved by all your kind comments. I really wish things are made easier for all of us afflicted with pain and our supportive loved ones who also have to suffer along as well. My heart goes out to all of you.
David, I hope your son feels better and less pain and a big hug to you for your support and your being there for him. I am sure it means a lot!
Maureen, WHO doesn’t care and no attempt to reach out but denial and lies to cover up their wrongdoings. WHO is a heartless bunch!
Mr. Marty, yes we are a burden and costly and the insurance will cut costs and treatments when you need them so to suit their bottom line. Data can be manipulated!
Holly, at times I did think that we are in hell on earth with so much pain with no cure or proper treatments and care. We are in America and how one is mistreated and abandoned to live or to die. Highly unacceptable! Mavis, we are just pawns being spun around with misinformation and lies - the lies some make to sound as their “truths”. Very sad. Deborah, I am sorry to hear of your situation and how you are being treated. I did feel absolutely alone before that no one wanted to help or could help. You have inner strength and fight like hell cos You CAN. My big healing hugs to you.
Susan, I do indeed agree with you and those with pain are so vulnerable and at mercy of those who have control and upper hand - such a cruel world.
Sandy, I wouldn’t donate anymore money to WHO but thank you for your kind heart! As a taxpayer, one should question how the money is being used with details, accountability, and transparency. Decisions often are made without consideration for the well-being of patients and miserable consequences.
Ed, I am so sorry for your wife. Yes, I do feel that we are on our own to fend, but together we are not alone from afar. It’s better to have a voice than none and whether anyone listens…we keep going…never give up!
Becky, it is despicable after one served and got injured in the line of duty and got dumped in the garbage to climb out from and still in pain. For a Marine who served his country and not being properly given the best treatments and care and importantly with respect, then the VA and all relevant agencies have failed him/her miserably. Hold those in CDC, FDA, HHS and VA etc. accountable - it’s your tax money that fund them!
And CCP, despite all the bads, we should keep on practicing compassion, empathy, kindness, consideration and more to each other. Be well.


There are 2 types of people, those that Love and those that Hate.
In that sense We, The People that love , will be destroyed by Those that Hate

That is what is happening ! They will never read any of our stories. Once most people get Power & Money, they seem to lose their Morality and Ethics, if they had any before. As you can see and hear in the News, Hatred and violence etc. is spreading like fire ! Most Peaceful People don’t have Guns and don’t treat others with vile words or violence.. They ( people that Hate ) feel Big & Bad & Proud that they can cause pain & suffering on Normal Living Creatures that are born from Love, have empathy, consideration, compassion, kindness and benevolence with a natural tendency to help each other. Etc.
These cold- hearts, inconsiderate, sadistic mean People Chose to be that way
instead of the Natural Tendencies of Life & Love, They think they are Big with Power, but in reality they are small minded! they think they are Wealthy and demand respect but in Reality they are small, little and antagonistic and despicable ! They Chose to be that way ! They seem to be fond of the Lowly Criminal types that Burglarized and broke my back & neck several times !
Now they take away my medical treatment for Injuries of Their Crimes!
Because One Big Stupid Bully ( Drumpt )( changed to Trump) steals an Election for POTUS , now the Bully Ass people are popping up and crawling out of the sewage znd are Proudly Showing their Faces thinking , “It is Now alright to show the world the mean, ugly faces !” At least we now know who “They” are!
Some how , We The People, must unite somehow and Protest Publicly !
These sadistic people need to be called out and humiliated and returned to the
sewage and refuse that “They” are !

Where are the Class Action Lawyers ?

David Blumenthal

Hi Fila,
My son, in Florida has infusions of Ketamine, 1200 mg for 4 hrs, 4 days in a row. After 4 days to come out of his fog, he is functional for 8 weeks. Functional, NOT PAIN FREE!
Recently we did 26 daily treatments of HBOT, oxygen therapy. This has extended the intervals between Ketamine rounds. The hope is there. WHO is corrupt, as is the UN. Only depend upon you and your support group. RSDA in Connecticut is a great resource. Jim Broatch.

You will never be compensated. Just try and get some pain relief!
David Blumenthal

Maureen M.

Dear Fila, I remember reading your initial story awhile ago, here at the NPR, and was I became horrified and saddened for all that you have gone through trying to be compensated. It’s an atrocity. I cannot believe it is still going on for you!
It truly is a human rights issue, for you, others like you in your past employments, as well as the entire CP community. God will show them their wrongdoings on Judgement Day. I wish I could do something for you to make it all go away.
Keep strong. Warm and Healing hugs to you.


Thank you for sharing your story. You where treated so inhumanly. It’s becoming easier for me to believe the theory of horror that I previously objected to. Our government does not find us useful or of any value. We are a burden and costly at every turn. Patients have, and will continue to suffer in pain and die unnecessary. They will report these deaths as a result of the ongoing “Opioid Epidemic”. The false data will add to the Illegal Herion or Fentenyl death count. To the bean counters…. there’s only one Epidemic.


Fila, I also was told “Life is just not fair” by my pain Dr. This is all soooooo sad I thought I had run out of tears, but another cutback on my meds has left me with more tears and more pain. As I have asked before “Are we in hell?” Thank you this article.

Mavis Johnson

The System has weaponized the denial. It can only be described as Orwellian. If we look at popular media, and medical websites like STAT we can see how they spread misinformation and lies.

Deborah M Babcock

My question is…none of these people of power and their families have this type of pain ? Do we think for a minute that they would allow their loved ones to be in terrible excruciating pain ? We are made to suffer…inhumanely!!! Pets and farm animals get treated for pain !!! When was it that we human beings stepped down and our very own animals are above us ? This is (utterly) the worst thing you can do to us pain patients…even the drug addicts get their (needed) pain relief,for free even..well,my tax dollars are going somewhere !? My doc ( nurse prac) lies to me. Where is the trust there !!? They have even popped UAs on me cause i asked for pain medication for the nimerous things that i have going on that cause excruciating pain. Not one thing out of i think 12 they tested for came up possitive !! Each time !!! They even lied to me why i was getting UAd. Where does a person turn ? Ive even asked to be sent to a pain specialist the answer was well first we have to have all of the evidence in front of us as to why your being sent there. Ok. Im still waiting. Ok what do i need. Geez. Help me please !!! Sincerely,,Deborah

Susan L.

A sad story, to be sure, but it’s no surprise. This is the kind of inefficient and impersonal cruelty is what large bureaucracies do best. This is what every individual facing a national (international, before long) body will have to deal with.

If a prior employee/associate gets this kind of runaround, what will the average, unaffiliated Jane/Joe face? The chant from we invisible should be, “This is what technocracy looks like!” #TechnocracySucks


I had been donating to WHO for some time but I’ve stopped due to they are NOT helping people anymore than the US for chronic pain patients/diseases. I’ve read many articles about persons who can’t get help from WHO. This article saddens me terribly, it’s becoming more and more relevant that government agencies behind the opioid epidemic which is and has been the ILLEGAL OPIOID EPIDEMIC refuse to listen to, help persons with debilitating disease/chronic pain. They’d rather keep their money trail and left innocent people die, commit suicide just to lessen the so called opioid epidemic and SO CALLED HIGH DEALTHS not being accurately documented.
I’m so sick of my endless unnecessary debilitating and not being able to get the proper Opioid medications that worked since none of these lessor methods worked. I’m not allowing them to put a back simulator in my body that I can’t take out myself if it causes me more pain. Oh sure the doctors say then make an appointment to have it removed yet I’d be suffering more due to I couldn’t get an appointment soon enough or would have to drive 2.5-5 hours one way to have it removed. NO way in hell, especially since it’s a high rated tens unit and tens units caused my great pain.
I’m totally convinced that the government agencies behind the opioid epidemic want to kill off the HIGH rate of us chronic pain patients/debilitating diseases (since we’re such a huge community so to speak) and there’s so many on disability!
Think about it, it all comes down to MONEY and their stupidity. Person’s families that have committed suicide due to debilitating chronic diseases/conditions need to get together and sue the government agencies because this is exactly what the crying families did about their kids/family members deaths from Opioids who were just plain and simple drug addicts. These persons who were drug addicts knew what they were doing, enjoyed the HIGH and didn’t want help so we’re all left to suffer.

Ed Jump

Fila, I’m so very sorry for your predicament. My late wife suffered for the last 15 years of her life for RSD, amongst other maladies. The ONLY treatment that gave her ANY relief was opioids. I am also a chronic pain patients, being successfully treated by the Veterans Administration of the USA for the last 20+ years with opioids, only to be placed on the “guinea pig” list once again, by cutting my meds and offering NOTHING in their place!!! I’ve come to the conclusion that the WHO is nothing more than a conglomeration of medical MISFITS, the SAME types of MISFITS that run the FDA, HHS, and VA here in the USA!!! I believe that all of us chronic pain patients are “on our own”, to fend for ourselves while the “medical experts” continue their “EXPERIMENTING”!!! Good luck, I hope that you find a way to control your pain.

Becky Riley

This doesn’t surprise me, why would the WHO be any different than an other bureaucratic organization with regards to pain patients. We are mistreated by just about every agency which is supposed to protect our medical care.
It’s truly atrocious the way this woman has been treated and to add insult to injury her pain was caused by an injury working for the WHO! You would think they would be more compassionate with one of their own team members and especially as they are supposed to endorse better quality care for everyone around the world.
The world has sunk to a new low! Is there no justice for any of us!
This is probably one of reasons a law firm has refused to submit a class action lawsuit against the government with regards to the treatment of pain patients because there’s no justice to be had for us.
Another reason why the retired Marine couldn’t get a lawyer to represent him when he sued the VA for terminating his pain medication even after he complied with everything they asked of and was told by the VA if he was compliant he would have his pain medication restored. Was it restored, Hell to the No!
When are we going to stop being treated like lepers?