Pain Community – Tell Us Your Story

Pain Community - Tell Us Your Story

When the National Pain Report was conceived, we felt it was important that in addition to covering the latest in chronic pain issues, we also gave pain patients a forum to say something.

Since September is Pain Awareness Month, we felt this was a great chance to intensify our efforts in getting more patient stories on the news site.

So, now is your chance to become a columnist.

We are inviting any pain patient, doctor, and loved one to write a column and submit it to the National Pain Report.

We have three goals:

  • Increase awareness of various pain conditions and issues.
  • INSPIRE others who are living with pain.
  • Share ideas on how to successfully deal with pain.

There are some ground rules!

  1. Keep your submission between 600 and 800 words
  2. It needs to be original content - not something published elsewhere
  3. Do not include names of hospitals or people, other than yourself - this is NOT about bashing others
  4. Keep it Clean - Avoid lewd language.
  5. Include at least 2 pictures - (please avoid images that have brand names or logos displayed prominently in them)
  6. Include contact information - so we can respond to you.
  7. Real Names please

One more thing - be honest.

Not every story is guaranteed to be published. I’ll make the decision which ones are. Also, there may be some editing involved, on which I’d be glad to work with the author.

My bias is to have as many people as possible published - but I’m interested in diversity in stories - different topics, different angles and different people - patients, doctors, loved ones.

Our “My Story” franchise has been just great. Since I took over as editor, I’ve pursued many new voices and they have been a powerful addition to our efforts and I think they are a big reason why our readership is up.

Here’s a link to some recent “My Story” articles by pain patients Lindsay Baran, Allie Hartounian, Angelika Byczkowski, Kerry Smith and Joanna Mechlinski.

They have two things in common - they suffer from chronic pain and they want to tell it like it is!

Follow that formula.

If you are interested, send me your blog. You first might have some questions about what to write about. Either way, contact me by email (

I look forward to it.







Authored by: Ed Coghlan