Pain Patients Called to Pressure Congress for Attention

Pain Patients Called to Pressure Congress for Attention

Chronic pain patient advocates are making a final push for Congress to hold a hearing on the Pain Management Best Practices Report, a series of recommendations for improving pain care nationally. As you may know, the report was released earlier this year by a federal task force, and it has not yet gained much momentum. More than 150 organizations endorsed the final report. The American Medical Association even called the recommendations “a roadmap for future policy.”

In an email sent to all U.S. Pain Foundation members, Cindy Steinberg encouraged its members to contact their Congressional representatives. Steinberg was the only chronic pain patient advocate on the Task Force.

“If even half of the recommendations in this report were implemented, it would likely change the lives of millions of Americans who suffer with chronic pain.,” she said. “But these changes will only happen if Congress takes action. The first step is holding a hearing to make policymakers, the media, and ordinary Americans aware of the scope of the problem and what needs to be done to fix it.”

Steinberg and other advocates are hoping to get a Congressional hearing in either the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee, or the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

Steinberg says there are three ways you can help us get the hearing the pain community deserves:

1) Email your Congressperson. This is a general letter that can be sent to any Congressperson, whether or not they are on one of the two committees.

2) If your Congressperson sits on one of the key committees, give their office a call. There are talking points and direct numbers. You’ll likely speak to an aide, and that’s fine. They’ll report your comments to the legislator. (Entering your zip code through the link will determine if you’re eligible to participate, based on whether your Congressperson is on either committee.)

3) “Speak out on social media, she said. “We encourage you to spread the word about the report and these action campaigns-the more people participate, the more likely we are to get attention!”

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Authored by: Ed Coghlan

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Julia Woodruff

Cant take anymore

Julia Woodruff

Being laid up in bed I’ve been trying desperately to find help. I am so sick of seeing how many people lack the ability to have empathy for others. I’m fed up with the sudden let’s force marijuana on them now that we are getting most of the money shit too. It being an awful drug that leads to harder drugs went out the window the minute the bastards got their fingers in the coin jar now didn’t it? It grows freely in fields for fucks sake. They have truly gone beyond taking away our rights to pursue happiness or even being considered an equal. What’s next a tax on how many breathes people take? Until people ban together & fight things will never change. Our bodies should be the one thing we have control over. I think it all boils down to government & doctors fighting over who should have the bigger mansion. Are wealthy people forced to live this way? Slavery still exists there’s just been a shift in the color of skin into financial means. We are slaves to the wealthy period. Other countries have your medical records online for you to view being that they are supposed to yours. God knows you’ve paid ghastly amounts for them but rather than us be able to access then to get better care they are used to profile people. If you say these meds aren’t helping the way they did 10 years ago…..omg it’s an addict. If you speak up refusing to be mistreated….you’re hostile. If you file a complaint even if there’s no denying what was done…. you’re fucked!!! If a nurse doesn’t like you they can cause you to suffer an there’s nothing that you can do to fight it. Have begged for a callback for 2 weeks now & this nurse wont allow me to even get a message to him. Shes provoking me trying to get me to lose my temper so I dont have the chance to prove that bitch lied. The pharmacist wants to speak with the dr because he knows she lied 100% bold faced lie and even he cant get thru to the doctor. I am a disabled American who’s father served our country yet I have no rights.

Cindy too

To John Smith who posted below -

You call for a boycott against “all the agencies and corporations”.
What does that mean?
CPP’s arent’ about to boycott the companies who make our Rx’s, or the pharmacies which dispense them.
This isn’t like boycotting a store or gasoline company b/c you don’t like the politics of the owner.
Please explain what you mean.
I can’t figure out anything that makes sense.


To John Smith, I would like to know more about what others you mentioned are working on, have been receiving e-mails from others here who might also be interested as we believe this needs to be fought with other options.

robert szabo

Taking away or even thinking about it is wrong , takinga away the little thing like pain medication from people who really need relief like my wife , who has CRPS and has to live in severe pain everyday 24 hrs a day. Shame on congress or who ever thinks they don’t need it . I would bet if any government official needs it they would get it with no problems

John Smith

Unfortunately repeating the same behavior ( writing calling and meeting with REPS) and expecting a different response from REPS who take money from the entities you are trying to stop is a fools errand and killing more people due to wasting time. Siobhan Reynolds spoke about this in her 2007 Congressional testimony. Why people CONTINUE to repeat failed actions befuddles me. I suppose they simply dont WANT to read siobhans testimony or speak with her lobbyist like I did. This WILL NOT WORK. The ONLY way through this is a National Boycott through a REAL patients Union which people like Russell Noll and Heidi came up with. In an Organized fashion, UNDER a patients Union, NOT just for CPPS, but INCLUDING all patients harmed by DEA/CDC/Drs/Hospitals/Pharma/ “insurance” companies et AL. We organize,raise a lot of money from ALL members and then BOYCOTT all the agencies and corporations. Claudia has seen our posts and tried to steal our ideas., But she cannot be followed as it will fail: Shes committed crimes that have been documented and reported. It must be led by those in our community who NEVER tried to make it all about THEM. It cannot be led by some of the “leaders” in our groups who STOLE his page from Maxx and then ran around getting accolades for himself. Again, a Union BY the People FOR the People ,run by those who DONT want the “limelight”. Direct action under a Union is the only way.

David Becker

As they say history repeats itself. I remember Steinbergs push on the National Pain Strategy- that amounted to something close to nothing. Now the PMTF- something close to nothing. Steinberg is behind projects doomed to failure. And i really dig the story behind U.S. Pain FOundation misapporpriation of funds. Im sure Steinberg knew nothing about that.
I tip my hat to the new revolution and smile and grin at the changes all around. Dont get fooled again by phony projects like the NPS or the PMTF- they were traps set by Congress to stifle the pain advocates. Let Ms Steinberg debate in public on that. She and her cronies in AAPM and APS- whats left of them will not prevail in a real debate on matter that really matter. I will expose their illuminism for what it is -illusionism.

Thank you Ed for your continued leadership! We appreciate everything you do for pain patients!


Just to add…I have been writing letters, posting, calling since 2016….on state, federal levels…also local tv stations….my congresspeople usually answer my letters, but they’ve never answered the ones pertaining to pain/anti-opioid crusade. They either just don’t give a damn or they know there’s no point in dealing with it because DEA and DOJ are determined to keep opioids severely controlled. I’ve also written to medical boards, attorneys…..nothing. No answers. Opioids are the new prohibition…we are going through another period like Prohibition was for alcohol. …like MADD was with the DUI laws. The families of the kids who’ve died from partying , mixing drugs, Drinking with drugs, are determined to get opioids out of our culture….altogether….I think.


Already did this….couple of times….I read the recommendations in this report. It is pretty anti-opioid. So I can’t get excited about it. UNless/until the govt agencies (this is just one of the ones involved) start to allow Again, and even encourage , Access to the best thing we have for pain (opiates), I don’t see much point in participating in these exercises. I totally respect and support Cindy Steinberg, however….so I Answered it, for her.

Lori Palmer

I did write and, even though I was very clear in stating my opposition to this bogus war on opioids and how much suffering has been afflicted upon chronic pain patients as a result, I received letters back thanking me for my concerns with assurances that everything that could be done to eradicate opioids was being done. When I wrote back saying you obviously did not read my letter and merely sent a form letter response, I heard nothing back. So I wrote again. Still nothing. They do not care. Not one bit.

Fed Up

I despise our Senators & Representatives. Obama started this cr@p, but Republicans have passed laws like SUPPORT Act that have made it worse. Both parties have blood on their hands.


Thank you for making this so easy!

This is a noble effort and everyone should participate even though congress is up to their necks with impeachment right now. My recommendation would be to collectively contact your representatives at least once a month, pester them until they listen and do something because the DEA and pain physician lobbyists are very well funded and will easily offset your voice. Poorly funded independent patient advocates are heroes but they’re sadly beating a dead horse on Capitol Hill. Therefore it vital to keep pounding relentlessly away and to never give up.


Email has been sent people can also share this article on facebook twitter etc it helps more than people know

I am so bad wth words but I want to write letter to Congress, media etc. I always post all I get from yall on my FB page. Is there anyway yall wld draw up a letter & allow us who aren’t good wth words to sign it & send to Congress etc? Thank u, brenda pitts bennett 1309 S Butler Tyler TX 75701 580 760 5279

David Hickle

Who cares what other pain patient’s do I’m leaving the state of Ohio USA this nation America I hate the state of Ohio USA this nation America

I’ve reached out to Senator Marsha Blackburn as well as Senator Lamar Alexander. Senator Alexander replied back weeks later with anything but promising news. Senator Blackburn did not. On several occasions I politely told the both of them the hell that we are going through and why (just in case they don’t know.) We’re an easy target, so are our doctors and pharmacists. I would say it gets nasty when the DTF goes after the drug cartel, dangerous too I would imagine. Just continue to attack the severe chronic pain patients, billions of us, those that are left anyway. They know darn good and well we can’t fight back and if we did we would be imprisoned. Last but certainly not least a very heartfelt thank you to Ms. Steinberg for all the hard work she’s attempting to do. May God be with you, giving you the strength and wisdom you need.

James McCay


As many of us watched the RIDICULOUS Impeachment Hearings of our President WHO DID NOTHING (but improve this country & for MYSELF) TO WARRANT any impeachment! Then 12-hours of the SAME Left Democrats REPEATING the same NONSENSE they’ve been spewing since 2016 (with changes here & there, because one accusation after another held NO WATER!) on 12/12.

This is WHY the Congress (led by Dems & the TWO-FACED Pelosi aka Skeletor) are doing NOTHING to help any of its constituents, especially anything not regarding putting President Trump OUT OF OFFICE because they are still jealous he won in 2016. THAT’S JUST PLAIN INSANITY OF ALL DEMS!
Other than the ones who FINALLY switched sides yesterday after listening to their peers make total idiots out of themselves throughout these entire proceedings (BUT MORE SO YESTERDAY- THAN EVER!).
At least there’s a glimmer of HOPE now that some moderate Democrats have FINALLY come to their senses! BUT AS USUAL WITH POLITICIANS: TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE, FOR TOO MANY!

We in NY State (I’m in NYC, so I’m DOUBLY SCREWED) are screwed more than anyone!
Here’s a list of NY’s Key Anti-Trump; Constituent ENEMIES- 21 of 27 are DEMOCRATS: CHUCK SCHUMER (Senior Senator), JERROLD NADLER (outspoken MORON), ANDREA STEWART-COUSINS (Senate Majority Leader), OCASIO-CORTEZ aka AOC (my SPECIFIC AREA DUMB AS DIRT Representative who’s DONE NOTHING for QUEENS, NY!), ANDREW CUOMO (Governor), BILL de BLASIO (NYC Mayor- THE WORST), CHRISTINE QUINN (Executive Committee Chair) and others. So how can anyone expect anything to get done in NY State or NYC?
Not to mention that NYC is a “Sanctuary City”, yet if you stopped (100) NYC residents in the street, 85%+ (my hypothesis based on asking 30+ of my neighbors & NYC online friends) wouldn’t know we are a Sanctuary City!

This is why “The Pain Management Best Practices Report” hasn’t gained “momentum” in NY!

Theo Hughes

My wife is a chronic pain patient with CRPS. With an upcoming election year, we also need to ask hard questions for our elected officials. If there is a campaign stop or town hall, BE THERE. Ask them what they will do to help chronic pain patients. Did they vote to restrict your medication. An estimated 20% of Americans are living with chronic pain. If all of them and their caregivers and family stick together, THAT IS A BIG VOTING BLOCK. Don’t let them shame you, you don’t have chronic pain by CHOICE.

Sandy Miller

It’s terrible that we have to call on the government!


Thank you Ed and yes I shared and I submitted mine