Pain Patients Speak Out in Reader Survey

Pain Patients Speak Out in Reader Survey

We’re asking our readers for some help.

Thanks to you, National Pain Report has grown to become the largest online news site covering chronic pain and the pain community. Now we’re working to expand our coverage to make sure that the stories and topics we cover meet the needs and interests of our audience.

We’ve created a short survey asking pain patients, their loved ones and physicians what topics we should be pursuing. Here’s a link to the survey.

“We recognize that the thousands of people who visit our news site are looking for answers and better ways to treat chronic pain. We’ve also learned they aren’t afraid to express their opinion,” said Pat Anson, National Pain Report editor.

bigstock-young-woman-shouting-with-a-me-33045809A recent survey we conducted in association with the National Pain Foundation on the topic of fibromyalgia underscores Anson’s point.

Over 1,300 self-described fibromyalgia patients responded.

They gave relatively good marks to their physicians and family members in helping them cope with fibromyalgia. But they gave very low marks to the effectiveness of the 3 FDA approved drugs (Cymbalta, Lyrica and Savella) in treating fibromyalgia.

For those who have tried medical marijuana, they gave high marks to cannabis and its effectiveness in treating their symptoms.

Here are the survey results.

In the current survey, we’re asking readers what kind of pain they or their family members suffer from, what types of news stories they prefer and what future topics they would like to the see us explore.

“Already, we have been receiving some interesting ideas that can both broaden our editorial content and help inform the chronic pain sufferer,” said Anson.

National Pain Report has fueled much of its growth thanks to first person columns written by chronic pain sufferers like Mark Maginn, Arlene Grau, Carol Levy, Crystal Lindell and others that chronicle everything from their use of pain medication to picking a doctor to the stark challenge of day-to-day living with chronic pain.

“We’ll be expanding that effort and adding more columnists in the future,” Anson added.

Authored by: Ed Coghlan

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Linda Sauer

I was diagnosed with CFS first back in the early 80’s by a forward thinking clinical ecologist. Later on in 2006, I got a fibromyalgia diagnosis. It is important to see specialist in tick borne infections (usually an integrative or holistic Lyme literate doctor not Infectious Disease) to have them rule out Lyme disease.

I spent 25+ years being treated for the wrong illnesses. Many cases of CFS & Fibro are due to misdiagnosed tick infections. The majority of people posting on a popular Lyme discussion group were misdiagnosed just like me. They were told it was CFS, FM, Raynaud’s, Meinere’s disease, MS, ALS, etc. and there is nothing that can be done.

I also had multiple hormonal deficiencies clouding my diagnostic picture. The hypothalamus, thyroid and adrenals need to be checked out along with IGF-1. I no longer have any symptoms of either CFS or Fibro. No more muscle pain! No more fatigue! No more daily headaches!