Pain Task Force Report Is Out – HHS Working to Give It Oxygen

Pain Task Force Report Is Out - HHS Working to Give It Oxygen

The Federal Pain Management Best Practices Inter-Agency Task Force has issued its final report and appears to want to make sure that people actually read it.

Here’s a copy.

Patient-Centered Care Is Key to Best Practices in Pain Management said Vanila M. Singh, MD, MACM, Chief Medical Officer, HHS Office of the Assistant Secretary of Health, and Chairperson, Pain Management Inter-agency Task Force.

In an interview supplied by the HHS, Dr. Vanila Singh explains the work of the Pain Management Best Practices Inter-Agency Task Force.

Q: Dr. Singh, the Pain Management Best Practices Inter-Agency Task Force, a federal advisory committee that you chaired, just voted on final recommendations for pain management best practices. What was the Task Force’s charge?

A: We were charged by section 101 of the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act of 2016 (CARA) - PDF to propose updates to best practices and issue recommendations that address gaps or inconsistencies for managing chronic and acute pain.

Q: What were some of your key recommendations?

A: We recommended a multimodal approach for patients who experience acute injury and perioperative pain, as well as a multidisciplinary approach for patients with chronic pain and various underlying pain conditions. Our report emphasizes safe opioid stewardship, recommending approaches that mitigate opioid exposure. These multidisciplinary approaches may include medications (non-opioid as well as opioid, depending on the individual patient’s situation), interventional approaches, restorative therapies, behavioral health interventions and other approaches.

Q: What kinds of gaps did the Task Force identify?

A: We identified a number of gaps that need to be addressed in order to improve pain management. We highlight the need for multidisciplinary approaches to chronic pain that focus on the patient’s medical condition, co-morbidities and various aspects of care including: medications, restorative movement therapies, interventional procedures, complementary and integrative health services, and behavioral health and psychological interventions. Each multidisciplinary approach would depend on clinical indication and patient specific needs.

In our recommendations, we also underscore the need to address stigma, risk assessment, access to care and education for all stakeholders. Addressing these needs and gaps will help clinicians manage acute and chronic pain in an individualized patient-centered way. The Task Force also identified special populations and certain population-specific circumstances that need to be considered during diagnosis and the development of treatment options.

Q: What did the Task Force say about the CDC Guideline for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain?

A: The Task Force emphasizes individualized patient-centered care when considering pain care. While the Guideline is in line with that, and there has been progress in improving many prescribing behaviors, the Task Force recognizes that, in some cases, the CDC Guideline has been misinterpreted and misapplied. Unfortunately, unintended consequences such as forced tapering and patient abandonment contribute to adverse patient outcomes and provider disincentives in treating patients with complex acute and chronic pain.

These findings are consistent with the FDA safety announcement in April 2019 on opioid tapering and the patient harm due to forced tapering. Also in April 2019, CDC Guideline authors published a perspective piece in the New England Journal of Medicine exit disclaimer icon, indicating that some policies and practices that cite the Guideline are not consistent with its recommendations, or go beyond its recommendations, potentially putting patients at risk. Issues include application of the Guideline to populations beyond the Guideline’s intended audience, abrupt tapering or sudden discontinuation of opioids, and misapplication of the dosage recommendation to medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for opioid use disorder. I encourage everyone to read this article.

The National Pain Report will continue its coverage of the Task Force recommendations in the coming weeks as Congress and state medical boards are urged to implement some of the recommendations.

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Authored by: Ed Coghlan

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Mary W.

Dar (and all readers of National Pain Report) - we need to write and FAX/Snail USPS Mail/Email our US Senators about our “patient” perspectives regarding this problem. This “reduction in Rx pain meds for eldery population” is wrong on so many levels!

And also write the CMS/HHS Ofice of the Inspector General regarding this crazy decision!

2 summers ago I remember watching my late mother suffer agonizing neck and headache pain regarding this forced taper and lack of humane care in our elderly population. It is wrong! Period.

Many elderly live with undertreated pain - regardless of whether it’s present in their cervical, thoracic, lumbar spinal column or whether the severe pain is due to injury. Or complications from stroke. ICD Diagnostic Code for physical diagnosis and Medicare insurance billing notes the post-stroke problem, plus treating physician notes in the patient’s chart.

Seeing this denial of basic human needs harm the elderly population truly sickens me!


Today I looked at the news articles on my phone and first up was an article saying Medicare would “begin ” restricting opiod use in the elderly. Perhaps he meant further restrictions. It was disheartening after the hopeful article above. I’m tired of big brother. I really think this is coming from the top down, the very top, to the AG, to the DEA, and local PD’s. The oxygen helping them is the media, and big legislatures. I read about medical practices being raided and closed down. One of the accusations given frequently is opiods were given “for no legitimate reason. ” I ask, who made that decision? Who in the DEA knows what is legitimate treatment for any patient. Sometimes it says “opiods were not necessary. ” Same thing, who made that call? My doctor is doing all she can to help me. I’m not on the high dose meds, but I need several a day of what I’ve been taking for about eight years, successfully. I’m getting paranoid, wondering if they’re watching me. Is this what it felt like in Germany when the 3rd Reich began to harass people?


Re: Lynn Hall’s post asking me (Dar) to rewrite post with some links to legal, etc.
Hi Lynn,
I am not really sure what I can add at this time. I will continue to research everything possible to get the help for all pain patients. My post was really meant to ask anybody that has any legal advise to help us. I am not doing well enough to tackle the serious consequences this ‘war on pain patients’ has caused, but I will continue my best, to find the legal guidelines we all need to get results now, not later. We have all heard about the consequences. the CDC, etc., have so proudly announced-tapering and discontiuing opioid medications all together, as well as raiding medical facilities, arresting doctors, etc., and then recanting their actions by admitting this ‘war’ has been misapplied and misunderstood. The policymakers have admitted the wrong people have been targeted. So, since this has been a big mistake, a legal one at that, why have these ‘mistakes’ not been corrected? This is a crime. A crime against humanity. Pain patients are hopeful to see things get corrected. The problem is, it is not happening. It is not easy to for the weakest, the sickest, and those patients that are barely getting by each day in debiliating pain, to stand up and fight. That is why we need legal representation to get the quickest results before the suffering, and death continues. Doctors need to know they should continue to follow the oath thet took to treat and heal patients. It needs to happen NOW. It is unfortunate that money speaks louder than law, but it does. Those individuals, and groups that created this war that has targeted the wrong people, need to be held accountable. They should know that the longer the suffering and death continues, the more it will cost them. It is, and has, cost pain patients more than any amount of money can cover. The suffering this has caused cannot be measured in dollars, but compensation, and accountability is a start. We need legal representation

Nicole Armand

We have several factors that are going against us. First, pain is very much subjective as someone mentioned earlier. No two people are alike in their response to pain stimuli . I can feel mine but I honestly don’t know what your pain is like as you don’t know mine. We do know we hurt and our lives have been devastated. Second, those who make the rules know pain is individualized but they can’t control the scenario that way so they have a one size fits all.

We have to fight back as a collective but a collective that requires individualized care. No more MED, no more forced tapers, no more pain clinics [that are nothing more than legalized well-oiled pill mills that rob us of our dignity], and we need the power given back to our doctors to treat and prescribe WITHOUT fear of retribution.

The lack of humane treatment for those in chronic pain around the world IS a humanitarian crisis and needs to be recognized as such. The only way to get this is through action; through the courts, through a collective loud outcry! But we need to get the word out about what is being done to us.

We will never get anyone to “feel” our pain but we can get people to at least help us fight for patient’s rights that we have been robbed of. That people can understand. They can understand being used as test subjects without our knowledge or consent. People can understand going to a doctor and being turned away without receiving help. They can understand many things but they do not understand our pain and never will. Trying to garner empathy or sympathy because we hurt isn’t going to happen. Civil and human rights abuses people can and will get behind.

We need to fight on a whole new and different level. Class action lawsuits - not against the manufacturers but those who inflict harm on us. We need petitions. We can start one on “Move On” or CREDO and we all sign it. We need media attention. We need to be heard! But with one very loud voice united.

Gwendolyn Palmer

Amen… after over 2 decades of being prescribed Lorcet, I was forced off, no tapering, opioid s. As a 62 yr old disabled woman, caregiver for86yr-old Mom, I am having a hard time keeping up with everything now. Even took my SOMA away, because pharmacies refused to fill, citing it a BAD DRUG. I took one a night for acute, chronic insomnia and muscle spasms.
The last few years has been a nightmare of unneeded pain and no sleep to speak of.
Please help!!! Have a blessed day…

Dennis Shivers

JIMBO 3 Please join “Don’t Punish” I joined this group and it is well run. It has chapters across the country and hopefully a lawsuit wil be filed against the DEA,FBI,CDC and the rest of the “rush to judgement maniacs. Thank you for your service. I’m embarrassed to say Im American when I see how they treat the ones who defended us. Hopefully help is coming!!

Dennis Shivers

That sounds encouraging. Hopefully Chronic Pain Patients who are elder like myself don’t have to wait years or months for change to be law. I didn’t see anything mentioned about this junk science “morphine equivalent scale” which is a bunch of nonsense that was never backed by fact! That law is as bad as taking pain medicine away. It needs to be addressed now!!

Jimbo 3

I bet Tramadol is everyones best friend today. They even raised they price on that crap.
I was cold Turkeyed day before Memorial day. Missed the parade, rebound pain, all the symptoms. I’m a vet a I feel this hospital has a moral obligation to control my pain and no f me over.well the did and I had to go a week without after 2 yrs worth.tired of the dismissal and bout a lawyer or we all get together and sue.the states are suing and getting money off of US? NO WAY.

Lisa Hess

Pull the “90 MME sentence out of the CDC guidelines and make the DEA stop raiding doctor’s offices. For those doctor’s that have not been raided yet, are still keeping dosages down to the 90MME out of fear of losing their license. If Medicare won’t cover a specific medication and you want to pay out of pocket, the doctor who wrote the Opioid Prescription puts his License is danger. I have the most amazing PM who knows I have no hope for getting better with several chronic pain illnesses, and my meds have been cut down 75% of from the dosage I was on with only three months to wean down. I respect him and have the empathy for his fear because he works too hard to help people to lose everything. I hope that if the CDC guidelines are pulled, the DEA must be out of the picture as well. Myself, I’m in bed most days because of the indescribable pain and my bed is the most comfortable place in my house. Everyday, I watch the rest of the world go continue with their lives and passes me by everyday. I have to be in bed and feel guilty wasting my days in bed, but I have no choice. Over 23 years I’ve tried every form of non-opioid treatments for head to toe pain. I’ve had over 25 procedures including a spinal cord stimulator that had to be removed, all failed and there’s nothing left but opioid medication to help. For me, besides the Opioids, I need Diazapam for my never stopping muscles spasms and CRPS, but PM’s can longer prescribe any Benzo medication with Opioids and I have to go to a psychiatrist to get the prescription for a physical illness not a mental illness.

Allen Wayne Grove

I do not have a PhD -
The brain functions at a extraordinary level beyond that to which, can be analyzed by a PhD degree.

PhD lack “any” understanding of the neurologic activity that produces pain.

I have a hammer - I can demonstrate this to them …- how can you understand anything; unless you experience it firsthand?

i’m sorry folks but you can’t understand pain by reading statistical data - data That is flawed on its face.

I can fantasize about sex all day… but experiencing it - is far different in ones ability to comprehend it… simply reading about it does not do it justice…and again it’s on a case by case basis.

Anyone stating that they understand the nervous system is lying.

anesthesiologists victimize their patients - pain management clinics are gimmicks to extract every dime from patients; that are desperate; not to be in pain… perhaps another $10,000 will fix that … a problem that HHS & the DOJ ignores…” profiteering” as discrimination runs rampant throughout the medical community against those with chronic pain

Booksmart does not equate to being smart … as autistic children are proving every day.

as I grew up ; psychologists identified my IQ is far superior than that of the general population - yet they could not figure out why I had a fourth grade reading level or could not comprehend algebra.

I’m told; I do not need pain medication for my multiple spinal injuries - yet I am told by the neurosurgeons: they do not understand the nervous system or how to properly repair it…. admittedly: they stipulate; they would not want anyone cutting them apart in a feeble attempt to repair something they don’t understand.

My current doctor is doing everything in his power to abandon me ….HHS & DOJ both told me to [edit]…

neither care to enforce anti-discrimination laws.

there is no other solution available for us chronically in pain patients …

Lynne Hall



Lynne Hall

We the CPP will not see help anytime soon. They are not doing all they can to reverse the torture they inflected.
The President, who I still believe in needs to get involved.
The CDC was all over the opiods, because one member’s son had an illegal drug problem. Instead of doing their job and let the measles get out of hand.
Or did they?
Why else make us suffer.

Nicole Armand

Please, everyone needs to read this and get this out to everyone you can. Please post this on your social media sites and ask your friends to post it to theirs, ect. We have been lied to and misled and made to suffer so the government could conduct studies on us without our knowledge or consent.
If you haven’t read it yet, it is the transcript of a whistleblower exposing the governments “testing” on chronic pain patients. From what I read on the report above, some of the practices are still in place. Hardly any coverage of this congressional hearing has been reported on. We all need to fight back and fight for our lives. If you are in too much pain to do this, please ask a loved one to help do the postings for you or whatever you need, but we must hold the government accountable for everyone who is suffering and for everyone who has taken their life because of unrelenting pain. For the lives of all of us, we must act now.

The Pain Task Force Report and recommendations are nothing more than the same “prescriptions caused the opioid crisis and chronic pain patients are the ones that need to be controlled and monitored. Read the two reports; the “violation of a nation” first, then see how they are just continuing on with the same rhetoric in the “Task Force” report ; nothing has changed.

ps. one recommendation for you is if meditation doesn’t work in controlling your pain, then learn tai chi. I’m not kidding, it’s in these reports. If those don’t work then you are to learn “self-acceptance” of your pain and just live with it. The reasons behind all this is “1984” on steroids.


I had to be tortured to get back to the treatment my doctor was giving me. Patient focused, individualized and multimodal. My doctor did everything right before there were these “guidelines”. I’m sure lots of others did too. The government had no business getting between the patient and their MD. The stigma will never go away. To top it off, CA is trying to get a bill passed to tax opioid meds to pay for drug rehab. So the CPP will have to foot the bill for the abusers. That’s grossly unfair especially after the 3 years of hell we’ve already gone through. It never ends!

Gretchen Freeman

While they play games with the permanently disabled I am dying in America I know there are many others in my same position we don’t have time for what is being done too us this roller coaster of trying too survive while dealing with the loss of care and denying us medications is breaking us down somehow the ignorant think some of us need medications for just pain I can’t swallow and eat properly without Gabapentin and I get debilitating spasms in my upper back that I have trouble breathing without muscle relaxers 2 major thing that will kill me if not correct soon my body is struggling too just be here I’ve been knocked off medications totally for up too 3 months and denied care in this dangerous game the government of the US is playing and it is killing me I DONT WANT TOO DIE quality of live in America for the pain managed and disabled is disrespectful and disgusting we now live in a 3 world country not the America I am proud of or trust but am getting too weak too fight for my life we have no time left too reverse this deviation It is already too late for some valuable sole that have perished WHY HAVE WE BE CONDEMNED TOO DIE IN AMERICA FOR THE WRONG DOING OF OTHERS WE ARE NOT VALUED OR RESPECTED BY OUR GOVERNMENT WHILE THEY PLAY THE BLAIM GAME WITH OUR LIVES maybe they should point the finger at themselves they have failed as leaders too allow the street drug epidemics too become so bad as it is and let us be blaimed for it when they have truly failed

Megan Leslie

Nothing is going to change. The CDC and FDA announcements were worthless. The guidelines need to be abolished and remade by DOCTORS AND PAIN ADVOCATES, NOT ANTI OPIOID ZEALOTS like Kolodny and Lembke who have the compassion of a serial killer and are only interested in labeling everyone an addict and getting them on Suboxone. We’ve been guinea pigs in a horrible eugenics experiment done without our knowledge. The PDMP also needs to go. They LIED about what it would be used for and who would have access to it. They rate up using undisclosed “algorithms” that they REFUSE to reveal. This is so sick and twisted it’s like a Twilight Zone episode. Good God. Was everyone in the medical field subjected to a mind experiment that negated their empathy??? Amputees, veterans, cancer patients, people with horribly painful conditions are suffering and DYING because of these guidelines!!! Why don’t you evil government and medical people see that? And the head AG putting out tweets with childish gifs to ‘bring attention’ to the problem?? How about a worldwide press conference, since other countries are unfortunately copying this horror show? Too much focus on addiction, which is SUCH a small percentage. Thanks, media jerks. If it bleeds it leads, right? Well, now all pain patients are bleeding to death. Millions of us. AND NO ONE CARES.

Cindy Montalbano

As someone who has multiple chronic pain issues from injury and natural causes I guess you could say I am perplexed. I have to take pain medicine daily and I would love to be able to go back to the massage therapist who specialize with sports injuries but it’s not covered on insurance and since I’m not working and I’m on disability I cannot afford that anymore. Chiropractic Care is not appropriate for me at this time because of my advanced degenerative issues. Acupuncture did not do much for me when I tried it many years ago. I’ve done physical therapy three times in the last 6 years. My last stint left me with a permanent hip injury. Honestly the state of health care in this country, never mind Tucson, Arizona is atrocious. There are other physical therapies that could help me but they’re not available here. The only thing that’s available here is the same kind of physical therapy that injured me 3 years ago. I would love to see a pain psychologist but that’s not available here either. I know that biofeedback is supposed to work really well but hey I don’t have any access to it. So all I’m left with is medicine. Pain medicine. And I was at a therapeutic dose finally and because of the new guidelines I’m having to be reduced in my dosing and now I’m no longer in a place where my pain is controlled. So I’m having a lot of pain now and I have something called pain induced vasovagal syncope. So my blood pressure has dropped quite severely at times and that in itself poses problems. honestly you and all of your cronies up in our government making all of these guidelines and recommendations it’s just a bunch of horseshit. Y’all don’t know what you’re doing to us that are actually on the ground trying to make our lives livable. If I have to live in such excruciating pain then I I don’t want to die but I also do not want to spend my remaining years, I’m only 56, in such pain that I cannot get out of my chair without crying and peeing on myself because it is excruciating.

Helen Borel,RN,PhD

You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig. THE ONLY THING TO BE DONE TO
THE MISGUIDED 2016 “CDC Guideline” is to DESTROY IT. Why? Because:
1. Millions of Intractable Pain Patients are being
denied their well-working prescription narcotics. COLD-TURKEYED!
2. Millions more IPPs are being too-rapidly tapered WITHOUT PATIENT CONSENT!
4. Pain Specialists and other Physicians are being RAIDED, SPIED ON, PERSECUTED, PROSECUTED, IMPRISONED…for what? Prescribing the right dosages of narcotics
that each individual patient requires for their condition? SOME DOCTORS HAVE DIED
5. ER pts in ACUTE PAIN, POSTOP pts, and even DENTAL pts are all being
DEPRIVED OF Rx narcotics because of the DOJ illegal actions.


I do not foresee anything really getting better anytime soon. I would love to see some legal advise for patients, and loved ones of those who lost their will to keep going. We KNOW our rights have been violated. We also know there are legal ways to fight these injustices, but we are not sure where to begin. The only way pain patients will see anything change, and quickly, is to seek compensation for the pain and suffering we have been struggling to overcome. This was no mistake. Nothing will change until pain patients are compensated for, the laws that have been violated made public, and the guilty (regardless of economic, political, or public status) , are held accountable for the intense pain and suffering caused by this disaster. As usual, it will come down to money, and when the guilty start paying for their crimes against humanity, maybe they will begin to really understand the disgraceful, unlawful, and criminal acts that have brought us to this point. Some people will only begin to feel real pain when their wallets get smaller.

Freda Lovell

Pain Task Force


Now, let’s see if doctors and pharmacist will actually do the deed and adhere to the new rules!! It will be interesting to see if the DEA will play too. Most doctors and pharmacists are so afraid of them and losing their
License they don’t want a chronic pain patient in their practice! I don’t tell my other doctors I have chronic pain. Why do they need to know.


I had my 138th surgery in Jan which basically ended me in a wheelchair. I am a REGISTERED NURSE who fought Breast cancer had a Double masectomy no reconstruction,2 weeks after Breast removed had open heart surgery because of septic port. I have severe fibro,acute intermittent Porphyria and knees replaced 3 times joint out for 7 mths iv abx daily. MRSA STAPH INFECTION in hips thighs buttocks. Surgical interventions both buttocks removed,GLUTEUS muscles removed which helps with standing up/down. No outer thighs on either leg from hip to knees removed 4 each leg over 10 yrs,skin grafting off back /and abd.4 times running out of real estate soon. Bottom half abdomen removed MRSA has eat me alive and I would love for people to walk in my shoes with appropriate meds for me and then without! It is horrible,I have to wash in the sink can’t get up or down.

Marcia McBryde

I have fallen through the cracks. I have been going to a pain clinic for 19 years. Every month, same dr., same pharmacy, monthly drug tests and NEVER an addict. I cannot have implants or stimulators, every time I have surgery I get MRSA. when they began tapering me I tried medical marijuana. I ended up in the hospital with cannibas hyperemesis syndrome. I have had every kind of procedure, injection, surgery, etc recommended to me. I have severe fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis in my neck, spine, hips and knees. I had a 4 level cervical fusion for a broken neck and am now 2.5 years cancer free. Before cutting my opioids I took methadone and percocet. If not for my pain, I was totally healthy. Since my opipids were cut more than half I now take medication for high blood pressure, ulcers, anxiety and chronic nausea EVERY DAY. i never had one of these issues. Now I am almost completely homebound, can’t stand long enough to cook a meal in my kitchen, can’t walk without crutches or a walker and have so much pain I cry daily. I will be 60 years old in 2 days. I used to feel like 40 and with my meds gone I feel 80. I do not want to live the rest of my life like this!! I pray every night and morning that my government and doctors will wake up and give me my life back!!!!!!

Teresa Blackwood

I feel this only hurts elderly people. You don’t find many of them laying in the road of overdose. These people use these drugs and mix with fentanyl and they will continue regardless of the sanctions. I hope somebody realizes the absolute need of pain pills. Be very selective in prescribing them to young people. Because of a few must we all suffer?

Kimberly HURD

Some of us need opioid on a daily basis, I am one of these people. Southwest Vs and East Tennessee is very difficult to get any opioids……..what am I suppose to do?

The CDC has forced rapid and heartless conditions on patients who have taken Opioids for decades. Person’s with chronic pain have been made to suffer with cuts in medication of over 50% with no regard to a person’s condition or needs. Politicians are not doctors and should not be involved in patient care.


Your article begs the question as to why would the government mandate the PMTF guidelines if they would in the end “need oxygen”?
Clearly, as I have stated the real reason for the PMTF is not obvious- it wasnt meant to improve pain management- it was meant to reassert governments and experts dominance by reaffirming beliefs about pain management that are at least 25 years old. “Patient centered” care of the PMTF was not an original idea-its an old one- i guess they like to recycle ideas from the past-they cant come up with new ideas. They assembled ideas on pt,ot interventional care- much as an actuary might-without regard to adapting these ideas to each person in pain for meaximal medical improvement or eliminating pain or rerturn to work. So the PMTF has no goal other then method of care. This is tragically misguided. Treat to target should be the goal-and rights should have been created to prevent coercion of providers who like to dominate and control people in pain with their pertinacious and immodest beliefs-and contemptible compromises.
I love when the PMTF spoke of methods- they failed to name different types of pt- as if frequency specific microcurrent were the same as structural yoga therapy or manaka acupuncture was the same as denmai or kototoma. Its remarkable how the pmtf members can claim they are experts in pain care.. They lacked mature adult supervision and any sense of modesty or reality testing. They spoke of multimodal care- as if it was a settled matter in research. Where are the published AMSTAR 2 studies with regard to the hundreds of pain conditions regarding that- they dont exist. The same goes for their biopschosocial model- under tested-and again no concern by the pmtf regarding preference satisfaction.
Just as Flexner wrote a century ago about medical education- it is well nigh hopeless. If i didnt believe in God I would say the pmtf members are hopelessly lost in a paradigm that is dysfunctional, costly, underfit, underpowered..

Nancy Hontz

In theory, providers do have multiple tools besides medications in their ‘toot box’. However, reality, in a majority of cases, patients’s insurance does not cover modalities such as acupuncture and behavioral therapy.

Unnecessarily Suffering

You people are talking but you aren’t actually saying anything. Way to tip toe around the actual problem. How nice of you to advise doctors against abruptly discontinuing medications or forcibly tapering 2 years after thousands of good people have already been forced into a miserable existence. The damage has already been done, and you can’t blame the doctors for not wanting to be treated like criminals and possibly being thrown in prison for no reason other than doing their jobs. Most pain management doctors spend 12-14 years in school, and get into this field to try to help people, I wouldn’t want to be thrown in prison and lose a career just for doing something doctors have been doing for hundreds of years. Now all of a sudden in the last 2 years it’s not OK to give patients the only medication that actually helps dull out pain. Thanks for nothing “opiate authorities ” What makes y’all authorities anyway? Do any of you know what it feels like to have awful horrible pain that never goes away, never gets any better, never will get better, keeps you up all night, and affects every aspect of your life? Doubt it. So, because less than 2 million people ignored warning labels that clearly state what you’re NOT SUPPOSED TO DO with your medicine, ignored their doctors orders, abuses their meds and got addicted to them, you people destroy 50 million chronic pain sufferers lives and pull the rug out from underneath them and take away the only thing that actually controlled pain. No matter what you advise the damage is already done. Why don’t anyone report the actual real factual statistics on addiction? Why isn’t anyone reporting the thousands of good honest people that never did anything to deserve this that are now committing and attempting suicide because their pain is now so unbearable they have no quality of life, and don’t want to live anymore? And y’all did this WITHOUT ANY VIABLE REPLACEMENT! and half of states won’t even let people use cannabi


No one is listening. Doctors, Pharmacists, Insurance Companies care about themselves. They tell the chronic pain patient they are addicted. They don’t use the word “dependent” because of their pain. I have a loved one who put himself in a hospital this weekend because he could not get a prescription filled because of insurance and the drugstore would not even let him pay cash. The electronic script is at the drugstore as I write this. I have never felt so hopeless in my entire lifetime. There is no medical oath anymore. “ Do no Harm” means nothing to the medical profession. It is all political and about money.

So what does this mean? Are our physicians’ going to be allowed to practice medicine the way they did three years ago? Are all of them going to be sent a copy of this to read?
Last week I did hear back from Senator Lamar Alexander. He told me what bill had been signed, when and by who, how much money had been spent on the crisis. Everything I already knew. The man did say that this crisis would be handled much better by individual states vs Washington. I’m getting mixed signals, as usual.

Gary Raymond

How are we going to re-train those of our physicians and pharmacists who have become biased throughout Central Virginia? Are their jobs going to remain in jeopardy, but with a reversed motivation? Threatening the livelihood of and insurance rates for our medical professions has been extremely effective for 3 years to enforce policy that is becoming contradictory. I suppose we will be able to shop between States after they are “urged to implement some of the recommendations”. We can get syringes from Virginia cities, marijuana from DC, opioids from West Virginia, and cocaine from California? Our local Walmart still sells cigarettes. Coffee is addicting.

Shirley Mitchem

What a crock for those in chronic pain. Millions were doing just fine until you treated them all like criminals and drug addicts which encouraged suicide of many who no longer trust doctors or health boards. If I ever need anything in future I will turn to street drugs, tysm. No one should have to suffer as I have seen others do.

Bradley Bill Parker

HeLLo Folks and GooD Sunday Morning Too all You wonderful People. I have eye’s to see and ear’s to hear with Spiritual Discernment from Studying from Our Heavenly Father’s Word With UNDERSTANDING ! . It’s NoW been Nine Months Since My Primary Care Physician Pulled uP Stake’s almost literally in the middle of the night, MIGHT AS Will Have; and MOVED A THOUSAND MILES Away To Denver Colorado WITHOUT ANY ADVANCED Communication With Me WHAT SO EVER !. [edit] He was also Someone I TRUSTED IN For ALL My medical care, Specialists and Tests, Imagine, MEDICATIONS Including opioid Analgesics FOR THE KIND OF Unbearable AGONIZINGLY PAINFUL CRANIAL NERVES DISEASE Few Experience. AND IN My Medical Records all of my medical records There Won’t Be Found anywhere a single mark, discrepancy AT’ALL ! ! Even remotely suggesting any notice of opioid drug dependency or seeking WHAT EVER the Heck some calling it. NOT ONE DARNED Thing ! . I don’t like to See Anybody Suffering!, Ok, IT BOTHERS ME but I don’t have the time or energy to give attention to CRIMINAL DRUG Dealing and DRUG ADDICTS and OverDosing ON OUR Streets, WITH illegal ! Narcotics. [edit] WHAT IN THE NAME OF HeaveN HAS GOTTEN INTO SO MANY People That THIS Kind OF DISGRACEFUL PERVERSION UGLIES All OVER The Lives of The INNOCENT People With disabilities and incurable AGONIZING Painful Diseases. From Young to Elderly patients with big medical problems Who can barely endure at time, And To Be SHITTED ON By our own DAMMED People and Government FOR THERE OWN SICK Agenda’s which most of us Who have Chronic illness CAN’T Even imagine WHY You Are SO MEAN, HATEFUL and ALL OVER Our Personal Medical PATIENT - DOCTOR BUSINESS. WE Really Don’t Want To Know WE JUST WANT YOUR Miserable Lifesucking [edit] BULLYING [edit] OUT OF Our BUSINESS. AND I THANK ALL OF You for Your Time, And GOD Bless You Sincerely Yours Bradley Bill Parker

Walter Strickland

Thanks to all for all the hard work that chronic pain advocates have put into this.Some good results are now being seen as indicated in this article.We cannot ease. Ack on this fight ,and believe me this is a fight for our rights to receive proper care for each of our individual needs for treatment.It would appear that FINALLY some COMMON SENSE is starting to take place.To all of my CP brothers and sisters , keep up the good work and keep moving forward as difficult as it may be for some of us due to our physical conditions will allow.Keep the faith and hope that together and with the help from aome of our good advocates we may once again be able to be treated by our doctors properly to help us live quality lives as beat as is possible.We are seeing now some common sense and compassion from the people who are at least willing to try to fight the good fight of turning the addiction and over dose deaths by finally going after the people who are really responsible for this overdosing deaths in our great nation and not chosing the easy targets to make their progress numbers just look good.They are finally seeing ,with a lot of our good people’s help, the truth in this situation by going after the real culprits causing this problem in our nation and by not harming good people and their good doctors who are in real need of these medications to help with giving us a chance at having at least the chance to live a somewhat qualitlife and not be forced to have to live with the dread of knowing when you get up each day that the day will be filled with nothing but a nawing non stop day of constant ago y and pain.

Debbie Nickels Heck, MD

Hooray for progress in getting rid of damage done by Obama Didn’t Give Damn about Patients in His Policies & Interpretations! AAPS immediately went after the ObamaDidn’tGiveADamnAboutHealthCareAct. NOW Drs advocating specifically for pts in pain have shown what PERSISTENCE in writing can produce when the proper ears are OPENED long enough to finally LISTEN to voices TRAINED in the topic, NOT knee-jerking, mythology-spreading journalists & celebrities with an agenda AGAINST those with legitimate pain and RESPONSIBLE prescribers who’ve had loved ones die due to ILLEGAL drug use.

Patience & proper methods win in the end. Read the VERSES, not the CHORUS, to “We Are the Champions.” It states perfectly what it takes to win a good fight. You’ll lose a few rounds by learning from your mistakes as your internal drive ultimately wins and make you a CHAMPION after learning from your mistakes, initially feeling beaten down but making more & more progress until you become the CHAMPION you set out to be as you go on & on & on & on & on & on as long as it takes as a POSITIVE EXAMPLE to others in THEIR battles to succeed.

Congratulations to those who COMPOSED the letter and all who SIGNED it in the Battle toward Winning the War!