Pasco County School District chooses Core K12 to test students

Seal of Pasco County, Florida
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The District School Board of Pasco County, Florida has awarded Core K12 with the contract for Web-based and formative assessments for the 2010-2011 academic school year.

The DSBPC will receive licenses to Core K12’s online Assessment Center V3. This platform is web-based and will let examiners test students in a number of different ways.

The assessments can automatically check things like responder/clicker, online, and/or pencil/paper/scan.

Online tests will be created for administrators and teachers to use. There will be a bank of over 200,000 unique science, math, and reading items. And there is another bank of self-authored exam items through a program called Assessment Center.

The reports from the assessments of the students will let the parents, teachers, administrators, and students know how the pupils are progressing towards the NGSSS or Next Generation Sunshine State Standards.

Along with the Assessment Center, the CORE is giving licenses for 51 custom-made benchmark assessments for 2nd grade through 8th grade,  and 11th grade in science and 2nd through 10th grade for mathematics.

Core K12 will provide assistance with remote online help, and through on-site support and professional development.

Authored by: Sean McInnes

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