Philips turns on the bulbs for consumers

Image via Wikipedia, a Philips Lighting distributor and one of the nation’s largest, has redone their website to help residential and commercial customers find the correct light bulb easier and faster every time they need one.

The new site design was based on customers’ feedback for improvements, customer satisfaction data, industry best practices, and consumer research data.

A Philips spokesman said the new website would help the customer “have a better shopping experience by finding the product now and checkout faster in a matter of just a few clicks”.

The website,, has over 3,400 accessories, fixtures, and light bulbs. Product images, correct search tools, and the right navigation were needed to be upgraded as the site has grown to help the customer out.

Product images now are in high resolution. This means when you are on the product page you will have multiple images to choose from so you can see every detail of the lighting product. While you are there, or at the search page, similar products will now be matched to give you more options or choices.

There is a new email program called Light Savers, that will the customer informed on promotional offers and discounts.

Along with this, will be Light Reading a new e-newsletter that will come out every quarter and inform the customer about new energy efficient solutions, lighting industry information, and helpful tips or uses from the lighting specialists.

Authored by: Sean McInnes

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