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Introductory Statement

Microcast Media Group owns, operates and manages news and social websites, including National Pain Report and others, herein referred to as “Sites”, designed to connect like-minded people, companies and not-for-profit organizations through news, social interaction and commerce.   Some or all Sites may contain health related news or content.  The content contained in the Sites is not medical advice, nor is it intended to substitute for professional advice from your physician or other medical care provider. If you need medical advice, contact your doctor or other health care provider. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, dial 911 immediately.  Some or all Sites may contain financial related news or content, which may be considered “forward looking” for the companies and or associated products and services.  The content contained in the Sites is not financial advice, nor is it intended to substitute for professional advice from your financial professional.

Microcast Media Group takes your privacy seriously, and is committed to maintaining that privacy by protecting the confidentiality of your personal information to the fullest extent possible. This Privacy Policy explains the types of personal information we may collect from you, when and why we collect such information, the uses which we may make of that information, and under what circumstances we might disclose it to third-parties, together with other relevant matters. You should read and understand the terms hereof before using the Sites. This Privacy Policy applies to all Microcast Media Group Sites, or websites, and to any other website owned, operated or managed by Microcast Media Group. By accessing or using any of the Sites, you expressly consent, without restriction, limitation or qualification, to the terms of this Privacy Policy, and agree to be legally bound thereto. If you are uncomfortable with or cannot agree to any of these terms, please do not use the Sites.

This Privacy Policy is intended to be applied in conjunction with our Terms and Conditions of Use. Please be sure to read that document before using any of the Sites.

What information do Microcast Media Group Sites collect?

Contact Information Generally

Although you are free to browse the Sites without charge or registration, we may collect personal (that is information which can be used to identify you) contact information from anyone accessing or using the Sites, and we may share that information with any other Site or other website owned, operated or managed by us.  Such information may include the user’s name, postal address, e-mail address, cell and/or home telephone number and similar information. We may use this information to contact you to provide notice of new developments or upcoming events, newsletters, informative content emails, and new or updated information, products and services which we believe might be of interest to you, to obtain feedback regarding the Sites, changes to existing services, information on third party products or services which we might recommend to you, and similar matters. Contact information may be used by us, our affiliates, contractors, and others without any compensation to you. By posting, submitting, or transmitting such information, including images, photographs, text and other matter, on or through the Sites, and by accessing the Sites generally, you grant us the right to collect your contact information, to contact you via the contact information collected, to automatically respond to emails from you, to use such contact information to contact you for the purposes set forth hereinabove, and to organize and use it in connection with Site activities.  We encourage you to keep your contact information current and accurate so that we may provide you up to date information which may be beneficial to you.

Except as may be otherwise provided herein, we will not share any personally identifiable information with third parties without your permission and consent. To the extent that we do release such personally identifiable information, we will request that the receiving party maintain your privacy.

You may unsubscribe to any unwanted email communications by accessing the instructions contained with each email you receive from us.

Registration Information

Registration is required in order to access certain areas of the Sites and enhanced functionality. Registration for use of the Sites is free. In registering for use of the Sites, you will be required to create a password and to provide contact information such as your name, a valid email address, physical address and telephone number. This information is required so that we may contact you when necessary. Your registration information is stored on secure servers and is protected from intrusion. Except as set forth herein, we will not share any of your registration information with any other party.

As part of the registration process, we may also collect demographic information from you, such as age, gender, race, occupation, residence area, and physical characteristics so that we can customize your experience using the Sites by identifying specific topics, products or services that might be of interest to you, to direct you to discussion groups, forums and other areas of the Sites which we believe may be of interest to you, and so as to collect information which might be helpful in the aggregate for the study of health issues.

Financial Information

We will collect and use your financial information for the purposes and in the circumstances described hereinafter at “Orders for Products or Services.”

How Will Microcast Media Group Use Your Personal and Financial Information?

Uses of Personal Information

The personally identifiable information we receive from you may be used in any of several ways described in this Privacy Policy, including, but not limited to, release to third party contractors working for us to manage data and information for marketing and related purposes, such as compiling mailing lists, enforcement of the Terms and Conditions of Use, to track website activities, to personalize your experience using the Sites, for maintenance and upgrading of the Sites, for periodic communications, for various contests, promotions, surveys and similar programs, to develop, assess and study medical information to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of health conditions, and for other assorted purposes.

All user information collected by the Sites is stored on internal servers and protected by industry-standard measures. At Microcast Media Group’s discretion, security measures may be audited and verified.

Technical Use of Information

We may use your IP address and other technical information generated by your use of the Sites internally to track and correct technical problems with the Sites generally or with your use of the Sites, and for security purposes. We may also use it to help us gather information as to use made of the Sites, areas of the Sites visited, number of visits, duration of visits, software and hardware used to access the Sites, and similar information which we may disclose to third parties in the aggregate only, but without any linkage to your specific personal or financial information.

User Research

From time-to-time, the Sites may disclose to advertisers and market research firms aggregated results from its study of its user base. As part of that aggregated data, your personal information will not be identifiable. Your personally identifiable information will not be disclosed as part of such aggregated data without your consent.

No Sale of Information

Regardless of the reason for our collection of information about you, we will not sell, rent, trade or otherwise share or disclose your personal or financial information to third parties for marketing purposes. We will share your information with affiliated third-parties when you have checked a box, or otherwise indicated your agreement to disclose personal information to third parties, declaring your desire to receive promotional communications and information from third parties. When you take such actions, you are granting your consent that we may disclose your personal information to the designated third party for the purposes solicited.

Use of ‘Cookies’

We may place “cookies” on your computer when you visit the Sites, or which are directed to us by virtue of your use of other sites. Cookies allow us to track your activities on the Site, including purchases made on or through the Site, to identify other products and services that may be of interest to you, and to gather other usage information anonymously. You may refuse to accept the “cookies,” but if you do so, your use of the Site may not be as complete and effective as it would be otherwise, and you may not be able to view some text, images, or other content, or access certain offerings or other products or services. For example, Google, as a third party vendor, may use cookies to serve ads on some Sites personalized to user activities. You may opt out of the use of those cookies according to Google’s ad and content network privacy policy.

Cookies may also be used to compile aggregated data and statistics about web site usage through what are known as “web beacons” which collect user information, such as the number of users, advertiser data, and similar information. You may avoid such “web beacons” by rejecting their associated cookies.

To the extent that your personal information is aggregated with others, your personal information will not be disclosed to third parties without your prior consent.


Third party advertisers may be granted access to The Sites in order to serve ads using cookies and web beacons to customize their advertising based upon individual usage of the Sites. For more information about these practices and as to rejecting this type of advertising, please visit:

Children Under Age Thirteen

The Sites are generally intended for use by adults, and are neither designed for nor intended for use by children under the age of thirteen (13). In accordance with the Federal Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA), the Sites will never knowingly request personally identifiable information from anyone under the age of 13 without parental consent. When we do receive information (with parental consent) from users under the age of 13, we will never voluntarily share their personally identifiable information with third parties, regardless of their stated preference given at registration. To the extent that parents disclose personally identifiable information regarding their child, the parents assume full responsibility for such disclosure and Microcast Media Group shall have no liability therefore. Parents are cautioned to regularly monitor and manage the Internet activities of their children to be sure that the sites visited and viewed are age appropriate.

California Online Privacy Protection Act Compliance

The Sites are intended to comply with the requirements of the California Online Privacy Protection Act. Our use and disclosure of your personally identifiable information will be only as described herein.

All users of our Sites may review and make any changes to their personally identifiable information at anytime by logging into their control panel and going to the ‘Edit Profile’ page.

Terms and Conditions of Use

Please also visit our Terms and Conditions of Use section establishing the use, disclaimers, and limitations of liability governing the use of the Sites at:

Disclosure of Information in Response to Legal Process

We will comply with and properly respond to valid legal process, i.e., warrants, subpoenas, court orders, for your personal information. We also reserve the right to use your information to exercise our legal rights and to defend against legal claims asserted against us. Unless prohibited by law or order, we will attempt to notify you of any such disclosure.

Other Sites

The Sites may include links to other sites not controlled by us, but which may be of interest to you. If you visit those sites through the links contained on the Sites, you are leaving the Sites and your personal information will be subject to the control of the other site. We have no control over use of your personal information by sites visited by you via links from the Sites, and we have no control over or responsibility for the privacy policies of other websites. We caution you to closely guard your personal information in accessing any linked sites. We assume no responsibility for the privacy policies and protection of your personal information in your access to other sites.


While industry-standard security measures, including SSL encryption technologies, are employed in administration of the Sites to protect your information, no security system is fail-safe. Accordingly, any transmission made to the Sites is made at the user’s own risk and without warranty of its security. Our best efforts to maintain the security of your information notwithstanding, no transmission of data through the Internet is 100% secure, and we cannot guarantee the security of any transmission from interception or other unintended disclosure.

Microcast Media Group cannot guarantee the identity of any person with whom you may have contact through the Sites or the authenticity of any data or information provided by others. To the extent that you rely upon such data or information, you do so at your own risk.

All Microcast Media Group employees, and all third-party contractors, with access to your personal information have been trained in and are obligated to abide by the terms of this Privacy Policy in the handling of your personal information.

You may post information, including your personal financial or medical information and any other experiences on the Sites. You are, however, cautioned that any postings that you make to the Sites will be available for public viewing. You have no expectation of privacy in any information posted to the Sites, and you make such postings at your own risk.  Therefore, you should be cautious in your activities which are public. We are not responsible for the privacy or use of any information you may choose to disclose to others on the Site. Even if you attempt to limit disclosure through use of privacy settings on the Sites, no such privacy settings are guaranteed, and unauthorized persons may try to circumvent the same. Microcast Media Group has no control over such activities and has no responsibility for the conduct of others using the Sites.

You are further cautioned that sharing of medical or financial information may have adverse consequences in the form of insurability, employment or other activities, and that you should consider the possibility of the same before publicly sharing your medical information.

We would request that any medical or financial information you post, other than your personal experiences, be documented or supported by reference or citation to your source materials. Your personal medical or financial experiences should be clearly noted as such. Your disclosure of your personal medical or financial information or experiences by posting on the Sites is your consent to public disclosure, and to the collection, use and sharing of that information as provided for in this Privacy Policy.

Business Matters

We may disclose your personal information to any person or entity that acquires our business or with whom we merge our business. In either event, the terms of this Privacy Policy will be continued, or if varied, you will receive advance notice. Such information may also be disclosed in the course of legal proceedings in which we may become involved, such as bankruptcy or other similar proceedings.


Some areas of the Sites are password protected. You will be required to create your individual password for accessing those areas or functions of the Sites. Your password is perhaps the most important aspect of your personal security on the Sites. Please maintain its confidentiality and do not allow others access to it. Remember, you are solely responsible for all acts taken under your password.

Administrative Use

From time-to-time, we, in our sole discretion, may make upgrades or other changes in operation or use of the Site, changes to the Terms and Conditions of Use, changes to this Privacy Policy, or make such other administrative changes as we deem necessary. We may send you emails regarding these administrative matters. You may not “opt out” of receipt of these administrative emails other than by closing your account with us. Among other emails you may receive from us are those generated by your use of the Site. You will be offered an opportunity to “opt out” of non-administrative emails by selecting from various categories.

Orders for Products or Services

When you order a product or service though the Sites, we will collect and use your personal contact information and financial information, such as a credit card or bank routing and account number, to bill and collect the monies due to us, and for other purposes as may be necessary to complete the transaction. The contact information will be used to identify you, to send confirmatory messages, and to follow-up with you should any problems arise in completing the transaction.  Financial information will not be stored on this area of the Site, so you will need to provide the credit card or banking information each time you make an order. We also use this information to track ordering habits, and to identify other products and services which might be attractive to you and others in your general demographic profile. We may also disclose your contact and financial information to collection agencies and credit reporting agencies should you fail to pay our fees and we need to resort to collection efforts. Your use of the Sites is your express unrestricted, unlimited and unqualified consent that we may collect, use and disclose your contact and financial information in these circumstances.


By accessing or using the Sites, you expressly consent to our Privacy Policy. We reserve the right to update, modify, amend, or otherwise change this Privacy Policy at anytime without notice to you other than posting on the Sites with a conspicuously placed description of changes made. Your use of the Sites after the changes are made constitutes your consent and agreement to those changes.

Governing Law

This Privacy Policy shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of West Virginia, where Microcast Media Group’s headquarters are located, not including its conflicts of laws provisions, and any disputes arising hereunder will be subject to adjudication in the state or federal courts of West Virginia.

This Privacy Policy is effective as of February 1, 2012.

If you have additional questions, please contact us at Please note that while we are happy to answer general questions, in order to protect the privacy of our users, we do not answer specific questions about the information collected about specific users (including users who may request access to the information collected on themselves).

Online privacy is in the regulatory purview of the Federal Trade Commission. For more information or to lodge a complaint, please visit the FTC’s Consumer Response Center:

Thank you.

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