Rediscover the ancient civilizations and secrets of the Mediterranean

Rediscover the ancient civilizations and secrets of the Mediterranean

Rediscover the ancient civilizations and secrets of the Mediterranean.

Cruise guests on board Voyages to Antiquity ship, Aegean Odyssey in 2011, will learn about the art, history and culture of ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean, Aegean, Adriatic and the Black Seas.

A variety of unique and carefully-planned cruise/tour itineraries will reveal the wealth of natural beauty and classical history of the Mediterranean region, the place that Europeans have called ‘the cradle of civilization’ for thousands of years.

Voyages to Antiquity’s 2011 calendar adds more historical destinations to the roster and itineraries are now include pre-and/or post-cruise hotel stays in legendary cities throughout the Mediterranean, Greece, and Turkey.

“Many experienced cruisers who have sailed the waters of the Mediterranean have only scratched the surface of this beautiful, historically-rich region with brief visits to Sicily, Dalmatia and Greece,” said Mitchell J. Schlesinger, vice president of marketing and sales for Voyages to Antiquity. “We bring a new approach to cruisers’ experience and highlight the development of the ancient Roman, Greek, Phoenician and Byzantine Empires. All our itineraries are designed to reveal the mysteries of the ancient world throughout the Mediterranean region.”

An In Depth Exploration of Italy and Sicily
Sicily is both geographically and historically the center of the Mediterranean and has been coveted, fought over and colonized for thousands of years. Sicily is a celebration of the greatest achievements of western civilization: the superbly well-preserved Greek temples of Segesta and the Valle dei Templi; the fortifications of Syracuse; the Norman Royal Palace and Palatine Chapel in Palermo and Monreale Cathedral.

Guests can experience these highlights on the following itineraries “Shores of Mediterranean” (April 15, May 31 and September 6) and “Sicily is the Key to Everything” (May 19, August 25 and October 10).

Greece and Turkey
Ancient Greece revolutionized every aspect of civilized life from art, literature and architecture to politics, philosophy and mathematics. The technological and scientific achievements were no less remarkable, including the creation and development of the first maps, the screw, plumbing and even a vending machine. Voyages to Antiquity uncovers who these fascinating people were and how they lived in an intellectually and educationally compelling way for its guests by visiting Mycenae, the home of Agamemnon; the ruins of Delos, the birthplace of Achilles; Ephesus, one of the most famous Greco-Roman sites in the Mediterranean and the scant remains of the Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Since its first incarnation as the 7th century BC Greek colony of Byzantium, no other city has played a more important role in the forums of the Black Sea than Istanbul. During these journeys guests explore not only Turkey but also key port cities in Georgia, Russia, Bulgaria and Ukraine. Highlights of these destinations include St. Sophia; the Greek trading colony of Batumi; the 8th Century Byzantine church of St. John the Baptist and the Livadia Palace, built as a summer home for Nicholas the Great and the site of the 1945 conference between President Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and Stalin.

These destinations are highlighted on itineraries “The Light of Greece” (May 7 and September 28), “Isles of Greece” (July 1 and August 11) and “All Things Begin with the Greeks” June 23 and August 17.

The Dalmatian Coast
The dramatic beauty of the Adriatic coast has long inspired writers, poets and artists. With its numerous hidden coves and uninhabited islands, the Dalmatian coast was a haven for pirates preying on the busy Venetian sea routes. The Kornati Islands, with lofty mountains plunging into the sea, create magnificent bays only accessible by small ship, which makes for yet another spectacular itinerary and vacation experience for guests. Dubrovnik has been called “The Pearl of the Adriatic” and the itineraries along the Dalmatian Coast include important historical highlights including the magnificent Palace of Diocletian; the Baroque Church of St. Blaise, the cathedral that boasts Titian’s Assumption; Corfu, home of the famous Battle of Lepanto; and Delphi, before sailing through the Corinth Canal.

The above are highlighted on itineraries “Venice—My Dream Became My Address” (June 14), “The Holy City of Byzantium” (July 20) and “Those Who Seek Paradise on Earth”, (April 29, August 3 and September 20th).

Enhancing these fascinating historical journeys is an in depth onboard guest lecture program. In 2011 the lecture program will be augmented by lecturers from the renown Archaeological Institute of America on 14 departures.

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