Sad Day for Pain Community

Sad Day for Pain Community

Dr. Dan Bennett

As the founder and past chairman of the National Pain Foundation (NPF), I can say that the demise of the American Pain Foundation (APF) is sad news for people living with pain. Although the NPF focused on education and empowerment of those affected by pain, APF had a complementary focus on legislative action  — both are sorely needed in the United States.

The number one reason a person seeks medical care is for a pain related problem. It is amazing to me that to this date absolutely no one with financial means has stepped forward to create a formal training program for pain.

If you go to a board-certified internal medicine physician, you pretty much know what the training your health care provider has had to go through; the same could be said if you walked into any board certified neurosurgeon. Not with pain – there are no unified training programs that culminate in a board certification in pain medicine. Yes, there are one-year fellowships. Yes, there are weekend courses to “enhance” a provider’s qualifications, but NOTHING that, over the period of several years, guides men and women to become true practitioners in pain medicine. This is unconscionable in one of the wealthiest of nations.

Both the NPF and APF advocated for these changes – all became enmeshed in the politics that so often dilutes and undermines progressive and essential change.  Both were dependent on outside funding to reach their audiences … neither completed the task.

It is definitely a sad day ….

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Thank You for all of your efforts, it is far better to have tried and failed than to never have tried at all!

I hope for relief to all those people with pain…


Thank you THANK YOU Dr. Bennett, for boldly speaking out for those in pain!

Shawnee Brown

I was diagnosed with RSD in February, 2011 by a Vascular Specialist and two Neurologists. The first Neurologist wasn’t registered with the insurance company I had. The second Neurologist wouldn’t give me Physical Therapy, only medications. So I moved to California, to be with my family, and have a support system. Once I moved, I began developing my own Physical Therapy program, and my condition improved. I lost my medical coverage, and still have a great deal of pain, but no doctors out here will acknowledge the RSD. I absolutely feel stranded. I don’t understand why it has to be so difficult, for me to get the care I need. I haven’t had meds in a long time. When I feel pain, my only option is to push through it.

mark maginn

I want to thank you, Dr. Bennett. I’ve been a state leader and a member of the Foundation’s Pain Community Advisory Council and I have to say that my involvement with the APF saved my life from the continuing ravages of horrible ever-present pain. I nearly lost everything dear to me with the exception of my wife and son.

The American Pain Foundation will not soon be forgotten thanks to the efforts of you and countless others. It is indeed a very sad day.