SC web site helps with caring for the terminally-ill

SC web site helps with caring for the terminally-ill

The largest hospice care provider in South Carolina has just launched a web site to support terminally-ill people and their loved ones.

The web site, by Hospice Care of South Carolina, is designed for family, friends, and patients and has free information on advanced illnesses and the natural process of dying.

The pages have been written so everyone can understand the message that medicine can only do so much.

Hospice care goes beyond helping the patient be more comfortable with their condition. It means helping the family and friends of the person who is terminally ill. They will not be getting better, so the Hospice care helps the patient, their friends and family go through their hospice journey to its inevitable end.

The web site has information on how to take care of your loved one, how to get the support you need, how to have people respect your health-care decisions and much more.

The hospice web site helps point to the social, physical, spiritual, and psychological care required by all concerned. It also helps improve the quality of life for terminal patients and advises them to seek treatment sooner rather than later.

There will be a caregivers’ blog, and pages to the site will be linked from Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.

For further info, visit on the internet.

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