STUDY: Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields Significantly Reduce Knee Pain

STUDY: Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields Significantly Reduce Knee Pain

By Staff

Pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) produce a significant reduction in knee pain compared to placebo and positively affects physical function for people with osteoarthritis, according to a study published in journal Rheumatology.

Sixty patients participated and completed in the double blind, placebo-controlled, randomized clinical study. Participants attended clinic visits at the time of randomization (baseline) and at 1 month.  All participants were provided with a wearable PEMF device, where half received pulsed electromagnetic fields, and half unknowingly did not.

Participants were trained on how to use the PEMF neuromodulation device, which was worn consecutively for a minimum of 12 hours, mostly at night.  The device was kept in place with a wrap and switched off when not in use. Participants recorded the number of hours they used the device per day.

Pain scores were based on VAS (Visual Analog Scale) and WOMAC (Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Osteoarthritis Index).

“In patients treated with the PEMF device, we found that VAS pain and WOMAC pain scores decreased significantly after 1 month of treatment compared with placebo,” wrote lead author, Gian Luca Bagnato, Division of Internal Medicine, University of Messina. “Consistently, WOMAC stiffness and function scores improved after PEMF treatment,” he added.

After 1 month of treatment, there was a 25.5% reduction in VAS pain scores for subjects treated with the PEMF device and a 3.6% reduction in those who received placebo.  There was a 23.4% reduction in WOMAC pain subscale and 18.4% reduction in WOMAC total score compared with 2.3% reduction for both WOMAC pain and total in the placebo group.

“The data from this comprehensive clinical study shows ActiPatch’s ability to improve the management of osteoarthritis of the knee,” said Ian Rawe, Ph.D., Director of Clinical Research for BioElectronics Corp, the manufacturer of the device used in the study.

“The use of a wearable PEMF therapy in knee OA can be considered as an alternative safe and effective therapy in knee OA, providing the possibility for home-based management of pain compared with previous studies,” the study concluded.

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I have been using Bemer magnetic therapy for about a month and it is available in the U.S. It treats the entire body and also gives the ability to target areas that need more attention. I’ve had an incredible reduction in lower back pain. A knuckle on my right hand that has been inflamed and very site for a few years is completely pain free and is moving freely again. It has been an absolute miracle.


Debbie: Sorry to hear about your mom’s painful knee. The Actipatch product is not available in the US as the FDA has not yet approved it. It is approved and available in the UK, EU and Canada. However, thankfully, as I found out recently, the exact same thing (as far as I can tell) is available for pets as petpatch in the US on amazon. I hope it works for your mom - from the reviews I find that it does not necessarily work for everyone. If it does not, try for a few weeks before giving up - but I do hope it works straight away as it did for my back pain. It is well worth the try.


My mother has a lot of pain in her knee, she cries from the pain at time. Where can a person get this product?

i have osteoarthritis in my hands an feet, im in constant pain, do uou think the product would help me in any way.

Thats a big breakthrough! We will be lucky to receive very high quality knee pain allevation in the next few years!


I used this product for my knee and for the first day I was not sure it was working but after 3 days I am no longer popping Advil all day. The product is great I just wish I did not need a prescription


Should say disc problem.


I have been using Actipatch for a year, it has made a big difference to my pain and life. I was fearfull of exercise as I have discussed problem, took up Nordic walking with no problems… Result!!


I have used the Actipatch with great success on my back. I have recommended it to friends and family who have see similar benefits. Unfortunately it is only available in the UK and Canada, although its developer is US based. A pet version called the petpacth is available on amazon in the US and from what I can tell it is exactly same as the Actipatch. I hope this information helps US pain sufferers to get drug free pain relief.

R Anders

I have been using the Actipatch for years to reduce pain and speed healing of knees, back, shoulders and other injuries.