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  • Marijuana Use at Young Age Lowers IQ

    Regular use of marijuana by adolescents causes lasting harm to a person’s intelligence, attention and memory, according to an international research team. In a long range study of over 1,000 New Zealanders, people who started using cannabis regularly as adolescents…

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  • Painkiller Abuse Often Starts in High School

    The risk of misusing prescription painkillers peaks earlier than many experts thought – at age 16 — according to a nationwide survey by Michigan State University researchers. At that age, about one in 30 youths start using painkillers to get…

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  • Behavioral Therapy May Help Teens with Fibromyalgia

    Teaching teens to cope with the chronic pain of fibromyalgia through behavioral therapy may provide some relief from their symptoms, a new study reveals. “This is the first major breakthrough in understanding how best to treat fibromyalgia in teenagers,” said…

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