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Relieve your back pain with an inversion table

Back pain can be frustrating and hard to deal with, and then when you feel like your discs are compressed, it can feel even worse. Using inversion tables for back pain is a natural way of treating these symptoms and getting rid of this pain without the use of prescription drugs or chiropractor visits. The stretch that such a table offers does so much more than just make you feel great also.

Traditional Chinese medicine may help with acne

More and more people are looking into natural products and acne alternative medicine to treat the skin condition, and traditional Chinese medicine shows much promise in helping with the problem.

Got allergies but want to eat out?

People with with food allergies or an intolerence to gluten will be glad to hear that many T.G.I. Friday's restaurants now have a special menu for people who need to know what's in the food they eat.
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