Food to lower your cholesterol and blood pressure

Food to lower your cholesterol and blood pressure

There is a saying that goes. "We are what we eat." This is so true as the food being consumed may affect the cholesterol levels inside the person's system. This makes this makes the person prone to high blood pressure or heart disease through age, which could leave the patient, paralyzed or dead.

Avoid these five things during menopause

Life is generally positive, which is an excellent concept. But there are problems and negatives that really must be treated too. Actually, to let ourselves to live positive lives, we have to invest time eliminating problems or preparing beforehand to avoid as many negatives as is possible. In more negative situations, we need good advice on what we should refrain from as well as on what to avoid.

Can vitamins help slow down the ageing process?

There are no vitamins that will stop the ageing process dead in its tracks. However, having the right balance of vitamins and minerals in our bodies will slow down the ageing process and the outward signs of ageing.

Do a liver cleansing diet to help you lose weight

The liver is very important in making sure that the body is clean. That is why it is very important that we keep our body clean so that we can make sure that our system is clean. With this in mind, there is liver cleansing diet that we can resort to so that we will be able to clean detox our body and at the same time be able to lose weight.