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  • Caught in the Crossfire: PROMPT vs. PROP

    When a group of doctors, public health officials and members of Physicians for Responsible Opioid Prescribing (PROP) submitted a petition to the FDA to restrict the approved uses of opioid medications, the shockwave that rocked the chronic pain patient community…

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  • Living with Pain: The Pain Ninja

    “I am a Pain Ninja! A Pain Ninja is a stealthy warrior who specializes in covert and unorthodox warfare against pain.” So says Tamara Staples, a newly minted pain coach, or in her words, a Pain Ninja. After living most…

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  • How Massage Eases Pain

    Scientists have finally proven what fans of massage have long known: a good rub down not only feels good — it can help ease muscle pain. Researchers in Canada and California collaborated on a study which proved that massage reduces…

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  • How to Measure Chronic Pain

    Pain is intrinsic. Pain is subjective. No one but you really knows how much pain you are in, but you. That’s why doctors and nurses ask you to rate your pain on various scales. The National Institute of Health’s Pain…

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  • Avoid these five things during menopause

    Life is generally positive, which is an excellent concept. But there are problems and negatives that really must be treated too. Actually, to let ourselves to live positive lives, we have to invest time eliminating problems or preparing beforehand to avoid as many negatives as is possible. In more negative situations, we need good advice on what we should refrain from as well as on what to avoid.

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