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  • Featured Pain Art: “Migraine 3″

    The sudden onset of migraines, chronic fatigue, and fibromyalgia derailed my life. I had to leave my job and give up many normal activities. Although incapacitated much of the time for several years, my friends, doctors, and even family did…

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  • Featured Pain Art: “Holy Scoliosis!”

    I have scoliosis, arthritis in my neck, and an extra vertebra in my upper back. I live in considerable amounts of pain, and can barely remember a time when I didn’t feel the burning, stinging sensation. More recently I’ve developed…

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  • Featured Pain Art: “From the Ether II”

      I create these as I sit and the pain is racking my body. I watch the strokes appearing without any concern for how it turns out. This relaxes me and takes my mind off the pain. Notice the shards…

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  • Featured Pain Art: “Pain Without Words”

    I have peripheral neuropathy and find it impossible to describe having feet as dead and heavy as rocks while so sensitive that touch causes sharp pain, so I created this piece as a way of showing people what this is…

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  • Featured Pain Art: “Slightly”

    This piece really focuses on the area which has been bothering me most over the last couple of years. I just want to do more then I’m “allowed.” This art is a courtesy of, an online educational, visual arts…

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  • Featured Pain Art: “My Pain Shadow”

    On the deserted beach I walk with a pain shadow. Hip searing with each step I move forward slowly. My joint tears away. A sharp arrow pierces through me. I stop to find stillness yet the pain shadow follows. Gazing…

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