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  • Feds Investigate Walgreens Over Privacy Concerns

    A federal agency is investigating whether Walgreens, the nation’s largest pharmacy chain, violated the rights of customers by not properly safeguarding their medical information. The investigation by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, first reported by the Wall…

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  • My Story: Profiled by Walgreens

    I recently relocated to my hometown, hooked up with a new pain management specialist, and got my prescription for roxycodone like I have been doing for the past five years, religiously, every month. I then went into a Walgreen’s and…

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  • Pharmacists Blame Patient Fears on DEA

    Pharmacists and patient advocates say the results of a survey by the National Pain Foundation show that a crackdown on prescription painkillers by the Drug Enforcement Administration is causing fear and confusion in the pain community. In the survey of…

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  • My Story: Denied Pain Meds After Surgery

    I read the story about Colleen Sullivan, the young woman in Florida having a hard time filling her script for oxycodone. I wanted to tell one of my stories from here in New York. I was diagnosed with arthritis when…

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  • My Story: Humiliated by a Pharmacist

    The day started pretty much like any other. Woke up with pain. Took a pill. Pain eased to a tolerable level. That is what my life is like. Since I was in my teens I have suffered from muscular dystrophy,…

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  • Caught in the Crossfire: You Don’t Look Sick

    Jeanne Hyatt is 56-years old and lives in Florida. On the outside, she looks like any other normal, healthy person. She could be your aunt, your next door neighbor or one of the ladies in the garden club. Things are…

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