Take a Survey on Your Treatment of Chronic Pain

By Ed Coghlan

Since we started the National Pain Report, one topic that we have tried to consistently explore is the quantity and quality of care that chronic pain patients received. As many of our writers and commentators have written over the years, this is a health care system story—and it’s a system that often fails the patient.

Chronic illness is hard to treat. For chronic pain sufferers (or Warriors as some prefer), an unexpected flare-up of one’s CRPS, fibromyalgia, or preexisting chronic pain can quickly become an unbearable situation. A flare-up or breakthrough pain is defined as a transitory exacerbation of pain that occurs on a background of otherwise stable persistent pain.

Jim Broatch, who is Executive Vice President and Director of RSDSA, has been promoting a survey that explores what happens to you when you have a flare-up. RSDSA wants to better help individuals who are experiencing a pain flare-up or breakthrough pain (BTP).

Here’s the survey. Please take it.

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We will follow-up with Broatch and his team to see what you are saying—and how that might start a new conversation about how chronic pain is treated.

Part of what the survey explores is the experience that pain patients have in the emergency room. We explored that topic three years ago when Broatch and Louisiana physician Dr. Billy Alexander were working to educate the American College of Emergency Physicians about CRPS. Alexander is a former ER doctor who has become a leading voice in CRPS awareness since his college age daughter, an athlete, was injured and developed CRPS.

Here’s one of those stories from 2015. You can judge how much progress is being made and importantly can contribute to efforts to better pain treatment by taking the survey.

After you’ve taken the survey, feel free to leave a comment about your own personal experiences and how they were either positive or could have been better.

Thank you.