Tea sets and tea pots: There are so many types available

Tea sets and tea pots: There are so many types available

The first tea sets came from China, (I mean the country of China). They were made in two different types of porcelain, northern white and southern light blue.

The ones that are used today are different then the ones that were first used in China. When they were first created they used a bowl instead of the teapot that is used today.

Between 960 and 1279 A. D. was when the teapot that is used today is believed to have been developed. This was the time of Song Dynasty in China.

In the time of an archaeological dig the remains for a Yixing teapot were discovered. The teapots that are most famous are these Yixing and the purple sand.

Tthe typical bundled tea set includes a regular pot, a cup with a saucer, a bowl for sugar, and a creamer (or milk jug). Another type you can purchase is the formal tea bundle. This includes a coffee pot, kettle, a bowl for waste or slop, a serving tray and the items that are found in a typical tea bundle.

Another luxurious set is known as the silver tea service. This falls into the category of a formal set. It is used for more formal events because it is entirely made of English sterling silver, and has more serving pieces. The silver tea service is always presented on the tray it comes with.

The most expensive tea sets ever made are the ones crafted entirely out of gold. However there are less expensive sets. These are made with sterling silver, china, and of course the original material of porcelain. Each set has every piece equally decorated with designs that make the bundles extra beautiful.

Every tea set bundle can come in a different size or shape. Bundles for children are crafted in smaller sizes but are just as beautiful.

Some people collect the many different bundles, and use them to beautifully decorate their home. Other people use them as gifts, usually at weddings, because they are so beautiful and can make anyone feel elegant and formal when they are being used.

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