Thanksgiving – Let’s Hear From You

Thanksgiving - Let’s Hear From You

By Ed Coghlan.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the readers and friends of the National Pain Report.

Over the year, I have had the pleasure speaking with many of you—by email or in person—and learning more about your own unique—and often challenging—life stories.

Chronic pain is different. Your body keeps hurting for weeks, months, or even years. Chronic pain has real effects on your day-to-day life and your mental health.

We continue to be educated by many of you and experts in the field about what a very challenging time it is for the chronic pain community.

The pressure on opioid prescribing, the lack of access for many to alternative therapies, and federal government resistance to the benefit of medical marijuana are just some of the issues that are “top of mind” for our readers.

There are many more to be sure.

But, since it is Thanksgiving, we thought we’d take a day to celebrate with our families which we hope that you are able to do.

 And, in what is becoming an annual event - we’d like to ask our readers and friends to tell us what you are thankful for this year.

We invite you to share your comments at the end of this story - and we’ll take some of the more interesting ones in a future story.

So, whether it’s your family, friends, providers, your faith, a pet or something else - please share it with us.

Research shows that expressing gratitude can actually help your overall well-being - and what you say may bring comfort to other readers.

So, share away!

In the meantime, let us wish you a Happy Thanksgiving from Ed Coghlan and your friends at the National Pain Report.

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Authored by: Ed Coghlan

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Hi everyone
I thought i sent my comment to these comments

The Santa Barbara Independent has been writing negative one sided articles about the
“Opioid Epidemic” They are once a week and is the most read paper in Santa Barbara county
I send in a rebuttal Lets give the editorial department a “head ache” of FACTS Last article “Opioids R US”

to: (The Santa Barbara Independent)

Christine Smith

Just never give up and if you have true documented reason in having pain then you will be fine !!! They wont just take away your medications ! Listen if you get a physician &/OR CRNP OR A PA & the minute you meet them they start talking bout reducing yr med w/o reducing or not looking at you instead looking at screen….if they dont ask if the meds you have is working ok? THEN GUESS WHAT??!!!!!!
GET OUT GET OUT FAST!! Politely finishvisit with no speaking unless they gave you reduction on yr first visit which most wont on first visit however they will just start takin over in a bully kind of way bc they feel it will intimidate thepatient!
I would politely wait till end of visit nicely smiling at checkout and when the office worker goes to chevk u out you just tell her to please put in my chart i do not ever want to see practioner / MD! And that is that most ofthe times the chrck out ladies alreaddy know and will give u a look as if i compleytely understand i just say it wouldnrt work our personalities are to much the same lol lol thenu end up with soneone so sweet & so
Professional! Itworks and dont any one know you have rights?!!!9 times out of 10 pain management offices also have a manager running the show ! They advocate for you! Most dont know that either ! The law i believe where i was anyway stated they had to taper they could not just let you go!
Thank you just 16 yrs of going thru a lot !


I’m thankful for the support of family and friends. They are they only thing that keeps me living.

Thankful for sites like national pain report. Although it’s sad, depressing, and scary to read what our government is doing to pain patients I still like to be informed. Also like to read the comments. It makes me feel like I’m not alone in my struggles. And I learn things from those posting.

Thankful for my doctor. She has been very supportive for 16 years. When I lost my insurance in August, we had a conversation about the cost of a visit and she said she still wanted to see me, meaning I wouldn’t have to pay. So far she hasnt decreased my dose. Im still terrified it will happen but so far she’s got my back.


I am thankful when I get up in the morning and FEEL the floor under my feet. Each day I get to hug and or speak to my children and grandchildren. Every afternoon I speak to or see my mama and until 4 years ago, my grandmother! I speak with my dad at least once a week. I have a family that spreads from coast to coast and border to border. No matter what, I could call and have family or friends from thousands of miles away here as fast as can be! Yes, I am blessed.

Other than my sainted daughter, I would never burden them however, never ever. I was the rescuer, I will not be the rescued. They would respond with lo e and support, it is enough to know it and bask in the warmth of family!

God bless you all for the hard conversations we either can’t have or choose not to have with those we love, but we can have here.

Maureen Mollico

First, I am Thankful for God in my life. For without Him I truly would not have gotten through my 26 years in constant chronic pain and the stressors of my conditions, isolation due to pain, and the losses I’ve endured along the way.

Secondly and very importantly, I THANK YOU Ed, your staff and ALL of my fellow chronic pain community warriors and our fine advocates who are fighting a tough battle for us.
I am grateful for the have a place to come to each day and vent and relate to others, and to help me know that I am not alone.
For without you ALL I truly would not have any support and ongoing gained knowledge, as well as the love and understanding that I receive from you all!
With great Gratitude always, Maureen Mollico

Joy Hidalgo

I wish all of those similarly afflicted a peaceful and stress-free Thanksgiving. I am thankful for YOU being here listening to one another and sharing. Prayers and Blessings to you all. I share my life with a Yorkie (Gremlin) who is my stress manager. My favorite medicine with favorable side effects! I am thankful for my friends and family, and the special few who meld the two, and my church community who look after me. I am most thankful for a benevolent and forgiving GOD who sacrificed so much for me and teaches me much.

Joy Hidalgo

I’m still in recovery from the heat exhaustion I went through during Hurricane Harvey. My cardiologist and Personal Care Physician had flooding in their homes and were separated from their practices for a prolonged time.
All the rain caused my pain level to increase and my mobility to decrease. Pains I NEVER had showed up with a major advance in my arthritis; the bottoms of my feet made walking/standing difficult as it felt like I was walking in stone bruises and hurt like all kinda of hell.
A couple of weeks later my elbows acquired small itchy/burning patches of skin. The patches are significantly larger now.
The Frozen Shoulder Syndrome is now prominent in both shoulders so washing my now thinning fine hair and bathing is a challenge. The arthritis in my knees is a 24/7/365 level 6 pain. It’s beginning to affect my neck as well.
All of this has caused a significant change in my heart murmur. Now waiting on results from a echocardiogram.
Every morning I wake up, take a deep breath and say, “Thank you, Lord! Today it’s you and I.” I get up, eat my oatmeal, drink my coffee and take my meds.

For those who are following the Forest Tennant story (aka “The DEA witch hunt against people in agony and the doctors who try to help us”), there is an excellent article and film clip out from Jacob Sullum on Reason Magazine. I heartily recommend a reading and viewing, before you or a family member start calling the offices of your State and Federal legislators to request in-person appointments with their healthcare legislative assistants. WE need to get in the faces of people who have become accomplices in a war against pain patients.


Alanna Wilgus

I am grateful for my two dogs, Sparky (a Golden Retriever) and Snookie (a Yorkie mix). They always know when my pain is getting the best of me and ply on lots of kisses and snuggles. Humans tend to grow tired of dealing with me day in and day out, but my puppies never do. Then on the days where I feel well enough to go out and run errands, they are joyously waiting by the door to ride with me.
So many times, when I was ready to give up living, the thought of leaving my furry friends has stopped me.
There’s a reason that “God” spelled backwards is “dog”!

Bruce Stewart

Today is Thanksgiving? Not much of a holiday in this kind of agony. I’ve gotten to the point when I’m asked about why I cancelled one of these useless, billable procedures that I respond with “oh, I didn’t realize it was a cure for neuropathy “. Nothing they’ve had me do has lasted more than two days, and then only partially. It’s like my feet get crushed and ripped at the same time. How can there be tens of millions with this and the research community knows nothing. I think they’re sitting on cures. I understand that there are multiple life extension and disease curing technologies being saved for the elites. Maybe Trump can unleash these if he’s so inclined. Maybe someone can ask him about it. You notice that all these procedures aren’t meant to do anything but keep us on pharmaceuticals. Not saying I don’t love the little 10 mg oxycodone buggars that give me some quality of life! 🤓 I do! It does cheer me up to see Red Lawhern post on here, and I think that if his plans are implemented, we could find some room for his mug on Mount Rushmore. Hey Red here’s my email again - in case you need it. I’m ready to do anything.
I am thinking about doing a podcast for pain, after all, I specialize in gallows humor, chronic pain, desperation/acceptance (my two-sided coin of suffering!). Aw, what am I talking about it for? Just do it, right? I’m getting a decent microphone this week. Happy Thanksgiving and I am thankful for this publication and the people that take their time to contribute to it!


I’m thankful for DR Tennant and his medical that helped me get back to work after 20 years on disability. I have worked full-time every day now for the last 5 months. I don’t know what the future holds, I worry for Dr Tennant and my own sanity. I just now got a glimpse of my dream of working again, providing for my children and wife. I know loosing Medical care that works will surly sentenced me to the bed or couch.
It’s cold hearted and plain hatful to take away so much from a man like myself who has lost so much due to bad medical care (epidural steroid injections); which ended in Adhesive Arachnoiditis (AA). My AA was diagnosed by MRI before I was referred to Tennant. My prior doctor was at his wits end with no hope of ever seeing my dream of working. He told me that I was torturing myself dreaming like that but not so once DR Tennant treated me.

I’m thankful for Dr Tennant



I am thankful for all the pain patients struggling to survive that still take the time to offer a kind word a suggestion on what to do to help support each other or just to be angry along with us that are having an especially difficult time with being cut off doctors abandoning them even family & friends of a few that discriminate & are prejudice blinded by the bull shit to the suffering. I am thankful that together in spite of our own suffering everyone continues to be there & fight to make this right. Even when it’s only words on a screen or extra prayers it is helpful to know you aren’t alone in this fight for our lives & thank you. Thank you for all the love & support everyone offered me when I recently needed it. Last but by no means least I’m thankful for my loving kind husband of 30 years don’t know what I would do without him our daughter & grandson that are the center of our world. Hoping you all have a happy Turkey or Ham day as we are having ham for change today & may everyones burden of pain & problems be just a little lighter so everyone can enjoy the day!

Robert Larsen

I am 42 years old and have suffered with chronic lumbar back and leg pain for the last 9 or so years. It has been so challenging and discouraging. I’m new to this site and am so thankful for knowing about this incredible community. With all the media attention on the opioid epedmic, I’m very optimistic that there will be better pain medication for chronic pain sufferers that’s non-addictive, with less side effects and gives even better pain relief. My only hope is that doctors will still maintain authority on writing scripts for pain medication and not be influenced in outside influences, that have the mindset of one size fits all. Happy thanksgiving. I’m very thankful that I’m alive and breathing.

Today I am grateful for feeling humble. I have CRPS and have been living with chronic pain for nearly 20 years, starting with a dance injury when I was 44. This month I have returned to a practice of Bikram yoga after many years’ hiatus. I am not young. I am not able-bodied. But damn it, I am not done living well. Bikram yoga, the hot yoga, is a hard 90 minute sweaty class. I don’t even attempt half of the postures. Others, I do somewhat. It is humbling to still show up, to try, to know that I am working on my own healing and well-being. I don’t like what I see in the mirror but I keep trying. It’s not the dancer’s body that used to be in the mirror. I work on accepting that this is where I am at now, in this body, in this time. I have to say that the teachers are delicious. “We have you; you are safe here; look at all you CAN do; just keep showing up.” Aging is humbling enough. Aging with disability, more humbling, to accept that this is me, now, and life is okay.

Gay Goodenough

I am so grateful for those few who get it. I am even more appreciative of activists, who give me reason to Hope.

Terry Murdock

I am thankful that i have a wonderful family. Im breathing and alive today


I’m thankful I woke up today….to see the bright sunshine, blue sky, puffy white clouds & all the beautiful plants & flowers in my backyard.

Jo Ann

I am grateful for the information you provide which validates my pain. If only everyone would read these articles (doctors included), they would understand what I go through every day. I am hopeful there are some good days ahead. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!

Sandie Hamilton

Happy Thanksgiving kniwing there are those in this fight keeps me going strong that with faith in an almighty God with whom nothing is impossible

Stephanie Scarbrough

I’m thankful for chronic pain activism!! Thank you all for everything you do!!

Ed and Staff: this is to acknowledge your good will and the many valued services that you do for pain patients and their physicians. I appreciate your willingness to publish some of the articles I’ve personally written. But this journey has never been about me. It is about defending and supporting others so disabled by pain that they cannot defend themselves, or so persecuted by government authorities that they hesitate to voice their own convictions publicly.

Please continue this necessary work. And accept my gratitude for your commitment to bettering the lives of people in pain.


I am thankful for my children and the best husband on the planet. I am thankful for having the National Pain Report to read it is helpful to hear others stories and know you are not alone. Everyday is a challenge living with chronic pain and lately what helps you live your day to day life is being questioned.. This is challenging and saddening, I continue to be thankful for doctors who still have compassion and empathy. I will always be thankful for good days and hope we can all continue to live our lives to the fullest… Happy Thanksgiving