The Chronic Pain Community Gives Thanks

By Ed Coghlan.

A renowned psychologist told me once that gratitude makes us feel better—which really inspired the idea of our Thanksgiving article that asked our pain community what they are thankful for.

The article caused a number of people to share their thoughts…the responses were interesting.

For many, like Maureen Mollico, the presence of God was important.

“I am Thankful for God in my life. For without Him I truly would not have gotten through my 26 years in constant chronic pain and the stressors of my conditions, isolation due to pain, and the losses I’ve endured along the way.”

Terry Murdock pointed out a simple and important reality for so many in the chronic pain community—-family.

“I am thankful that I have a wonderful family,” Terry wrote.

Gay Goodenough cited a theme that many repeated—other chronic pain patients.

“I am so grateful for those few who get it. I am even more appreciative of activists, who give me reason to hope.”

Not many of our readers mentioned their doctors, but one doctor was mentioned:

“I’m thankful for Dr. (Forrest) Tennant and his medical staff that helped me get back to work after 20 years on disability,” said D. Barker. “I have worked full-time every day now for the last 5 months.”

Katie Olmstead has CRPS and has been living with chronic pain for nearly 20 years, starting with a dance injury she was 44. It is not keeping her down.

“Today I am grateful for feeling humble,” she said. “This month I have returned to a practice of Bikram yoga after many years’ hiatus. I am not young. I am not able-bodied. But damn it, I am not done living well. Bikram yoga, the hot yoga, is a hard 90-minute sweaty class. I don’t even attempt half of the postures.”

Many of you were complimentary about the National Pain Report not only because we try to keep you up on what’s going on, but also because it gives people in the chronic pain community a chance to connect.

As Maureen Mollico mentioned:

“I the NPR staff and ALL of my fellow chronic pain community warriors and our fine advocates who are fighting a tough battle for I am also grateful for the NPR to have a place to come to each day and vent and relate to others, and to help me know that I am not alone. For without you ALL I truly would not have any support and ongoing gained knowledge, as well as the love and understanding that I receive from you all!”

Thanks Maureen and all of our readers for your support.

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Authored by: Ed Coghlan

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We need statisticians to help our cause. I believe the statistics of death by overdose are dealt to us from someone with an agenda to stop all opioid perscibing. I know that two lines although going up at the same rate can be related that doesn’t mean they are related.
Point in case the deaths by drowning and ice cream consumption go up in a manner consistent with a relationship. So does that mean if we stop eating ice cream drowning deaths will stop….
Of course not we swim more and eat more ice cream in the summer.
So are the amount of prescriptions issued to pain patients and those who die of overdoses related? I do not think this is the case and with the drop in the number of prescriptions for opioids down now to levels around 2008 the deaths from overdose are still rising. So these lines did not coorelate.
If we truely knew the amount of fentanyl and heroin flooding into our country I suspect that might be a better upward line correlating with overdose deaths.
If we also knew how many chronic pain patients have been driven to the street to use fentanyl and heroin products that also would be an upward line to coorelate with the increase in overdose deaths.
Or several other things that are up in our country - the number of youths growing up without both parents in the family
- the number of youths growing up in poverty
- the number or youths growing up with no faith, no knowledge of a higher power
- the increasing number of those living into advanced age ( although this number is down this year )
I’m not a statictician but those who treat chronic pain and those who have chronic pain need some help with giving the American people the real numbers of overdose

Renee E Mace

First of all I am very grateful to have God their in my life, second it would be my husband and family, third it would be my old pain doctor, Dr. Merle Janes, fourth it would be for Dr. Forest Tennant whom I learned by listening to his you tube videos and speeches about Central Pain Syndrome. I am grateful that these people always believed me even though no test could prove that I had my chronic pain disease. I am grateful to my pharmacy for believing in my chronic pain condition too. I am at my lowest as far as continuing on, but I know that GOD has plans for me yet, so I continue the battle of chronic pain……..

I would also like to thank Dr. Tennant, a doctor that truly cares about pain. He’s saved my life a couple of times. Thanks also go out to every advocate, pain patient, and their families and the greatest advocate and caregiver on earth, my wife Ms. Kristen Ogden. I love you so much!

Mark Ibsen MD

I am grateful for the freedom we still have to speak out against unspeakable harm,
Like that I have seen in all the pain patients accross Montana.
I am grateful for the years on consciousness training I have been honored to be a part of.
I am grateful for recovery:
From painful degenerative disc disease
Ruptured Achilles’ tendon
Kidney stones.
Grateful for the opportunity to serve over 150,000 patients in a very intense environment of
Emergency Medicine
Service to the poorest of the poor and
The sickest of the sick,
Giving me the opportunity to see life at its most precious and endangered, teaching me that we are not humans on a spiritual quest but
Spirits having a human experience.
I’m grateful for my ability to discern the unusual,
Distinguish the facts
And be with the suffering of those I encounter daily.
I am especially grateful to have had the chance to live several lives in this one life:
And ?….

Tim Mason

The Apostle Paul said that he learned to be content no matter the circumstance he found himself in.
There is no way to get around the suffering Paul underwent. Being in prison, beaten and had a “thorn in his flesh” which was never reveled to us.
My periods of insomnia from pain allowed me time to open my bible and read from it.
Talk about CBT. The amount of physical pain present in those days must have been terrible to endure.
Alas, God did create the poppy. It was and is for out use. If you are so inclined the Cannabis plant. Scientists say we get a new set of cells every seven years. However, we are not anymore beautiful than before and our disease still exists. Some people claim childbirth is a miracle, but it is not. That is the way we were designed. Now if a dog had kittens, that would be a miracle.
We all have an expiration date just like milk. We just don’t know what that date is.
I am thankful for God’s long suffering with mankind.
I am thankful for the NPR support group I have found. People to communicate with while I am still on this earth.
I am thankful for more things than I can write here.
Be Well,
Tim Mason


I am thankful for the blessings in my life. I am thankful for this blog and how it makes me feel I am not alone.

I am thankful for finding a new pharmacy who fills my pain medication and does not make me feel like a criminal.

Like so many I have been subjected by the humiliation by Pharmacists in two of the large major pharmacies. I would become physically ill not knowing if they will tell me they will not fill my pain medication, question the amount of the medication etc, they are not Physicians.

As now a senior citizen I want to know where the empathy has gone for people suffering pain in this country.

God bless all of you, Debbie

PAIN COMMUNITY BEWARE!!! When you are denied care & go into withdraeals, think twice before seeking help at your ER! They seem to have relationships w/ Lock down Mental facilities posing as Detox care facilities! That’s what happened to me! 8 days later after signing a voluntary detox release to a lockdown facility that I signed while in the ER without anyone mentioning that I would be falsely imprisoned! This facility had at least 5 pain patients from the same ER & we were treated terribly!!! The more you protest the worse it got!!! I was even put on a line of site without being able to go to my room which my Medicare paid for!!! Please, someone look into this…It has to be happening across the entire Nation!!!