The Jesus Shot

The Jesus Shot

By Rosemary Lee

If it sounds too good to be true.

It usually is.

And now, they add Jesus to the mix.

I’ll never understand people who, for their own benefit and marketing purposes, throw the name of Jesus into the mix so people will (excuse the word) flock to their practice and get the shot.

There are millions of people in pain and, if you are Christian, he’s marketing right to you.

First of all, let’s do a little background on the doctor. His name is John Michael Lonergan. He is approximately 67 years old and spent part of those years is prison for mail fraud, tax evasion and health care fraud in Ohio. His medical license was permanently revoked in Ohio and Oklahoma gave him a provisional license, which requires supervision. Now, it seems he’s practicing without supervision.

Rosemary Lee

Rosemary Lee

Hmmm…..sounds legit already.

Now, he’s in Oklahoma peddling a lovely little shot that will cure you from chronic pain.

Oh, and that will be $300.00 …..

Dr. Mike…doesn’t that sound so friendly and helpful?

No one seems to know what is in the injection. Why, in heaven’s name, would you EVER inject yourself with something that you don’t know what’s in it. This injection will cure all ailments, not just chronic pain.

People in chronic pain are usually desperate and will try anything for relief. This is a predator that is injecting people with God knows what. He’s misrepresented himself as part of the military and misrepresented EVERYTHING ELSE. He claims he was in the Special Forces but no one can seem to find anything about him and he was investigated about stolen valor.

It can’t be substantiated but a Dr. Schrick told reporters that it is a mixture of Kenelog, Vitamin B12 and dexamethasone. Oh, and it had another less exciting name: inflammation protocol. It is very frightening to me that people will try anything without thoroughly investigating it first. If the doctor won’t tell you what’s in it you shouldn’t be letting him inject it into your body. Look up the side effects and decide what is best for you and discuss it with your doctor. Speaking of doctors; look up yours and make sure he has an active license and is in good standing with the state medical board.

Dr. Lonergan?

He works at the Priceless Beauty Spa.

Oh yeah….he can cure chronic pain.

And I want to be an astronaut when I grow up.

If it looks like a duck,

Sounds like a duck.


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Authored by: Rosemary Lee

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I was in a motorcycle accident in July of 2015. It fell on my heel and my heel was hurting so bad I could barely walk on it. After seeing a chiropractor for months and spending a lot of money, I decided to get the Jesus shot. I heard about it from a friend who had gotten it and several of his friends, that I know. It was very successful for all of them - and I’m talking about over 20 people. I got the shot in April of 2016 and it took 1 day for the pain to completely disappear. I have had no side effects from the shot and would highly recommend it to anyone who has arthritis/inflammation. It also works for allergies & sinus issues. I’m sure it works for a lot of other symptoms I just cannot attest to it as the folks I know who had the shot, had the conditions I listed.


I get what you are saying. However, if you’ve never been in chronic pain, you can’t relate to these patients. Chronic being every single day of your life! That was my mother. Her arthritis was so bad she could barely get around, was weak, and got very little sleep. She got the shot and she is the like the woman I grew up with. She has had very little to no pain, can get around and shop and do housework, and can sleep without pain. She says $300 is cheap and worth it. This was three months ago. She says if it only lasted that long, it was worth it. Say what you want, but if you’ve never been in constant pain you have no room to talk.


I’m just reading up on this shot and don’t know too much about it yet but I can tell you that the traditional medical community (there are some exceptions) does not want you to get well. All Big Pharm is about is keeping people sick, never to help people get well. All you have to do is your research and you’ll figure it out all by yourself. I have friends who take 15, 20 different kinds of prescription drugs. Why, because one has side effects so they get a different drug to counteract that and that one has side effects so they get another drug to counteract that one and so on and so on. You’re going to tell me that’s a good thing? I don’t think so.

I could go on for a long time, but I won’t. I’m just going to say that the only reason this guy is being investigated is because his shot is very inexpensive compared to a lot of other treatments and he’s claiming that people are healed for life. There’s always exceptions to every kind of treatment because no two people are alike in any way and that’s why some people experience side effects and some don’t, some get better results than others, etc.. Again, that’s nothing unusual.

There are people out there that think that just because it goes against traditional medicine that it’s a hoax or the guy is a quack or people are ignorant for going to someone like him. Those are the people I feel sorry for. We all have different opinions about lots of things, that doesn’t make us ignorant or stupid, just different. We all need to respect each other in spite of our differences and then maybe the world will be a different place to live.

Some of the people on here and other places are calling Dr. Mike a quack. That’s just your opinion. Have you done your research to know that’s it’s true? Have you talked to people that have been helped? Then how do you know he’s a quack? Just maybe he’s doing his part to help make this world a better place. What about you, what are you doing to make this world a better place?

We all have the right to make our own decisions about any kind of treatment, That’s why research is always the best thing to do. If it doesn’t turn out well, that’s on us and no one else and we have to live with it.

Happy Easter to everyone!


He needs to be shut down. For good.

Shame on him for praying on desperate people!

Anyone who won’t even disclose the “secret” of a treatment needs to be investigated by the proper authorities. This goes beyond improper. It’s completely unethical!

Sadly, no matter what your ailment, there are people who are ready to sell you some miracle cure. Snake oil for all. Disgusting!


Bravo Kathy Kooper! Bravo!! And no need to self proof read… your writing is perfectly said! Keep strong and keep up the good fight! Education and communication is our key. I thank the Nat’l Pain Report for helping us with that!
If only we could get the doctors who treat us to be on our side, and not behave as if they too are against us.
I had a very great, intelligent, compassionate, caring and understanding one, with whom I felt safe… until I made the mistake to move to another state 17 mths ago. And then…I became a victim.


I mean cmon,do people really have all this money to throw away.And why and hoe is he able to get away with this sc behavior? ????

Kathy Kooper

The “Jesus Shot” isn’t that different from some of the many ways people have turned to all sorts of unproven, silly, fringe or Alternative Medicine. Since the current Medical Industry is failing a lot of people, whether because of the cost, dubiousness of effectiveness, waiting times, or just they way they treat Patients like a commodity. Unless we have an ideal relationship with a Physician, one who knows your History, pays attention , and treats Patients like human beings instead of a Commodity this kind of thing is going to be an alternative. This is less dangerous than the Steroid Injections, which the Medical Industry was pushing as a either test for Pain Patients or an Alternative to opiates. Due to the Nature of Pain there have always been desperate people. People willing to try nearly anything for relief. There has already been “Press Releases” for many of the Dubious alternatives. In many cases these “Alternatives” are touted as a viable substitutes for Pain Control. Chiropractors, various Alternative practitioners, Supplements, and even Faith based “cures” are now just as valid. These practitioners are expecting a windfall, Pain Patients are desperate. Then there are number of expensive and unproven alternative pain medications, and treatments. This will be a Windfall for Big Pharma, Doctors will have to prescribe something, and they are already pushing several Drugs that might be more dangerous than Opiates. In desperation pain patients will have to take NSAIDS, that have already proven to be dangerous, but that information was left out of the recommendations. Since conventional Medicine is failing all patients in so many ways, there is going to be more of this. The Medical Business has been undermined, by the use of Industry Insiders in Regulatory Agencies, a Media that has an Agenda determined by the Corporations that Profit from this dysfunctional System. Some of us used to have faith in Science, we thought Science and the Scientific method would be used to guide Medicine, policy, and even find “cures.” What we have seen though is that Science has become a matter of Opinion. The Industries have undermined Science in their quest for profit. Which Scientific Studies get Publicized, or even funded now is all in the hands of Corporations. Every Study they report on in the Major Media and even respected Journals has to be scrutinized. The funding and agenda of the Institution needs to be checked. The amount of Profit needs to be balanced with the context of the “Article.” Often the motive behind a “Breakthrough” or other sensational Headline reported as fact by a “New Agency” is merely Hype to promote a new drug, corporate agenda, a stock sale or a PR piece for a company that got Bad press. The Industry has already figured out how to deny care to sick people who don’t have the Good Insurance, or a lot of money. They have even figured out how to Profit from the Medicare Patients, by not treating, them and steering them to… Read more »


Rosemary, I love your article and your humor! I suppose we will be seeing more of those ‘quacks’ in the future considering all of the quacks already out there making decisions on how to manage our pain best.


Unbelievable that this man-okay, human; he’s no man-has been able to convince anyone to undertake this treatment.
I do understand the desperation of chronic pain patients; yet while the CDC and FDA are trying to control meds that work, charlatans are bilking desperate people.
I’m horrified; I’m disgusted.
But I am unsurprised, too. And that’s a shame, isn’t it?