Things You May Have Missed About Chronic Pain

Things You May Have Missed About Chronic Pain

Our friend Jenny Picciotto alerted us to something of importance that we thought we should share.

The National Academy of Medicine has scheduled a ‘listening session’ to obtain patient perspectives ahead of developing and publishing their guidelines to drive health care policy as it relates to the CDC opioid guidelines and pain management for chronic pain patients.

This is an opportunity for pain patients to listen in and hear how others have intersected with the health care system, and to share their own experience via a web form.

The Academy is asking for stakeholders in the pain community to take part as new guidelines are being developed. I hope the community will take this chance to have its voice heard.

The event is on February 13th at 1:30 p.m. (Eastern Time).

For more information, click here.

Let us know if you are planning to attend and participate.

Another friend of ours, Mary Cremer from Missouri wanted to draw your attention to a video that the Conservative Cause of the State Senate released talking about why they oppose the PDMP, in fact they filibustered the PDMP last fall.

Here’s the video link.

If you haven’t read this piece from The Mighty last month, I highly recommend it. It’s written by Jonelle Elgaway. It’s entitled How It Feels to Be Force Tapered Off Pain Medication for Chronic Illness. It’s a good read.

Dan Laird, MD who is both a doctor and a lawyer asked an interesting question on Twitter recently.

“Will you vote in the 2020 elections? If so, how important is a candidate’s knowledge of chronic pain and his/ her willingness to defend access to safely prescribed opioids for patients who need them as a last resort for pain management?”

Not surprisingly, 92% said it was very important.

Now to get them to listen.

By the way, you can (and should) follow Dan on Twitter @DanLairdMD

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Authored by: Ed Coghlan

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More people might get involved if they didn’t get pissed about following links to questionnaires that can’t be found. Linda, how many of us mid 60 year olds do you think know how to use Xcel?


Since there is no opportunity to speak during the CDC event, what would be the point of going in person? Not trying to be difficult. Wanting to know if it would be worth the energy and difficulty to go. Will people in the audience matter or will completing the online question matter more?

Who is paying doctors kick backs to keep mg low? State, insurance who?

Cindy too

I just spent a lot of time filling out the info form for the National Academy of Medicine webinar, and have registered to “attend”. The form asks questions about people’s pain journeys.

I hope others will find the time and energy to provide their pain stories.

I didn’t realize doctors for getting Kickbacks for lowering the prescription under 90. Mg. Very interesting just the way to line the pockets again. Isn’t this a betrayal of the Hippocratic Oath? Kind of like a double whammy. Hippocratic Oath the betrayal. If there was a Hippocratic Oath now, it’s just called business. So they’re increasing the income for their business. What if chronic pain people quit coming in to see the doctor Does that receive pain medication then they do not get income either way. Not by you. Or your insurance Or their kickbacks? And yes. The pdmp It’s nothing more than surveillance. On chronic pain people as if we are criminals. I wish I could find that article where it refer to us as National Security enemies. I’ve never even broke the law. Now I’m on pdmp database for the most wanted criminals. I should say was bc i was abandon/blacklist bc i spoke up. Missouri people Know what’s right. Keep it going. Thank you for the doctors, senator’s. And pain leaders that spoke out about this.

Ed k

I live in the state of maine which has closed all pain clinics now have to travel to New Hampshire for pain meds . Hardly no doctors will prescribe they are all running scared. The dea chasing the wrong people ,people are still over dosing pop on fentanyl Meth all the illegal stuff it seems the dea cant stop it so run the doctors out and drive up doctors insurance which drives health care costs through the roof,never mind what happens to people like me 64. Degenerative disc spine injuries from a car crash,never mind what the V.A. Has done to me . Something needs to change .The USA is my home no compassion for the disabled and sick only scorn .Nothing new for our elected propaganda war on pain meds and leave the sick to suffer in pain and punish them to while narcan on every conner save the drug abuser nothin new in Maine same old failed policy cdc bend over grab both ears and pull . Thats what the di told us in boot camp.

Pamela Lee

I am amazed, no, shocked that 92% of our political candidates thought it was important that the chronic pain population have safe access obtaining opioids.
I wrote Sen. Markley of Oregon a letter about this topic. His return letter to me said ….. “thank you for your thoughts, …” then the rest of the letter chastised me that I should know how terrible the opioid epidemic is, and addiction starts with pain meds and escalates to harder illegal drugs.
No vote for this guy!!!


I have two health conditions that have no cure one of them is interstitial cystitis that causes non-stop Urological pelvic pain AKA painful bladder syndrome… how do we obtain consistent pain management Within the medical marijuana program?? You are not supposed to drive while under the influence of medical marijuana so you’re basically confined to your home 24/7 because it’s legal yet it’s illegal to consume edibles and drive… for almost 30 years I lived a somewhat normal life with my prescription opioids I was able to work and function like most people… now I’m a prisoner in my own home basically because as a senior citizen I’m scared to consume my medical marijuana edible because I’m afraid of legal ramifications if I chose to run to the store real quick… so how do we get consistent pain management within the medical marijuana field? I’ve tried marijuana I don’t like it I don’t want to take all that smoke into my lungs so I chose Edibles and tinctures… I tried kratom all it does is give me energy which isn’t bad but it does not help with my pain management not when you’ve been on opioids for years… so can someone please tell me if they are using medical marijuana products how do you regulate your pain? when on one end it’s legal and on the other one it’s not it’s very confusing .. thank you for readin

Tony hardy

Listening?? Ha what a joke, they don’t care, they know nothing about true chronic pain and everything that comes with it, the depression, the shame everyone puts in you, the isolation, the loneliness, the name calling, the look that pharmacist or other health professionals give you! They say they are listening but it truly means nothing with them taking no action, people can listen all day everyday but until they actually act thats the only thing that matters. Unfortunately chronic pain patients are shamed and punished because of the actions of others.

Linda Cheek

92% of the people responding to Dan’s question say that the election candidate’s knowledge on chronic pain is important. But we’ve only had 12 people volunteer to help with the Candidate questionnaire for the entire country. What’s wrong with this picture? If you want to help find out the candidates that are on our side, sign up to help with the questionnaire. You can find the information on the home page of, or on the Communication Campaign page.