To the Chronic Pain Community: THANK YOU!

To the Chronic Pain Community: THANK YOU!

Earlier this week, I received a heartfelt email from a reader in North Carolina whose doctor was out of the country and was having an impossible time getting a prescription filled—and she was scared.

I decided to publish the letter because I assumed the experiences of patients around the country might be instructive to this reader.

It was amazing.

Here’s the story: A Chronic Pain Patient Is Looking for an Answer: Do You Have One?

In particular, I invited you to read the comments section—

Later this week, I received an email from the reader (whose name I withheld at my discretion).

She wanted to say thank you:

Here’s what she said.

Dear Ed,

First of all, let me say THANK YOU, to you and the wonderful women and men who took the time and great effort to write in about my desperate need for information.

When you published my story and questions to you, and I first opened up the National Pain Report to see if anyone had written in with any ideas on what to do, I was blown away. I was curled up with my mouth hanging open. I could hardly believe what it actually looked like up there, how you wrote it and introduced it, and the fact that someone wrote in to offer their help with their comment!

And then tons of people, hurting and suffering, full of wisdom, full of tangible things said to me by your readers, phone numbers, email addresses, where to go and who to reach out to.

The initial wave that hit me, was the one of Love. When that happened, I knew that It and its contents were orchestrated by my Father in Heaven. He uses His people in magnificent ways and before I go any farther, I have to say - I give all the glory, thanks and praise to Him.

Each and every person who took the time to read and to comment and to post links, you are awesome to me!

I thank you from the bottom of my heart lot!

I was able to get a 2 weeks supply of my medicines from their doctor who initially refused me. I have no idea how or why she was suddenly able to do this, as she first told me my contract was unbreakable between me and my doctor who is out of country.

I do hope that many others were able to get great answers for themselves too, by reading all the wonderful comments!

God bless you all.

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Authored by: Ed Coghlan

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Angie H

Sorry you went through that and glad it got straightened out. Unfortunately alot of doctors are scared to write prescriptions for pain at all, even when they know it’s needed. The contracts signed for doctors are you will not get multiple doctors to write prescriptions for pain medications and will only stay in their office or the hospital contacts them when needed for additional treatment. With your doctor out of town he already made the arrangements for someone else to cover his patients and that intails writing prescriptions that are required. That doctor knew that and decided to play “god” in the worst way. Unfortunately it happens to often. Pharmacies are getting just as bad. I have had to switch pharmacy’s 3 times in a yr and a half because of refusals to fill them after filling them for mths and yrs.
Good luck and hope you have no more issues with this.


I’m so glad that it worked out for you. My doctor has been out of the office the past couple of weeks. I’m afraid to even ask for a refill of my pain medication with him being gone. I don’t think the other doctors that are there would fill it. Needless to say I’ve been not taking it very much and spending my days in bed. I hope he comes back soon.

McKenzie Deana

Dear Ed, I am so happy that someone was helped using this forum, the NPR!


This is the fear for all of us now that were targets of politicans and critics of opioid management. I have sever arthritis, both hips replaced, i had a stroke 3 years ago, lost my heating on left side, and now have sever pain on my left side. Since i need fusion surgery for my lumbar stenosis and cervical stenosis, i was thinking of having a pain pump installed until i could have these proceedures done. Not interested in SCS at all, too many complaints and serious injuries. Have tried all other injections and burns this just made pain worse. Has anyone tried a pain pump and what was your success with this procedure.xybgu

Wanita Umer

I think it is wonderful that you received 2 weeks worth or meds. I hope that you have no further issues.

Stacie Wagner

I’m so very glad to hear that you were able to get your medications. But please write letters to the doctor that refused to fill them and then to your own doctor. Perhaps it will prevent someone else having to go through the same fear and stress you did.
I really hope you stay stable in your treatment. Please take care and thank you for following up on your outcome. It’s appreciated by us all.

Debbie Nickels Heck, MD

I have to ask because I wrote the 1st letter with specific recommendations I felt you should take and why. Were my recommendations helpful? You can contact me at if you want & I’ll explain why I’m asking. I’m so happy the on call Dr came to his/her senses and did the right thing.

Thomas Wayne Kidd

God answers the prayers of His children. Hallelujah.


So glad it worked out.
I’d like to know exactly what that contract said.

I can’t imagine it said what the patient was told it said.
Especially given the change of heart.
If the contract truly prohibited an Rx by an alternate doc, then there could not have been an Rx in the end.
Also, state law would come into play.

This is just another example of squeaky wheel getting the grease. We must speak up for ourselves.

I’d like to see that contract printed here.
I was a contracts lawyer for decades before chronic pain caused me to stop working.
I’d like to see if it remotely said what the patient was told it said.

I also hope I remember to ask to see my contract at my next pain doc visit. Sounds like we all should get a copy of our contracts for our files, so we can’t be told a bunch of baloney.

And here’s a story about a similar situation :

A couple of years ago, I had to travel out of state for over a month for a family crisis, and so I needed a pain doc in my parents’ state to give me an Rx. (My own doc said he couldn’t give me extra to cover the trip or give me an Rx to fill out of state.)

It was hard to find someone in my parents’ state who agreed to see me, but I did, and my own doc sent my records to that doc, and I did get what I needed to be able to stay with my family and not cut my trip short. It took a lot of planning and a lot of work, but I managed to get what I needed.


How great that there was such a huge response! I didn’t read the post until later in the day and anything I would have suggested had already been put forth. There were certainly many good suggestions.

Why did the covering doctor change her position? In my experience few contracts are absolutely “unbreakable” if challenged. It’s possible that she (and her practice manager) didn’t like the idea that there might be adverse consequences for how care-LESS-ly you were treated in terms of negative publicity (maybe even critical media coverage) with a potential loss of patients and revenue. In today’s for-profit world, threatening the bottom line can be what it takes to garner attention and kick-start action.

You should never have been placed in that situation, and whatever the reason, I’m glad you were able to receive your medication. I hope your doctor will make better coverage arrangements before she goes on her next vacation.


Yes! Prayers work!!! Thank you Jesus for helping!

God Bless you too!


I wrote my congressman and said , he is pro zero opioid prescription, for his stance to mean anything to me to publicly sign a binding document that says regardless of circumstances, illness or accident, he or anyone in his family he had medicinal decision making for he sign a no opioid administer policy that blanket covers everything. If you are willing to sign that without any loophole AT ALL I will then and only then listen to your argument for no opioid under any circumstance. If you are not willing to sign that, so have no right representing me. I would like to see this option be presented to every state and federal legislator pledge a no opioid for themselves or their family they are obligated to make such decisions for. I have been passed from one doctor to the next because everyone is getting out of pain management. My current doctor said when I told him I was having new hip and leg pain, he said , without any MRI or x-rays) and SI joint injection would fix that right up . The whole encounter lasted less than 5 minutes. I found my self in the ER three days later , not for pain meds, I was hurting but strictly declined their offer of pain meds, but to find out what was causing this 10 out of ten pain, they referred me to a hip doctor who did a hip MRI and found a large hip labrum tear but the pain I was experiencing seems more than just a labrum tear, he sent me to a spinal surgeon ( one that I happen to have seen long ago) he ordered and lumbar MRI , the SI joint injection turned out to be 3 exploded Lumbar vertebrae with broken pieces migrated and wedged against my spinal cord, surgery is set for this Tuesday, all this and my pain doc said without an exam a shot of cortisone would fix me right up . We are not being treated right when we are scared to say we are in pain. Paint is a diagnostic tool not an excuse.

Walter Strickland

I am so glad for you.And yes, our Father in Heaven ,is the one who guided all of us to you and had the doctor have a change to deciding to write the prescription for you.I pray for the best for you and your upcoming surgery.God bless you and keep you safe and well.Thnaks and may God bless you all in the CPP Community.And we pray he will guide and protect us all.

Terri James

Dear. Ed, Thank you so much for choosing to help this lady as well as the rest of us day after day! Now a note to the woman who was in need.

Oh sweetheart, I’m so thankful our prayers were answered!!! God is still in the miracle business! Yes there are times I hurt so bad I could just cry but I still cling to my faith and know that He will never leave me nor forsake me. In the last year I’ve been through absolute hell on earth. I have also received downright miracles from our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ through my stream of tragedies, not just answered prayers.💞 Thank you so much for sharing your outcome with all of us. May God give you a safe surgery so that you may live to tell of His Love, His goodness and grace.💞

Janice Lacerenza

Awesome! God bless this woman & all of us thrown into this attack on our lifelines.
No one knows but us legitimate CHRONIC PAIN PATIENTS have gone through prior to being left w/opiate Pain Mgmt
as our only alternative. Years of surgeries, procedures,painful testing, ending up w/a diagnosis of “Failed; nothing more we can do for you…”
I was fortunate to be a “guinea pig” during the developement of Opiate Pain Mgmt. in the 80’s. At the time I was wheelchair bound at 22yrs old.
Within 2 month’s on strict regime of Percocet 10/325 4x’s/day I put my wheelchair away & have walked/led a tolerable productive life.
Then like overnight, BOOM…in January 2017 my meds cut in half & to top it off the obvious new pill formulation they’ve concocted behind our backs to fool us…what little I do get makes me sick, uneffective like sugar pills. This new formula MUST BE ADDRESSED & REMEDIED! They’re killing us off.

All in all, thankyou for you Ed & all for advocating for us.
We are now united as the “CPP ARMY!” & declare you Sir as our General. We must fight this battle together & WIN BACK OUR LIVES!


Thank God. We need to stick together. We can accomplish much much in our unity. Unity is stressing! I’m happy that our community was able to reach out to her and help her. A big thanks to Ed, he made this happen!

davidkenberg kenberg

I’m so happy for you that you got all your med’s.You are very welcome and keep in touch so we know how your making out after your surgery.I wish you all the luck in the world. I hope you get better soon.I will keep you in my thought’s and prayer’s.Be well my friend.Kimberly.

You’re blessed, but don’t let a two week supply make you complacent. Contracts are NOT unbreakable, they can be revised, alters, changed, etc., and it may not be an enforceable contract (a contract a court would uphold and enforce) due to the implied nature of the contract itself- providing you adequate pain medication. The substitute doctor is blowing smoke at you. Is he or she a contract attorney? Is she familiar with abuse laws? Is there a clause in the contract for the initial doctor’s vacation? If not, the DOCTOR has breached the contract …. and on and on.

The second doctor has abused you. It may be a crime in NC. Don’t let this happen again after two weeks. God is with you!

Gail Honadle

Tell me how I get my Dentist to under stand I’m Allergic to the denture material and sensitive to RED Food Dye? It’s officially known as Burning Mouth. He knows 0 about Autoimmunes, I’ve 4 of them. I’ve had the same dentist for 2 decades. Other than numbing issues no problems. Until the lower denture was a necessity due to FDA drug damage to the 10 remaining lower teeth made a lower denture a Necessity. I’m not, nor can afford implants.

Being a Autoimmune rejection and a small jaw make that non- feasible or affordable. I’m a Senior on Medicare/Tricare Life. What good does a denture do when it sits in the denture bath not in your mouth? No Chemical Allergist to be found to prove you are reacting to it, or the upper fillings from over a decade ago that have had to be filed down so the new lower denture would even fit in the jaw still are not down enough, or they are leaching chemicals into you system. Autoimmunes are notorious for med, chem, dye and smell reactions. This 1 lower denture has become as expensive as a full set. Besides the pulling of the 10 teeth, bone spurs had to be removed, and the Jaw Re-sculptured as it healed crooked. 9 months no lower teeth and now a denture that is NOT wearable.


God is good all the time! He has never failed me, nor ever left me.

Gail Honadle

We were glad to help in any way possible. Found many interesting answers for our selves included.

I have been trying to get Shannon MacLeod of Glace Bay, N.S. to send you his truly Appalling Nightmare story. But being stage 4 AA he hasn’t much energy. He has a store house of knowledge and the horror of NOT being able to find 1 doctor to treat him. He’s dying in Torture the level we’ve not seen since Vietnam or WW 2. It’s a complicated story, that needs to be written. It is truly hard to know this is how your life will end in Torture, no treatment.

Ed, maybe you can find him and at least listen to him. Be sure to ask about the Spine Simulator the scandal behind it, and the MRI for Hades he had to go through. It would be a major story. He is afraid the story is to complicated and rambles. Good writers and editors can fix that.

Glace Bay man with incurable condition can’t find a doctor

Michelle Ziemba

This is such great news! Great job to the reader for reaching out and to you, Ed, for reporting the story!


I go to a pain doctor and get the two prescriptions I have right now but one he will not write it for I have been to neurologist and rheumatologist while in the military and I had no problem for six years I was with one pain doctor come to find out he’s being investigated that’s hearsay so they required me to go to another pain doctor I have a lot of migraine headaches and the Air Force put me on phrenilin back in 1979 as a preventative for the bad migraines I was getting I was getting a Demerol shot every 3 weeks and that was not good for me so they came up with a preventative of phrenilin and no one will write it for me no one they will give me all this other garbage I’ve tried a lot of them and got deathly ill what works why not stay with it I haven’t had any migraines since 1979 up until January of this year 2019 please tell me what I can do because my PCP won’t write it my pain doctor won’t write it who do I see and what do I do if you have any suggestions please let me know I’m eating Tylenol like M&M’s and they’re not helping I would appreciate it if you could give me some information or what to do it’s a sin with the DEA is doing to us I am 68 years old and I know how to control my medications I’ve been doing it for so long and when I first started out with medications the Air Force and the public doctors help me also so you see I’ve had no overdoses no complications whatsoever so I would appreciate it if you could give me some help some way may God bless you and may God be with you always thank you Sheila G Gomez