TV Writer Learning About Chronic Pain?

TV Writer Learning About Chronic Pain?

Amy Holden Jones is a veteran television and movie writer. She co-wrote Beethoven (as a St. Bernard owner I have a soft spot for it) and Mystic Pizza.

What, you ask, is she doing in a chronic pain story?

This month, through Twitter, she inserted herself into the opioid debate when she wrote:

Twitter is currently flooded with what may or may not be doctors and patients defending opioids. Some are no doubt bots or paid by #pharma. Try truth.

As you might guess she quickly found out that there is a point of view in the opioid “debate” that a whole lot of people who are neither bots nor bought by the pharmaceutical company weighed in.

There were hundreds of replies…many outrages and far too many for us to list here.

Lelena and friend

One patient was our friend Lelena Peacock, who quite simply, let Ms. Jones have it. As she told us over the phone this week, “I was kind of fed up.” Here’s her Tweet “storm”.

My name is Lelena, & I’m a pain patient that happens to benefit from #OpioidAnalgesics.

Like other #PeopleInPain, I suffer under the tremendous, soul-crushing weight of #OpioidStigma & #PainStigma. I’m considered a FAILURE, & people like me are blamed for the #opioidcrisis.

Every day, the #stigma grows, like an aggressive #cancer.

I’m an outcast in my own country, & definitely discriminated against at hospitals, pharmacies, & doctor’s offices.

#Advocacy groups that speak for #PainPatients are being destroyed because of #OpioidHysteria.

My future is uncertain, like MILLIONS OF OTHERS who suffer silently. Will a new pain medication be unveiled soon? A morally acceptable form of #relief from the 24/7 agony I experience?

Will I be able to afford new drugs & treatments?

Or will I be sentenced to endure it alone?

Some of us have already paid the ultimate price.

How many more must die, ON BOTH SIDES, before we are willing to be HONEST about pain & #addiction?

There’s so much more to this story. It’s too nuanced for a platform like Twitter.

I hope & pray you’ll seek out the truth, & realize #PeopleInPain deserve a voice too.

The intensity of Lelana’s (and hundreds of other responses) caused Ms. Jones to tweet the following on July 23—three days after her original tweet.

I have said repeatedly here and elsewhere there are appropriate uses. Families whose loved ones OD’d are arguing for an end to irresponsible prescribing. It’s not controversial.

We’ve contacted Ms. Jones to see if she wants to do an interview. She currently is executive producer on a Fox TV Show Called The Resident

Perhaps her Twitter interaction will spur a curiosity and even an episode about chronic pain—a topic that is remarkably under covered in American media.

Here’s her Twitter Account:

Here’s Lelena Peacock’s Twitter Account:

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Authored by: Ed Coghlan

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Go after Kobluchar! she was the only one last night at the Dem debates who brought this to the fore; some story about a kid dying in her mother’s arms saying “it wasn’t my fault mommy!”
I was livid!
Addicts always try to blame someone else for their inability to drop the needle or whatever she was using or get help for it.
I don’t like Klobuchar anyway. She seems mean…and, even worse, average


It is not getting better. No one has changed anyone’s mind. It absolutely has to become a national debate about civil rights
So many people are not paying attention to the rights they continue to lose. The government amended the constitution to institute “prohibition” and had to repeal it. They had made it illegal to sell alcohol. What they are doing now is worse. It is individual human rights have been taken. They have already went after pharmacies and manufacturers. Think about this: they have not made prescribing illegal. Yet. I am betting that they will. They probably should make recreational opioids legal just as they have done with alcohol. We KNOW it is just as dangerous. More so when it comes to liver damage and drunk driving. MADD should stand for Mothers Against Dumb Doctors.




Amy… Ouch I had 7 surgeries 2 back 5 neck it’s chronic back I am sick of norco I want a non opioid ok melicam ok 3 days SWOLLEN face feet ECT ..i can’t take OTC but I do .. I am sick 9 year s nope won’t go higher Gd help me .ok I do take some OTC Advil works for me . oh well but not my stomach looking at another surgery nope I want therapy I attend a gym here in Chicago


I know that anyone who hasn’t suffered la good while in modert to sever chronic pain Will never know what they do by taking pain med’s from those who suffer, if presedint Trump suffered I assure you things would be different!, As goes for all the people who are running the FDA,CDC , most people have to pretend to be sick we have to pretend to be well,

Jennifer Reed

I relate to most of the comments here: being a very vocal advocate for a pain organization that left me with zero support & the backlash of my online presence has made it more difficult to get any health care & I stopped doing it 3 years ago. I’ve survived serious surgical mistakes, medication errors & forced withdrawal. For 30 years autoimmune diseases, emergency surgeries & anaphylactic shock, but getting Sepsis 3X in 4 months from delayed treatment, physicians errors & “lost” urine samples made the most deadly aneurysm type form inside the brain stem. I’ve been sick for my entire adult life & I’m suffering, home bound. I had Opioid Use Disorder added to my chart after my last palliative care appointment & I was never offered any help with my sudden Disorder as is the law in PA for addicts because my pharmacy records speak the truth. My insurance company made a deal with the big hospital system here to “stop the opioid epidemic”. I’ve said long ago that this is genocide. Ignore & punish the sickest of the sick, give VIP care to the healthy & wealthy.


Most people against opiates are no different than the rest of us. And they do believe human beings are better off without drugs.We could BE those people if we were always in perfect health.We are what we are because of our experience and bad luck. We have been changed, they have not. If we can put ourselves in their place we might figure out what it would take to change us. Myself? I am as stubborn as can be. Make me admit that we are in a Country with a right to whatever pain medication that works.

Ms.Jones is choosing to deal with Sheer ignorance. As a writer I am surprised she does. Perhaps she has seen too many overdoses in her business but we won’t stop expressing our concerns for our own CP Community! We are going nowhere world!
You go Lelena! Keep strong and fight the fight!

Alaine MacKenzie

Similar to Margie’s comment below, i believe this “frenzy” over opioids is a study in how people in general will “jump on the bandwagon” so to speak, in order to be on the “right” side of an issue. This is especially dangerous when it is people in media who can spread the “right” response like wildfire. When politicians also jump in, then policies are made which affect our rights - in this case, our right to take a legal pharmaceutical, legally and validly prescribed by a physician.

Then when people’s occupations are threatened by not getting on the “right” side - especially the doctors who prescribe for pain patients, that further complicates the matter to the point of shutting down the availability of a valid legal pharmaceutical to those who need it. And all because an idea was put out there and then perpetuated, mostly by the media. The first time i heard of the “opioid crisis” was in 2016 when Hillary Clinton made a big deal of it in one of the Democratic presidential candidate debates. It struck fear in my heart then, but i had NO idea how fast this would take off and how damaging it would be to valid recipients of prescription opioid eds.

This has similar connotations to what happened when Hitler’s regime declared war on the Jewish people - now the war has been declared on us, the legitimate recipients of opioid pain medications.

A major concern i have now is that doctors are refusing outright to see pain patients FOR ANY REASON. I live in a very rural area with a handful of clinics spread out over many, many miles. The closest clinic in my insurance network (a half hour drive) recently told me that the ONLY doctor in their clinic accepting new patients WILL NOT see pain patients.

This just feels to me like discrimination that is being sanctioned by the medical bureaucracy. This is WRONG!

Gail Honadle

I have Medicare/Tricare Life Physio is 13 weeks, it’s taken 2 yrs to Rehab my hand after Thumb surgery. What makes you think it hurts any less? What about the Mallets Index finger induce by to large a cast that crushed the wrist Nerves that already had Nephropathy in them? I’ve had to relearn to write, eat, and handle objects with a Frozen Thumb and Index finger on my Dominate hand. The pain never stops. The 2 screws I wasn’t scheduled to get froze the thumb, the to large cast damaged the Index Finger, fix another surgery WITH OUT PAIN MEDS. I can’t take Tylenol I’m already Stage 3 Kidney disease.

Ill educated Doctor who don’t discussed the possibility of screws, All I got it’s a simple Ligament repair and Trigger Lock Release, not 1 word about their might me a need for screws. You were warned about the Neuropathy and should have stuck with the Post surgery Short open Cast I could have used Ice on, instead of a hard cast over a foot long just to stabilize 1 thumb. Or the use of Fenatayl Citrate for Anesthesia. Cardio has that Black Listed. YOU didn’t READ that part. 3 days of 7.5 Mg NORCO was not enough to cover the 2 weeks of pain, or the Rehab pain. It never rehabbed in the 13 weeks allotted. It took 2 yrs of clumsy use of the Frozen Thumb and Index finger to learn to use a spoon to eat, and write my name. I had to do the rehab with No supervision. It’s still not 75% usable.

Gail Honadle

Amid Opioid Crisis at Home, U.S. Blows $50 Million on Leery Afghan Drug Treatment Programs - Judicial Watch

Bet there is a similar program in Iraq, WHY were the POPPY FIELDS NOT BURNED and Kept BURNED?


Reasoning with these people doesn’t work- Jones is beholden to her Illuminati globalist masters. She’s not allowed to engage in an open conversation. She would no longer get her mass media paycheck. She’s merely putting forth what she’s told to deliver. It’s so much bigger than this puppet. All about the de-population menu, and we’re on it!

Ellen Lenox Smith

The US Pain Foundation would also like to see her support and help to raise awareness and help stop this horror of judgment, lack of medications and loss of life due to negative attitudes and actions by others. Would love to connect with her


Just another close minded person who refuses to see the truth and believes all the media [edit]. Wonder if she’ll ever have to eat her words?

This TV writer needs to look at how intractable pain people are like the Jews. They were put on list to keep a record of them, they were mocked and then unwanted an outcast. Physicians decided which ones were worth living so they could work. Experimented on them, An ended in a concentration camp and finally tortured and murdered. Well all we’re lacking is for them to round us up in a camp and then murder us. But instead they just let us take ourselves out. Just like the Jews they had nowhere to go for help. The powers-that-be have intimidated and rounded up Physicians to get their point across so then just like the Jews the intractable pain people will not get the treatment that’s needed. Hitler used intimidation and there are people that followed him to enforce his ideology. The weird thing is Hitler was a addict. We have no other treatment that works. If a diabetic took too much insulin it would fry their brain or kill them one. If you took too much aspirin or NSAIDs that’ll kill you too. I don’t understand but they can’t make the comparisons.

I have been in pain but I’m not looking for pain medicine I want to have a stemlator

I’m not wanting to be in pain or say I need the pain meds I want back surgery I’ve suffered enough but I can’t pay 35.000 for surgery so my bed will have to help my pain mangment

Maybe we can get her to do a show about an innocent Dr getting raided with a squad of agents going in with automatic weapons and rounded up pts. Trying to fill a script at a pharmacy that’s profiling one who just left cancer treatment, etc, etc, yada.


Wait a minute! What happens on TV isn’t real life? All this time….

Great response Robert . I have been going to physical therapy & I have not gotten any better after surgery. The physician’s basically blame me. the physical therapist said it was an insertion at the tendon of the abductor that was inflamed. But that hasn’t gotten better. When things don’t get better then you become the problem. When in fact you were trying to get better & went through all thesurgery & therapy. It ended up when I brought up that the physical therapist keeps changing his mind on my diagnosis. He became mad & told me he has a doctorate & then I should not be self diagnosing. I didn’t bring up any diagnosis ,he did & I just got up & walked out bc I’m not going to be yelled at. I’m tired of the BS. I’m tired of being blamed for surgery that made my hip worse. I am so burnt out that I have physician traumatic stress disorder.. PTSD. I am tired of not sleeping, I’m tired of suffering, I am tired of trying to live. I am tired of being blamed 4 Physicians / therapist mistakes. This is what leads people to kill themselves or you street drugs.. I am totally an outcast only accepted if it makes money for the other person.

Stacie Wagner

Ms. Jones is lacking in any actual knowledge of what chronic pain does to a human being. Please know that physical dependency is not addiction! Addiction involves seeking dehaviors that include; but are not limited to, illegal use, stealing, lying and getting high off of the drug. Chronic pain patients (CPP) do not exhibit these behaviours. CPP need medications to treat their physical pain, it is not recreational, does not get us ‘high’ , we are not out committing crimes like bank robbery or stealung money our of other people’s purses to obtain opioids, we aren’t sharing or selling our opioids etc.
Ms. Jones is as ignorant as a person can be about the challenges that face CPP every single day. I have to talk myself out of death daily, my quality of life is non-existent, I fight the stupidity of people like her every month. If I were diabetic and required insulin I would not be called an insulin addict because of it. I require opioids because of pain, without opioids I am going to be dead, it’s that simple.
Please stop spreading your ignorance around Ms. Jones because people like me will be dead without proper treatment. You are contributing to the deaths of many but I’m not calling you a serial killer; or am I?!?

I have had several spinal surgeries in my life. I know the post operative pain and duration. 6 days is an incompetent joke. 2 to 3 months of pain medecine combined with physical therapy gave me the chance to recover and do physical work for over 30 years to support my family.
Until 7 years ago I was struck on a highway by 2 separate texting drivers while waiting for a red light. This left me in a wheelchair with inoperable lower spinal injuries. I live in constant Pain.
Was I a bad person for waiting for a red light? Because now everyone treats me that way?
Recently I had tests after not having function in my left arm and hand. The orthopaedic surgeon advised a radical surgery including cadaver bone and the fusing of 3 vertebra. I had a 2nd opinion, same diagnosis. This would be more painful than any spinal surgery I have had. I had a room mate my last surgery who had a similar surgery and awoke on a morphine pump still in pain. Now due to our NAZZI approach to pain patients as ” useless eaters”, they offer 6 day max pain medication following such an operation. I can’t even concieve of surviving the recovery, much less the operation.
This is inconceivable, like a sick form of medieval torture. I now have a living will. Sad because in 7 years I had worked so hard to get out of the wheelchair to walking with a cane even to working a light duty part time job. Now my abilities are slipping back losing all I had worked to achieve.
I am convinced this is a form of euthanasia. The government knows that most opoid deaths are from illegal opoids from China containing fentynal. Yet they do nothing to address the real cause.
When I see our young adults I am starting to see the hopeless faces of the people of East Berlin before the wall came down. Hopeless, they get educations and still can not survive in the overinflated world we live in.
Perhaps for the sake of the young the government should address why are young adults angry, violent, and suicidal? Hopelessness


There have been some opiod stories on series like Grey’s Anatomy, always in line with the propaganda.
If it’s Fox/Faux, they are not going to fund anti “Law & Order” or Prop(aganda) which helps control/divide the citizens.
By the way, whatever happened to the good ol’ Repub/libertarian mantra of personal responsibility? Is that only for the sick and disabled now?

These people who have “lost” loved ones to the fabled glow of opiates, usually heroin and fentanyl, sure seem to want a nanny state to take care of their loser kids at great cost to the rest of us and them ( they just don’t know it yet). Why does their personal experience trump mine? and are they happy with our current police state violating the constitutional right to privacy in our persons papers and affects?

I know it’s all very tragic when someone dies from street purchased pill mils, but those are GONE and it WAS a choice.
Our desperate need for pain relief is not a choice

Hayden Hamby Jr.

I am just trying to keep from being incarcerated! My “voice” to all the agencies I have e-mailed, called, and written letters to, especially my state medical board DON”T want the “hear” the truth about what damage and death the CDC “guideline” , “adopted” by every state medical board has caused and will CONTINUE to cause. One tiny voice like mine is accomplishing nothing but getting me into hot water. NO, I am not a physician, an attorney or a writer, and especially not an “expert” but, practicality, evidence based results should count for something. I do know with 25 years of experience from using opiate medication that it DOES “enable” the human being to be the best we can with pain generating disease, injury, and surgeon/doctor FORGIVEN screw ups. It seems that forceful “loud” advocating only gets the “small people” in trouble. perhaps one day the outrage, the suffering, the unnecessary suffering of the millions of people that use opiate medication “AS DIRECTED” will be heard…….by someone!


I’ve never been on Twitter, and dont’ understand all the # symbols throughout the tweet cited in today’s column.
Can someone please explain them to me?


I have emailed the NPR morning show “1A”, which spends one hour per topic, asking them to do a show about chronic pain patients — especially since they keep doing shows on the opioid epidemic, and people like us are barely mentioned in one footnote at the end of each show — although once I managed to send an email during one of the epidemic shows and it was read on air — read, quickly acknowledged that we exist, and then back to the epidemic of abusers.

I want a show where the epidemic is a footnote and we get the hour.

I encourage everyone reading this to contact 1A, and other shows, to make us their topic.

1A’s email address is :


No one hates this phoney “opiate crisis” than me. However people do make up stories for sympathy, attention, and to ctitize government. (They get that right). If it helps the cause, good.Jones, like all celebrities should stay out Eric Bolling got “air time” blaming opioids for his sons death and probably contributed to more suicides from “cut off” pain patients. He wants to feel better about his own poor parenting. All these celebrities should get pounded by mail and get back on TV to save lives. We didn’t kill your kid, you did.

Amy Holden Jones displays the Ransberger Pivot in her response and performs it badly. Done correctly, the maneuver is to hear the problem and then point to a better solution. Her handpicked team of screenwriters are focused on a bunch of conspiracy theories relating to medicine. Her heroes are a group of students and residents who lead a revolution against the hospital and university where they study. Since this is leftwing neo-McCarthyism she’s peddling, there’s zero room for actual facts. Which is why the CIA hired a former poetry editor named JJ Angleton to run counterintelligence, and avoided ideological bias and crazy commie hunts. Jones never met a profit motive she trusted, and being a Hollywood producer she’s profit driven herself. Hence her obsession with crackpot conspiracy theories.

Like “The Manchurian Candidate” pointed out 60 years ago, demagogues who throw conspiracy theories around, can be partners in real conspiracies, or unwitting dupes in them.

Jones’ inability to comprehend facts is reminiscent of a young George C Wallace who just didn’t see racism as harming anyone who mattered, and then pivoted to pose as a supporter of law and order. When Arthur Bremer made him a chronic pain patient, Wallace finally had some clue about what the beating victims at Selma endured, and his rhetoric toned down appreciably.

He had to suffer the daily pain that a person whose skull had been bashed with a nightstick felt, in order to see that the Selma protesters were people too, and their lives mattered.

What will teach Jones that our lives matter?

Alice La Plume

Lelena you are absolutely right . its gotten so bad i am disgusted with the way people are treated by there lack of knowledge and the lack of care. All our rights as US citizens have been violated. Because of bad or evil influance. we suffer and have no choice to live like this because of lack of responsibilty of this government and lack of caring. I myself have said things but the rebuke from these people are absolutely on call for. Thanks for trying your best i have and now suffer from scorn and carelessness.

mitchell wall

Try truth ? Here’s the truth. It’s called a choice. People choose to abuse opioids, alcohol, every other drug in existence. Is it sad that even ONE person loses their life to drugs or alcohol ? Absolutely ! The problem is, every time we hear about someone overdosing, people instantly think prescription meds. They lump every single instance together, then ignore heroin, fentanyl and every other drug abused and only focus on prescription meds. This causes knee jerk reactions that ultimately effect the individuals who rely on prescription meds to enable them to try to simply make it thru one more day. It’s an absolute disgrace that honest, decent people are suffering needlessly, simply because some people choose to abuse.

Jesse Lynn

Ms Jones keep up the good fight. I am just one of many who feel stigmatized by the opioid crisis. I am waiting for approval for a spine stimulator otherwise my surgeon would be more than happy to perform another back fusion on me ( I had my first one five years ago which was a total failure and which also led to a stroke which dramatically changed my life. I do not want the second back surgery and have hopes the HF10 stimulator will provide some relief.. My pain management doctor retired and the new one promptly said in a loud voice he only prescribed pain meds for people dying and cancer patients and left.
I went out in my own and for a pain Dr who is helping me although with very low doses of opioids I know he is playing it safe because they are under fire also) my condition continues to degenerate and the pain worsens lately now aggressively to my pelvis and hip region constantly. I took a new script to my Walgreens pharmacy and they are now treating me as an addict.
Only through this pain report have I found a voice and am fighting back.
Keep up the good fight

Thank you

Debbie Nickels Heck, MD

These people outside medicine or who are involved in the party use of opioids obtained illegally that have been written legally disgust me as they do others in need of pain relief now struggling to obtain it. Go back to writing your fiction where it belongs: on movie and TV screens, on topics about which you actually have knowledge. You DO NOT have accurate knowledge on pain relief meds and needs.

Margot Van Auken

Ignorance and lacking empathy for people in chronic pain. Yet another that sits in judgement. I understand both sides of the matter as I have an addicted grown child and it’s too is a horrible situation. But, what is needed is more affordable or free access to rehab/treatment for them if they want it before it kills them. But most are dealing with street level illegally obtained and illegal drugs like heroin, meth, fentanyl, and pills. These are the overdoses. Please stop judging and hurting people in chronic pain that have been managing with their own doctors. Stop attacking the doctors that care for us and turning them away from helping for fear of being prosecuted for treating and managing their patients. Stay out of our healthcare and stop criticizing us. Walk in our shoes and then tell us to suffer. Shame on you - all government and individuals involved. When we turn on each other, mind others business and sit in judgement - what horrible times we live in. I’m praying for all to change but I’m praying the most for the sick and chronic pain patients. I don’t “social media” or “Twitter” etc or I’d post this on there. Just my two cents, for what it’s worth…

Alan dean Thurman

remove the people who are responsible for suffering of 50 million people. no more debates, no more studies, no more test, no more wasted time at physical therapists, doctor offices, or any other place where you can’t get your medical needs taken care. starting in 2020 we vote out every person who makes any decisions on our medications. that’s my message Because we have tried their way for the last three years. we are goi g to vote them out before one other pain patient takes their own life. remove the people who have caused us so much pain. no negotiations with them they have to go. that’s my message vote them out of control. vote people in who have had the pain medication taken away, never no more will we have to suffer while they cone up with another plan that doesn’t work, causes us to loose more and we are not going away, we are getting rid of those who have failed us. 50 million voters that’s enough to make anyone we choose president of the united states. we have only one issue nothing else matters when your the one being held down by pain.