U.S. Pain Foundation Conducting Survey on Chronic Pain

U.S. Pain Foundation Conducting Survey on Chronic Pain

September is Pain Awareness Month and the country’s largest patient advocacy organization for the pain community wants to hear what you think about pain.

Health Union, LLC is partnering with the U.S. Pain Foundation to conduct the Chronic Pain in America 2019 survey to get a better understanding of how people with chronic health conditions experience pain, how they navigate healthcare systems, and their experiences managing and treating chronic pain. This survey may take 15 - 20 minutes to complete

To take the survey, go here.

Please note that you do not have to take the survey all at once. Feel free to bookmark the survey in your Internet browser and return when you are able. You will resume where you left off.

All survey responses become property of Health Union, LLC, and are kept completely anonymous, confidential, and reported in total (your specific responses will not be reported individually).

The National Pain Report strongly believes that the voice of the chronic pain patient is too often not heard, so we encourage to take the survey.

We will report on results once they are tabulated.

Occasionally people ask us at the National Pain Report why we promote these types of surveys.

One simply reason: knowledge is power.

Surveys like this help raise awareness of what chronic pain patients are going through and can help inform public policy makers, providers and the general public of the unique challenges of living with chronic illness.

It’s also why we encourage you to comment on our stories, those comments are being read. To get the pain story out, it needs to be told repeatedly by chronic pain patients, their families and providers.

The U.S. Pain Foundation is dedicated to serving the 50 million Americans who live in chronic pain through free programs and services.

We urge you to take the survey.

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Authored by: Ed Coghlan

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Jeanne Aguilar

I want the government to stay out of my drs office. The DEA needs to go after the cartels and drug dealers. The Congress needs to pass legislation to help CPP instead of hurting us.

J. A.

What good is knowledge when power to make decisions regarding my own pain issues is denied. Year after year.
Regulatory agencies MAKE the RULES which is definitely overreach.
It is truely an abuse of power. CPP’S CONTINUE TO BE VICTIMIZED.

Thomas Kidd

Knowledge is power and many times people use knowledge to fight against those who are in need of empathy and compassion. Evil has brought this suffering upon the innocent people who have caused the illegal drug problem, yet we are punished for nothing we have done. In the 1920’s Prohibition was brought about by pure ignorance. This is, I believe and planned effort fueled by greed! Anyone who would actually study and understand that what is called Democracy today is a form of delusional ideas that only benefits the rich and powerful in our country. Behind all the suffering which has happened there is an evil wicked plan this has been working behind the scenes for most of our history. People have been deceived into thinking nothing like this could ever happen here, but my dear friends is happening and will become worse. When any people or nation looses it moral compass it will only end in the death of millions. William Penn made this true statement: 1681-“If you are not governed by God, you will be ruled by tyrant.” But people just refuse to study and know our history. Our nation has not been a Christian nation for many years. From Harry Truman: 1946- “If men and nations would but live by the precepts of the ancient prophets and the teachings of the Sermon on the Mount, problems which now seem so difficult would soon disappear…. Oh, for an Isaiah or a St. Paul to reawaken a sick world to its moral responsibilities.” Think about this was in 1946! The sad thing is that we still have the warnings from Isaiah and Paul, but these Holy and right ways have systematically been cast aside and now we are reaping that which we have sown. These words will for the most part fall on deft ears. Our Republic is no more, whether people accept it or not. Wake up, Wake up! Seek the True and Living God while there is yet time.

Thank you Ed. I did the survery. Th only question that disturbed me was about ‘are you dependent/addicted to pain meds. I didn’t answer that one! I don’t like how they lumped the 2 together. There is a huge difference between the two! That needs to change for sure! I have been on pain meds for 15 yrs. I sincerely feel that if I did not have pain that I would not need another pill and that I would not go through a heavy withdrawal. Also, I have had the DNA for addiction testing about 7 yrs ago through my old pain management doc office. It showed that I am not capable of becoming addicted to opioids. I don’t mean to sound ignorant to the fact that my brain is dependent on the meds but… doctors and researchers need to realize that our PAIN and the MED go hand in hand for a reaction. No pain, no reaction.

I think you have a great idea Ed. I admit I didn’t like or go for the April fool’s day thing, but this is different and I like the awareness month. I so hoped my operation worked, but 9 months later and still in pain. I live in pain 24/7, I have no quality of life anymore. I’ll take the survey. Thank you for being here for all the people living in pain. Maybe everyone together can make a difference. I hate these codes to put in too post.


I refuse to participate in a survey that is not going to change anything. Just as many patients suffering with chronic diseases that progressively grow worse with age, already know that hundreds of years of studying and developing treatments has already presented truths of the daily lives of patients trying to cope with pain. If training and certifying physicians is not enough, then what have we been subjecting ourselves to. I am not addicted, never have been and never will become addicted to anything. A need for pain medicine is not an addiction. Everyone supporting the Death Squad is equally guilty as a murder. When the medical community sees patients as criminals, they are no longer physicians but have become executioners. I truly don’t even want to imagine what they are doing to patients in nursing homes, who is even checking on them?

Autumn Gabriel

Thank You, Mr. Coghlan for giving me the opportunity to participate in this survey. Had you not written about this, I’d never have known about it. You do a great service for the pain community & I appreciate your advocacy & experience! Whenever I do get a chance, try to answer most pain surveys. One day perhaps our government will realize what horror they have inflicted upon millions of legitimate chronic pain patients! Don’t Punish Pain!


Thank you for sharing this survey. I submitted my response. I’m not optimistic that it will help us, but maybe it will. I hope so. I agree with Lisa’s comment about addiction/dependence. They are NOT the same, and one would hope that a survey such as this would recognize the inaccuracy and potential damage of combining the two terms.

Good luck! I don’t think anyone in the government cares, they see us as they see us. Writing letters, phone, calls survey after survey & years after years have now passed all for what? It reminds me of when Democrat Hillary Clinton referring to the Republicans as deplorables, what do the Republicans see the Democrats as? Therefore what do they see people that have chronic pain that mostly have government insurance as? Have both parties become so self-righteous an indignant to the needs of the people they’re supposed to serve? When both parties run even if they don’t make it in office gain thousands of dollars & better careers. When Obama went in the white house he still was in debt & had student loans & now that he’s out he’s buying a multimillion-dollar compound. He contributes less than 1% to the humanitarian, where Oprah Winfrey contributes 4%. At least President Trump is not asking for salary even if he’s asking for donations. But once you become a member of Congress you receive benefits that Federal Gov subsidized has 72% of the premium cost. https://www.snopes.com >fact checks>politics
We the People, yeah right. Home of the free land of the Brave? The brave Mr. Rose (Vet) cannot receive the medical care that he needs nor will a judge listen to him or a senator that he fought for their right to stand there & judge. Another survey will fix everything. LOL


Just took the survey. I feel it had great questions.

Gail Kazmer

I strongly agree with Lisa Osbirne. Thank you, Lisa

Thomas Kidd

We appreciate what you are trying to do but please try and help as much as possible. Putting dependence and addiction together says there is no difference. There is great difference.

Thomas Kidd

I to think the part about dependence/addiction should clarified. Dependence and addiction are two separate things. I am not an addict and this will only make an already terrible thing being done to the sick and dying worse. Please reissue the survey with this clarification. Thank you.


I took the survey and found it to be limiting. Most if not all questions ask what you didn’t do, did or still do. Which is not always the answer. When you say yes I used to do that.. They don’t take into account that you are no longer taking the drugs by choice. That you were forced to taper off the drugs because they were no longer offered. I think the survey will be used just like the CDC stats. Misinterpreted and coming to the wrong conclusions…..

Leslie Keyes

Bravo, Lisa Osborne. You just saved me time as I would’ve backed out upon approaching that question. Of course, my time’s incidental to the harm such a question creates-and that harm’s not merely potential: it’s a given, a certainty.

Good work.


I just took the survey. Looking forward to results. One question involved if dependence/addiction have been experienced. These should be separate options to check and not just the one! It makes them equal thus the same.


The dependance/ addiction caught me just slightly off guard at first. But because this survey is for CPP’s and we already know the distinction between dependence/addiction, I don’t see an issue with this one. I get why you are angered though!

Thank you for sending along the survey. It does take a while to complete but I must say, I rather enjoyed taking this one! It was easy, and I just liked the way it was set up!

davidkenberg kenberg

Thank-you as well.Please take this survey!!

Reginald Huber

In 2016 there was 68000 people that died over opiates that’s not just pain medication that’s opiates and 2016 also 88,000 people died over alcohol why is our pain medication being attacked and not the alcohol . We need our pain medication to treat pain I don’t drink alcohol only body I know that needs alcohol is alcoholics and politicians. the truth is alcohol is a killer the politicians nice to banned alcohol and leave our pain medication alone but I understand where they’re looking at their making tax money on the alcohol and not the pain medication it’s costing them to give us the pain relief.

David Harville

I agree with Lisa Osborn


Until they fix or change the “Survey” regarding the ‘dependence/addiction’ - I for one, am not interested in completing this survey. Why should we give the mostly ignorant bureaucrats more fuel? ANYONE with, or treating CPPs knows that we use pain medicine as a last resort after trying all other recommended CP methods. We DO NOT take our medicine for a “high” - we take it so we can move & pretend to be normal for awhile. That’s it. Our bodies become tolerant over time, simply because our brains create more pain receptors.
I would be happy to take a survey that is not leading or biased. Thank you Lusa Osborne!

David W Cole

Thank you for sharing this survey.

Nancy Courtney M.A.

I wanted to take the survey as a family member advocate of my son and daughter who have chronic pain due to late stage Lyme Disease. I have much experience about what they have been through and continue to go through but the survey rejected me as I do not have chronic pain.

Lisa Osborne

In the study, one of the options for things the survey-taker has experienced from meds lists a choice as “dependence/addiction”. Is this survey bias or ignorance? It made me angry. We make a distinction between physical dependence due to the changes our body makes and the withdrawal we have if the med is denied VS craving and obsessing over a med while using it to get high, which is addiction. Not only do I think a survey of this nature would see the distinction, but this survey bias is now going to misrepresent dependence with addiction, AGAIN. This stigma toward med users is something we deal with constantly. More concerning is that by linking the two conditions this survey just adds to the [edit] research that fuels policies and political action that harms pain patients. At the very least, that response should be removed from the survey. Whatever data that question represents will be incorrect and negatively skewed.