U.S. Pain Foundation Opioid-Induced Constipation Survey

U.S. Pain Foundation Opioid-Induced Constipation Survey

Dear pain warriors,

U.S. Pain Foundation is constantly looking for ways to improve patient care and treatment options. We know one way to make a significant impact is through research, studies, and sharing patient perspectives.

Today, we are asking those taking pain medications and suffering from constipation to complete a quick 18-question survey. The data and feedback collected from the Opioid-Induced Constipation Survey will help physicians better understand the needs and hardships of patients suffering from OIC.
The survey is completely anonymous, and information shared is strictly confidential. The goal is to improve patient care, and hopefully relieve pain caused from opioid-induced constipation in the future.
We thank you for your time and honesty. The patient voice is vital to creating positive change for the pain community. Thank you for helping us further understand your experiences on issues impacting your health.
Wishing you high spirits and low pain,
Paul Gileno
U.S. Pain Foundation President and Founder

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Authored by: Paul Gileno

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Thank you Lee….thanks for expressing your care, means something to me.


Survey is inactive.
My answer is no, I have not expierenced constipation.
Although my aunt who eats quite a bit of McDonalds suffers from chronic constipation as well consuming enormous toxins.
I have, on plenty of occasions reccomended to her that she take magnesium and it works wonders.


I also tried to do the survey, it’s inactive. I can’t understand why they’d ask then close it within a day or 2. I’ve been suffering from OIC for yrs now, not a good feeling. Was on Movantik and had a serious reaction to it. If they’d still like info ask them to put a link that is still taking folks info.

Linda my heart hurts to hear what you’re going thru daily. It baffles me that they’d let a government decide what a Dr who has gone to school to know make decisions across the board like we all suffer the same pain at the same levels. I’ve been dealing with chronic pain since the Navy did 2 surgeries on me in ’85 &’86. They can’t be held accountable, sadly. It changed my life since age 24. To think that there is indeed better ways to control pain meds to end those that will abuse any meds, so those of us who use them correctly can continue to use them and not be treated like we are drug abusers. It’s a small percentage of drug abusers that are being blown up in the news and in DC. Leave medicine to drs and let them deal with issues more pressing. The fact that many who abuse get them illegally and thru channels that seem to be endless in their supplies. Just leave those of us who do as we’re asked by our pain management drs alone and don’t try to pretend you know one ounce of the hell we face on a daily basis. Sorry. Got off topic.


I tried but the survey is inactive. I don’t suffer constipation. I take my regular meds in the morning and include an equate gel stool softener. That’s my daily regular meds. My pain meds are on a totally different schedule. Every six hours around the clock. For a side note- the pain meds effectiveness have run out of gas for the most part at 4 hours, so those last 2 hours are awful. There is no comfortable way to sit, lay, or stand so my body twists in much to much pain for 2 ½ hours 4 times a day. Nobody cares who has the power to have an ounce of mercy on me.
I have learned much about pain. I’ve learned how much it’s misunderstood by non severe pain sufferers. There’s pain that you can take something for and get relief of some sort in short order. But then there is the super severe pain that you not only get, but that you have to bear for a long period of time. The kind that makes you cry out loud and twist your body in - then have to have it for quite a while. That pain changes into a “session”, and that’s where it is so unjust to let a human being be and stay in that condition.

Okay, enough of my rant. My time of reprieve is too short! Thanks my friends here. I love being a part of this group!

Louis Ogden

I took the survey; however, I have resolved my constipation problems with a small, daily dose of Miralax. The survey really does not speak to those that have solved this problem.

Actually wth the government withholding & drastically reducing the much needed opiates to function we may all b wearing diapers due to lack of mobility & energy to get to the bathroom lol

Im sorry guess i cant help u on that. I never had constipation taking pain meds. Ive heard of it i think taking the pain meds sometimes we get pain to stop we get excited an dont drink water as much yes then constipated that happened to my husband and few in family but not me i had my husband try drink more water go back to eating cereal he was eating and it worked so no not nessasarily the meds its the poor diet

Sandy Auriene Sullivan


I have never suffered opioid induced constipation. But do have ulcerative colitis and when meds are at the correct levels; my body goes ‘normally’ - daily - without issue or flare. Since reductions have started and not yet complete; by the time I am at the magical 90MME amount I will be hospitalized for a colitis flare and swelling. It’s started now with a 40mg reduction in oxycodone [which isn’t comparable to morphine the same….90mg morphine knocks me out not help function!] by blowing my stomach up. Im losing weight when they are worrying about the loss; I’m going from chronic to terminal. No OIC - ever and survey completed.

[I find the adverts embarrassing as people assume everyone on meds are full of sh*t and our meds are not legally allowed to be advertised either!! ]