US begins National Fire Safety Week - video

US begins National Fire Safety Week

This week is National Fire Safety Week in the United States. It started on October 3rd and will end on October 9th. This will be the 88th year of Fire Safety Week, which aims to save lives by teaching people fire safety prevention.

The American Red Cross urges everybody to use smoke alarms to protect their homes by installing one. If you have one installed, be sure to check the maintenance and update it by checking the batteries.

A smoke alarm should be on every level of a home and inside sleeping areas like bedrooms. Batteries should be replaced once a year and once a month test the smoke alarm by pushing the test button.

Photo image by RickM2007 via Flickr

Here are some tips on how to take care of your smoke alarm:

  • Keep it clean from dust by using a hand vacuum over it regularly
  • Do not paint over it
  • Do not disable because it keeps going off in the kitchen. Just move it further away
  • Teach children what it sounds like and what to do if it goes off

Twice a year, families should practice their fire escape plan. The family needs to know two escape routes for every room in the house. Also, teach the family where to meet outside, so everyone can be accounted for.

Other fire safety tips include:

  • If cooking anything on a stove that is greasy, do not leave the kitchen
  • Keep heating sources three feet away from cooking or use a space heater
  • Always keep all lighter, matches, and lighter fluid away from children and pets
  • If a fire happens, get out quick and call for help.
  • If you cannot get out, use your second escape route out of the room. If all else fails, get down as low as possible, cover your mouth and crawl through the smoke to the exit or way out of the house.
  • If there is a door in your way while escaping, always feel it with your hand before opening. If the door is already warm or burns you, do not open the door, the fire will kill you! Find another way out.
  • And if you cannot escape, keep the door closed, and wave a piece of clothing or anything at a window to show those outside that someone is trapped in the house and needs help.

Authored by: Staff