US Pain to Slow Down In-Person Meetings

US Pain to Slow Down In-Person Meetings

This is a note sent by the US Pain Foundation to its thousands of followers. It’s important and worthy of sending to all who are patient/pain advocates.

In light of concerns surrounding COVID-19, U.S. Pain Foundation is putting a temporary hold on in-person events and programs, including support group meetings, our upcoming Advocacy Summit, and our spring Pediatric Pain Warrior Retreat.

Fortunately, much of our programming is offered remotely and will continue as normal. For example, we will continue to offer our five monthly Pain Connection Live support group calls. These calls are led by trained leaders and follow a traditional support group format-but you can participate from the comfort of home. We also have a free webinar on Tuesday at 1 pm EST, “Getting the most out of PT: Secrets from a physical therapist.”

The safety of our community, who could be at increased risk of serious COVID-19 illness because of underlying health conditions, is our primary concern. We will continue to monitor the situation and respond accordingly.

What you should know about COVID-19

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the vast majority of COVID-19 cases are mild. However, older people and people with underlying chronic conditions are at higher risk of developing more serious COVID-19 illness.

The CDC suggests that these two populations take special precautions.

Special precautions for those at higher risk

It is important to note that the disease can be spread even before a person is visibly sick, which is why precautions for vulnerable populations are important. Special precautions suggested by the CDC for vulnerable populations include:

Stocking up on supplies, like food and medication.

Taking everyday precautions to keep space between yourself and others.

When out in public, keeping away from others who are sick, limiting close contact and washing your hands often.

Avoiding crowds as much as possible.

Avoiding cruise travel and non-essential air travel.

During a COVID-19 outbreak in your community, staying home as much as possible to further reduce your risk of being exposed.

Signs and symptoms of illness

According to the CDC, here is what to watch for as far as symptoms and emergency warning signs.

Pay attention for potential COVID-19 symptoms including, fever, cough, and shortness of breath. If you feel like you are developing symptoms, call your doctor.

If you develop emergency warning signs for COVID-19 get medical attention immediately. In adults, emergency warning signs* include:

Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath

Persistent pain or pressure in the chest

New confusion or inability to arouse

Bluish lips or face

Please consult your medical provider for any other symptoms that are severe or concerning.

Stay safe!

Please note that the majority of the information we have shared in this email comes directly from the CDC website, which has a number of helpful resources, including more tips for preventing the spread of illness. We also encourage you to check the CDC website for the most up-to-date information as the situation evolves.

We will continue to provide updates as necessary, and will inform you once U.S. Pain events and programming are back to normal schedules.

Pain warriors already know what it takes to be strong in difficult situations. But please be extra careful for the time being, especially if you have special risk factors.

Image courtesy of CDC Public Health Image Library

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Thomas Wayne Kidd

There’s going to be more deaths because of this virus and the government and doctors will use this to deny more people their needed pain medications. We are in dire straits and no one gives a damn. This virus came because of our government’s evil policy against people suffering in daily chronic pain. The doctors and elected officials just may be getting their judgment because of what they have brought upon the sick and dying. Friends we haven’t seen nothing yet. I understand that this sounds gloom and doom but people cannot avoid the consequences of reaping from their evil wicked sowing. Our President has deceived us greatly in what he did in the first month after being elected. Many people think they can get away after causing such horrible suffering and death. In have tried on several occasions to contact my state representatives and state Senators but they have ignored my efforts as they have many others. We have found that we don’t matter. I cannot ever vote again it’s a futile thing to think these people actually care. I have placed myself in the hands of my Creator. I would reccomend that others do the same.


Jeffery: I’m so sorry. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I’m so glad you have a relationship with God, for His grace shall bring you peace. He will let you stay with us for as long as He can but He needs you too.

And you’re right, people need to calm down. More people die from heart disease on a daily basis. Were not quarantining any of them!

Cindy: would our doctors take our word that we, as CPPs, are sick?

Pretty sure my doc would need me to go to PCP to get proof, there by negating the “stay home if you sick” recommedation.


How absurd. We are dying. We have nothing to lose unless you want to see paradise sooner.

Lisa Radulovich

How can I find out if there is a group or some kind of support in the city where I live?

Jeffrey Sampson

Honestly speaking people need to calm down and act like they have a damn brain in their heads. This is not the first virus to hit the world and sure as hell won’t be the last human beings, animals and plants along with every other life form will go on to live for long to come.
Everyone must understand if its your time mine or anyone else’s time to die nothing can or will stop it not now not ever.
If you don’t believe in God or not connected to God this is an absolutely great time to do the best you can to go sit somewhere preferably in a dark quiet room if your like me and in pain from hell doing this exercise isn’t easy but it can be done talk to God and listen most of all listen leave your eyes closed and imagine the most beautiful light ever with the most beautiful and calming music imaginable it ,ay take you a few times but I promise this will work it will help you connect to God in a new way that just may change your life. I am well aware some maybe even most may say or I am full of crap but really I am not, I suffer very bad just like many of you. I am dying which I learned a little over a year ago they told me then I have one to three years just depends on the disease and when it decides to finish the job. I have an incurable disease Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis of the lungs. I have suffered from severe back and leg and other parts of my body since early childhood which much of it I blame on severe child abuse, yet I very strongly believe in God and very thankfully have no fear of death of any kind whatsoever.
Now you know a very small part of my story and why I believe everyone can find God and his ever lasting love for each and everyone of us. So please let God into your heart forever no matter how much difficulty or how hard it may be.

Cindy too

I’m writing about the effect of coronavirus on CPP’s and on our docs.

We can’t miss our monthly pain appts if we want our Rx’s. This means that we’ll go to the appts even if we’re sick, as long as we’re able to move — so, risking contaminating staff and other patients, who then may contaminate more people.

And, there may be more drug shortages.

Govt wants us to keep extra food, etc, — including a minimum 30 day supply of all Rxs — which is impossible to do for opioids. (plus ever since 9/11, govt has said to do this, but it’s still impossible for opioid patients)

So, I’ve written this info to my state bd of medicine and state and fed legislators, and my county commissioner, asking them to:

“….. during this crisis,it would help if CPP’s: (1) could get larger Rx’s, and (2) could fill new Rx’s sooner than the current Day 29, and (3) would not have to go in person to pain docs each month if sick, but still be able to get Rx’s.”

(Day 29 is the magic day in my state)

I also wrote that —

If there are shortages of opioids which people in horrible and endless pain truly need to survive, then, aside from the unbearable pain they would face without their Rx’s, the sudden loss of these meds could bring on sudden death.

I cited 2 articles about sudden death brought on by sudden cessation of opioids, and wrote the articles’ Conclusions in my letter in addition to giving the links.

Here are the links:

I urge people to write similar letters to their legislators on every level, and bds of medicine, and any other agency/person they can think of.

Thomas Wayne Kidd

The Recommendations on opioid medications and prescribing is what I meant. Thanks.

Thomas Wayne Kidd

Is there a website where the CDC Recommendations can be discussed?

Thomas Wayne Kidd

Thanks very much for this information.


As a chronic pain patient in San Antonio Texas, where we are flying some quarantined in, I laughed out loud when it was suggested that people “stock up” on medication. Yeah, right. IF the government would actually make an exception and IF the doctor would actually prescribe it and IF you talked your insurance into actually paying for a portion of it and IF you found a pharmacy that would actually fill it, you would then face a shortage in medications making sure you would not actually get it anyway. And then your doctor would be red flagged as “overprescribing”, thereby shutting your doctor down and we would be screwed for medication we couldn’t actually get anyway.

The only thing I laughed harder at was when President Trump said he was working on loans for small businesses to pay for employee sick time! As common sense should tell us that if a small business owner can’t afford to offer its employees paid sick time before COVID19 how the heck are they going to pay back a loan?

Sorry for the rant but its hard to be surrounded by idiots whose college degrees did not include Common Sense 101.

Cary Cassell

So, you can send your entire company or family to get drug tested and get results ASAP but you cannot get COVID 19 tested to save your life literally. People like me with four out of five conditions which pre-dispose is to viral infection now must go to the dr office three or four more times than we used to to get our pain medicine than we used to. It’s no longer just a travel inconvenience now we are putting ourselves and fellow citizens at potential risk of catching or spreading a virus, the CDC guidelines shoved down our throats are now EVEN more life threatening than they used to be. Maybe we should congregate in public now at government offices to protest our treatment from the CDC the last five or six years.
You think it’s just a coincidence the CDC can’t get corona virus tests for the American public but they sure were good at meddling in dr patients decisions with medical decisions about what and how much pain medicine you could get when they should have been doing their main job of dealing with communicable diseases. I think the current lack of needed virus tests is DIRECTLY linked to the CDC meddling in and promoting their opioid crisis while the real crisis was growing around the world the whole time . It is a matter of misplaced priorities. We’ve been discriminated against, and now it literally is a matter of life and death .Think they will listen now? Please feel free to share my post everywhere.

Gail Honadle

Is society so dumb it is not aware a cough sneeze travels 6-8 feet, lands on those germ catchers in doctor’s offices called Magazines, throw them away, better yet burn them. The face mask is a joke, your eyes will catch the germs. Wash your hands, one of the first things I learned as a child. Yet we have feces and urine soak streets in San Francisco. Please wash them DAILY. 2 yr olds are not old enough to be taught the simple Don’t touch eyes, nose, mouth. Cover a Cough. Dispose of tissue properly. Do you know the signs of Dehydration in a baby, adult, elderly or autoimmune patients. IV’s have been in short supply since 2013 when Hospitals Jacked up the price of a simple bottle of Saline to $400-700 a unit. Best store long term items like pasta, beans, rice, know how to make biscuits from scratch with powdered buttermilk, soda, salt and flour. Have a full supply of your meds, and OTC flu meds, Tylenol, adult and Child. Children are NOT to be given the other OTC’s. Know alternative ways to clean. Have pet food an Meds for 60 days at least. Quarantine and cleanliness is the only way to stop what has become a Bioweapon. because we have Idiots like Naomi Campbell has to show she can get on a plane in full hasmet gear, and jet off to a high comtation area. Quarantine her 90 days before she gets Hasmet to decomminate her and her luggage. Bet that Hazmat suit came off once thee camera was off. Quarantine yourself to your city, county, State and Country! The only way the Bubonic Plague was curved which killed 40-60 Million people in 2 yrs was QUARANTINE, CLEANLINESS, AND QUICK DISPOSAL BY BURNING THE DEAD. A WAKE IS NOT WORTH SPREADING THIS CORONAVIRUS. YOU ARE JUST FEEDING THIS BIOWEAPON.

…because the CDC is trustworthy.