Victims of paedophile priests appeal to Pope Benedict

Victims of paedophile priests appeal to Pope Benedict

Victims of sex abuse by Roman Catholic priests have held a candlelight procession in Rome to bring attention to their suffering.

They also want the United Nations to declare child abuse a crime against humanity and are calling on the Pope to act more decisively against perpetrators of abuse.

Italian paramilitary police blocked a boulevard leading to the Vatican to prevent the march reaching the Holy See.

Protesters from at least 12 countries took part in the march and are asking the Vatican to publish the names of abusers.

One of the organisers, David Furdon, says victims simply want more effective action by Pope Benedict against sex offenders.

“I’m not sure he’s fully aware of how this cancer, if I can use that term, has affected us,” he said.

The Pope apologises all over the world but he doesn’t do anything about it, Mr Furdon added.

The protesters wore white and held candles as they marched along a street leading to the Vatican. However, they were blocked from entering Saint Peter’s Square (pictured, above).

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