What Does the Federal Government Need to Hear From the Chronic Pain Community?

What Does the Federal Government Need to Hear From the Chronic Pain Community?

The U.S. Pain Foundation is encouraging its pain warriors to comment—They need to know what you think by Friday.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has opened a Request for Information (RFI) to solicit input into the development of an Action Plan on the opioid crisis and the treatment of acute and chronic pain, as mandated in the SUPPORT Act.

Comments should be submitted electronically to PainandSUDTreatment@cms.hhs.gov by 5 pm EST on Oct. 11.

Even if you are not on Medicare or Medicaid, keep in mind that CMS’s policies are highly influential and can lead the way for changes to private insurance, said Cindy Steinberg, who runs Policy & Advocacy for the U.S. Pain Foundation. “I urge you to take advantage of this opportunity to speak up about pain at the federal level.”

The National Pain Report hopes you do!

Questions on Acute and Chronic Pain:

1. What actions can CMS take to enhance access to appropriate care for acute and/or chronic pain in Medicare and Medicaid, including

    a. For special populations (for example, individuals with sickle cell anemia or individuals living in health professional shortage areas) and/or
    b. Through remote patient monitoring, telehealth, and other telecommunications technologies?

2. What, if any, payment and coverage policies under Medicare and/or Medicaid for the treatment of acute and/or chronic pain, do you believe, may have contributed to the use of opioids? If answering this question, please provide information on how these policies have contributed.

3. What, if any, payment and coverage policies in Medicare and/or Medicaid have enhanced or impeded access to non-opioid treatment of acute and/or chronic pain?

4. What evidence-based treatments, Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved evidence-based medical devices, applications, and/or services and items for the following conditions are not covered, or have limited coverage for Medicare beneficiaries with

    a. Acute and/or chronic pain;
    b. Pain and behavioral health needs requiring integrated care across pain management and substance use disorder (SUDs), with consideration of high-risk patients (i.e. multiple medications, suicide risk)?

5. What payment and service delivery models, such as those that utilize multimodal and multi-disciplinary approaches to effectively manage acute and chronic pain and minimize the risk of opioid misuse and OUD, could be tested by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation or through other federal demonstration projects?

    a. What existing models, treatments or strategies identify and effectively manage the population of individuals misusing prescription opioids or using illicit opioids who then develop new or exacerbating pain?

6. What can CMS do to better ensure appropriate care management for Medicare beneficiaries with pain who transition across settings, and/or between pain therapies?

7. How can Medicare and Medicaid data collection for acute and chronic pain better support coverage, payment, treatment, access policies, and ongoing monitoring?

8. What other issues should CMS consider improving coverage and payment policies in Medicare and Medicaid to enhance access to and effective management of beneficiaries with acute and/or chronic pain?

We hope you participate to expand the voice of the chronic pain community.

Let us know what you told the Feds.

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Authored by: Ed Coghlan

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I keep reading how those trying to help us who live with chronic pain for our words. I don’t know how to express it. I cannot even walk especially first thing in the morning, when I have to hold onto anything just to stand because my pain is so severe. After taking care of my house, yard and rescued pets by nightfall I cannot even find a way to lay down to sleep because I can’t find any position that I don’t hurt. I don’t know who or where to turn to. Go to the ER and the comments…”druggie” and have been accused of the same thing from Walgreens pharmacist…actually saying aloud..drug addict. Yet no one asks me what’s wrong. My story is sad, refuse surgery because I’ve been told I’d have a 50% chance of ending in a wheel chair. My damage is severe. Please tell me what to do…who to contact. I have written to my politicians but never receive a comment back. As for the opioid crisis… the only crisis is not getting the medicines that would allow me to live. As for family, I have no one. And yes I feel angry, almost hatred for those in the DEA, CDC and anyone else who has no idea what it’s like to walk in my body.

I believe that unchaining the doctors hands and letting them practice medicine again, also get rid of these cash cow pain management centers is the answer. The DEA still will as always need to watch dog for bad doctors, and doctors will still need to protect themselves by monitoring their patients for substance abusers that are drug seeking and this is nothing new. I don’t think that Pharmacist’s should be able to say when a doctor, for instance ,writes for a lower dose of a medication, that they won’t refill the medication if the dosage isincreased. That’s prescribing, and a Pharmacist cannot prescribe. Go back to the original way pain was treated….. INDIVIDUALLY, BECAUSE EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT FROM EVERYONE ELSE. Putting asquare peg in a round hole won’t fit. It never has and never will…

regina wagner

I think people like me that been down every Avenue from pain clinic. MENTAL health for 28 yrs of being treated need to get the dam government put of our treat.ent that r Drs r doing that helps us have a life cause 28 yrs ago I wonder what kind of life I was going to have it didnt look good because of pain medicine I was able to raise my son and take care of my sick husband I thought God how am I going to do this then my Drs sent me to a pain clinic and with treatment and pain medicine I had a life again had it not been for that I’d never have had any kind of life


Anyone notice that the questions above are STILL following the effing FALSE prescription drugs currently causing the SUD??? How many people need to die of ILLICIT/ILLEGAL DRUGS B4 you go after the real current culprits, black market dealers!

Answering the above with anything but “Get the hell out of my doc appts, stop limiting manufacture of legally prescribed drugs, and GO find out how the illicit fentanyl and carfentanyl are coming through by searching shipping containers!!” is USELESS!

Let our DOCTORS prescribe, and stop PRETENDING you have a license to practice medicine!! The docs know how to screen for SUD now, pill counts, unexpected UDS done at a clinic close to home within 24 hours will do it.

If people have a legitimate condition known to be painful, and dx’d by tests, let the doc decide tx. The questions asked above are only meant to push the false narrative that there are other treatments other than opioids proven to help severe chronic pain! All docs know that the problem was caused by docs being taught to care about pain, but then it got taken too far, and then the false narrative that Oxy was not addictive pushed it past the point of sanity. Stop scaring our docs, give us our meds back, STOP the DEA from harming docs and their pt’s! Dethrone the DEA!

I so easily saw behind the questions asked.They have zero intention of ever giving us the meds needed so we no longer have to live in bed, fighting the urge to take our own lives, as life has zero interest when pain rules every thought. There ARE ZERO alternative tx’s that work for all, why can’t they get that!?!?

My doc hopes that some in congress will see what chronic pain does to a family, but I countered that anyone in congress will get whatever they need due to who they are, so the same rules do not apply to lawmakes and family!

So angry!!!

Michael Potter

I am completely against decreasing manufacturing of pain control meds !
I am in the hospital often with kidney stones and bulging discs that are giving me problems and blood clots in my lungs I often need pain control and have trouble getting it.

Lisa Cobbs-Potter

My husband is in constant pain. This lowering of manufacturing drugs that our country needs is beyond foolish. Chronic pain is real whether they want to believe it or not. Every single person is just one surgery, accident, cancer diagnosis away from needing pain control. The way pain patients and other chronically ill patients are being treated is inhumane.

Veteran, hurt on job. Crushed between trucks and more. Central Fl out of Kadian pain med.
Doctor says take the opioids and do NOT rock the Boat!
No questions about different meds. or treatment/ except Physical Therapy.
You have two Years of Nightmare medical stuff and then spend 12 years in wheelchair and
then tell me about Your pain level! Government is supposed to help not hurt!
You may see the problem, but you are making it worse.
Not Better.
Please listen to Doctors and patients.
The numbers are clear it is 97% illegal
drugs, not medicine, that KILL.
I would prefer medicine over illegal drugs.
Thank you for letting me share this with ALL.
Thomas W. Sampson.


How many times do I have to say the same thing? I’m weary of all of it. So much has already been said and they want another form filled out? What exactly don’t “they” get? Damage already done. Isn’t that enough in itself?

Theresa L. Negrete

I don’t think they will ever do the right thing! They will keep all of us in pain until death. Who does this affect, older people, chronically sick people and more. We cost to much $$$$$$$. This seems to be the U.S. version of Nazi Gas Chambers! However, we have to live longer with it!

Thomas Shutt

So tired of regulation, lies, the word OPIOID in general, as my health deteriorates further and further due to lessoned mobility from medication tapering that has me taking a dosage of meds 1/10 of original. Laying awake in relentless aggravating pain and agony all night until sheer exhaustion makes me pass out only to be awakened by a muscle spasm or ailing joints screaming for relief only to realize it is hours until I can take any meds for fear of running short at months end. My undertreated pain gives me a lot of awake time harboring resentment and bad thoughts , constant pain can have a way of hijacking your mind , utterly thinking about it continuously as it consumes your life. The constant blame being put on prescription medication for the “opioid crisis” when on plain sight you can see it is illeagal fentanyl causing the of deaths , this hurts more as you hear the rhetoric of The DEA , CDC, and profiting carpet baggers such as Andrew Kolodny and others, and the pain ravishes on ,day after day, minute by minute, second to second, there are at least 50 million of us suffering why don’t we have a voice? I have so much more to say but the pain in my arthritic wrist is preventing me from doing so. And I wonder if it’s from permanent damage from less mobility or just relentless agony from pain.


I believe Medicare will be cutting access to opioids. in 2018, they announced plans to limit coverage for opioids and said they would be doing this within three years. seniors are not considered smart enough of responsible enough to decide if they need opioids, or sleeping pills, or anxiety meds…..so the govt will do this for us. aint it great????


I’m afraid to leave any comments anywhere. How do I know there won’t be any retribution. That the DEA won’t come after me or my Dr. I’ve been one of the few lucky ones to still get my meds and have a good Dr. I’ve had problems with pharmacies dropping me and my insurance co. not wanting to pay but that’s small compared to what others have suffered I know. But the way things are in this country, I could lose it all just like everyone else. The media won’t dig into the truth about opiods because they all want to cover the lunacy in the White House. They don’t care about millions of veterans/CPPs suffering and dying everyday. They’d rather brainwash the public that pain meds will kill you and those who take them are all addicts.They report the junk science and that’s it.It is alarming to me the lies people will believe about politics, life saving drugs and any number of things these days. God help us all.

Patricia Hubert

Please consider that people with chronic pain who have been prescribed opioid medication do so at their own peril because there is nothing else to help control the terrible pain they feel. They do not do this lightly and if their doctor has placed them on a regimen which includes opioids it is their right to obtain their medication. No person or organization has the right to prevent this by placing restrictions on prescribers. Since the recognition of the “opioid crisis” and the report issued in March 2016 there has been a misunderstanding and miscarriage of justice toward people who need their pain medication. They are not the people who are abusing the opioids; it is the people who have elected to take these medications for an entirely different reason-to get high. These people are also ill, but with substance abuse disorder. They need to be able to get treatment for this and funds need to be appropriated for this. But critical issue is to separate the two groups of people and treat them differently since their problems are quite different. Please leave the prescribing to the health care providers educated and licensed and experienced enough to know the difference.
Thank you,
Patricia Hubert, DNP, RN, APN, PNP,

kim mccracken

Leave our health issues to the doctors and there patients . Chronic pain is exhausting . Without pain medication you are taking away the only thing that gives us quality of life. The only other options out there are surgery , Injections , and Physical therapy and none of this works for people like us . It would be nice if you allowed other options like Disco Gel i hear that people in other countries have had good results from this non invasive treatment in other countries . open back surgeries only cause more problems and damage your nerves . Our Govt . needs to worry about Govt issues and Healthcare between patient and doctor is not your business , you didn’t go to medical school and you shouldn’t have a say in our treatment when you get better healthcare then most American’s . maybe if you had to have our insurance and see the doctors we are stuck with since you started meddling in things you don’t understand, then maybe you would realize its not your job to tell us we can’t have the only thing that gives us relief and allows us to get through our day .

Pamela Osburn

People who have used these opiets for many years need to be simply taken off .this new wave of not helping people in pain your causeing more suicides!!! By hurting long time cronic pain patients

Dianne Long

Oddly, I am not a chronic pain patient. I am a patient who has already had all of the surgery she is ever going to have. I have bad knees that I am told should be replaced, but I also have CHF. The choice is always with the patient because they need my consent. I will not give it. I do have widespread arthritis affecting my back, knees, and shoulders. Yes, my arthritis can tell me when the weather is changing. When my pain level is high enough to interfere with my daily activities, I take one tablet of Tramadol 50 mg. If the pain occurs at night, then I might take two, but that depends on the level of pain. My doctors do not see me as a suicide risk. They do not see me as an abuser of my pain medications.

I am covered under Medicare A & B as the primary carrier and Tricare For Life as my secondary carrier, which also provide my prescription coverage. I cannot afford to pay out of pocket to cover the “gap” in Medicare Part D.

What really bites is the presumption by the FDA and CDC that nearly everyone using any sort of pain medication is going to abuse it. I am sure that there are doctors who over prescribe. There are also patients who don’t use their medications as prescribed. What will it take for the two agencies who started this fiasco to understand that pain patients are not looking for a “fox”? I am sure that most of us wish there was a way to fix the problems causing the pain.

The government is paying for Narcan for addicts who overdose on illegal drugs, but those of us who do need pain medications cannot get a prescription for a 10 day supply? What is needed is a return to the time when the doctor made the decisions regarding pain medication and the government minded how the criminals associated with illicit drugs.

Please wake up ad smell the coffee (or tea).

David Wester

they need to understand what they do to us in chronic pain who hurt 24/7 365 for 14yrs
mine is a combo of disc that are two low to the sac spine L3S and L4S C2 C3 C5
C7 was removed and fused from a hit and run truck driver. I had to have part hysto and cyst pocs plus nerve damage in my pubic S a which allows you to walk run climb sit stand ect with no pain or in my case every step I take meaning I cant work sleep much or be active.
the only thing that knocks the pain down enough just to watch tv without feeling I cant even sit and tv show or read a book without pain shouting hey I HURT
PAIN CLINCS treat us like we are criminals pee in a cup for 14yrs never failed once yet we get told well your primary doc gives you 3mg a day of klonopin for panic attacks we can no longer let you take a medication you have been on for 22yrs
the opiate crisis is out of control and people in real chronic pain are paying the price they profit from our pain and don’t care we are just cannon fodder. the CDC DEA AND PAIN CLINCS WILL have blood on their hands when they keep pushing people in pain to a dark place of no help. people cant live in this much pain heart attacks strokes ect will take place it is a fact that PAIN makes your BP skyrocket.



Dave 2

Leave the States and their Medical Boards alone.

I see more of it is about how they can save money. Where are the real questions to answer? How about not making people go through the same dangerous treatments over & over & surgeries, sometimes all that don’t work? Where is the monetary savings anywhere in that? Some of us have done what was asked & required & when it didn’t work, resigned ourselves to what did work - opiods. It’s dangerous having invasive things done to your spine such as injections. Why would I willingly go through it again if it didn’t work the first second & third injection? Why take the unnecessary risk of ending up in worse pain? Every time I have had surgery of any kind I am left in pain, something that the surgery was supposed to help? I’m not worried about how they can save money. I already know. They just don’t want to hear it.

I talked to CMS yesterday on the phone asking about how can I go about getting a second opinion since I have a failed surgery. The girl seemed Clueless and had to go to a screen and read what it said and then I said what exactly what does that mean and she cannot even explain it. So what good does it do talking to CMS about treatments for intractable pain when all they know how to do is just read a paragraph and they themselves don’t even understand the paragraph. It’s like talking to the empty hole.

I commented with co-author Andrea Trescot, MD. She is Board Certified in Anesthesiology, Critical Care, Pain Management and Addictionology. She is past president of the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians (ASIPP),


(a) The present US public health crisis in opioid addiction and mortality are sourced almost entirely from illegal street drugs, not medical exposure to prescriptions. Any Action Plan to prevent opioid addiction will fail spectacularly and expensively if based on the mythology that physician over-prescribing is a primary vector or cause of this crisis. This mythology is conclusively contradicted by 20+ years of published CDC data on opioid prescribing, overdose mortality, and demographics.

(b) Best medical practice for treatment of acute and chronic pain will rely centrally upon opioid pain relievers for the foreseeable future, given that there are no verified safe and effective alternatives for moderate to severe pain. The March 2016 CDC Guidelines on prescription of opioids to adults with chronic pain have been repudiated by the American Medical Association. These Guidelines offer no useful guidance on dose levels or duration and should not be referenced by the Action Plan. Likewise, professional associations representing over half of all US healthcare providers and students have called for the removal of law enforcement from interference with evidence based treatment.

(c) Elements of the Action Plan which promote access to Medication Assisted Treatment must also address a broader context of harms reduction, without which MAT cannot be effective. This context must include diversion of non-violent drug offenders out of the criminal justice system, community-based counseling, safe/sober and affordable housing, job training, workforce development and preventative education. Many elements of this context will and must cross inter-Departmental organization lines.

I thought they already had!
If not yet, then when?
Hell yes they do!
I don’t think I’ve ever of such a silly thing to ask.
Sorry not sorry, I’m at a loss of anyone to properly treat me, no one listens. I have a cool NP at my GMD. But lately bc I’ve asked for some extra help, I get nothing but excuses.


It’s not just opioids: What doctors want you to know about benzos

https://www.cnn.com/2019/10/04/health/benzodiazepines-this-is-life-with-lisa-ling/index.html found this on CNN website I use Valium for severe spasms are they going to take that away also so tired of all this misinformation


The pain community should NOT have to solve the addiction crisis

Max Beichert

Feds want our comments by Friday? This Friday (that’s “nuts”)? So, how long ago did they ask (just wondering)?


I have been in chronic pain since 2013 and have not been prescribed any medication to elevate my pain. I believe I have been given sugar pills. I do not have a desire to abuse any medication. My desires are to be able to function daily without pain, so that I can provide for my family. Instead, I go to work in pain and get accused of having a bad attitude. Any time a discussion regarding medication is had with pain management, the next sentence is about opioid abuse. If you have concerns, do blood test and urine screens to determine who is abusing the medication. Meanwhile, people like me are in distress and our state does not authorize the use of alternative medication (medicinal marijuana) that has been helping others in other states.

I have had epidurals, radioablation, aquatic therapy, and a lot of muscle relaxers that do not help. What can middle age individuals do for pain relieve after 6 years of chronic pain?

It is not possible for anyone without a mental disability, unable to comprehend the English language to need more feedback on this subject…. in a few decades society will hear about the intentional suffering this government, its agencies and most of the medical professionals have intentionally forced chronic pain patients to live and die with. When the older generation has died off from the hastened death that pain is creating right now and the past four years, the suicides and those of us forced to go to street drugs ...then society "might" get an insight as to what the REAL reason is for the CHOICE that is been made for the past four years and continues to make to allow SO MUCH SUFFERING. They are making money or saving money by ending our lives. And if that is not the "real reason" they do not have the interest or time or humanity to give a [edit] because they will always have their pain medication and they are far too consumed fighting over which party is superior to the point that they are telling agencies, CDC, DEA, etc. to take care of these little problems. If there was a country wanting to attack the United States, they may never have a better opportunity given this government is completely consumed with "right fighting" each other. Our VETERANS are NOT being heard, after in youth they gave their ALL and now their discarded and taking their lives. If they are not being heard, their suicides being ignored...we dont stand a chance. This is ONLY my opinion, but I give you ALL credit for continuing to fight to be heard and I pray I am wrong. Now I have to give ALL my time to dealing with the side effects of another new drug we human guinea pigs have been prescribed until it is out of my system while trying to sell my belongings online to survive. Those of you who have law schools in their states might try to interest them in trying to make history for themselves and getting free media attention for the schools to take on this genocide.


We need our pain as the 5th vital sign, Transparency between everybody involved that a one size fits does not work. Better access for citizens of the U.S.A. that requires opiate pain medicine at higher doses, will have access they need to substain a quality of life and that will enable those still working continue working. Revise an open nation wide alert that cdc guidlines are not ment for specialist.

Don Prue

What will it take to implement change for pain control? It seems like everything needs to be said has been said. How many more suicides will it take to open the eyes of decision makers who [apparently] aren’t dealing with chronic pain.
There are some significant side effects that come with perpetual pain which include a monumental sleep deficit, anxiety, anger and damaged personal relationships.
The facts are out there and yet we still have to keep kissing butts by begging and pleading for treatment reform.
I’m beginning to believe no one really gives a damn as long as the problem doesn’t affect the elite decision makers.

Deborah M Babcock

First of all. It’s very hard to find a Dr. Most are nurse practitioners if your on Medicaid or Medicare! Also when you mention the word pain the atmosphere in the room changes abruptly! You are treated like an addict if narcotic pain medicine is what truly helps you! I have liver and kidney issues so I shouldn’t even be taking ibuprofen or tylenol of which neither one works on my pain anyway. Animals at the veterinary office get better treatment ! The thing is that there are people out there recieving pain medication that dont really need it then there’s US ! We need it and can’t get it.. mine was abruptly taken away years ago when another dr took over for mine and then also proceeded to kick me out of the office there and get me banned from seeing any other dr in that group. All for missing a couple of appointments! I had 30 pills a month. It was efficient for me as I didnt have to take them every day only when really needed ! Now I can’t find a dr who will even listen to me!! All of these Doctors have taken an oath to first not cause harm or let people suffer ! Well pain patients are suffering! Drug addicts will always find a way to get their next high or fix or whatever! As long as there are addicts there will be overdoses on something! As long as our government keeps furnishing free housing free food stamps that can be turned to cash then there will always be a problem. Drug test people before giving low income housing and food stamps!! While there are US the people who pay their Bill’s every month and can barely scrape up food money!! Stop treating us like wild animals. I live in chronic widespread pain every day of my life as some days are worse than others! I have severe migraines which run in our family, buldging disks in my lower back, bursitis in my hips,terrible ABS that causes lots of pain in stomach,restless leg syndrome,diabetes nerve pains, my whole electrical system feels like it’s on fire at night when trying to rest. Very painful. ! My muscles a


Society has turned its head and a forgotten leaving needless suffering


For a moment I thought I was the only one who couldn’t find the question about “proper access to opioid medication”.

The questions listed above can only be answered by individuals who have been denied a specific non opioid treatment for their specific ailment.

While I believe some conditions can benefit from alternative treatments (and/or opioids combined with alternative treatments) the majority of chronic pain suffers only benefit from opioids.

I have had RDS/CRPS for over 14 years. In the very beginning I truly believed that I could find a cure and go back to my normal life. I was extremely adverse to “drugs”. I wiped out a 401k plan, sold all my stocks and liquidated my retirement plan account only to find that there was no cure and EVERY treatment I underwent caused my condition to worsen and spread. In the end opioids were the only thing that helped.

I have done the following alternative treatments:
Acupuncture, aqua therapy, physical therapy, sand therapy, 3 dorsal column stimulator trials, magnet therapy, TENS therapy, distraction theory, pyschotherapy, hypnotherapy, injections, massage therapy, touch therapy, meditation and even paid to have my nerve system “reset” from the waist down. I ended up broke, in worse pain and having to rely on opioids so that I can bear to put on clothes and shoes.

If Medicare wants to pay for alternative treatments (which I think is a waste of money) then fine. But do not require all of us to undergo additional torture when our current pain plan is working. Do not use alternative treatments as an excuse to deny patients pain relief.


I’ve been in Chronic Pain for 13 years now. I’ve seen every size of needles used, every surgery that can be performed by most doctors and I still live in pain most humans couldn’t imagine. If it wasn’t for one doctors mistake….. I use doctor term very lightly. I won’t use his name….ok Dr. Mobley in Lone Tree Colorado nicked my nerve with his scalpo, I wish he would of nicked his carotid artery instead of my L5 but that didn’t happen. Of course he put me on Lyrica and said it wouldn’t last more than a couple months but I’m going on 13 years.
What the FDA needs to do to help, is watch out for the doctors that seem to change their lifestyles, control their prescription outtakes, back ally drug dealers…..and the police know who they are,or their afraid to go back to these dangerous areas.
The FDA needs to do their due diligence along with other law enforcement agencies and do what their training makes them experts. I’m sick and tired reading what these agencies are doing today everyday and keep their heads out of their asses.Come on people its not that hard to tell the difference from the kids getting a buzz from their parents medicine cabinets, the druggies that spend $20 a pill or whatever they charge, to the doctors that names come up after the patient’s tell the law enforcers the names given to them after they wake up from their drug induced comas.
Then leave the chronic pain patients alone that do the right thing to try to live after doctors failed surgeries. I could go on, but the agencies involved are already over reading the first sentence.. So why continue to waste our time when we have a President like Kim Jung Ung. (Sp) but don’t care to learn to spell that losers name.

Gail Honadle

First they need to learn the difference in PAIN meanings. Most of us are past Chronic, we are Intractable Pain a subset of Chronic. Nothing but a Narcotic Pain Med will alleviate the pain. We can’t do PT, Yoga. Any of the other [edit] walk in the park, listen to music. Is Snake Oil. Most of us can’t take OTC pain meds, 1 they don’t work, 2 they aggravate existing health conditions.

Why doesn’t my PCP talk with my Neurologist, ENDO, and Cardio to coordinate my care? There computers don’t even talk to each other.

Vicky Hamilton

CMS such a huge site. Have any link to where we can post comments, hoping to not lose our pain meds, so we can still function?