What the Federal Government isn’t Telling You About the “Opioid Crisis”

What the Federal Government isn’t Telling You About the “Opioid Crisis”

By Donna Gregory Burch.

The U.S. government loves to play the blame game. According to officials, the rise in the use of heroin and the increase in deaths due to drug overdoses are the direct result of the so-called “opioid crisis.” A few days ago, President Donald Trump announced the problem has become so great that it’s a “national emergency.”

The irony is that while the government keeps pressuring physicians to stop prescribing opioids for chronic pain, they are concurrently turning a blind eye to the ever-growing poppy industry in Afghanistan that has flooded American streets with heroin in recent years.

Donna Gregory Burch

No, this isn’t some conspiracy theory, and no, it’s not fake news. Our government’s complacency (or its intentional participation, depending on who you ask) in the heroin trade has been documented by numerous sources in both the mainstream and alternative media. In fact, our military even guards the poppy fields. Don’t believe it? Then watch this video.

A May 2012 article from the New York Times (NYT) reads, “In the Zhare district of Kandahar Province, ground zero for the Obama administration’s troop surge in 2010, poppy was everywhere as the harvest approached this year. It encircled the American and Afghan army outposts that dot the landscape. It grew knee-high in fields owned by members of village militias raised by American forces to fight off the Taliban.”

In this same article, the NYT reports how Zhare’s governor pleaded with military forces to destroy local poppy crops.

Their response?

“Going after it, it just pokes the beehive,” said Maj. Gen. James L. Huggins Jr., the commander of NATO forces in southern Afghanistan. The United States and its allies prefer to focus on interdiction at the trafficking stage of the trade,” read the NYT article.

Well, if that’s indeed true, they are failing miserably - but more on that later! First, a little history…

Afghanistan’s poppy production accounts for more than 90 percent of all heroin worldwide, according to National Public Radio. Most people would probably assume the Taliban is solely responsible for Afghanistan’s biggest cash crop, but the truth is much darker and more complicated. The U.S. occupation of Afghanistan has directly led to a surge in poppy production, and subsequently, to a rise in heroin addiction and deaths in our nation.

Statistics from the United Nations back this up: In 2000, prior to the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan, the Taliban banned poppy cultivation for religious reasons. In fact, they were so successful at decimating the poppy crop that production dropped from 202,000 acres in 2000 to 19,000 acres the following year - a 90 percent decrease!

The U.S. military invaded Afghanistan in fall 2001 following the Sept. 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. By the end of 2002, poppy production rebounded to 182,000 acres, and is now more than double that. Last year, the United Nations reported 496,000 acres were cultivated - all while U.S. forces continue to occupy Afghanistan. How is that possible? And why is it being allowed to happen?

During the same general time frame, from 2002 to 2012, heroin abuse in the United States has doubled. Is that a coincidence? Are prescription opioids truly to blame for this “crisis” when our own government has at best purposely ignored the poppy industry in Afghanistan, and at worse, actually participated in it?

And yet, our federal officials continue to blame prescription opioids for this “epidemic” of drug overdoses. Well, I call BS. It is the highest level of hypocrisy to demonize prescription opioids and the people who use them responsibly while at the same time supporting the illegal drug trade that’s fueling the “crisis” in the first place.

Donna Gregory Burch was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2014 after several years of unexplained pain, fatigue and other symptoms. She was later diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease. Donna covers news, treatments, research and practical tips for living better with fibromyalgia and Lyme on her blog, FedUpwithFatigue.com. You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter. Donna is an award-winning journalist whose work has appeared online and in newspapers and magazines throughout Virginia, Delaware and Pennsylvania. She lives in Delaware with her husband and their many fur babies.

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Authored by: Donna Gregory Burch

Donna Gregory Burch was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2014 after several years of unexplained pain, fatigue and other symptoms. She was later diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease. Donna covers news, treatments, research and practical tips for living better with fibromyalgia and Lyme on her blog, FedUpwithFatigue.com. You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter. Donna is an award-winning journalist whose work has appeared online and in newspapers and magazines throughout Virginia, Delaware and Pennsylvania. She lives in Delaware with her husband and their many fur babies.

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“How Fentanyl from China is Helping Fuel US Opioid Epidemic”
Jacob Soboroff

“TODAY’s ongoing series “One Nation Overdosed” continues with a revealing look at how people are obtaining fentanyl, one of the dangerous drugs at the center of the U.S. opioid crisis.”


The “opioid crisis” is an oversight issue, and not a chronic pain patient issue. This information seems to be just being dismissed by most of mainstream media. The fact that Fentanyl can be easily purchased online seems to go largely ignored when policy makers are formulating guidelines that impact the intractable pain community. It is time to take a new look at the CDC and FDA Guidelines based on this information, hold the DEA accountable for oversight, and stop the hysteria and stigma that is negatively impacting legitimate patients with intractable pain.

D. I. S. May

Hi JayJay, I do not think this issue with pain medication is going to impact your children. I expect by then the “issues” driving this ‘culling the herd’ will have resolved. It may prevent very many people being left on US soil, but who knows. I for one plan to be proactive. This abandonment by authority is not novel for me. I am accustomed to thinking for myself, and to protecting my personal authority form predators. I advise staying away from all paid for media and using ‘equi-sync’ to increase relaxation (25 minutes a day, even if at bed time.) Another sound track called ‘Deep Healing’ by Potentials Unlimited puts me to sleep every single time I listen to it. I recommend it to my patients with similar success. I recommend Equi=sync technology to all my patients. I underwent alpha theta brainwave biofeedback training; which is why I recommend the technology. I know it works for me. Finally, I engage in what I call finite thinking. I do not play this day forward “forever”. I am against what is going on here. The book ‘Dark Money’ does a pretty good job of documenting the source. So long as Americans remain in front of their television sets, in their own little worlds, or on facebook confusing a stream of electronic signals for the presence of a real live human being, I don’t feel optimistic about a citizen action group. I do not believe the government is going to do anything but continue to dance for the dollars. “But there are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” I believe in my own ability to direct my own implicit system of cognition; because I’ve done so before. I am mandating a cease fire of illness and degenerative changes to the greatest possible extent. I am very busy, actively working, including on a theoretical antidote for the sabotage of the brain undertaken with the science of implicit cognition in the wrong hands. Take charge of your own implicit system; that is known to work. It is part of the science. The more you bring you your attention through indirect measure, the more you can exercise administrative control. People do not need to be in a double blind control trial of a medication on a sugar pill to heal themselves as well or better than a medication. Nor do we need to see a car topple upon one of our children to command the production of energy sufficient to lift that car off that child. True, a traumatic threat does summon energy. You feel threatened, appropriately, summon the enrgy you need to combat this problem. Fight these people who want us dead or inactive. Did I mention that inactivity is now the second leading behavioral cause of death in the United States? TV. Inactivity. Only the still present an easy target. Summon the determination, summon the strength, believe in yourself. ASK FOR HELP. No month goes by… Read more »


Thanks Tim! Knowing about that group now lifted my spirits for sure. It gives me hope! I’m going to check it out and sign the petition. Maureen

Tim Mason

We are all working hard, everyday to change the situation with Dr. Lawhern in our Google Group _Stop the War on Chronic Pain Patients- An invitation and petition exists on his Face book page. We urge everyone to sign the petition.
We have a good group of scientists, pharmacists, physicians, pain managment doctors, nurses etc. We are going to make a difference!


Dis May, you have explained exactly what I have been going through. My joints are awful. I have pain everywhere. I have only had One joint replacement though, and now because of the issues I have with the replacement, no doctor will help me. My other knee has a tendon tear that if it tears anymore, I won’t be able to stand up, plus it broke a bone when it tore. I fell from my replacement because it is not right. I can barely walk. I have back problems, neck problems, hip issues starting up. I am also not able to take any more ibuprofen because of ulcers and definitely colitis. I had taken them for years. I was sent to a pain doctor who won’t prescribe, he only will do injections, that so far have made things worse. My regular doctor prescribes me pain medication, but it’s only enough for 12 hours a day. I don’t want to get him into any trouble for needing more relief. I’m afraid to ask! I also have red hair and just recently learned of our mutation. I also get those weird sores in my mouth. They don’t understand why and no one else will help me. I am at my wits end. I can’t take this anymore. I don’t want to leave my family but I just can’t handle this much longer. I need help as to what is wrong with me? I’m truly scared. Both my daughter’s have half my genes. I also have fibro and pcos that caused multiple miscarriages. What if my kids have this problem too? It’s so scary.


Wow Hearher! Thank you! I’m so very proud of you! I am not very FB savvy so I have no idea how you did all of that but God willing… The politicians and president will at least begin to talk outwardly about the difference between us CP folks and the abusers. Please keep us posted. With gratitude to you, Maureen


Thank you Heather-Triangle - these are HUGE YAY’S! Such great news!

In regards to what the doctor said - I had to chuckle at the lack of his self awareness, common sense or something. Doesn’t he realize that “the government” has already completely taken over his way of practicing medicine just by virtue of falling in line with their guidelines and not how HE would treat patients.

Anyway, thank you for sharing that other Huerta news, because it IS progress, it is something to grab onto!


All so true, hence the reason I sent a Nation wide post out thru Facebook and Twitter with all government and my local state officials attached including the White House and the President in regards to the latest DEA post about decreasing quanties manufactured starting next year. I had it attached and also included some major pain organizations and different Fibro as well as NIH and many more. It has been seen. My local represetative whom I didn’t even tag a congressman emailed me wanting me to contact them and give all info on what to do and how I believe it needs to be handled so it can be sent to Congress. So yay Florida thank you for listening. The President also just made a post that it is Mao of solely based from heroin with synthetic fentanyl use not pain patients. So we are making progress again. We all need to ban together and keep writing our local and national officials using hashtags @ & # to tag them all on both accounts. Small steps are better than none. If people can protest and maoe a difference we can too. But in other ways so let’s make this movement happen. STAND TALL, SPEAK UP, LET YOUR VOICES BE HEARD AND ADVOCATE, EDUCATE, and BE AWARE, RESEARCH AS KNOWLEDGE IS THE KEY. Thanks for the post. Of is time for Drs to be Drs again without retaliation or fear. I’m being weaned off my Morphine ER now due to this and it is not fun. My body hurts extremely bad and almost intolerable but he said no more patients will be on any ER meds only breakthru because he will not have the government in his office. How aweful. A pain management Dr at that. And suicide rates are soaring. Maybe if families start suing the government over them or civil suits brought against them it may stop or ease. Idk. But I do know i will keep fighting for us ALL!!!! Everyone have a low pain day of at all possible.


To D.I.S. May - I for one encourage you to NEVER give up. I can only hope that folks don’t tune you out, because although much sounds like crazy conspiracy theories, those are the ones that should be paid close attention too. Unfortunate in your case, many will tune out simply because of your truth telling that goes beyond the wildest imaginations of the majority, and your style of writing which is complicated and crazy sounding enough that many will pay your writings no mind.
Good luck! And don’t give up!


Truly informative, thank you. Always learning something new. Please, keep on keepin’ on, for those of us who can’t. Just know that folks like me in the background, cheer you on and appreciate ALL THAT YOU DO for all of us. I had some new things happen to me over the last 3 weeks where This CDC guideline affected me in a more potent way, more than usual. Keeping it short as I’m able to, I’ll hit some notable new items to me. I have severe back pain (ruptured discs, sciatica, leg dead yet filled with Neuropathy pain and nerve damage that keeps me unable to walk, a foot that will break, often, painful fingers from the discs) I woke up one morning with 911 type pain. Was taken to Hospital. Scan was run while I was given dilaudid. Doc said I have one large kidney stone too large to pass, and handed me paperwork with instructions to follow up with my MD within the next week so she get get me “hooked up ” with a neurologist. I was then told by two nurses “you have to leave now, we need this bed for other patients. MY PAIN MEDICINE HAD WORN OFF BY THIS TIME AND I WAS BACK IN THE Agony I was in when I dialed 911, and they pushed Me out of the Hospital in my tiny skin-bearing nightgown I was still wearing from home and no shoes and socks, into the emergency waiting room and again told me I have to leave. I literally begged for a Phone to use, through my tears of pain, and they said they can’t! There were just a few people in that waiting room and one gentlemen offered his Phone. I called my husband who was an hour away what happened and begged him to HURRY UP BECAUSE I CAN’T TAKE THE PAIN! I probably called every 5 Minutes! Soon as he showed up and saw me, he called 911 to take me to another Hospital. The new Hospital admitted me, found 5 kidney stones too large to pass, not one, and also found a tumor that the first hospital never saw, plain as daylight to see too. They sent me to surgery to insert a tube into my back into my kidney and attached a urine bag for ten days. I have since been back and had surgery to remove stones on my left kidney, and have a stent put in. I lived again in really bad pain for the last 6 days following surgery, BECAUSE OF MORE AWFUL ROUND THE CLOCK Pain from the stent! Getting pain relief during this entire ordeal, getting doctors to treat me for all of this pain - Impossible! I received one day’s worth of 5mg oxycodone when sent home from kidney surgery! THAT IS ALL I RECEIVED THROUGHOUT THIS ENTIRE ORDEAL, other than one shot of dilaudid at the first hospital. I have stones that need to be removed on my… Read more »

D.I.S. May

I am going to keep posting because the message needs to get heard. People like Donna, below, are on to the real issue here. The only consistency between persecuting pain patients and pain doctors, and increasing the availability of illegal drugs on the street, including heroin laced with Fentanyl, making it lethal is…….? Dead people. Culling the herd; reducing the population in the United States of the young, the aged, the infirm. Just as lions cull herds of antelope; predators are lazy, they prefer easy prey. It is hardly likely that a wealthy person with pain must be subjected to the constraints we ordinary citizens are forced to bear. Going to Portugal for proper pain treatment would be….pricey. Not an option open to many folks. But, when enough people figure out that the agenda is culling the population, become familiar with the power of implicit cognition (which is truly vast….women lift automobiles off their sons when the implicit system manufactures energy sufficient to deal with the threat to their lives. It is not conscious process. Easy example: the grammar of English. By the time children get to school they’ve mastered English. How many native speakers of English consciously select nouns? Consciously consider the various tenses of verbs? The strongest predictor of class in Boston is the pronunciation of one phoneme-a phoneme is to spoken language what a letter is to written language. Implicit systems like class, gender, race, are embodied in the syntax of language and learned in early childhood. None of this is conscious process. Consider how your implicit knowledge of English grammar drives the formation of every sentence you utter and the understanding of every sentence you hear. The science of implicit cognition was not designed to be weaponized, any more than physicists discovered atomic physics in order to develop nuclear weapons. Anything can be abused. Follow the money, indeed; and the power.)The real issue has nothing to do with the threat associated with treating people properly for pain. This is not a conspiracy theory. Issues of class, race, gender are real issues. The less openly discussed, the more these systems are relegated to implicit system management the more the actions of people are driven by them. Read “Dark Money” by Jane Mayer, a well respected journalist who does not discriminate based upon political affiliation. She reports the news she is able to document with research, testimony and common sense. Another great book, and a far easier read (in terms of the writing, the story, the length) is Flash Boys by Michael Lewis. Learn about sanctioned activities on Wall Street. One tip of the iceberg. Michael Lewis even wrote a book on Kahneman and Twersky, the off-US soil scientists that developed implicit systems science. They did so to protect Israeli military from making errors of judgment under heightened conditions of risk in battle, getting themselves killed; to protect people. That book is titled “The Undoing Project”. The more people that become educated about this the better our chances… Read more »

Tim Mason

Remember in school when you were told Christopher Columbus ran into America when he was looking for a new trade route for spices? It wasn’t spices he was looking for.
Christopher Columbus was actually looking for a new source for opium since the current Asian trade routes of the day were closed to European merchant ships.
His shipping manifest always came back with zero quantity for opium. And Germany, having no colonies had to invent a replacement for opium (the source for morphine). They came up with methadone,


In my case, I cannot take OTC medications due to ulcerative colitis. I am a redhead: redheads are mutants, we routinely require 20% more analgesia than blonds and brunettes. At less than 1% of the population the only people who care, besides us, are dermatologists who can’t get us numb enough to do procedures, dentists and anesthesiologists. I have skin cancer along with, so far, three joint replacements or reconstructions due to arthritis. I now need a another knee, two hips, and reconstruction of the left CMC joint. (I won’t do it! Not now. I got hyperalgesia after the first knee replacement. After another surgery, another incidence of hyperalgesia. It looked like RSD! Air hurt my hand.) I have arthritis of the cervical spine since early 20’s and now SI joint and lumbar spine arthritis. Another really weird condition, aphthous major that no one knows about that I’ve ever met. I spike temps of 105 and within 12 hours the inside of my mouth breaks out in ulcers that last for three weeks. I got this every month for 5 years. Now I get rarer outbreaks. I nearly died from liver failure due to tylenol; only a small amount over the daily maximum dosage will kill you. The government and J & J knew for 15 years that the brand tylenol is the leading cause of liver failure and death in the United States. Who knew? Fortunately I did not get a liver replacement. My colitis ruled that out and my liver recovered. I am lucky to have a pain doc that I care about. But since this war on pain patients my pain has not been covered. I don’t expect him to go to jail or lose his practice for me. For the record here: I treat people with dual diagnoses and addictions. Opioid medication was the last place I wanted to go for pain treatment. I tried 6 months of acupuncture. I tried weird medications that made me so sick all I could do was sit in agony and wait for them to wear off. I don’t want nerve blocks for my entire body from the neck down! I strength train every week, past 35 years. I used to get three hours massages just to get temporary relief from the spasm. I listened to a pain specialist at a Harvard addictions conference in 2012. He said opioids are the only effective treatment for pain. That is my experience. The fact is opioids are produced in our own bodies, we have opioid receptor sites. They have the fewest side effects. Who gets high from a pain med when a person is in pain? Not me. It enables me to work. The only thing that would cause me to end my life would be a life in constant unendurable pain. As noted in my previous post, I don’t think anyone cares about this except those of us suffering from it. And we are a marginalized group. We are stigmatized. I’ve… Read more »


A week or so ago they made a big bust in my state. They said it was enough to kill everyone in that city. Upstate they are selling drugs that look like smartie candies. These are the people they need to worry about. Not us old beat up chronic pain patients that have never abused their meds!!

Deborah Fochler

Back in the 1970s I was dating a guy was a doctor deployed to VietNam. He came back with mental issues and I remember one night him talking about being told to sew up dead US servicemen who were stuffed with drugs. Said it was an everyday occurrence. They were all sent home in their coffins stuffed with drugs in their bodies.

Our government has always had their “secrets” and reasons for doing things. Usually not what the public is told is the reason. Follow the money trail.


Great and informative post Donna! Thank you. Every single time I see something in the news about the OPIOID CRISIS I cringe. The real issue is more so Heroin, which is an opiate, not opioid. Hence, opium. They ought to be calling this an OPIATE crisis.
Our ‘pills’/meds have been made the scapegoat because yes, it is true, there are pill abusers and overdoses out there but the true epidemic is NOT OUR pain meds!
Washington pats themselves on the back in using our treatments to show the country and the families of the addicts that they are ‘doing something about it’. But, They have it all wrong, as we all know. They are actually ABUSING US!
The frustration with this is astounding!

scott michaels

THE GOVT CANT BLAME THEMSELVES SO THEY GO AFTER ORESCRIPTIONS. 99% of overdose deaths from opioids are from heroin over the last 5 years. Its time they call it what it is A HEROIN EPIDEMIC….

Candace Way

Donna Burch, I completely agree with you. BS it is!

For perspective: A recent large meta analysis shows that there are ~ 50,000 US deaths a year from NSAIDs like ibuprofen. Vs 16,500 from prescribed opioids. As multiple studies show natural options to be as effective, with side benefits instead of side effects, these are easily preventable, without leaving people in pain.

Deborah babcock

Our government,,they’re probably making millions off that!! In my opinion..while we all sit in chronic pain with absolutely no relief and while the junkies still get their fix. !!!

D. I. S. May

Clearly this manufactured crisis is a ruse. Oldest trick in the book, throw sand in your opponent’s eyes. Blind him while preparing and delivering the real injury. When your prey is unable to see the genuine threat, he does not a thing to protect himself. SunTzu, 544BC, is the theorist used to develop strategy for the war on our government; it was declared, on the QT, in 1970. The book “The Art of War” is a small, easy read. Read “Dark Money”, for God’s sake. I am not about to put the effort Jane Mayer put into documenting this tale. BUT I have avoided all paid for programming, including television, radio and newspapers since leaving my childhood home at 18 years of age. I knew the information was problematic. Therefore I used the evidence of my senses, and my training in logic, to fathom the nature of social organization is this country. Since then I’ve learned a great deal about the news that is not reported. Such as the charges of fraud against Pfizer Pharmaceuticals by Kaiser Permanente. The judge hearing the case increased the charges to racketeering and convicted Pfizer. The physician who provided expert testimony for Kaiser was so pleased; he could not wait to hear the public response to this news. Only it never got reported in the news. He stopped practicing medicine to educate physicians and get them motivated to lobby against such abuse. Sadly. Doctors are not the folks likely to respond politically to such news. I treat doctors. They are either colluding with big pharma. or running scared due to corporate take over of large practices, severing the relationships between the doctors and the community hospitals in which they worked for years. Now they are traveling doctors, or stay at home doctors (radiologists, e.g.) Severed from the people they were attached to at work and among the patient population, their positions are weakened. “Divide and conquer”: sound familiar to anyone. I was industry liaison for my hospital for 12 years, ran a dozen retail operations and one manufacturing company for 5 years. I know how to analyze work places. And other forms of management, organization patterns. This ruse regarding opioids is to distract from the hostile takeover of this country by very rich people, minimum personal net worth i billion dollars; the admission requirement. The implicit cognition science developed by a team off US soil was weaponized. Implicit programming suffuses paid for programming. By definition this information cannot be perceived by the conscious mind, our explicit system of cognition. There is absolutely no value placed on human life. The population in fact needs pruning. Vulnerable groups, sick, aging, youth, pain patients; how to cull the herd 101. Lions do it. Why would anyone suppose human beings not to do it? We are hands down the most lethal species on the planet. Most of all, the goal is to avoid detection. A marginalized group is a perfect target. The stigma associated with opioid use is… Read more »

Mark Ibsen


Thank you.

Ibin Aiken

Documentation of the use of prescription opioids…..exist. Documentation with explicit testing, examinations, and the reasoning by the provider, all within pre misguided-line blackmail by the CDC to our providers. Documentation by the providers for continued use and prescribing of opioid medication. Use of medication by the patient that will be in continuous, incurable pain for the rest of our lives.

Millions of patients that have used medication to achieve a somewhat less painful existence in life to the best capacity possible. NO illicit drug use, only prescribed medication use evermore within the providers constant testing of the patient for ONLY the prescribed medication use backed up by two, two, lab tests to assure the provider that I am using the prescribed medication and that testing shows a consistency week after week, month after month, decade after decade that I am not redistributing my personal medication and that I am not “taking” any other medication or drugs that may cause me bodily harm. If so, the most helpful medication that I have used for over 20 years would have been discontinued…..long ago.

There may be an opioid misuse problem, there may be an alcohol problem, there are may personal problems but, the patient with pain is NOT the cause of the “so called”, opioid crisis. The state regulatory medical boards are being constantly e-mailed and contacted, as well as our state representatives and the pressure to distinguish between two, totally different conditions must be evaluated and return the authority to treat patients with pain, without any harm, back to our providers. Unnecessary, unwarranted hardship, worsened pain with a specific pain generating health condition testimony is being totally disregarded. Within the patient with pain community, we know that we don’t need delivery from addiction, we use pain medication to ease pain to a tolerable level so that we can exist to the best capacity we can.

There are those that use both prescribed and illicit drugs for recreation, and those of that use illicit that wish delivery from addiction. Within the opioid medication provider community, our physicians have a very, very good knowledge formed very rapidly of whom needs be prescribed medication and, for what use. The discretion to [prescribe sufficient medication, based on examination, evaluation, and testing if necessary of the patient has been stripped from our providers. A unilateral maximum of medication regardless of any, condition, has been “suggested”. The pain level since the CDC mis-guided-line has risen and it is not surprising that people with continuous, incurable pain “may” turn to an illicit substance simply to escape pain that will be with them…..forever. It is very difficult to believe that so many people with lifetime pain are experiencing such worsened pain and hardship and DOT/GOV with all of the American people funded technology and resources can not slow the rate of illicit substances entering the country now that DOT/GOV has an illegal lockdown of prescribed medication.

My son was there in 2009/2010 He sent me pictures of the fields ( Poppy ) It was Post harvested crop left to be cultivated into the soil.

Like the Lt. Colonel said ” Its what they do, it’s part of their culture ” This has been going on for 45 years - US Govt protection!

Pain patients take the fall in US & the ill informed believe the lie.

Great article Thanks

John S


Excellent article Donna. I wish everyone would read it. Have you thought about publishing it everywhere possible and sending copies to all mainstream and alternative media outlets? I’m sending it to everyone I know-I hope others will, too. I’m a very small fish in a huge pond, but it’s what I can do and that’s better than nothing! Thanks again. God bless you and all the rest of us CCPs.

Barb R

Thank you for your research on this confounding issue. I’ve been cynical about the current “war against opioids” and the constant news supporting the demonizing of a helpful medication. Your research results make sense and are very disturbing on many levels. What will be the end result in your opinion?


Meanwhile each day in our country, people die because they have no way to control their pain and even live a somewhat decent life.


Anyone old enough to remember the government’s “Just Say No” ad campaign in the 80’s? The core message was that marijuana is addictive and a “gateway drug” that leads to more harmful drug use (cocaine, heroin, etc.)

It took decades to sort that nonsense out.

Today, the “Opiod Crisis” is a reminder of just how wrong the government can be, citing erroneous data to justify resolving a single issue with one giant sweep.


That is why Medical Marijuana should be legal in all of the states for people who suffer in chronic pain! Not addictive like prescription narcotic pain meds!


Great post, Donna. Wonder how many of our military have become opioid millionaires there with kickbacks? This country lost its way a long time ago. I think George Washington said beware of foreign entanglements.

The government has not turned a blind eye to the Opium fields in Afghanistan they’re reaping the benefits cia’s taken opium selling it and then Furnishing guns that whichever Little Country they want to see blow itself up so we can go in there not we are corporate leeches can go in there and rebuild and charge the hell out of us for it how do you think the Bush family and the Carlyle Group has made all their money?