What the Media Keeps Getting Wrong About Opioids

What the Media Keeps Getting Wrong About Opioids

The media have brainwashed the US public into thinking that the “opioids” causing overdose fatalities are physician prescribed analgesics including hydrocodone, oxycodone and tramadol, when in fact there is zero correlation or worse negative correlation between the number of prescriptions and overdose fatalities. The truth is that at least since 2011, fatalities are driven by illicit fentanyl (carfentanyl and acetyl-fentanyl and other similar analogs) and heroin and counterfeit pain pills sold as oxycodone but in reality fentanyl since it is cheap and easier to produce. Some speculate it is an attack on the United States by China, using fentanyl as a form of biological/chemical warfare.

This hyper-focus created by a renegade band of addiction psychiatrists has blinded the US public to the real danger of street drugs at minimum and an attack on the USA cannot be ruled out. 1.3% of deaths caused by prescription drugs is trivial compared to the 98.7% or 76 times more deaths caused by factors we aren’t making any progress on, so state politicians repeatedly declare success in the “opioid crisis” by pointing to their forced 35% reduction in opioid prescribing while sheriffs from the same states say almost all deaths are caused by illegal drugs.

Jeff Edney

The math doesn’t support the conclusions being drawn and demonstrates that the solutions of DEA surveillance of physicians is not only a waste of time, it is counter-productive because catching the 1 doctor who is supposedly “overprescribing” by merely being a statistical outlier and will be found innocent after wasting millions of tax dollars in false prosecutions, the DEA agents are missing billions of street drugs flowing across the Mexican border and even arriving in our shipping docks on both coasts. Manpower is wasted on chasing the wrong problem while drug cartels are enjoying a huge spike in demand and increased sales as desperate helpless pain victims are literally forced to use illicit street drugs, commit suicide, or be tortured to death.

What kind of a society have we become to treat our wounded veterans, disabled citizens, hospice and nursing home residents, and victims of genetic disease or severe auto-accidents worse than enemy combatants who per the UN cannot be tortured? I don’t’ blame the DEA agents, because they just follow orders. It is the leadership kicked off by Jeff “take an aspirin” Sessions that need to be held accountable for the harm inflicted on innocent law-abiding citizens while not protecting our nation against drug cartels and possibly attacks by hostile foreign governments. And PROP and the addiction zealots have caused unthinkable crimes against humanity with their rabid drive to topple drug manufacturers despite the fact that their products were classified as Schedule II substances from the first FDA approval to market so everyone knew darn well the risks from day one.

But now chronic pain patients are being treated with Nazi-like cruelty to taper off medicines that they have been stable on for decades, major orthopedic surgeries are being performed with only Tylenol for pain control, and now mothers are undergoing C section with little or no pain control. President Trump, the Supreme Court, and US Congress need to urgently correct this disgraceful act of cruelty and harm and start to restore proper pain management to patients who have legitimate severe health conditions and stop pressuring patients to choose between pain management and anxiety medicines if they have multiple severe health conditions. Its cruel, insane, and worthless because the net result has been more overdose fatalities, more powerful drug cartels, and permanent damage to the sanctity of the physician-patient relationship of trust upon which our entire health system rightly rests.

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Authored by: Jeff Edney

Jeff Edney is a member of the Alliance for the Treatment of Intractable Pain. Jeff is a former Director of Engineering (disabled), chronic pain victim & advocate and is married with pre-med son.

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Lynne Hall

We have come to a sad place in America’s history. The President, DEA, congress and the CDC all outright shooting fish in a barrel!
Going after CPP, by going after their doctors. They are giving the rest of the country a false sense that the war on drugs is being won.
Look at how we have decreased drug use and the amt of drigs out their. But never telling the public how they get their numbers.
What America should be told is.


If it wasn’t so horrible what they have done, it would be laughable.

I grew up in an America were Police, any Law Enforcement agency, Doctors, Pharmist even Teachers were looked at with respect.
Is it any wonder why people now look at these people.

It’s an election year. Make it count.
May God be with you as we all pray for our government to wake up.


Thank you Jeff Ive been saying this from day one very few die from proscribed pain meds only. I have even told my pain doctor from a pain clinic when I was forced off one of my pain pill and forced to taper down on off my other one. I have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome which there is no cure and doctor’s have ranked the pain level of my disease up with cancer and amputation. They have even named it the suicide disease. I use to have some quality of life. But since I was forced off my meds I have no quality of life. I understand why it was named the suicide disease because lately Ive been seriously thinking about it cause I cannot go on to live will this much pain

Dennis Shivers

Thank you for that article! I have to say that is the first one I remember seeing that hit every nail on the head.Now if we could only get one of the braindead in DC to see this and maybe try to absorb what you are saying we will get somewhere..There is one question I have.After seeing all these anti-opioid zealots spew their opinion on pain meds,why are is what they say have any “weight” in this fight? Their SHRINKS but for some reason what they regurgitate is taken as “gospel!” Drew,Kolodny,Phil to name a few have ZERO experience in treating pain! Thank you again

Franklin Altmann

Just awful… and no one knows. If it were a conscious concerted effort to get rid of the chronic pain population, it couldn’t be much more efficient.


The Nazis did what they did and it was horrific although at least they had the decency to end the suffering but society 80 years later is taking a different route while repeating history, we are expected to just suffer in misery take our self out or turn to street drugs gambling with our lives then they would use those stats against the rest of the chronic pain patients that need quality pain control and are not getting it.

Jackie Houck

What more needs to be said. This sums EVERYTHING up. Meanwhile, we suffer. I am on the brink of losing my life. I work the little I can then go home and lie, depressed in bed because I no longer can move from the pain. Absolutely no quality of life. No more concerts, no movies, no social events. Just my part time job, I can no longer work full time. So, I get up tomorrow in severe pain, work (trying to put on my fake happy face) come home and lie flat on the bed and cry. And it just continues as my pain worsens. I know I’m not alone. Everything sucks. Life is sucking.


Thank you so much for your insight. This problem has gotten so out of hand even the general public demonizes anyone who takes pain medication, no matter the reason. I don’t know how we will ever dig ourselves out of this mess, but seeing so many people fight against this catastrophic injustice gives myself and so many others hope to keep going.

Marica Reeves

A person can decide weather or not to take pain meds. A dr. Does not get anyone addicted. A person gets themselves addicted by over using there meds. Or mixing them. But people who have a problem has to blame someone instead of taking responsibility for there on actions. So sad man up. Be honest


I am a 20 year chronic pain patient. I’ve been greatly reduced on my meds due to the crisis. I’ve also been pushed into surgery for fear of getting cut off all together! So far my pain is worse and I don’t know what the outcome is going to be. I also lost my son to an overdose, it was from heroin laced with fentanyl. I understand why people take their own lives if left with the choice of living with pain. Before all this my pain was controlled, my life was normal. Not only am I in more pain but I have no use of my right arm and hand! When are they gonna wake up and realize what the real problem is?!

Amber Bullington

Thank you for this insightful article. If prescription medications were the problem, then as production and prescribing of prescription drugs has been drastically reduced overdoses should decrease. That is not the case. Overdoses continue to escalate.

Some good articles for further reference:



Linda Olds

This article is correct, but what can we do to fix the problem???

Joseph Rietdorf

Right on the money. You pretty much explained the entire problem. I have nothing to add.


Yes the street drugs are killing people now after the doctors and Pharmacies got most of the people addicted


Yes now it is the street drugs killing people but it’s because of doctors and pill mills got most of the people started on them so they need take responsibility for it by making treatments available to those that need and want it

Lori Rave

It is time to listen to the voice of people suffering in debilitating pain before we take our lives because the pain is unbearable. We are trying to live our lives and be productive members of society which is more difficult when you are in constant agony. What is the difference between a drug addict overdosing…or chronic pain patients ending their lives because the suffering is so horrific without medication to ease some of the pain? Do our lives and voices do not matter? The government did not go to medical school and should not be telling doctors how to medicate and treat a patient. We are treated like a drug addict because we have a chronic illness….it is a shame how someone in pain is looked and treated because we need a medication. Oh…and what is a suicide hotline going to do for us? They can not help ease the pain and without medication more pain patients, veterans, cancer patients and others are taking their lives because doctors are not allowed or are scared to treat us. What are we supposed to do in this “crisis”? The crisis is illegal drugs like fentanyl and heroin …not people in pain needing medical treatment from their physicians!! I am sure the more we suffer and can not get our medication thru the proper channels some will go to the street to find help…and that is where the problem is!

Jane Heinrich

Pretty soon ALL doctors will be terrified to prescribe to anyone. Maybe then we can make the public see what’s happening to chronic pain patients.


I’ve been lowering my meds to rock bottem for self protection. Had a groin surgery 4mo. ago as left 3x size of Rt. side. Four back surgeries and scarring cause referred pain so I missed it. Dr. wouldn’t lower meds further as groin pain restarted on top of legs and back for 27yrs. He knows I look for permanent remedy.
Snottey young woman at pharmacy gave meds said, ‘Have fun.’ I brought card speaking of quarter century plus journey and thanks for good people’s assistance. Spoke of long-term pain marches and humbling nature of receiving. Won’t shift her; I’m not even attempting. Not all are small, crabbed and impacted with spite. Hard to hold at times and still these kind have alway walked this way. Next time I’ll be raw and direct. Question, “What do you mean by that?”
I don’t expect an answer.


I have server back pain,the drs.cut my pain meds to nothing,I asked my dr.if they think i’am going to die from opiats or lead posioning ,I’not going to live with this pain another year.My pain free date is Feb.2020.

sarah yerxa

A motto that came to me one day while driving to the doctor- I only go to doctor or food shopping- and I have it as a bumper sticker and this is so true PAIN DOESN’T DISCRIMINATE PEOPLE DO. This is for all of us….

sarah yerxa

Again facts man facts thank you. It’s so hard getting people to know the real truth. Just yesterday I was having to explain all this to a person a surrogate child of mine who is a recovering addict. she said well why can’t the doctor just prescribe suboxone or you can get those procedures that are killing and damaging people left and right and allowing the doctors to make lots of money. Had to explain that most doctors aren’t even offering the suboxone and when they do how you are now labeled as and addict or oud. Brian in the state of Arkansas the level is <50 for prescriptions. I'm only at 40 a day and my pain dr. is forcing me off with nothing else because I won't or don't need procedures- no doubt this is about money. So even the addicts are being fed the [edit]…… The more I fight the more disheartened I become because fewer and fewer people are listening or caring. To them it's more pill mill doctors and people that are addicted to pain medication are going to be stopped and helped. yep helped right into the grave…….

Jeanne Showalter

What the media keeps getting wrong is pretending that there are not painful diseases that are incurable and steal our lives. We did not ask to be diagnosed with these diseases and conditions. We seek managed care from our drs. and now without it our lives consist of just getting through each day with unrelenting pain. Legitimate patients did not cause the overdose crisis. Nor did our drs trying to help us, as they should be able to. They have stigmatized chronic pain patients. They refuse to really look into the harm being done to those that have no choice than to live in pain and suffer daily due to being portrayed as faking our diagnosed illnesses to just receive pain medication. It’s absurd. I’d give anything to have my life back and not have all the diseases I’m diagnosed with. I want my pain medication back so I can have some enjoyment back in my life. Those with addiction will find a way to escape life. We in the pain community take our medication to have a life under the care of, in most cases, many drs. We deserve to have a choice in our care and what works best for us and our pain. No one should have the right to make so many suffer. They need to listen to the real experts in pain management. They need to talk to those that live our lives. They need to do research on painful diseases and conditions that are incurable. They need to look at the correct statistics. And they need to stop fueling the false narrative by always showing medication bottles in every news story about overdoses. Get it right…for a change.


A very well thought out argument. One which the politicians and the media keep denying. I had oral surgery a year or so ago. I was on forced tapering and when the oral surgeon tried to prescribe opoids for my severe pain. I couldn’t get them filled because I was being t appered off opoids by my PCP. I thought my head was going to explode from the pain. Ther are new stories in the news every day about people suffering from opoids use. Their treatment centers and the compassion to help addicts and criminals. I can’t walk to the bathroom with out crying out in pain. My knees and feet hurt so bad I cant walk to the street to get into my car. But who cares??? Right the compassionate media and all the other lying bastards making their fortunes by pushing thw fake agendas.


As I am reading this, I can think of 5 people I know very well that are suffering needlessly, but can only think of 1 addict I met over a decade ago in an airport - and I have lived all over the country and have many friends. Who exactly are we helping?
Pain patients and their doctors are buried up to their necks in paperwork for a freaking known, proven, centuries-long used medical treatment!!! Heck, why isn’t the DEA working with CBP and UPS (at minimum) to fix the real problem here; instead of announcing production quotas, “take-back days”, and policing pharmacies and doctors? Why is my mailman timed by how long he spends at each mailbox, but no one is checking the packages coming here from certain areas in China? But, my doctor is told how much medication he can prescribe for a law-abiding, American citizen? Why is the medical profession told who can be treated? And why is medical care “for profit”?!
Anytime the powers that be try to fix something; it gets worse.


Thank you. Beautifully written.

Jan G. Kramer

Thank you for your truthful words.
The ignorance about these helpful medications is blinding. It’s about time that the physician’s treat the patient and not the drug. For well over a decade, it seems like I’ve been on the outside looking in. I can’t get a straight answer from anyone ( doctors, pharmacists).
I practically have to jump thru hoops of fire to receive my medication. God forbid that the medications I receive happen on the same day. Now there is a 30 day supply instead of 28. The last year and a half, my extended release meds are never available when I bring in my prescription.
I end up compensating with my break-thru meds. What bothers me most is the helplessness associated with these meds. I have absolutely no control over this process and the people that do, do not care. They punch out at the end of the day and sleep like babies. It’s no wonder that every time I go for my appointment my blood pressure soars.
My physician has cut my medication to an all time low, coupled with the fact that my medications are never in stock when they are due, so I wind up going a couple of days without anything, then when they get them in stock, it’s never both. I need to be receiving them together. This imbalance absolutely unnerves me.

Tracie Lundy

Excellent article. Still laying in bed on a beautiful afternoon, stomach hurting from all the Tylenol that is trying to substitute for the Patches I used to be able to get. That worked, that made me feel normal, but now the doctors are to afraid of the DEA. Now, they will give me other opioids(I know I’m blessed) Problem you ask???? they don’t work… make me sick or sleep All day and night, who can raise a family like that??? That was why I was on the patches. Trying to deal with this mess, and the insurance company who doesn’t want to pay for another medicine the doctor thinks will work for me. Trying all I can to keep myself going with a positive attitude. Thank you to all that writes stories/ comments here, I know there are millions of you that are suffering daily, I have been there. Don’t think because I know have medication, that I don’t know suffering. I’ve suffered more then I even have room to write. All your stories keep me going weekly. This is what I remind myself. (sometimes hourly)

Remember, you have suffered worse times and made it through so you can do it again.

Nancy A. Rudd

Finally, someone says what I’ve been thinking AND feeling for a long time. I’m tired of living a half of a life, instead of a full life that I had when I had the appropriate medication that I took for years. My original PCP retired, and my new “doctor” has “drank the kool-aid” and I’m limited to this half of a life. I hope that this is not my destiny.

Bryan DuChane

How do you suggest people with chronic pain find a physician who is willing to prescribe enough pain medication. MOST Physicians only prescribe a maximum of 100mg morphine equivalent per day.


Spot on, Jeff. Thank you.

Keep shouting it from the rafters until the deaf and the ignorant know the truth.

dis may

I agree wholeheartedly that demonizing opioid treatment for pain is cruel, inhuman, entirely out of sync with the real problems re drug related death. I’ve specialized in dual diagnosis treatment for over 30 years and for the first time felt ashamed of my profession. However, my analysis of the problem is different and my shame preceded the CDC kick-off of the media charade pitched against perfectly competent people with chronic pain. The effort was not misguided. Precision and intention perfectly aligned to optimize the damages caused by preventing the appropriate use of pain medication while turning a blind eye to the illicit opioid trade. Aging white females and people of low SES are the predominant groups with chronic pain; easy prey, simultaneously the groups suffering the most abuse and neglect in our society.The failure of law enforcement efforts to stop illegal drug traffic simply had the expected impact: increased overdose death on the streets;and more of society’s unwanted, devalued refuse stopped from competing for food, shelter, water. Social policy success stories and rare instances of learning from history, for in 1914, the Harrison Act of TREASURY was designed to keep Asian immigrants out of the workplace in California; one year later, Florida’s Department of Treasury criminalized cocaine and targeted people of color immigrating from the Caribbean. Were the victims valued members of society the effort would have failed miserably. Indeed, the tide turned against pain patients when a highly placed physician’s patient, a revered gentleman, nearly died when shamed by his pharmacy. The problem is that stigma, bias, implicit behavioral features of our society were manipulated. The question is by whom? No one in the news to be sure. This is a question for investigative journalism and I hope efforts are well underway to ascertain the answers. However, the specific individuals are less important than the societal features that made this atrocity possible.


Great column, Jeff.
You went straight to the facts.
Thank you.
I know how hard you’ve been struggling, so I appreciate your taking the time to write this piece through your pain.
This is a catastrophic health crisis. The worst in history.zxz
Let’s hope the media takes note and that our government officials act, and act soon.
We pain patients are literally dying in pain , due to rapid heartbeats which lead to heart attacks and strokes.
Many more to #suicidedue2pain.
The system is broken, but not beyond repair.
I hope the repairman knocks on our massive door asap.


I agree 100% with everything that you have just stated. Unfortunately we don’t have too many people in the public eye willing to go out on a limb to support us, in other words be our advocate. Everyone is so afraid of the “so-called” opioid epidemic. It is mind boggling! All of the statistics you would ever need are readily available to anyone who bothers to take the time to find out, listen to chronic pain patients. Everyone is afraid to be responsible for an opioid related overdose. That’s why I send 2 emails every week to my governor, congressmen and senators. It’s easy to do, go to your computer, type up the letter and send it, along with your name and contact information, to all of them. You can copy and paste it 10 times a week if you feel like it!!! I just don’t know how to get the word out to someone famous, in the government, on TV, or in the public eye. We need some advocates and believe me when I tell you that they’re NOT going to come looking for you. So just DO IT!!! It feels great to try and take control of your daily, non-stop, unrelenting, horrible, chronic pain. We need our opioids back!!! Most chronic pain patients have never flunked a urine test or run out early, or had even one infraction during the time they were prescribed the LIFE GIVING opioids. I know that my life was great when I was properly medicated. I even got a tattoo on my forearm that says “all seems beautiful to me”, and then they took away my meds. Now I’m just embarrassed by it. Do the right thing! Send some letters! It certainly isn’t gonna hurt anything and it doesn’t cost anything. God bless you all. Be STRONG!!!


Excellent, fact based article. Thank you, Jeff.


He said it all my friend. Nazi like concentration camp type suffering. It doesn’t matter how many prescriptions are taken out of the hands of doctors and patients people are still going to die from overdose.


There exists medicine that allows me to function. However, the benefits for chronic pain patients with progressively devastating disease is dismissed by those that regulate access to pain medication. There are so few Drs that remain who have not been threatened and scared off by DEA. Massive numbers of pain refugees makes finding new dr near impossible. Moving closer to aging parents is not an option. Traveling across state lines when due to fill medicine not an option- New England won’t let me fill an out of state Rx. I am an island isolated and stuck in an area without family because of my wish to not be in constant agony. I have been cold turkey off meds when traveling to see neurosurgeon for 2nd option- I can’t put my husband through that again, he still bears the scars of PTSD. I’m petrified to change insurance companies, already pay well over the cash price for meds, changing pharmacies is scary and daunting. Too many people have the power to influence how my illness is treated and they are NOT my dr. The neg impact being denied or treated like a drug seeking illegitimate patient in the ER has severe consequences on my physical and mental health. The DEA is delusional- claiming their scare tactics of Drs and reduced manufacturing of pain medicine DOES NOT directly impact ability to get medicine. The reality is the complete opposite- DEA approach to regulating pain medicine impacts most major decisions in my life. An addicts choices and manipulation of the system should not affect my medical need for medication that I take responsibly. PERIOD


You’ve got it correct! Patients NOT addicts. Pill mills closed in 2012. The addicts then switched to heroin. The government is so behind on reality and needs to get out of physicians offices. In our one life, we are allowed quality of life.

Gwendolyn Palmer

Thank you and Amen… despite my many pain issues, my doctor has cold turkyed me off Percocet, Soma, switched to Norco (joke), finally to Tylenol 3, and now they want to start weaning me off that? Trying to force me into pain management… it’s ridiculous!!!
Loved your post!!!8

Lori Palmer

This is completely true but what can we do? How do we change this? The walks for pain are impossible for most of us in pain. Writing governmental officials result in nothing. My letters have been misunderstood and have been seen as a protest against opioids and as support for this bogus war on opioids. No one who can change anything actually cares. So, I ask again, what can we do?


Corruption all the way to the top makes it unlikely to change, but go viral anyway. Make some noise.


For each tweet, speech, article, etc. in which an anti-opioid zealot accuses all CPP’s of being addicts without knowing anything about them, especially if one targets you specifically, file a complaint for violation of ADA. For every single one. If you provide documentation & it’s reasonably supported, I believe they have to investigate. Let some of these folks be swamped with cases of violations of ADA/protected class, libel (calling all CPP’s addicts), & instigating hate crime. File against news networks & their CEOs. File against newspapers & their owners. File against clinics & hospitals & pharmacies that have blanket policies. I’ve filed several cases, but if all of us filed many cases… I have heard & read you can’t sue government. Well, Brown Vs Board of Education happened somehow—I bet one of you clever folks can figure it out or knows someone who can. Don’t file against docs—we need them on our side. Perhaps it’s possible to report state boards to the American Board of Medical Specialties. If they got a lot of calls, it would be hard to ignore. Tell your docs you are working to protect them from the DEA & working to preserve their right to practice medicine exercising their judgement & watch them get excited. Tell your pharmacist you are fighting for their right to use their judgement without being harassed & that you know they are overworked and stressed. Obviously calling Congress isn’t helping. Perhaps some of the candidates. File an ADA complaint against the DEA. Ask why disabled, dying, & pained are the only minorities we don’t hear about protecting on the news & at the debates. I asked TED talks to remove an anti-opioid zealot’s talks from YouTube because she was encouraging hate speech & discrimination against a protected class, & they returned my emails. I reported Twitter accounts for the same reason. Call ACLU & AARP & ask why we aren’t important.

Kathy Humphrey

The government is not stupid. They know what is causing the majority of deaths. It is the illegal substances doing this. But the government is greedy. They are seeing all of this money they can get from suing the makers of these medicines and that is all they care about. A lot of people that have lost their loved ones to overdoses are also thinking that they were getting a cut of the money from the lawsuits so there has been a lot of their families saying it was from prescriptions that got them started on drugs. I have seen many people on some sites that thought that it was payday because their loved one was an addict. Now come to find out it is only the governments getting the money and there is a lot of complaining about that. Remember the suits against big tobacco? The government was so concerned about the illnesses and deaths caused by smoking? Where is their concern now? They sued, got their money which is about to run out but you don’t hear all the complaints about people smoking anymore from any of them. This was also a big push to sell these recovery places and suboxone. I would be a lot of their investments are between these two things. I have also read a lot about these places how it is like a revolving door many times. They don’t want people cured because they make so much money from them when the keep coming back trying to get sober. It is not about pain patients or addicts but it is all about the money.


Thank you so much for this article Jeff! Every politician and President Trump need to receive a copy of this!! They also need to know that their precious Suboxone is causing us patients to have even more health problems!!! I’m now having vascular dysfunction because of them!! My best friend is giving up and considering giving up the fight! How many friends will I end up losing before this ends! Will I lose my own life? Knowing people like you are still trying keeps me fighting for now!

Kerry Heffner

You could not have summed up this whole mess we have any better than you did. The sad thing is when you look at the article it is so easy to see the real issue. Seems as though the press no longer checks their facts and gets the complete story. All this country is looking for is an easy fix instead off getting out there working with border personnel, any kind of outside travel into our country as well as our postal system that has become quite helpful getting these illegal drugs to our streets. Our youth need to know it’s what you buy or are given off the streets that will kill you. Yet the press only wants to show prescription bottles. I honestly believe our youth don’t realize these fake pills look like the real thing so they don’t realize the danger.


Thank you for your thoughts. As a quadriplegic senior I am only able to get out of bed if I have my opioid pain meds. I once went over a year without being out of bed. Recently, I found a sympathetic doctor who actually helps. Thank Goodness!!

Joy Shalaby

Hello my name is Joy n ive dealt all my life wurh pain. As i got older my career as a license examining officer was to conduct road exams fir NYS n we all know how most drive in NY! I was in daily fender-benders and weekly vehicle accidents until they rendered me disabled. These injuries exacerbated my connective tissue condition EDS n my blood disorder Sickle cell which both are extremely painful at all times. I never know what i can do n for how long if at all. Ive tried many different medicines along with yoga back wrist n ankle braces…ice packs ohysucal theraoy meditation. 5 yrs. It took. I had one Dr. For 16 yrs. Until he retired. Although he wrote a letter explaining EVERYTHING…to find a Dr. Willing to standvup n put patients needs first was n is hell. The thoughts that go thru my head when my syptoms are at it worst are scary. Its not opioids that kill people its people taking fentanyl n using it for sniffing shooting etc. When a patient has all documentation supporting all that is a miss n have been on the same dose for 17 yrs. No more no less then still no one sees medicine has to be individualizes. How n who sitting at the table stating ok 99 mg. Max per day n alls well!? Seriously! People DWIs gov. Didnt ban alcohol…cigs. Etc. I can go on for days…if it wasnt killing my wrist neck n take me an hour to text this much. I can not function with apains of migranes pocket knuves twitching in my tail bone thrubbing non circulation sand in my bones stuck angle bones that are fused together(tarsol coalition) but should be parallel n not touching…to say nothing if T1 nearve damage ..buldged…tilted discs sciatica nerve …tingling feet numb toes fingers etc. Everyone should be looked at by a doctor n monitored if need be but to take quality of life away just makes me have none worth living.


This is al completely true & the actions of legislators & propagandists are driving me crazy, on top of taking away my quality of life.
But when I saw the title in my email notification, my first thought was that the article could be one word long: “everything.”

Teresa Posey

Thank you so much for addressing this issue. You are right about everything you said.
My brother is a parapelegic and has been since he was 3 yrs old due to our family being hit by a drunk driver. He is now 52 yes old. He is in constant pain and a botched surgery to alleviate some of the pain in his neck has caused his chin to rest on his chest. He can no longer raise his head.
He is plagued by severe migraine headaches, muscle spasms, urinary tract infections, bed sores, seizures, etc… and his doctors are taking him off of his pain medication. He is in severe pain and it’s breaking my heart to watch his quality of life go down. He doesn’t want to live most days. I am desperately trying to be an advocate for him. He has done so well until the doctors have weened him down to almost nothing to alleviate some of his pain.
Thank you for speaking up for people like my brother and for your help. God Bless You!


America needs to wake up. We are all one disease, injury or surgery away from having pain untreated. Our soldiers fight and give their lives for our country. Yet when they are injured we say sorry we aren’t treating you for having your legs and/or arms amputated. Cancer patients and chronic pain patients we are sorry you will have to hurt or we can assist you in your suicide. They want to rid us from this planet. We will fight back.


Amen! Amen! Amen! Just wish the right people were listening and taking this seriously NOW!!!

Evelyn Amaro

Absolute Truth! Thank You!