When the Urine Test LIES

By Steve Ariens.

Many doctors are insisting that their chronic pain patients routinely have to take a urine test to determine if they are taking their prescribed medications – or not – or to discover if patients are taking other medications/substances, legal or illegal.

Steve Ariens

“Failing a drug test” will normally mean that a patient is summarily dismissed from the practice.

Many of these office practices that have elected to use the inexpensive “pee in a cup” form of test.

Physicians are use to lab testing to be 100% accurate, except these “pee in a cup” tests have a reported 20% error rate, but often the practices that use these tests… have apparently not read the “fine print” about their accuracy.

Often, some of the false positives are tests that show some drug/substance in the urine that the patient has no knowledge of ever taking.

Unfortunately, there are many foods, OTC medications and prescription medications that will throw a “positive test” for a banned substance in the urine.

Something as innocuous as the prescription medication like Amoxicillin or Ampicillin could show up as a COCAINE in the urine.

Having taken Robitussin DM for a cold could show up as PCP or an opiate.

Here is a link to a rather extensive list of possible false positive urine test results;

It may be appropriate for every patient, being subjective to urine tests, to carry a print out of the list on the above hyperlink.  If you show a “false positive” at the physician’s office for a urine test… it could be possible to refute the result before it is added to your medical records and you are discharged/fired from the practice.

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