Why the Rich Have It Out for Pain Patients

Why the Rich Have It Out for Pain Patients

What is this crisis in pain about, really?

It’s about money.

I think people in the United States are operating under an illusion that elected officials care about the American public. Rather I believe they care about the people that fund their campaigns.

Very rich people.

Unless Jane Mayer’s book, “Dark Money” is read, it is impossible to connect various dots. I say that there are no coincidences. The reason for the income gap explosion, the flatlining of middle income for over 50 years, and other very ominous activities taking place such as punishing pain patients for problems regarding illegal drugs, is unified. The government does not run the government. The people do not run the government. The rich run the government.

People need to find the power of their own minds, their own hearts and their own choices. We need nothing short of revolt. The fact that a few democratic systems remain in place might be exploited. But if people do not get out of their broadcast media outlets and into independent reading and speaking to one another about their experiences, form alliances and fight the rich, we are just going to continue to be ruled by an oligarchy.

I would like to draw attention to MADD: Mothers Against Drunk Driving and propose that families of chronic pain patients follow the same set of practices that those women did. They hired professionals to lobby against drunk driving, they educated classrooms and communities about the facts related to driving drunk. What the consequences were. Who died, how many died, how they died. We need to become socially active and push back hard against legislators and politicians that do not care about truth or justice or any values but the money they get to do what they want from rich sponsors. I consider Richard “Red” Lawhern a model of this this policy.

Do not storm the state governments with angry rantings or threats of suicide. Rather use reason and the force of the public values. There must be people identified with talent in writing publications; newspaper publications, magazine articles, and public speakers brought into service with the capacity to communicate clear messages about whose interests are being served and why?

We must seek immediate relief to chronic pain sufferers. No down the line someday imagined time when we will have enough science. We will never have enough science and we already have enough science. We know opioids work best. The goal is not to be manipulated by any big money interests. It is a shame, because all rich people are certainly not evil. But enough are; and by evil, I mean they put self-interest above all other values. And they want more money, more influence, more power.

It is up to the families of the people with chronic pain because, just as the children mowed down by drunk drivers could not advocate for themselves, chronic pain patients, many incapacitated, unable to move, cannot do this themselves. Only their friends and families can mobilize effectively. And time is precious.

And the time is now.

Linda May is a clinical social worker and a Marriage & Family Therapist, Psychotherapist in Radnor, Pa.

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Authored by: Linda May

L.A. May is a psychotherapist who has suffered from arthritis and other painful maladies for many years.

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I agree!!!! What if you are not ambulatory and have no family left to champion the cause? We the many have no alternative but to write our pain out on blogs amd web sights. Our politicians don’t read the letters emails tweets describing how we suffer. Besides the rich still get any pain meds they need or want. If you have the money you can have all the opoids you can afford.


My pain is so bad right now I can barely read this article and am certainly not able to have my family rally for me at this point. I can barely move without wrenching in pain! I think about dying all day long. How nice it would be for it all to end RIGHT NOW!!! It’s that bad! This insanity has to end and end soon because I don’t know how much longer I can hold on. I don’t care if I die now. My kids are grown. There is no hope anymore. I simply choose death over pain. Is that so unreasonable? I don’t have enough strength to hold on anymore. I’m not alive inside. I am dead. I have lost the will to fight.

Molly K Canfield

For those just joining us joining us , I spoke to an attorney last week who informed me that people cannot bring legal action against the federal government but can bring legal action against private individuals or companies .read Drs, hospitals, clinics who have caused irreparable harm. I do believe that mass tort would be the way to go but I’m no expert on legal matters and can’t really dictate how things go with this even if I were to be a lead plaintiff…which I’m pretty sure I can’t because irreperable harm has not been done to me…. yet.

Molly K Canfield

I contacted dr. Debbie heck (contributor here) who has related that she is willing and able to take up the flag ..I have also created a profile on Facebook for us too discuss tragedy and that we have all been harmed. so far, I have not been part of the forced taper or have my medications slowly taking away. But I do have enough experience with bdiscrimination
by pharmacistd and having been told by pharmacist that they would not fill my prescription because tTHEY felt I should not have run out , but they fail to realize (choose to ignore) that our pain states may fluctuate requiring an increase of pain relief at times. Therefore my injuries have nots yet risen to a suicide contemplating stage, but perhaps would also hinder my ability to be a lead plaintiff. The lead plaintiff should have been has been or has been affected by what amounts to medical malpractice.
** It is CRUCIAL that we all contact our senators and congressmen preferably my phone and email.. letters need not be overly long or even descriptive of your individual disabilities diseases a brief sentence if possible should be made giving an efficienterm for your condition I.e.bDDD, CRPS..
I fear for the future medical treatment of my daughters who are only 19 and 21 at the time. What will life be like if this happens to them and pain medication is needed ,?!?! this is truly a concern over and above my own needs

When tragedy strikes few have the stamina to suddenly deal with legal as well as medical issues concurrently. The drug companies have lumped all legal matters into two years. With complex pain syndromes, many of which take years to develop full extent of damage like neuropathic issues.. the 2 years is totally inadequate. If a death is involved there is no statute of limitations. When large parts of the body have been murdered, there should be no statute of limitations if the connects with the drug that caused the problem, or whatever, is fully established and is proven to be permanent. If everyone just started talking with their senators and congress people about this ONE important issue that would be a HUGE victory for pain patients. So many are not only in pain, but lack resources to help them as their medical situations worsen over time. Comments? Let’s start talking about this

Paul Cahan

MOLLY: if you want to coordinate serious people advocating change, ask the person on here who is the head of some advocacy group already? or put your last name here and we’ll all just google it and you can block any inappropriate people/ comments if you are willing to do that. I have no energy for it. Too sick to barely take care of myself in this drug mess we are now in.

Paul Cahan

Molly: what new class of opiods. thought they were all off the table except that drug suboxone that causes high(er) blood pressure and fast heart beat. a dangerous drug. I was given the 8 level for first dose and scarry elevated BPM and BP. . had to run to urgent care center over weekend to be checked out. So what new opiod? methodone was OK by me for 21 years and now can’t find. put on this new weird drug. I have to cut tiny pieces of a “film strip” so I don’t get cardiac probs. the “new” anti opiod drug suboxone can be more dangerous than the original opiod that is supposed to be so “bad” What a backwards thinking CDC/ FDA.

Joann Stanford

As a “functioning”chronic pain patient married to an entirely debilitated chronic pain patient, I agree with all I have read. My heart sank when I read the comment about needing to sue a private company to get anywhere with this. I guess the federal government has someone reading this site, because what did they do? They SUED the family business that created, owns and makes OxyContin.

Paul Cahan

To continue what I began to write, below: Imagine a country where the top resources after military protection is simply education, better pay scales, and stopping inflation. The constant demands of higher profits from wall street which is the biggest drug in america, it’s the money addiction of the corporate leaders keeping pay low, and passing on their higher profit demands to the stressed out masses with constant inflation and making people feel poorer every year as people struggle to make ends meet, and the stress often leads to drink and drugs. Corporate greed is one of the roots of the drug problem. why do brokers snort cocaine on the trading floor? greed to have a crazy job like that to make tons of money. Why do poor people, underemplyed with boring 5 day a week jobs do drugs. It’s the 40 plus hour work week. Did God demand a 5 day work week? We need to be visionary. It’s more than a drug problem, it’s a HAPPINESS AND CONTENTEDNESS WITH LIFE PROBLEM PEOPLE. Why have the rich created a system where art and music is cut from public schools? This is cultural economic neurosis out of control. Demand a four day work week, extra time to take free courses, not in computer science, but in art, in clay, painting, sculpture, we need to become a new Athens, a turn of the century Paris where we can all dance in free large warehouses of creative activity once a week to bring JOY into our lives from birth to grave. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX PEOPLE. .

Paul Cahan

There are two groups of people we are talking about. One group are those in true chronic pain and have suffered a tragedy in their lives that has caused irreparable harm despite surgeries, physical therapy, crutches, crying, sleepless nights and abusive neglectful physicians who know nothing about pain. These folks, victims of war, accidents, horrible adverse drug reactions from floroquinolones, burn victims, cancer patients, etc deserve our upmost compassion, Whatever it takes to give them a feeling of being pain free, as much as possible without loosing a clear head is absolutely no argument totally necessary, absolutely a must have option for these folks.
The second group are those who are victims of a socio-economic system that breeds discontent and underemployment and under-educated lives with boring dead end job options of spiritual misery and lack of hope in a country that does not give money to education as they should forcing teachers into extremely difficult positions and underpaying them. If our oligarchy of chronic inflation and the addiction to more and more money of the rich by raising prices and wall street demanding inflation to continue to grow profits creates a system of drugs of necessity either liquor or street drugs or any pain drug for just the pain of their miserable emotional and economic lives where over 50 percent feel they are missing the “good life.” toiling 5 days a week at demeaning pay scales. We need to get to the root of the unhappiness that drives people to drink and drugs. It’s all the same problem. Unless we TAX THE RICH AND TRULY CREATE PRICE CONTROLS THIS OUT OF CONTROL GREED OF THE SYSTEM IS ALWAYS GOING TO CREATE AN ADDICTION CRISIS CAUSED BY PLAIN AND SIMPLE MISERY. WE NEED TO INSTITUTE A VISIONARY AMERICA OF A FOUR DAY WORKWEEK THAT ROTATES JOBS INTO 6 DAYS OF BUSINESS OPENING, BUT HUMAN BEING REQUIRE TIME FOR FAMILY AND SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT AND RELAXING EXPERIENCES NOT TO SPEND FREE TIME FIXING THE HOUSE.

Isabel Lynn Etkind

Why on a WEBSITE That Promotes Advocacy is the Share Choice for Articles Missing?


Can anyone tell me where to start taking legal action against the dr.’s, and medical facilities that have violated my civil rights (and so many other pain patients)? I was discharged from my doctor, and her medical facility because they said I had become a liability. I have been disabled for almost 30 years from multiple disorders such as Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, hypothyroidism, several serious neurological disorders, herniated andbulging discs, a seizure disorder, and more. I was alsodenied my anxiety med, and was told I needed a psych. dr., because that was the only way I would get the anxiety meds. I have chronic insomnia, and told I need to sleep specialist for medication for that. It was hard enough getting to one doctor as it was. I found a p.m. dr. 45 mi utes away whohas only prescribed 2-5 mg Hydrocodone a day. I have provided my doctors with proof (test results,etc.) and had new tests they ordered done, backing up my pain. I knew I was not going to get new rx’s, so I tapered down, but still started having seizures, went to the hospital by ambulance, and was admitted. They did not even communicate with me about pain or stress and anxiety. I heard the e.r. dr. call me a drug hound. He had never even seen me before, and I never abused my meds. Not only did they deny me treatment after the seizures, they admitted me for diabetes, which I have never been officially diagnosed with. I know my cortisol levels are very high. They rx’d me Metformin for diabetes, I took it and fell, my legs would not work. I hit the floor hard, I still have a large bump on my forward, and cuts on my face. I injured my shouders and hips also. What did they do? They pumped insulin in me. I found out I had a concussion, though never told, and never addressed the other injuries-the cuts on my face, injured shoulders, and hips, and I think I broke my nose. I only found out because I checked my notes when I got home, and called the e.r. Seizures cause much confusion. Help!

Molly K Canfield

How can we solidify this group and actually talk with each other? We need to discuss how to proceed with our grievances against those who have knowingly done us harm. I’m educating myself on legal matters as best I can, i.e. mass tort vs class action lawsuits. I will speak with another law firm tommorow; an attorney’s office who specializes in mass tort claims. On all advertisements re.suits, you see discussion of awarding damages. My knee jerk reaction was not that I seek $$ but to call attention in a big ass legal way to torture we are undergoing with the green light from our government (tyranny). I deleted my FB account but can create another account to serve as a “headquarters” for moving this thing forward. Linda May is dead on the money… the time is NOW.
Suggestions for an online account other than the Uber Liberal FB?

Molly K Canfield

I spoke to an attorney team here in Atlanta who informed me that we would need to name a private individual or company (one that is for a profit ) because it is not permissibleto sue the federal government or any of its agencies. So, that being said , I’m not sure where we go from here (?) but would certainly appreciate everyone’s input.
By the way, the attorney also told me that if we could arrive at a private individual or company then medical malpractice would be the charge. I spoke to Dr. Heck (her response is further back in this comment thread) who emailed me in response to my contacting her) and she is willing and able to provide whatever support we need.

*Ongoing thread re. suing alleged guilty parties

Hey Molly, a Mass-Tort is far better and fairer than a class action!… FYI

Mona Mallory

I’ve written this comment before, but it has never shown up. If you look at the PERS (retirement accounts) of the politicians, they are tied up in the companies creating the new class of opioid drugs. This is an outright conflict of interest and I don’t understand how it can continue without a response. That said, I would join in any organized effort to try and change the way this war on opioids are punishing the wrong people!

Molly K Canfield

I’m calling an attorney’s office today. This firm emailed me in response to a form that I completed on their website briefly describing our plight and our interest in starting a class action lawsuit dr. Debbie heck has expressed her interest in representing us and guiding us using her skill and acumen as a medical professional.
I will post here updating on the results (unless there is a link more appropriate forum ?)


I’ve been saying this over and over !
Get your friends and families involved to march for us!!


This is a bit off subject but think about this. Even though opiate medication prices do seem to be the issue? What if the brought opiate medications back to C111 so that refills could be written, this would save so much money and people wouldn’t be able to fill medication anyway until it was due. They could charge a Lil more per visit and with the saved money those in need of injections would have that extra money to get the injection. Make opiate medications a controll 1V. I’m wishing here but look at how much everyone would save. Including Medicare.

Lynne Hall

Jeffrey Sharp I already sent you my email address as i saw othets do as well. Are you serious or just eant to express yourself?

I too am sick of reading these messages from the HHS or National pain report. What good are you doing?

You run articles from sp call pain advocates, but itt seems to me that wirh the audience you have YOU COULD FIND A LAWYER WILLING TO TAKE ON A CLASS ACTION VASE FOR “WE THE PEOPLE.”

I will have to ne subjected to steroid shot in my back next office visit to be anle to continue to recieve my government allowance of opupd pain meds.

In the 8 months I have been going to this management mill, I actually saw the Doctor who signs my scripts this last time for 2 minutes. He tapped my back.

My pain has been in my stomach since age 9. Being cut repeatedly from age 11, in a society that saw no problem with spare the rod. I was never able to heal before the beating started again.

At one point in the hospital, they were going to take my appendix, but the night before I voiced that the pain had moved.

The doctors quietly talked to my parents saying I was just lying because I was scared. They walked out into the hall without closing the door and waited for my mom to flip me over and brat my ass and tell me what I was going to say.

The doctor then came back in saying it was going to be o.k. The next day they removed a healthy appendix. A week later I swole up like a football under my skin with a staff infection. They poked the scissors into it and said let it drain. Two weeks later an exploratory surgery, then my parents were told find another doctor she’s going to die.

I want to state my father never hit me, ever. I now have a small home I built with my disability settlement in my mom’s back yard. I really had no other choice. So I am cut off from everyone. I have no othet support system. Friends ended shortly after being forcibly cut from the opiods that gave me a functioning life.

Now I’m screamed at every day.

Terri McFarland

“The powers that be” know well they are attacking and hurting an entire community of people that cannot fight back. They don’t want to put the genie back in the bottle because they have got a taste of savings by refusing to pay for opioid therapies. Also, those addiction recovery dollars are looking mighty tasty. I believe if we first storm the media we may start to see change. The government likes nothing less than bad publicity. With the few networks who have had the courage to speak out for CPP, it put a little scare into “The powers that be”. Imagine if we could get as much notice as the “Opioid Crisis”? The officials that are the most outspoken are pocketing the most money and no amount of talk or lobbying will change their mind. Thank you for a great article.

Why haven’t the doctors joined together to help us when they believed we needed them and what they were being told from pharmaceutical companies?Was giving us the meds for a long time a way to get us temporarily on hold until something is better found out? I know there was one time it took a long time to get approved for test and see doctors so they had me on meds just waiting.The doctors should be sticking together and fighting back.It’s all about MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEYMONEY MONEY!

J busa

Opioid cut offs

J busa

Linda, I was on pain medications for 20yrs. After 3 accounts, metal rod in my left arm, the rod hitting my shoulder every day, herniated bulging discs and arthritis in my neck and back. I walked into my drs office on 4/1/19. He called me back like hes been doing for 17 yrs and said, I can’t write anymore pain medication prescriptions. I was beside myself. I talked to my pharmacist who told me, you can’t just go off these medications, especially your dose. I knew something was about to hit the fan, so unlike the other 100 pain patients he had, I weaned off 1 myself and got down to half of my ER medication. It was still a high dose for anyone else. I called 3 other pain management drs who ALL SAID, sorry, we aren’t taking any new patients!!! So, for running through life, raising 2 kids myself, all by myself, and did a great job, I was beside myself!! How can the state of nj, just cut people off their medications!!! I know that the other 99 patients didn’t see this coming. I can gaurenty they either went to the streets of committed suicide. Thank God I had the money to go to a suboxone drs office. But, the process of detoxing off pain medications was HELL. For the first time in my life I couldn’t work. I am a hospice nurse and I have my own hair business.
My kids are in their 20s now. My whole life I never took my medication in front of them, locked in my safe, they didn’t even know. For the first time in my life, I didn’t think of anyone but myself. Its been 9 days, I feel all my pain and I feel like I got hit by a bus!!!!! I’m healing my body.
NO ONE SHOULD EVER, EVER have to go through this alone. I had the best support system in place. Most people don’t. I am slowly getting my strength back to fight this fight for all the people who are suffering alone. I’m done with the way people are being treated!!!! And I will take this to the top!!!

Alan thurman

This is what I know for sure. Since my doctor retired 2.5 years ago, I have not been able to find a doctor to fill my prescription. Doctors in my are have their receptionist ask new patients”are you currently or have you taken any pain medication in the last two years” if yes they are not excepting new patients. The doctors hands are tied, the pain patients suffer on so many different levels such as: no access to doctors for other medical conditions, I haven’t worked in four years, I have spent the last two years siting in a chair 22 hours a day, i have been eating from food banks(my 72 year old mother will go and grab me a box of food each month) I have gained 75 pounds in the last two years, I haven’t washed my car, dog, bathroom. Kitchen. Hell I can barely wash my own body. I have no hope that anything will change. I sleep for two hours at a time. I am in misery, and feel like I’m being tortured. I agree with everyone who has commented in theses posts. I don’t know how to fix it. All, I know is for ten years I was able to work and have a somewhat normal life, then I got shot in the back of the head(I must tell you that it was a stray bullet from gang members shooting at each other. It had nothing to do with me) but, since that time I am viewed in a different light. I’m not sure how to fix this, but I’m sure I’m becoming desperate, I would ask the people in charge of the opioid policy, “what would you do if you were me” and how long would you sit in a chair and do nothing” and “what do you think people will do when they have nothing to loose? I suffer everyday, all day. I have, no answers, but I have to try something, because two more years of this I can’t do it! I can’t take it anymore.

Pain Patients Matter

Follow the money is correct. The so-called opioid crisis is a money maker for all involved, the people bringing in the illegal drugs and the people allowing them to come into the country. By not letting people have their prescription pain medication it forces those who can to score on the street at inflated prices and those that can’t go onto the street can just suffer and die. Even though there are laws protecting a doctor and the care of his patient living in pain, these laws are being ignored in the pursuit of the opioid crisis agenda. A few good doctors are bravely standing with their patients keeping them on their medications that work, while many other doctors are using it as an opportunity for increased income by convincing patients to submit to costly treatments and medications. The people of this nation need to get informed of the truth. They need to come together with one voice. It’s not just the sick guy’s problem or his family’s, it’s everyone’s problem because sooner or later it will be them or a loved one who will be living with a painful condition. There are some groups trying to organize as voice for the ill. All of these groups need to align and unite. We need to spread the word to everyone we can because there may be no other way to be heard until all can be heard together. The people can pool their pennies together just like those who spend their extra dollar bills on lottery wishing that adds up to billions of dollar every week. We are the people. It’s supposed to be a country of the people, not an oligarchy, not a corporatocracy, and not of totalitarianism. There’s a group that is gaining momentum called Don’t Punish Pain. They are helping people organize rallies in cities across the country. The next one is May 22, 2019. If you would like to check it out go to the site, by the same name, and see if one is being held near you or you can organize an event in your town for the ill people in your community to be seen and heard.

Alice Carroll

Gary– The profit motive in Health Care is what’s to blame for the quality (we rank 37th in the world- WHO) and cost (#1-6x’s more expensive than the 2nd rank in the world). Year after year the politicians claim they will bring the costs down but every year they go up! Why? Big Pharma who Congress by law allowed to set whatever prices they want on drugs. Americans by far pay more than any other country for the same medications. Research and development is US government-sponsored in Universities across the country but yet Big Pharma won’t cut us a break on drug prices. I might add that the FDA and Big Pharma have a revolving door policy between the two entities. Big Pharma is stock controlled and must provide as large a profit as possible as their fiduciary responsibility. Big Insurance. Must show yearly profits, 20% is nice. They provide no health care services but act as a middleman, marking up costs and denying care if it hurts their profits. Big Hospital Groups- also stock held and obliged to show a yearly profit. Have you ever looked at hospital bills? Very confusing, but done very deliberately. Overcharges, double charges. When I’ve asked what a procedure costs I can never get a straight answer. In short, if this is the Free Market at work it clearly does not work! The American people are being ripped off.


The Syphilis study deaths, formula for third world countries baby deaths, newborn thyroids radiation cancer, mother’s newborn’s declared dead to mother but adopted to another family, agent orange denied and veterans children born with lukemia and dying at young ages, and this could continue on what our government’s travisty has transpired thru the years.
We chronic pain patients are just another cog in the wheel to them.
One cog they are allowing as with all the other medical negligence mentioned above that has transpired thru the years. There are so many more medical travisties our government has allowed.
Deaths, illness, and disease’s are only stastictics to them. Graphs, percentages, affected areas, and never seen as a human being.
As a retired RN I have seen years go by before medical guidelines are changed to address there Medical Negligence.
I have profound chronic pancreatitis, fibromyalgia, cancer twice, and debilitating migraines.
These new guidelines have collateral damage suicides, profound depression, bullying, physician rejection, and dehumanising. But the FDA,CDC, etc…..agencies only see stastictics, money, power play, and creating more agencies to address there tragic medical negligence they see as correcting the chronic pain patients complaints.
All pain meds even Motrin is abused daily. Abuse that causes kidney failure but no one is changing those guidelines. Costing taxpayers millions.
All meds are harmful, addictive, and deadly. The opoids are a crisis from decades ago. Deaths from abuse have and will continue to happen. This will not be controlled because the government went after the abiding citizens. The drug users, drug seekers, and drug dealers the government hasn’t been able to control for decades.
So we chronic pain patients they can control. Seek the poorest, Medicare, Medicaid, and insurance patients to strip because we cost them money.
We the chronic pain patients are the collateral damage of the FDA,CDC, etc… agencies.

I feel that us CP Warriors have know this for years already…. What is missing is the ‘person(s)’ to stand up for us and impact ly start the ball rolling! The support is here waiting…we need our spokesperson, Attorneys and the $$.

@Dr. Cheek…I am so very sorry for all that you have been through and you remain in my prayers. Keep strong and thank you for continuing to fight for both patients and fellow doctors!

I wish there were a way to get the information to Pain Management facilities as well as I have seen some very good practitioners that truly have bought the information they have been force fed and may not be meaning to cause harm but have drank the koolaid so to speak. That or they are too frightened to treat as needed on an individual basis.

Jody Hoffman

I have never been under the impression that our government cares about us, nobody runs for office because they are out to make a difference, they are in it to make money from special interest groups lobbying for big business. The government has set aside millions of dollars for addiction treatment & education & prevention of opiate addiction. I believe it was Ohio that spent 23 million already & are asking for 25 million more this year. The spent the 23 million on providing EMTs with Narcon & training to administer it & helping the addicts get to rehab and Suboxone. I can guarantee you that some elected officials have a family member that is now operating a rehab center in several states by now. Funny isn’t it that now the FDA and CDC guidelines for tapering off or stopping opiates have suddenly changed & Dr’s are now being told that they are not to suddenly stop the opiates because it can kill you. Every state is suing Purdue pharmaceuticals for causing the epidemic to get payment for the money spent on addicts dying or being treated for addiction. We as patients that have been suffering because of having our medications cut off will be ignored. We have to get organized and find a lawyer to file a class action on our behalf against Purdue. It was their actions that brought about the CDC guidelines to cut off the medication we needed to function or not be in pain and any lawyer can connect the dots.


We should not have to pay for others that abuse their meds. Yes, I believe that we should do something!!!
I would go to Washington, in front of all the Congress and tell them the hell they are causing us who live with horrible pain every day and night!!!


All I can say about the opioid crisis is this……. ITS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!!!


I would like to be more active in this struggle, but I don’t know how. The”government” and private pain specialist make asking for the “bread of life” unseemly. I feel criminalized for having to seek out a pain specialist. The feedback I get is that I have no pain. I have a herniated vertebrae, bulging disc, massive arthritis in my back and other joints. I have a condition called Relapsing Polychondritis. I’ve had 30-40 surgeries. But because my family taught me not to talk about my pain to”grin and bear it”., I can bend over and touch the floor with no pain. Physicians don’t understand this. When I tell them I cannot take braids the ask me what I want. I like to use a step up method on pain management because people reach a tolerance level so quickly it is hard to believe. Some pain can be msnaged with aspirin, some tylenol3, some may npt be cpntrolledat either level. The power that has been given to pain specialistsis astronomical, and the Love it! They are judges and juries over people in pain. We must come together and educate these people on how to manage pain. The set there own rules and regulation in each practice. To make a believer of a pain specialist you have to play “show and tell”, withxrays backing up your circumstance. I am a lucky pain in the rare. I been ion and out of pain for 69 of my 72 years. Tell me what you want me to do and I will do anything to help people in pain.

Thomas Wayne Kidd

Money is not, contrary to many the root of all evil, THE LOVE OF MONEY AND MATERIAL WEALTH IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL. In the end eternal death comes to all who make money and worldly goods their god.

Thomas Wayne Kidd

I have never heard of Jane Mayer. I come to this truth by my diligent study and searching with prayer in the BOOK called the Bible. We have had no government, for, by and of the people since Woodrow Wilson and his hellish work to destroy this nation. In the time of his death he paid dearly. Truth comes only from Jesus Christ and His plain words. If Mayer wrote of these things she was familiar with the truth of God’s Word somewhere along her way. I will encourage all to dig into the BOOK asking God’s help that we might stand in this evil day.

Debbie Nickels Heck, MD

I do not mean to sound arrogant because that’s not me but I’m one of the best writers & verbal communicators w/the ability to explain the differences in the brain to people at all levels regarding how 7% of the people are essentially “wired” differently & desire a euphoric effect from opioids &/or alcohol as opposed to the 93% who only take pain meds for pain relief & drink alcohol for the mild relaxation it provides but won’t become dependent on it to get euphoric or escape from life. I’ve spoken w/highly intelligence financial people casually at dinners w/my husband as his “Dr Trophy Wife” to dispelled the media myths they’d believed true. I’ve talked w/adolescents on the risks of experimentation w/recreational drug use, ESP if there’s a family history of drug abuse so they need to have honest talks w/parents about this. I’ve written articles & letters to the general populace, govt agencies & individuals. As a Family Physician, I became adept at adjusting my language to the educational level of each person to assure they understood their medical problems to take good care of themselves.
The biggest problem w/the pain management issue is gaining the attention of the right audiences THEN will those people go forth & resolve to REVERSE the MISTAKES that have been made. CELEBRITIES have blamed Drs for the deaths of their drug addicted children. LEGISLATORS enacted knee-jerk laws restricting the ability of physicians to continue treating patients in pain w/greater skill as they learned improved methods to utilize opioids & w/adjunctive measures. MEDIA & CDC misreported facts of deaths due to overdoses by STATING ONLY OPIOIDS were present, failing to report OTHER substances present, the COMBINATION almost always causing the death AND the substances BEING ILLEGALLY OBTAINED, NOT PRESCRIBED

I’d be happy to assist w/writing any person/agency on pain pts’ needs & struggles. Contact me at

Molly K Canfield

I am now reading up and researching class action lawsuits. This can be done but we need the assistance of our healthier counterparts, if we have any left, to guide us through the process. Anyone who has been a part of a class action lawsuit particularly a lead plaintiff.

Ann E Stickel

This hits the issue on the head.


Would love to do this, however many ppl in my circumstances are barely getting by financially. Our medical costs are sky high and lobbyists want to be paid. There’s just little to no financial wiggle room for many of us. Without funding this plan won’t work and funding usually comes from big donors and big donors are the very ppl we would be fighting against. It’s just not feasible.

Heidi, Seattle WA

Linda, your heart is in the right place, but blaming the rich &/or powerful is so cliche. Tell me, which group is more likely to want to eliminate the percieved ‘drain’ of resources (ie: money) by CPP’S, the wealthy and powerful, or government-knows-best-about-everything advocates? Which group encourages self-termination, abortion, government run healthcare, all to control the population growth? Who ‘wins’ by having fewer CPP’S taking more than their ‘fair share’ from the collective?

You seem to be trying to make the opioid epidemic a rich vs. poor argument, or perhaps even a collective vs. individual argument. It is neither. This is about the doctor/patient relationship being undermined by those in government who ‘know better than everyone else’ without thought of the damaging consequences of their beliefs. It’s about far too many people blaming over-prescribing instead of illicit drugs for the far too many overdoses. Are the wealthy a part of government decision-making? You bet. Is ‘dark money’ a problem? Again, too true.

I am a caregiver/advocate for my CPP husband. We participate in many local & national pain groups to help change things in our favor. We live on the edge financially with only my part-time income & husband’s SSDI. I would still prefer to have government get the hell out of my husband’s doctor’s office and figure out on our own how to deal with his conditions. We are not stupid or unable to decide for ourselves. We are not followers to what someone else dictates. I still believe that our Constitutional Republic form of government gives us, those whose lives are being adversely affected by government regulations, the best chance to change things.

Yes, we all have to band together, patients, advocates, doctors to make our voices heard, loud and clear. That is what “by the people, of the people, for the people” is all about!

Steve Abbey

When is something positive going to happen?. Empathy is the key word. If the key person or persons will use the true meaning of the word IMPATHY then apply it before it’s to late again for how many more chronic pain Patients?. Do it today!!!

Although I fully sympathize with your sentiments on the topic, your approach has been attempted before with limited success. So please allow me to suggest another approach or two. After advocating here in Washington for nearly 16 years, I’ve learned something about this town. It takes more than devotion, more than passion, more than all the time in the world… like everything else it takes money to initiate effective change. Oh yes it does!

We must accept that bureaucrats are a necessary evil no matter where you reside on the planet. Consider them a blank slate waiting to be influenced by self appointed experts on both sides of any argument. It’s crystal clear that those who lobby the most time & money at any given issue often wins the battle since I found most government bureaucrats are ignorant on medical issues especially when its economically lucrative.

In order to play real ball in this town we’ll need to raise serious money to hire a lobby firm that will go to battle with our message to Congress and to the Federal agencies that count (CMS, CDC, FDA, DEA, IOM, etc). We should no longer fully rely on self funded advocates and activists who often find themselves beating a dead horse. We need a voice at the table before dinner is even served, not during nor after the topic we wish to advocate hits the political arena!

Therefore the Chronic Pain Community should seriously consider a well managed Go-Fund-Me lobbying effort to raise the money necessary to promote a well written, no-nonsense factual proposal that all sides could accept.

Another idea would be to financially support the newly formed American Patient Defense Union founded by a brave thoracic surgeon by the name of Dr. Hooman Noorchashm. Maybe then we could effectively influence the decision makers to fairly consider our side, because from where I stand, our best hope to play in the Big Leagues takes money.


Not all of us suffering from chronic pain have a family. And many family members just can’t comprehend because they’re not living,it, not experiencing it day to day for years! Just because your in chronic pain doesn’t mean you look unwell.
I went through years of many losses and barley getting by because managing untreated pain minute by minute means you just can’t think through a trip to the supermarket some days. Can’t stand long enough to prepare healhy food. Someone who’s never been there just can’t understand how impared you are. How distressing it is to lay in bed so many days you loose track of time. What it’s like to distract yourself playing solitaire over and over and over! Trying to watch a gentle movie with no violence or high speed chase. No! I sometimes hurt way to much to even follow a story line so I watch the same movies over and over. Then there’s the distressing feeling of seeing your life and home in disarray because you just can’t bend and twist to clean up. Especially if you were someone who once kept things tidy. Once prided your appearance, once earned an income, once had.a life, had friends, joked and laughed and enjoyed the simplest things you just no longer can easily do! You isolate because noise of any kind can deepen the pain. You live with constant trauma and no help of any kind. It also makes you a target for abuse and to be robbed because people can see you’re not actually with it.
Furthermore, being poor and in pain brings many to live in the worst neighborhoods because it’s what you can afford. I know that feeling of just wanting it to end but hang on. And lastly, I’m sure many in chronic pain don’t even read this blog because doing so gives them pain they can’t do anything about!
And let’s not forget the unrepresented illeterate who worked doing heavy labor and suffer. They’re not going to write to Representatives.
Really can you blame people for turning to the streets to buy harroine?


The Far Right is just as dangerous as the Far Left: both are collectivists, and both want to cull the herd. Both are elitist; both scorn us peons. They are the flip-sides of the same coin.

I suspect this “crisis” has something to do with pushing a single-payer system: they created a problem, they created a (terrible) solution, and then comes the “consensus”: a solution no one would’ve accepted under normal circumstances. That’s the Hegelian dialectic.

We need to figure out how to take care of ourselves and each other, without governmental intervention.

Larry F

The type of clickbait headline and conspiratorial hysteria that keeps chronic pain patients from being taken seriously, and gives credence to arguments that maybe, if we’re this unbalanced, the pain could be all in our heads. People with money also suffer chronic pain syndromes, or know/are related to other people with wealth who do. There are finally professional medical organizations voicing opinions against the weaponization of the 2016 CDC Guidelines to go along with voices such as Stephen Kertesz MD , Dan Laird MD , Michael Schatman PhD, Lynn Webster MD, etc., that have been advocating on our behalf all along, but instead of finding constructive ways to further THIS narrative there are still elements in the community with as little constructive objectivity as the forces opposing us. Stakeholders in Suboxone, epidurals and addiction centers might have a financial reason to oppose opiod therapy for CPPs where appropriate, but for most of the rest it’s an ignorance that won’t be cured by the hysterical rantings of the blame game.

Tera C Crayne

The fact that no one knows what its like to have chronic pain and society as a whole thinks sufferers are faking or exaggerating, causes society to shame those who speak out! The pain shamers! And now we have the PAIN PILL SHAMERS!


Very well put


I have multiple sclerosis and other pain issues. We need our voices to be heard. unfortunately I can’t lobby on this in the white house. I need an advocate for me. Stand strong. Thank-you for your article. Pain and MS Warrior.

Sooner or later those people are going to know what it is like to hurt or one of there family members will.I so agree with this article and want to join together and fight.I love life and being able to help others and that has been being taken from me.I feel that I am having to pay to make myself worse being tapered down.It ends up feeling like I am being tortured.