Why there might be fewer Santas in the UK this year

Why there might be fewer Santas in the UK this year.

In the United Kingdom, a major fancy dress supplier has reported that sales of Santa costumes are down this year.

Escapade Fancy Dress has revealed that early sales figures of Santa suits are right down, and could mean that children across the country will see a lot less of Father Christmas this year, despite the Escapade store having one of its most varied collections of Santa costumes ever offered up until now.

And while the sales of Santa costumes have been at their lowest since 1999, for some strange reason the rest of the Christmas range of costumes have seen good sales.

However the UK fancy-dress retailers do not believe for a moment that there’s a lack of Christmas cheer in Britain this season. They believe the downturn in Santa suit sales has two reasons: the current state of the economy and the proposed VAT increase (Britain’s sales tax) during January 2011. Both of these have had customers tightening their belts during the festive season.

The other possibility could be a decrease in Santa-related advertising seen in the media this year. If that’s the case, then the Christmas sales figures may simply be delayed, and other Christmassy costumes become more popular instead.

The Director of Escapade, Mr Bhupendra Maisuria, commented, “It’s been an interesting start to the festive period in regards to the Santa costume sales. However, I think the general consensus is that Santa is an obvious choice for dressing up for Christmas parties — and customers are looking to be original with their costumes.”

But Mr Bhupendra is not daunted. “We expect to see a rise in popularity in other Christmas costumes such as Christmas trees, and even in Jesus costumes, as a result of this,” he said.

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