Women in Pain Survey Results

September 9th, 2014 by Staff

WIPS-Pain Conditions
WIPS-Doctor Said
WIPS-Alternative Treatments
WIPS-Helped Relieve Pain
Women in Pain SurveyN = 2,598
Q1. Are you male or female?Response Percent
Male0.0 %
Female100.0 %
Q2. What is your age?
18 to 244.3 %
25 to 3413.5 %
35 to 4421.5 %
45 to 5429.5 %
55 to 6424.8 %
65 to 745.7 %
75 or older0.9 %
Q3. Do you have chronic pain?
Yes100.0 %
No0.0 %
Q4. What chronic pain conditions or diseases do you have? (Check all that apply)
Fibromyalgia59.9 %
Back pain (scoliosis, sciatica, degenerative disc, etc.)59.6 %
Other (please specify)37.6 %
Migraine34.2 %
Osteoarthritis34.0 %
Neuropathy26.6 %
Rheumatoid Arthritis11.1 %
Lupus or another Autoimmune Disease10.9 %
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (RSD)9.7 %
The cause of my pain is unknown and/or undiagnosed7.8 %
Trigeminal Neuralgia7.5 %
Multiple Sclerosis1.5 %
Cancer1.3 %
Q5. Do you feel you are treated differently by doctors because you are a woman?
Never16.3 %
Sometimes56.3 %
Usually19.2 %
Always8.3 %
Q6. Do you feel doctors take your pain less seriously because you are a woman?
Yes65.4 %
No34.6 %
Q7. Do you feel more comfortable being treated by a female doctor?
Yes55.2 %
No44.8 %
Q8. Do you think female doctors understand your pain better than male doctors?
Yes49.4 %
No50.6 %
Q9. Have you ever felt pressured by a doctor to have a surgery, test or treatment you didn’t want?
Yes50.9 %
No49.1 %
Q10. In general, do you think the healthcare system (doctors, pharmacists, insurers, etc.) discriminates against female patients?
Never9.0 %
Sometimes67.3 %
Usually19.0 %
Always4.7 %
Q11. Do you feel that doctors are less inclined to prescribe an opioid pain medication to you because you are a woman?
Yes48.8 %
No51.2 %
Q12. Do you currently use an opioid pain medication?
Yes59.9 %
No40.1 %
Q13. Do opioid pain medications make you constipated?
Never11.8 %
Sometimes34.3 %
Usually17.6 %
Always17.9 %
Not applicable18.4 %
Q14. Have you ever stopped taking an opioid pain medication because it made you constipated?
Yes16.8 %
No63.4 %
Not applicable19.8 %
Q15. If you are experiencing constipation from an opioid pain medication, has it reduced your quality of life?
Yes22.7 %
No35.0 %
Not applicable42.3 %
Q16. How does your menstrual cycle affect your chronic pain condition?
Makes my symptoms worse38.1 %
Lessens the pain0.4 %
No effect6.4 %
Not applicable55.1 %
Q17. If you are post-menopausal, how has that affected your chronic pain condition?
Made my symptoms worse20.9 %
Lessened the pain2.0 %
No effect23.3 %
Not applicable53.8 %
Q18. What is your relationship status?
Divorced12.7 %
Married56.4 %
Widowed3.3 %
Single12.6 %
Significant other15.0 %
Q19. Is your partner supportive of you as you cope with chronic pain?
Never1.9 %
Rarely9.0 %
Usually32.5 %
Always33.7 %
Not applicable22.9 %
Q20. In general, do you think women are more sensitive to pain than men?
Yes35.2 %
No64.8 %
Q21. Has a doctor ever said the following to you? (Check all that apply)
The pain is all in your head.44.8 %
You look good, so you must be feeling better.51.4 %
Your pain was caused by a childhood trauma.17.4 %
I don’t know what’s wrong with you.56.9 %
You’ll have to learn to live with your pain.75.1 %
Other (please specify)31.8 %
Q22. Did you experience any of the following traumas as a child? (Check all that apply)
Emotional abuse43.6 %
Bullying35.3 %
I did not have any childhood trauma28.5 %
Sexual abuse27.9 %
Witnessed domestic violence24.4 %
Physical abuse23.5 %
Death of a parent or close loved one16.8 %
Neglect15.0 %
Other (please specify)13.2 %
Serious accident11.5 %
Victim or witness of violent crime7.9 %
Natural or manmade disaster3.8 %
Q23. Do you think your chronic pain is linked to a physical or emotional trauma you experienced?
Yes22.1 %
No55.3 %
Don’t know22.6 %
Q24. In the last 12 months, have you tried any of these alternative treatments for pain? (Check all that apply)
Vitamins or supplements70.2 %
Exercise65.1 %
Massage49.1 %
Prayer48.3 %
Physical therapy45.4 %
Meditation41.8 %
Yoga26.8 %
Chiropractic25.5 %
Other (please specify)21.3 %
Acupuncture19.8 %
Medical Marijuana18.3 %
Hypnosis4.0 %
Q25. Which, if any, of these alternative treatments have helped relieve your pain? (Check all that apply) 
Massage30.6 %
Acupuncture9.3 %
Medical Marijuana16.3 %
Meditation15.6 %
Chiropractic13.9 %
Vitamins or supplements17.8 %
Physical therapy18.8 %
Yoga10.0 %
Hypnosis1.6 %
Exercise22.4 %
Prayer17.8 %
None have helped29.3 %
Other (please specify)21.9 %