You are not alone!

By Ed Coghlan.

That‘s the message that a new series produced by a Colorado woman who is trying to inspire and educate folks who have had some form of medical trauma.

The woman’s name is Mary Beth Eversole who is developing a series of short films that will tell the story of a single individual who has endured trauma and must address it.

“While the film series is not dedicated solely to chronic pain, medical trauma is one of the episodes in the series that will be made and chronic pain is a medical trauma. We have a story from a fan who wrote in about the muscular disorder he has had from birth and how the chronic pain from that makes everyday life debilitating for him, but he has found a way to cope through music,” said Eversole.

The overall message of the series is: You are not alone. That in order to begin healing, you must first face your trauma in order to begin truly healing and managing the repercussions of it. One of the biggest parts of dealing with chronic pain is learning how to manage it and live through it. I can speak from personal experience as someone who lives with a chronic illness, it can be very traumatizing. This series is intending to provide a real look into the minds of those affected by these afflictions and show how they manage and begin to heal. So that they can feel like they aren’t the only one dealing with such issues and so that their loved ones can begin to understand what it is like for them.

“Victims of trauma have difficult roads ahead of them in terms of processing and moving on from their trauma. This can include assault, sexual harassment, rape, witnessing violence and many other types of trauma. Each victim has a story to tell and sharing that story with the world can help in the healing process,” she told us.

Eversole is “I” The Series Creator—if you’d like to help her let us know.


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